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Comments on What is Compassion?



I was much moved by your article, thank you.  I have been in counseling,  and have learned how to embrace the dark's a matter of how I use  it, not the agony and suffering over what has happened.  So in that sense, I am grateful and can see the experiences as lessons and springboards. Again, thank  you for your wonderful article.

Jeanna P.

Dearest Jelaila,

I have read and re-read your essay "What is Compassion".  It is GREAT and I do indeed thank you for  taking the time and effort to write it for us . I see it as a most powerful tool  for soul evolution.

I must have a mental block however as I don't "get" that part about 'Polarity Integration" as shown on my subject line above.  (In  your 9th paragraph.)  I understand rewarding ourselves with our Light  manifestations as a payment to ourselves for experiencing the pain from our Dark manifestations. But then, I run aground on that part about "Polarity Integration".

One reason I am trying to hard to fully understand your deepest meaning is because I forwarded the entire essay to a dear friend  in the Philippines and if he asks me for clarity here, I will be helpless...   Can you please help me?

Also, I keep hoping you will make an appearance nearby where I live, perhaps in the Asheville area, so I can meet you... and learn more from your teachings.  Any chance of that happening in the  foreseeable future?  Asheville has become quite a "new age mecca" and I would  love to have you as my house guest any time you are in this area.  These western mountains of North Carolina's "Blue Ridge" are so beautiful and it may come as a  surprise to you (as it did to me) that these mountains are Mother Earth's oldest  mountains...And, I'm sure our people here would support any effort you might like to bring to us here most royally!!!

Your adoring student wishes you lots of Love, Light  and Laughter,
Ina M. P.

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you so much for many interesting perspectives shared in your website.  My friend, Iasos, suggested your website to me.  We have a great opportunity in our country & the planet as a whole right now, to develop a most important 'muscle', that of compassion.  I feel that one of the main purposes of the 9-11 tragedy was to spark a universal awakening of our need to collectively exercise compassion, applying our spiritual teachings in that way now.  I can't think of anything more important to teach & I appreciate your commitment to teach & share compassion...

Thank you & Many Blessings to you.    
Phillip M.

Hello Jelaila,

I have just finished reading your article "What is Compassion" and enjoyed it thoroughly. Your thoughts, ideas and concepts resonate deeply with me. Thank you for putting to words much of how I think and feel.

I wish to share with you an experience I had the weekend prior to the 9-11 events. I was in a workshop titled "The Creative Self." In this workshop 11 women participants created two masks: a "Shadow Self" mask and a "Creative Self" mask. Guided mediations were offered as a way to get in touch with what each mask wanted to "say." Once the masks were completed we did journal excerises using the non-dominant hand and voice dialog work to access the deeper levels of what these masks wanted to say to us.

The most interesting element of this work was what the Shadow Self had to say. It was very powerful. For many, this Self was the painful side, and/or the side that had hindered our growth. Most often the Inner Child was very strong in the Shadow Self. The Shadow Self for most was born from some sort of trauma, where the self-preserving action of protection from pain came in to play.

Over time this protection had led to a complete denial of the Shadow Self. The Shadow Self rebelled against this lack of recognition by creating havoc and bringing more pain. With journal work and voice dialog, the Shadow Self revealed that it merely wanted to be recognized and honored.

It stated that it just wanted to be a part of our life and actually had much to offer the Creative Self who was wanting to be fully present. In the end, the Creative Self was able to see the value of the Shadow Self and that both had much to offer the other and without each other neither one could become complete.

What was made apparent through this work was that their is GREAT value in the Shadow Self. The Shadow Self rebels and causes havoc only when we continue to deny its existence. By denying its existence we only cause more pain in our lives and keep the Creative Self from becoming fully present.

Once we acknowledge its place in our lives, then the Shadow Self is more than willing to work with the Creative Self to create the balance we so desire for our lives. Then both Shadow and Creative Self can be fully present.

I hope that this personal insight has been of value to you. I feel that it was no coincidence this workshop took place at the time it did. It helped me to see the 9-11 events from a very different perspective, although I am already one to look at such events differently than most. It warms my heart to know people like you who share a common bond in how we preceive the game of being human...

Jennifer S.

Dear Jelaila

I just read your words of compassion sent to me by my Light angel friend Anita here in Norway. And I agree with you. Then I felt I had to tell you something special.

A week ago I had a visitor from New York, he is actually a photographer, but he was helping the firemen as well. He had taken some amazing photos of the two fallen Towers, and as I was looking through them , I stopped at one, and felt so much warmth come from that picture, and there beside the hook of a big crane in the midst of the smoke I suddenly saw the image og Jesus smiling at me. I shouted out to the 3 other people in the room and they all looked and saw the same. My friend from New York, was amazed and relieved at the same time. He had been so depressed after sept. 11. Now he felt a surge of relief. Something is happening, and he realized it would be for the better. Although we all  agreed, we felt with the ones who had to loose their lives in this way.

