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Comments on The Keys to a Happy Family Gathering & The Nibiru Update: Dec. 11, 2000


I have just discovered your web site. Your article on how to have a happy family gathering gave me the tool to resolve for myself the estrangement between my daughter and myself. The result is spending this Christmas with equanimity, something I have not done for years. Thank you. 

I have been a seeker for years, est, gestalt, religion, A Course in Miracles, etc. I have learned from all of these and each of these seems worthy of a lifetime of study. Yet, somehow, I go on seeking. There is a ring of truth and goodness in what I see in your advice, but Jelaila!  Reptilians? Carians? Zetas? Felines? I am a 60 year old woman and what I read is so foreign to my experience. Oh, that it is true.  I am willing to study and I am willing to strive to cleanse myself. What I have read along those lines I feel would be of benefit in any case.  What course of action would you propose? What should I read first, do first. What can you do to help me see this is more than just good advice for having a good life? And how do you pronounce Nibiruan? 

Most sincerely,
Roberta B.


DIVINE BLESSINGS be yours, Special Sister of Light. How you have grown in these last couple of years! You are Truly "walking your talk and talking your walk!" Thank You, for ALL th work you have done and the Bright Light of Truth that shines forth from you to all of us. I am humbled to few words, because of their insufficency, in response to the GIFT of your message regarding "bridging" with family. It is truly IN-SPIR(IT)ED and IN -LIGHT-ENED. My LOVE and RESPECT for you is INFINITE.  I AM Embracing

You in Light and Love,


Thanks for sharing with me. I read everything. The good news is my family accepts me for just the way I am (though they struggle sometimes ) largely because of my father and the fact that he is a good listener, fairly nonjudgmental and only offers his opinion when asked.

Thanks also for the Nibiru update. I still don't know what to make of all this. But I do believe we have brothers and sisters in space who care and are helping us to the highest degree possible right now and I am infinitely grateful for this.  It seems that Nibiru is a part of you and you are intensely passionate about your beliefs which I greatly admire and the world sorely lacks.   Much love, Michelle


This is just a short message of thanks, as the Nibiruan site and news has been much help to me in the past while. When I was at the stage of growth, when I was 'realizing' or 'actualizing' for myself the existence of multidimensionality in all its many forms, I just thought; 'thank god sites like these exsist!'  Helping lightworkers to unite. Tis courage in itself to 'put ourselves out there' in a manner of speaking in the work that we do. hankyou! 

In peace and love, 
I Am Mark/Shuarus.


Thank you for sharing a very personal story and how the healings took place for you. I do believe all families are dysfunctional because of being in a human body on this earth. We are here to learn because we are not perfect, and do make mistakes of all kinds. Some learn from their mistakes and many do not. I also try and look at the big picture, forgive, release and move on.  Blessings, peace, and happiness to you, Paula

Jelaila, Thank you so much for these two articles. The family gathering article really hit home for me, and except for the sexual and physical abuse, sounds so much like my family and the kind of conflicts we have had. My parents and my sister and brother-in-law are born-again Christians and they are coming to spend a week with us at Christmas so that part, especially, was relevant to me.  The Keys of Compassion are something that I will try this year for the first time. I know how painful those gatherings can be.  Thanks again, Jelaila, I hope someday I get to meet you in person.  Your friend, Robert Napolitano

To the Nibiruan Council,

ALMOST EVERYBODY IS GOING TO DIE UPON THE RETURN OF NIBRU! The date of the cataclysm will be December 23, 2012!!!!!!!!!!!! Put down your "peace pipe" and get with the program. Why don't you get off your lazy ass and start doing some research? Do you, in your infinite wisdom, believe that the end of the fifth age of the Mayan calendar and the prediction of the return of the Anunnaki is a matter of pure coincidence?? ? Mabey you should SMOKE ANOTHER ONE and that will help.  It's been working so far, RIGHT???
Reply if you'd like and, WAKE UP,

Lord EANUNA C.I.O. Chairman of intelligence operations.


You fascinate me! Why do you like to help me so much? :) I was reading your family gathering post, I will go through it thouroughly again tomorrow! We seem so similar its amazing! Are you sure your not a long lost relative of mine! Speaking of family, mom got so jealous of her brothers one day she started backing out of my grandparents driveway in Cocoa Beach, Fl and slammed into the back of my uncles rental car.  I may print out your article if thats ok and focus on it some more!  Your support is overwhelming, THANK YOU!!! Love & Light, (Lady AshtarRose)

Hi Jelaila,

I just read your article on holiday reunion. It was so beautifully put and I thank you for it. I don't think there is anyone out there that can't relate to it.  This is a good time to tell you how much I appreciate you and all that you are doing for us lightworkers struggling to stay afloat.  I enjoy your articles.

