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Comments on Compassion: the Solution to WWIII


A friend recommended your site to me.  I read your essay, "Compassion -- The Solution to WWIII," and wanted to comment.  First, I think your suggestion for compassion is absolutely correct not only from a moral standpoint, but a practical one as well.  I am 31 and have been angry for at least 20 of those years.  What I have learned recently is it simply doesn't work.  When I first found out about the myriad Earthbound conspiracies (parents that lie {my own personal issue of course}, governments, corporations, banks, etc.) my general anger only found focus.  I have been on my own campaign to alert as many people as possible to the "reality" of world events and contrived occurrences taking place, but I was doing it from the standpoint of being against "them."  I am learning, (and your essay hit it dead on), that any time the word "against" is the reason for action, it cannot be of use.  I must admit, though, it is exceedingly difficult sometimes to maintain a distant peace. 

I, like you, have awoken with the same feelings of utter despair and anxiety over what I perceive to be imminent enslavement.  Now, though, I am beginning to grasp the true idea of reflection as the guiding principle of thought and action.  Let's face it, even if the antiwar movement won, that would still signal the perpetuation of two opposing sides, literally and figuratively at war with one another.  Thank you for your very accurate words of wisdom -- keep up the peace!



I was very happy to read this article and would recommend it be more visible on your site.

Living in 3D we are governed by the laws of physics. These are laws that are very much the core of our existence at this level. Therefore, it is absolutely a correct statement that the more something is resisted the more it will be fueled.  By merely being centered and controlling our thoughts this whole situation would have lost speed. It is not too late but it is as it is. Not being fatalistic, just understanding how 3D really works.

I am sure glad that you remembered! I am even happier that you are passing your knowledge on...I believe this should be more visible to everyone. It would help so many who are lost and do not know which way is up. People should know that by just being centered they can make a difference. They can change the end result...Thought and its direction is true power!

Once again, thank you for making this knowledge available to everyone.



BRAVO!  Finally - someone who has vocalized all that I have been feeling  but did not know how to express.  The moment I had heard about the twin towers  being destroyed my "feelers" went up and I stopped myself from getting caught up  in over emotionalism.  I have been struggling for weeks now with how I should be  feeling and reacting to this situation. When I read your Solution to WWIII today  my HEART LEAPT WITH JOY in recognition of the truth.  I look forward to the  Grand Healings in the world that will occur from this subtle change in how we  focus our energy.

Thank you again for your courage to share your thoughts and dreams.  As  David Icke's website so accurately expresses...."Today's Mighty Oak is just  Yesterday's Nut that held its ground".

May we all join together in Light and Love.

Many Blessings,

Dear Jelaila,

Your article on Compassion is indeed very relevant to our  present situation. I have noticed how many Workers of Light have almost gone  into hibernation but of course are acting out their parts of the drama with  detached compassion. To choose Compassion over Revenge is of course the most  difficult decision for many to make. What a pity that so many souls incarnated  in the US can not find it in themselves to take this test.

May Compassion be your guiding Light

Great Love,

Hi Jelaila,

I hope  you don't mind me writing you. I imagine you get a lot of email. (Maybe I've  apologized about that before!) But there's something on my mind I want to share.  I have a concern. It seems so many starseeds assume that the act of denying is  enough to eradicate the established realities they don't want to accept. They  don't seem to understand that they can only deny something that they have, at  least on some level, already acknowledged to exist. Therefore, instead of  actively re-creating, they simply close their eyes. Thereby allowing certain  realities to fester and grow out of control - without their input. I thought  Starseeds came here to do a job ~ not to pretend no help is needed.

I  don't know if you feel the same way as I do. But, if you do, I want to  acknowledge I understand they don't listen to me. From a pride perspective,  that's okay. But what good is it for me to know what I know, if I am not  credible? I'm seeing a million things, but my style tends to make me sound like  an alarmist. And I want to get the information out there. I see how it's been  done. But I think back to my reading with you, where they told me to be careful.  I'm seeing so much now, and I see it could perhaps be dangerous for me to go  blabbering. If it's only going to only fall upon deaf ears, I question if I  should bother risking my safety.


Jelaila’s Response:

I feel  as you do that many are using the stance of “holding the balance of love” as a way to close their eyes to the reality of the situation.  I am seeing this a lot and it frustrates me  too.  If, after reviewing the evidence  and understanding what is going on, they can take that within themselves,  transmute the lower chakra energies of it and then reach a state of balance, i.e., compassion, then “holding the balance of love” is a good thing. Otherwise, it is just acting like an ostrich, ya know?

But, I will still continue to point people in the direction of the truth and encourage them to do so.  The only difference now is that I  won’t be attached to whether they do it.  For to be attached is to be in fear. To be non-attached is to be in compassion like a guide when their student  is learning a lesson.


