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Comments on The Reptilian/Human Conflict



Hi Jelaila,

OK,  I am writing for two reasons. First, I am not able to read the complete article it just stops in the middle of it. I tried Internet explorer browser and got the same thing. Secondly, I am feeling extremely frustrated and angry right now with all of the false propaganda that is being fed to us everywhere we turn from the media/government.

These little Anthrax cases that keep occurring, I feel like they are from our own government but yet I don't have the words to explain why, its just a feeling or knowing that I have.

All of our great spiritual leaders are saying look for the REAL TRUTH, what's really going on behind the scenes with our government etc. I personally don't know how to find the "real" truth or where to begin to look for it.

Unfortunately politics has always been way over my head. I don't know what to do right now besides to do my best of staying in a space of love and spread the message of peace and love. But it doesn't feel like its enough, I feel like I don't know what I am really up against, I don't feel well prepared. I know and believe that Love is only real and anything else is just illusion.

I just feel so vulnerable I guess. I assume that the anger and frustration I feel it to keep me confused. I don't want to be confused I desire to know the full truth about our government and how this all plays into the earths evolution. I feel like there is soooo much information I am missing. I feel like a blind person walking in the dark with my arms stretched out in front of me hoping something will keep me from harm while I am trying to find my way.

I hope you can shed so light on all of this.

God be with you,


My name is shea hostetler. i live in colorado. i attended your workshop back in 1995 at the vision quest in esttes park. it was very  wonderful because you feed me information that i was looking for at that time. your book was not out yet, which i have yet to purchase, a/c in the past
all i had to do

Is think nibiru and anu and i would want to run and hide. this i have gotten over. i could never quite get the information about you i needed (what your connection to the reptilians was) so that felt safe in connecting with you. It is a long story and this has past. anyway the reason i am responding here is to let you know that what you have written about the human/reptilian conflict sounds true to me except for the fact that it wasn't a miscommunication in information, the reptilians deliberately withheld one aspect of information or truth, therefore the conflict.

Do you know what that information was about and why it was so important to start a war over?


Hi Jelaila

I have been having weird dreams I have been on occasion trying to journal them.  Sometimes I scare myself at the accuracy so I stopped.  Anyway after one weird dream I went to the bookshelf and looked up the definition of Therapsida. 

From the Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia:
Therapsida - although commonly called "mammal like reptiles", these were not reptiles at all, but relatives of mammals that split from the Reptilia by the end of the Carboniferous period.

For further information on this topic see the Bibliography in volume 28 sections 436-437 and 470-471.

I couldn't find what they were referring to in volume 28.  Sometime things are always there people just don't see the significance.  Maybe I should have been an archeologist.


Dear Jelaila,

I have just read your October 26 writing, and I want to thank you.  You have explained more about the reptilian and human civilizations than my sources have, but none of this is in conflict with what I've heard --  it all "feels right."

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


Suzy Ward
(the Matthew Books)

Hi Jelaila,

One of the best things in my life has been receiving the communications from you.  I have become a fan of english author David Icke, whose writingsregarding the Reptilians is quite extensive.  With the Star Visitors not having the Human trait Emotion, they as a whole are feared [Wrongly ] by Humankind, rather than stepping out of our bodies and seeing Us, as they see Us.

Keep up the good work,
Kind Regards,



Thanks for writing the article. It puts the other things you've been
saying in a perspective I can now get, without fear.

If it only takes 144,000 to feel compassion and fuel the grid, how
about starting a list of volunteers so we can begin? It feels to me it might work faster if it were planned. Something more than just saying a prayer at a certain time every day or what ever has been suggested since the attack by others.



....and it all begins with me!!  Very good article. Thank you for  sending this to me. I agree with you and comprehend what you say and I can feel  the 'rightness' of it all.

Whether we would use it in the Journal - I  would like to think about it.  My gut feeling is no. Why? perhaps because it is distracting from the aspects you have outlined in the last paragraphs which I feel people are reaching on their on.

To compound the emergence of Compassion (the "war" and here in Australia "the plight of the boat people" - are wonderful gifts to bring this about) with a complicated and "way out" story may very well prevent the the successful conclusion of that emergence. It appears to me that Humanity must arrive at global compassion without further  excuse for separation. 

Looking backwards is not the solution - our  future lies within us.  We have proved time and again that we have learned  nothing from history (why would the US go to Afghanistan) so where to from here  must come from the Now for that is the only place of creation available to  us.

Anyway Jelaia, I truly endorse the 'story' as you have laid out, yet feel that our readers are better served by staying focused on finding their God  within and I am most excited by presenting the teachings of Jeshua that ask us  just to have another perspective.