On a personal note. I am slowly getting the understanding and belief of the Nibiruin Council. I was resistant in the beginning, but it has made such good sense, I must give in.  So here I sit engulfed in my emotions over this new marriage, allowing it to stunt my growth.  I keep asking for assistance, guidance and direction to do the work I came here to do. It has been so nice to know you.  May you have a happy holiday and a joyful Millennium.  Best wishes with love & light,  Rose B.

Comments on Bridging to the Masses


Hi Jelaila:

I just wanted to say that I think that your website is a wonderful resource reflecting unity consciousness/ polarity integration/ 5th dimensional resonance- you should be really proud.

I really enjoyed your article about bridging, since this is my particular mission as well I understand all that you have gone through. It was hard for me to see why I had to progress though a totally foreign alien system (school, patriarchal/ external authority, materialism etc) to my being and not just be born in a monastery or something but now its come full circle. I enjoy immensely watching individuals emerge in whatever way from the limited left-brain linear/logical Western to embrace a more expanded intuitive/ creative perspective. I draw from Yogananda's integration of the two polarities and help people to find that balance within themselves. Its like recalling within myself all those great moments of awakening as well as the intense "dweller on the threshold" conscious moments of integration.

I think we have the template/ blueprint to unite all beings by "entering the dream" , our goal since the beginning becoming fully conscious on all levels/ dimensions and integrated totally. 

Keep up the great work,
blessings, Jeff


I just read bridging the masses and it was a relief, I felt so alone in my endeavors that I just wanted to die, (sometimes) I have separated from family and friends, and I knew even when I was doing it that in the past I would've blamed them for this separation but my intent was too clear this time, but I didn't know why I was doing it.  I feel a lot of relief after reading you article, I have gone to a channeler in Arizona this past March he also spoke of the council of 9, when I sat down to talk to him after a few minutes I felt so dizzy, and I knew the energy changed in the room, he told me I was from a different star system, I forget the name of the star system but I would like a channeler that I can get some information on just what the heck I need to do. as i said before i am a songwriter and the refrain to one of the songs i wrote is "hallow me please hallow me , I need to do what I came here to" and it is truly my mission, I have changed in the last year drastically, I have been spiritual for many many years but this is different.  it is integrating my lower nature with the light and being honest. so thanks again for the articles, I', going back to read more. 


Comments on Be the Bridge You Came to Be!



I just read your article "It's Time to Be the Bridge You Came to Be!" and I can't tell you what a relief it was for me. I have been doing Lightwork on the web now for several years as well as becoming an author in 2001 but here lately have had the constant urge or feeling that it is time to do something else in the world but have no earthly idea as to what that is.  I look but find nothing I would like to do out in the physical world at this very moment. So I hang on to the fact that I will be shown or given that opportunity should it be right for me.

Your article was a sure sign that what I am thinking is true. Be still and it will come! I feel it's time many of us take ourselves out into the world as you do and put our spiritual selves out there for others to learn and reach out to. Going back to the physical job I think is just another way of making that happen. But I can tell you one thing for me I will not take just any job ... it has to be the right one. I am a big fan of loving what we do here, or else ... smile.
So thanks again for your inspiration and confirmation to me through your article! The timing was great, I'll see what the New Year door that is opening now will bring this way!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!
Author: Hear the Angels Whisper

Hi Jelaila,

I just wanted to send you an email in response to one of your articles. A friend of mine was reading your article on Motherhood and she mentioned it to me which triggered something in me to look at the other articles on your site and I came across the one about being the bridge you came to be.
I read it and I have to say, I was shocked. I was expecting (out of fear) the complete opposite! But I read anyway, and just like you said about the other people, they were relived to hear you be happy for them and for it to be OK to return, I was so relieved to be reading it!
I was asked to take a position about a year ago and had declined it. At that time I just needed to let go and move on. I took a year and a half off of work and even one semester of school off and vowed NEVER to go back to the 3D world of work. Most everyone I talked to said I'd go back at some point, but I denied it. There was no way I was going back. LOL
I did some tarot and dream interpretation online and then it just dwindled to nothing. I moved in with my mother and then a few months ago I got offered the same job, only this time in a much nicer location, through a different organization - they had dropped the contract with the company I did not want to work for and it is now through a new one, and higher pay and less work! I was scared to death to go back after vowing never to and I even worried that I might be returning to an old bad habit, but I'd be out of my mind not to do this and it is different. It is returning to something similar, but it is not the same bad situation I left.
So, I just wanted to share that with you and THANK YOU for writing your article and sharing it with me and everyone else who has had this awesome thankfulness from reading it.
With Love,