I have been checking out your web site for a few months now.  It is a good forum for me to get information on what is happening on the earth and others prospective.  September 11 shifted me.  It brought me to a place where I had to go inside and look at all the fears, doubts, and darkness in myself and make decisions around that.  I had a range of emotions from fear to total compassion.  It was a tragic event, but as always, in pain there is the room for great growth.  I am now at peace.  I now see that for me, it is all quite simple.  This was a call to love.  That is all I am required to do.

To love, have compassion and send light to all on the planet, especially the darkness.  We have the tools, love and compassion.  Who cares if there are reptilians, I am sending light to them to.  I am also making sure I send lots of love to the fear and doubts in me.

Ranae Heaven

Hello Jelaila, 

I rarely comment on the messages received and I received yours thru ELM.  When you mention Pres. Bush (Dad Bush) and seeing him as reptilian, I decided to share my experience with you. 

During the memorial a few days after the tragedy(transforming event)  the camera briefly rested on Barbara Bush and I immediately saw her reptilian form.  It was so clear I nearly fell off my chair.   One thing to have it in a dream and another to see it on the tube.  I recently read an article that said they are in a rush because as the vibration of humans and the planet raised they could not be invisible as humans much longer and more and more people are going to be aware of them.  I guess that is what is happening.

Thank you for your timely messages. 


Thanks for your update.  I certainly will pass it on even though its information difficult to digest for those who are not up to your level of awareness.  I have had the opportunity to be at home these past four days since my work schedule has been changed around and fortunate for me because I created congestion in my head for a couple of days and guess I was on overload and thinking I have been handling all the emotions very well and not reacting in anger.  My dreams have been about authority figures and how appropriate now coming up.  Need to address these issues. I just found out about the David Icke website and seem to be on a journey of research into all I can read about the races.  Thanks for letting us know about the Compassion Formula.

Blessings to you dear sister for all your compassion and dedication to the work and sharing your light.

Peace and love,
Rose Marie

Dear Jelaila,

I feel compelled to respond to your latest article,  I totally agree that compassion is the only solution and I  have concern about resisting the reptilian group.  There is no enemy here. This  is the time of lightworkers drawing light to our planet and the time of  transformation for Earth. Some of the articles I am reading have detailed the  separation that is going on and those who cannot move their focus to the light  and Divine Will manifesting in form, will be released to another  place.

I am choosing to use the power of my mind for only the focus  of love, understanding and compassion even for the reptilian group. We are  raising our frequency in ascension and things are not as they seem even to  us.

Much honor to you and your work.

Love, light and joy,
Carol H.

Hi Jelaila:  

After reading some of the articles and web-site from David Icke, I felt  emotionally drained.  Pretty much the way you felt on September 22 at your  friend's house.  I want you to know that I am trying very hard not to react and remain grounded and centered in my divinity outside the drama being played in  this world.  This is probably the hardest thing I have had to do, yet I see  that this is the way to act in any situation where the drama plays with our  emotions specially those dramas right inside our own home with our families. STAY CENTERED AND FOCUS IN THE REALITY WE WISH TO CREATE. A world where  all species and races live together in harmony with a balance of unity and individuality.  Nothing has resonated with my soul more than these words.  The key is to find that balance  of unity and individuality within ourselves then let it overflow into the  outside world.

Much  blessings to you Jelaila,

Jelaila’s response:

I do  understand your feelings about David’s material.  But, think of it this way.  We say we want a better world and we say we  understand that it must come through compassion.  Compassion is the acceptance of all things  and only by seeing the value in the things we view as dark and negative, can we  truly be compassionate/accepting.  I have  the same reaction to David’s material as you.  It is draining.  So, knowing that  I need to know what I need to integrate, I read his material and use it as a  tool for creating compassion.  So, if  after reading some of his material I can move from anger, disgust and fear into  allowing, acceptance and appreciation for the role the dark side is playing as  portrayed in his material, transmuting my dark feelings into compassion using  the Formula of Compassion, I have succeeded in creating the highest frequency in  the universe.  Then I can take that  compassion energy I am holding in my high heart, and project it into the  Compassion Web for the planet or anywhere else for that matter. 

So, in  a nutshell, use his material to create your compassion to fuel whatever reality  you desire.  Consider his material a  tool. Just a  suggestion.

Good Morning!

Your article on the practice of compassion and  non-participation into the thinking of war, id cards, etc. was very  interesting. Also your dream about George Bush (the father), the lizard in  human form.

To be in the world and not of it.  To practice  and know what is in your heart and not of the mind, or anyone else's.  To know  the Christ in yourself, finally standing aside all the ego's petty wants  desires, hurt feelings, judgments, expectations and opinions. Vanities, shame,  guilt and all the like.  When all this is finally done, and the purging of all  personal human consciousness is complete, and the mind and body truly and  perfectly clean, then that which made the body, allowed the body to be formed  according to your choices, will again move back in.  When that happens, there  will finally be the model walking again on the earth which will inspire many  more to do the same, and darkness in all its many forms will have its own  makings thrust back upon itself, for its final consummation.  And our world will  then shortly become the heaven on earth as has long be spoken of.