Love and Peace,

Hello Jelaila,

I really enjoy reading your articles. You are  so in sync with Earth as we are.  You give it a good perspective.  No from up  there....though we need that, too, but you expand that ol' consciousness to have  it recall what's happened before, where we are now, and where we are probably  going.  I love it.

I've read Greg Bradden's books.  The spiritual  and scientific is right up my alley.

I hear it coming from different directions  about this issue.  I know we are in a time warp.  2003 from the Incas and other  prophets. has been put out there as a big year...and maybe that's it. Yet 2012  has been set as a standard from where we launch into the new age, according to  the Mayans.  What have you picked up on this?  If you have time...

I'm glad to know your back to normal. You're needed down here.

By the way, my husband and I were in Greece  that day of Sept. 11th.  It's a different experience not being in your own  country.

Have A Great Day!
With Love, Peace, Light and  Freedom,
Dorothea L.

Hi Jelaila,

Just a brief note to thank you for your  regular emails and thought-provoking articles.  You're doing a grand job of  waking folks up - helping us/them to see reality through the  illusion.

I've just finished reading your latest  article: 'The Reptilian/Human Conflict' in which you repeat again many of the  lessons that are in your book 'We are the Nibiruans'.  Repeated repetition is, I  feel, not only good for us, but essential if we are to allow the teaching to  sink in.

On page 2 you warn against our accepting as  truth all that you say .  I feel this is important for all of us to affirm when  we're exchanging information of an 'esoteric' nature.  No-one can know it all -  only the Creator - and hence it surely makes sense to ensure this is always  understood.

You encourage us to use discernment and to  tap into our own galactic memories which, you say, may be found in the Akashic  Records.  You add that these memories can also be found in the Galactic  Federation's Hall of Records.  But how many people know their way to these  sources of information?  What I think I'm suggesting is that it might be helpful  to all your readers if you explain in a future article how these individual  records may be accessed.

I hope you find this suggestion helpful.   It's good to see you still writing powerfully despite your recent health  set-back.  I hope you're feeling a little stronger each day.  Keep up the good work.

With all good wishes,
John T. 


Wow, your articles get better and better. I don't  know how you could top this one. (Reptilian/Human conflict) It was wonderful,  the answers are really quite simple, but we as humans like to exercise our  mental abilities and create such a complex agenda. So, compassion is it,  everyone can relate to that. I found it interesting how you spoke of the racism  plot. Do we have an internal seed for the balance? I think compassion would be  the answer. It would be most helpful if you could write about how you and any  other testimonials that have started to conquer this duality and are moving  toward compassion. Explain it and give examples. I read your article before  going to bed last night and my heart resonated all night! Thanks for the  galactic touchstone!

Love, Peace and Unity,
Laura W.


Thank you so much for the article on October 26th about the Reptelian and Human conflict The whole thing is about compassion and I have thought that for a long time and take that and love and put tht out in the universe. I have been reading a book called " Children of the Matrix" By David Icke it is very interesting and shaking about what has gone on this planet for so many years it really leaves on with a bad taste in ones mouth and just wants to send the love and compassion out there. Hope you can get on Art Bell sometime.

Thanks for everything


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jelaila, for your great articles recently.   I really enjoyed "compassion" and agree completely with your definitions and  conclusions.  This last article (with the summary of the Reptile/Human conflict) was great!

I have really been struggling with the David Icke material (as you say, keep  the "Formula for Compassion" handy for THAT one!) and find that the only way I  can handle reading any of it is to have the perspective of your information. 

I have also been reading Mark Amaru Pinkham's "Return of the Serpent's of  Wisdom" which I highly recommend (very scholarly and complete run -down of the  history of the Serpent cults throughout all-time/all cultures).  His new book  "Conversation with the Goddess" is channelled by him and gets into the split in  the Serpent path (or more likely, OUR understanding of it).  I recommend them  both and think you would like them, from what I can tell of your reading  habits.

Between you and Pinkham, I am trying to find "my truth" about the  "conspiracy."  I have done enough reading to know that Icke is right-on in many  instances, but I can't quite agree with him that everything has been all  negative/for all time regarding these groups and their agendas.  I have been  trying to weed out the truth.  It just seems to me that all information over the  past couple of thousand years from the serpents has been towards helping  humankind ascend and to develop a worldwide democracy -- I have a hard time  believing that it was all in the service of world domination and control!

I'm thinking of paying for an hour of your time to just chat about it with  you sometime in the near future.  There aren't too many people you can talk to  about this stuff!  Thanks for being there when we need you!

Take care of yourself,

Shari ^i^

Dear Jelaila,

Thank YOU once again for your messages put in language that WE  can ALL relate to I believe WE are winning the final struggle using our trump  card - COMPASSION

Can Americans remember enough of their pasts to enact this wonderful gift that WE possess as HUMANS?