Thank you for awakening us, I am quite new in the Lightwork field, but I feel so grateful to be with you all. I will do my best to be what I am, and do what I have to do.

Love and Gods light be with you,
Greta, with hope for a new and better world. :)))


I agree! Bravo !

Also you might want to refer your readers to the website. Esther Hicks who channels the  Abraham energy has been receiving this message for a long time. This is a great website and philosophy.No politics just concise easy to understand  principles.--Like what you resist persists.  Take a peek if you haven't already. :-) !

Their point is we constantly send out a message to the  universe whether we are conscious of it or not. The signal we send is the  average of our total vibration. We can't not create. We're doing this 24/7.  So deliberately decide to create and be in the feeling place  of that which you desire.

We turn the other cheek not out of being a wimp but to avoid  having to receive back the vibration which is always mirrored back to us of what  we are sending out---which are our actions and thoughts. We receive back exactly  what we send out--!

You have it. I can tell. I'm glad because I really enjoy your  writing and The Abraham writings.

Thank you.
Love you,
Suzanne M.

Dear  Jelaila,

Thanks for  your enlightening views. The fishbowl analogy helped me to view the current  events from another angle and to look more closely at their positive meanings.  Once again, I appreciate this opportunity to share some of my  thoughts.

What is  compassion?  For me, it is feeling the  great joy and bliss that the energy of love brings, and longing for others to  also experience the fruits of love that are always available to all. Feeling the  surge of joy in me and at the same time seeing the absence of joy in others  makes my heart cry out of compassion for what others are temporarily missing in  their lives. Compassion is the energy that moves me to help transmute into love  others' pain and the harmful energies causing them, and to hold the vision that  those who are in pain are learning their life lessons and are in the process of awakening to the love within them.

Awakening to, knowing, and experiencing the power of unconditional love brings about  compassion for others, which is a deep longing that others may soon awaken to the reality of love/oneness and realize the illusion of separation. In other  words, compassion is a deep understanding of the pain and suffering of others caused by the absence or lack of love in their lives, coupled with the belief  that pain is paving the way for love.

Water is  usually associated with emotions. Like flowing water, pain digs up channels,  makes crevices, and creates pathways within us through which the in-coming  current of love can flow. The greater the surge of  emotion, the larger the pathway it creates; and the larger the pathway, the  greater the flow of love. Pain is a valuable tool. The tremendous pain that  humanity is feeling and moving now is presently building a large pathway through  which greater amounts of love can flow in our individual and collective  reality.

Elinor  Salonga

Dear Jelaila,

I identify with your point(s).  In my work I use Rachel Naomi Reiman's view of helping vs. serving. Briefly, in helping we work from our own ego and weaken the person we seek to "help." In serving we bolster their self esteem and also do not "burnout" with the labor.

Also use an example that makes somewhat the same point by showing the difference between sympathy, compassion and empathy.

Your best friend is drowning in the ocean;
  w/compassion- you sit on the beach and cry
  w/sympathy- you jump in and drown with them
  w/empathy -you throw her/him a rope.

It seems to me that the spirit of these two examples are similar to the basic theme within your article on compassion.

Be well,


I just read What is Compassion? written on October 10, 2001.  I am writing this to thank you for sharing.

On September 11 I was watching the news and saw the second plane hit the second tower as it occurred. My body became rigid. I couldn't move. I was very uncomfortable with this. I immediately began declaring Divine Order. I knew that God was in charge. I began to relax and got my motor functions back.

As I discussed the events with people who had all sorts of horrific reactions and thoughts, I remained calm. I remained centered, I thought this is what "Grace" must feel like.

As I described this to one friend, I told him that perhaps I should do a reality check because I was so okay with it all. He advised me to just keep the high watch. That said a lot to me.

Then, this morning I read your treatise on Compassion and it all made more sense. It is all okay. It is all in Divine Order. I knew that. I just needed a refresher course.  Thank you.

Kathie L.

Jelaila -

Thank you for this wonderful article.  I  was getting into fear, but I also could see what was going on, and the fear that  I had was how many people will buy into whatever Bush wants to do because they  are so afraid and don't seem to care if we lose what we have left of our  freedom.  They just want to feel safe.  tell everyone I can to not buy into the  fear of what they are telling us and to look beyond what is being peddled to us  via TV, radio and newspapers.  The worst thing is to be fearful, but it is hard  to make people understand when they hear about Anthrax seeming to be spreading  around so fast, and hearing every day that we need to be on alert for more  attacks - it scares the pants off people. 

I saw an ad in the paper the other  day for gas masks - it was like I was living in another country.  I'm just going  to keep reading our articles and all others who support the  no fear and to  having compassion and love.

Anyway, I'm totally with you - don't get into fear, but compassion.  Thanks again for this reminder to stay on the right  track.

Many blessings to you and Jonathan,

Much love and light,

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