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commentsComments on Solutions for Ascension Symptoms

Hello Jelaila,

I wanted to comment, albeit a bit late, on your ascension symptoms article.  I have gone through a number of different issues during this process including fatigue periods, every emotion conceivable (and unconceivable) to humans, bouts of joy, wanting to die, etc etc... I have also realized that I have carried other entities in my body - and one is still here that has so much power still it moves my head and neck on its own and has caused massive amounts of discomfort over the last 2-3 years.  I did not even know this thing was here before - and I believe it was because I was not in my body enough to feel it!  I am working through to the bottom of this issue now...I feel that we just need to keep plodding along and transmuting stuff and just being with the symptoms as they come up.  I have been helped and continue to be helped by many modalities.  My therapy of choice is vibrational healing like Reiki, Barbara Brennan stuff etc.  Those are very helpful to move through this process.  It feels like a dense mountain is moving out of my body!

Anyhow, thanks for your work and blessings,


I am so glad that I came upon your website. Your articles really speak to me. So many of the pitfalls and challenges you write about in the ascension process apply to me. I thought there was something wrong with me because I can't seem to communicate with the people around me and that my friends were falling away like leaves off a tree. I can't tell you how comforting it is to read that this is to be expected.

I have a question for you. You speak of your guide Devin. How did you discover your guide? I am currently using the formula for compassion to rid some resentment from myself from a friendship lost and I am asking for the purpose of this friendship to be revealed to me and the lessons I needed to learn but I just don't seem to be getting any information. I am not familiar with guides and am asking for them to reveal themselves to me but I just feel like I'm swimming in my own thoughts and I can't find anything to hold on to. Do you have any suggestions in how one might go about finding their guides? I realize I am talking really to my higher self and that this info is readily available. I guess what I need is a clue on how I know when the info is correct. Any clues? I continue to pray for obvious solutions to the pitfalls I encounter. All I can do right now is to surrender to the process and know it is going as it should.

Thanks again for your articles. I just discovered your website so I have a lot of reading to do.

Blessings of Peace,

Karen T.

Hello Jelaila,

It has been a long time since we have talked last. I have been so busy with work but still try to scope your sight every couple weeks. I just want you to know that I have read your most recent article on ascension symptoms and think you have  really turned a corner here with your writing.  In my opinion you have really done a great job identifying and discussing the process of ascension and its symptoms....better than I have ever read by anyone else, especially the Buddha! ( smile ) Although every soul will not respond to you, anyone going through this process will appreciate your work and find a bit of peace and comfort in this truth. You are a beautiful, talented, hard working soul........................Don't a hero in your own right your work is incredible!
Maureen  E.


The synchronicity of things continues to amaze me.   I, too, was "diagnosed" with CFS in 1990.  Same symptoms.  In 1994, i found a wonderful book about it written by a doctor and unfortunately I've since loaned the book out and can't remember the name of it.  I most likely won't get it back..  anyway, he put patients on a regime of herbs, vitamins and minerals that seemed like an awful lot of pills to swallow three times a day, but it worked like a charm.  Once I was "better", I left my ex-husband because like you said, I re-evaluated my life and decided his abuse was definitely something i could live without.
Since then, my spiritual growth has been nothing short of phenominal and it would never have happened without the "illness".  I still have some trouble occasionally with attention span and short term memory, but it's nothing like before.
I also had a hysterectomy January of 2000, and was swallowing horse piss (scuse me for that) for 7 months.  It raised my cholesterol up to 394 , and it's bad for your heart to have high cholesterol, but by-god, i didn't have any hot flashes!  So the doc puts me on Lipitor to reduce the cholesterol, but guess what?  I gained a lot of weight on it, which is... say it with me... bad for your heart.  So at that point i was fed up with the circular aspects of the medical profession and put myself on NHRT and the weight is coming off and it hasn't been checked, but i'm sure the cholesterol is way down.  I'm taking Black Cohosh, Vitamin E and using a natural progesterone cream twice a day.  Is there something else you take that prevents hot flashes?  I still get them roughly 3 times a day, but they're not very long in duration.  Maybe 5-10 minutes. The night sweats are gone now, too.  I still word search... a lot.  It disturbs me but isn't bad for my heart.
Sisters, no doubt.
Love to you,

Jelaila’s Answer:

My apologies for taking so long to get back to you.  Here's what I take and I don't get any hot flashes or night sweats.

Prescription - 1 Troche twice a day.

Tri Est - 1.25 mgs (10% Estrone, 10% Estradiol, 80% Estriole)
Progesterone - 150 mg
Pregnenolone - 5 mg
DHEA - 1 mg

Hi, Jelaila!

Thank you for the ascension article concerning fibromyalgia.   We briefly spoke about this condition when we had our phone session in Feb.    I am understanding fibromyalgia better now that I have read your article.

Would you be able to tell me what NHRT you take?  I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis (goiter) which is causing hypothyroidism.  I have to take synthetic thyroid med. every day.  I have an intuitive feeling that both my thyroid condition and fibromyalgia are connected. Both diagnosed within the past 18 months.   I have been "working" on my ascension for the past 4 years.  Interesting.

Thank you for all of your wonderful insights.  You know, years ago when I was reading all about this ascension business, I thought we would stop being human beings!  I thought we would become these see-through beings of light floating around doing what light beings do. (Chuckle)  I never gave it a thought that we would have to go through a process which might cause body pain.  When the pain really gets to flaring up, I now take the time to thank my body for allowing me to be that human being!  Although I have never had children in this lifetime, I feel as though I am giving my real Self!

Love, Light and Peace,


Thank you for your article on symptoms of ascension and solutions! Goodness, I matched so many of the symptoms and am now begging for help.....have tried many things, and no success yet!  Dr. said my adrenals are burnt out.   DHEA levels that of an 80 yr. old woman, and I'm only 54. Where can I order the NHRT that you found helpful? Also, is the cranial work you described similar to  Cranial Sacral?   That is all that I know is available here in central Fl.   I live 80 miles north of Orlando. I am actually thinking of selling my business "Heavenly Facials by Marita" as it is more than I can physically do. In fact, I don't feel like working!   Have never been lazy and this is a great concern.   I see so much need and choose to be in service.......first, must feel better physically. Exercise?   You're kidding, right? I love you.   We are One in Sprit.

Jelaila’s Answer:

Thanks for your comments.  No, I'm not kidding about the exercise, but I danced a different tune before NHRT. *smile* 

My doctor is Michael Brown, NMD.  He is here in Kansas City.  He works with patients all over the country so he is a place to start.

As for the NCR, it is similar to Cranial Sacral but much more effective in my opinion. I have had both and found greater permanent changes from the NCR. The CS works with the bones of the skull but cannot affect the sphenoid bone.  That bone can only be reached from inside the nasal cavity.  Hope this answers your questions.

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