With Great LOVE


Comments and Questions on Integrating the Holocaust Emotional Block

To two of my favorite teachers,

I've always felt that the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Scriptures in the year 1945 meant something and that something had to do with WWII. After reading the article "Intergrating The Holocaust Block" at Jelaila's web site the meaning came through  load and clear. What better time to confirm/announce the secret teachings of Jesus than at the end of the Jewish/Aryan karma. A new meaning for term "the final conflict".   Thanks Almine for pointing me to Jalaila.

Randy T.


Your article on the Holocaust Block was very interesting.  There seems to be a similar "ascendency block"  going on with many of us african -americans following the aftermath of slavery.  what are your thoughts on Slavery and the very real psychological scars that it has left on african-americans, "race" relations, and on the descendants of slaves and slaveowners all over the world.  also, what was the lesson for slaveholders, and the believers of manifest destiny?  what was the plan?  what about the many who lived and died never having questioned the institution?  what will they/have they drawn to them in later incarnations?  Sincerely, Ina.  xxox.

Jelaila Answers:

The African Americans for the most part are the heirs to earth.  They are the soul group that came from Sirius B and had polarized to the Light.  That is why they were in etheric form when they arrived.  They had given up having physical bodies.  One of their goals was to integrate the Dark side.  To do this they needed a nemesis, someone to play that role.  A soul group from Maldek (mainly) agreed to play this role.  This group would incarnate as white skinned, blue eyed beings with a genetic tendency towards aggression and a desire to own the planet.  This desire for ownership would cause them to fear the Etheric Sirians (black race).  In so doing they would act to suppress and repress this race in order to gain and keep control.   There is much more to this, but that is the basis of the African American/White Emotional Block.  Perhaps I need to write an article to explain it in more detail.  Thanks for the idea.

Hi Jelaila:

I just finished reading the new article and have a few questions.  Does this block apply to everyone in the world or just to the Jewish and German peoples? Do all humans currently on the planet carry this block with them?  I am a member of the Lakota Nation and live on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

I am wondering if the 500+ years of massacre of Indian people in North America, Central America, Mexico and South America has placed an emotional block on the Indian Tribes currently living in these areas. As you may be aware, Native American people are still being killed in the name of Manifest Destiny in all of these countries. Can you tell me if there is a block here between the Europeans and Native Americans? Is it the same kind of block as the Holocaust? If this is the case, how do I transmute this pain into compassion? Do I release one white person at a time to transmute the dark into compassion or can I release the armies of white men who killed and continue to kill Indians in the name of progress?

I have reflected deeply on the continued killing of my people since discovering your website. I believe that 500+ years of murdering Indian people has created a big rift between "us" and "them". Again, is this the same kind of block as the Holocaust? If so, what did the Native American people do to the white people to warrant continued efforts to wipe-out all contemporary Indians? The Indians living in Mexico, Central and South America face the same dilemma as my people faced at the end of the 19th century. It would help if I knew both sides of the story. I would appreciate your comments, Jelaila.

Thank you for all that you do. It takes an extrememly strong human being to be a world messenger of peace and face the challenges the mother of an adolescent invariably must face. Hang in there Jelaila, we are all in this together! Mitakuye Oyasin.  Love, Vi - Cante

Jelaila Answers:

This block between the Native Americans and Whites began in Atlantis when many of the now Native Americans were involved in genetic experimentation using the white race, which as a minority and looked down upon (Atlanteans were the Red Race).  At a future time they would be the ones who were used in this manner.  Many Native Americans are being used in underground laboratories as human guinea pigs for genetic experimentation.  This is just scratching the surface of this block and I realize, lends a somewhat negative slant to things.  Perhaps I need to share the bigger picture of this block in an article so that both sides can release this pain.

Very well put, Jelaila! 

As I recall, Edgar Cayce also had a Chinese connection for this Holocaust play and re-play , even through what is now Russia or Siberia, for these groups of souls incarnating as people.

In the ancient past I participated as a warrior of one sort and another, possibly among these groups you describe. In the Holocaust times I was a German Soldier in love with two Jewish girls and killed while trying to escape at the border with one .. finally beginning to realize that while physical strength and cunning seem to get rid of what we fear most, thus seemingly winning the battles of the day, indeed it is love that we all wish for and want the most .. simply to love and be loved!  And I now know that either side of that energy of Love/Fear it draws to us what we concentrate on.  As the Bible says, and even my own daughter said once, "What I feared the most has come upon me".  You teach that lesson well and tell us why in this article.

And as I have been healed in past lifetimes (I remember the Tibetan Prayer Flags, too) I am drawn to be the healer now - seeing and using both sides (polarities) of self and the world, and helping others to do the same.  You too are helping many to understand themselves, their inner beings and the universe through your mission!

CONGRATULATIONS  Keep up the great quest!
John M. K.

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