Dear Jelaila:

Thank you so much for your beautiful teachings.  You are reaching so many and helping so much and for this we are grateful.  A funny thing happened yesterday, my little "Silicon Life Form!" (PC) sitting on my desk would not let me surf the net for some of my favorite sites, but only let me into your web site for a short time; long enough for me to read some of your articles in the section on Earth Mission for Starseeds, Walk-Ins and Lightworkers.  I know it was written in December, 1999, but I wish to respond to "It's Time to Be the Bridge You Came to Be" and the concerns that Lightworkers have about stepping back into jobs and the business world to "earn" a living.

If the reason we came was to help in the ascension process, what better place to be than where all the people are located.  If a Lightworker finds him/herself thrust into the world of work it might be because that is exactly where they are needed the most and exactly what they came to do.  I would like to put up a Help Wanted sign that reads "Lightworkers Wanted" (desperately needed)! 

I have worked as a secretary in an office setting for quite a few years now and there is no end to the challenge and amount of work one can do in a business/office setting.   Sure, I do all those boring and mundane office things like file, type letters, take minutes, etc. but I do them with a new twist!  

When I walk into a meeting room, I put peace and love into that space.  As I take minutes of meetings, I surround each participant with unconditional love and picture that love reflecting back connecting every person in the room.  I acknowledge the magnificent Being of Light that They Are and sense the sound and vibration that radiates from their deepest sub-atomic level.

If one works in a square, high-rise office building; try adopting the entire square block.  Visualize a flow of love, light, peace or whatever permeating every person on every floor of the building and send it deep into the heart of the Earth.  Don't stop with the people either, you can bless the building, the concrete, and all the equipment too (especially the equipment)!  You might be surprised how the equipment responds to our mood and thoughts.

When I answer the phone, I visualize a sensitive feeling person in need on the other end of the line and send my heart along the line to them.  Lightworkers can be instrumental in defusing  heated arguments; preserving calm on the roads during rush hour commute; spreading compassion, understanding and acceptance instead of gossip; and the list goes on and on.  But basically it is a privilege to be here now and make a contribution in this manner. 

Business settings are not the ideal environment for prayer, meditation and spiritual practices.  They can bring out negative, darker traits but this is part of life on Earth at this time.  Business settings make great teaching/learning environments and provide opportunities for growth and assistance. 

If we want to change the Earth sometimes we will be asked to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, and dive straight into the problem areas.  Some of us have volunteered to be here "taking care of business" and doing our part in assisting Earth and her children ascend.

With unconditional love,

Dear Jelaila,

I'm never tired of thanking you for all the articles and clues you send us. It relieves me knowing that I could I keep on working in the 3D world without loosing my soul.  I guess somehow I had the answer, but I was not really sure and you gave me green light.    Harmony and love, Kalsymsirym


I have just been introduced to your website by a friend in Norway. I read your article on "Be the Bridge You Came to Be" and found it very accurate for my own situation. It was also very helpful to know so many other people have been in the same situation recently and made the same choice to go into the business world with a new sense of spiritual mission.

I did not feel the sense of failure that you say some have had -- more like relief that FINALLY we had some good and regular cash flow. Your article did explain exactly what happened in my life 9 months ago. My psychic partner William and I moved back to Denver last September after many years of spiritual work in Europe (mostly in Norway and Sweden) that no longer felt right or seemed to be working for us. I got a temp job as an "administrative assistant" (more like an office manager) for a telecommunications company called Level 3. (Denver is a big center for telecommunications companies).

Besides being part of a company that is expanding the Internet with all its incredible communications opportunities for the whole planet, I have been pleasantly surprised to find so many people open to what I have to share --although I have to be very attuned to the right moment and to meeting where they actually ARE and not where I think they should be. Actually I feel very fulfilled doing this, plus the free time I have to send e -mails like this and all the access I have to computer and printing equipment for my writings. I will send you my latest one -- a newsletter describing my spiritual process last week.

It also felt significant to me that your article was triggered by a trip back to Kansas City where you used to live.

Thank you for your work and I look forward to reading your other articles.

Donald J.

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