Because most people continue to believe in their  five senses as the only way all information comes to them, the guidance and  peace of the heart are all but quashed and ignored.  If enough people became at  peace long enough each day to know the God in-dwelling in them to allow That  expression to come forward and no more the self ego, then our world would change  in the blink of an eye, no matter how many reptilians there are. 

The reptilians  have a Christ also, and even though more advanced than the human consciousness  here, they too have egos as you so vividly spoke of in your dream.  For all of  us on earth to attain again what is in us already, is our purpose.  To believe  in what seems in front of us now is to deny what we are and delay Its far  greater expression.  To model the Christ again on the planet at this time will  require great strength and courage, for the attacks upon those so modeling will  come from all who have come to resist change in any form.  Yet it is who we are  and what we have come to do.  It is time to complete the standing aside of all  of what we have thought we were and stood for, and let God be God in us and thru  us, now and for all eternity.  Time to wake up from the nightmare of 3-d and get  back to 9-d or more.............................

In compassion and love,
King M.

Dear Jelaila

From the activity in the website I can see you've been  very busy and if it means you feel well again then I'm very glad. Still, take it  easy, you don't have to do it all at once.

I'm writing to you about a link that you put in your last  update of the tragic events in the U.S. - the one to David Ickes' web  site. You  recommended  to read it and take it seriously, and so I did, at first. Dear  Jelaila, maybe I'm not a strong and clear channel as you are, but I got the gift  of feeling, physically feeling the energies I come in contact with. As a matter  of fact I've had a lot of experience working with energies that are not of the  "Light entities". I help them evacuate from Earth since the spiritual frequency  has become inadequate for them. All this is just to show you that I have a very  solid ground for this feeling of great uneasiness that I felt when I read the  material in David Ickes' web site. My dear teacher, you and other great teachers  have taught us that Fear is the stamp mark of the Old Energy, well, every word  and every line in that website screams out: Be Afraid!!! That was the first  thing that made me uneasy.

The second thing that started ringing my alarm bell was  the feeling, the actual feeling of coming into contact with an energy of a dark  nature. I'm not being judgmental here, I'm not equivocating "dark" with "evil".  I'm simply stating a fact. I asked how this energy came to be in contact with me  and the answer was - through the website. Then I felt it was trying to invade my  emotional body so I said very firmly that it doesn't have permission to invade  any of my bodies or my mind, it can only communicate with me, if so it wishes, and I raised some sort of defense shield. Well, it didn't want to talk and seeing it couldn't get through to me it just went away.

Then I started examining the material in the website. From  what I've seen, David Ickes doesn't bring forth hard evidence to his theories,  it's all speculations. (Maybe he does so in his books, I haven't read them). Are  you familiar with the anti-Semitic text called "The Protocols of the Elders of  Zion"?  This text has been circulating around for about a 100 years. These are fake reports from meetings allegedly held by powerful Jews who are planning to  take over the world by means of economical and political takeover. Sounds  familiar? That's exactly David Ickes theory , only he's much more subtle and  sophisticated. However, I examined the energy in The Protocols and found it is  very similar to the one I felt in Ickes' website!

I can understand why you feel such sympathy to the man,  after all he's of a feline origin, you can tell by looking at him. But I'm afraid  he's being manipulated by someone or something which doesn't have the same  intentions as we have. There is a chance that by linking yourself with Ickes and  his website you'll counteract all the good work you're doing. I'm implore you to  reexamine the energy surrounding Ickes. Have you consulted Devin on the matter?  Please let me know what you think because it's of the utmost importance. You're  a powerful leader and people would follow your advice. That's why it's crucial  that it should be given with great caution.

Love and Light
Tammara H.

Hi Jelaila,

I agree with you, and although I've been doing alot  of releasing on this issue I still feel a "charge", or some preference for  the outcome on this new turn of events. I usually have to distance myself from the whole situation, go inward, breath deeply, and bring calm and  compassion to my somewhat jittery stomach. The big challenge for us at this  time is to fully bring this calm and compassion into our physical bodies,  into all the cells, and be an anchor for higher dimensional energy in the  midst of whatever transpires. I was hoping to have a little more time to  practice, but here we are!

I've been having a very difficult time (physically  and emotionally) all year, and this new intensification has almost pushed me  too far.  Every day I feel like I'm just hanging onto a rope for sheer  survival.  After making myself sick from going too fast in the last several  years, I've just started a series of colonics to help restart my body. It feels like it will help alot. I'm someone who has held lots of emotion in  my gut and my poor colon just hasn't been able to keep up.

I don't believe the media's polls that say 90%  support going to war.  Since "they" own the media, "they" of course will use  it in any way they can to make us feel outnumbered and alone. I've really appreciated the views of Lyndon LaRouche about this event. After doing  alot of reading on his website, I feel more sure that there are influential  people who see what's going on and can help find reveal the  truth.

Max W.

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for your articles on the recent events.  My first response was to go away by myself and send out only love and compassion to the world for all the pain.  Its hard to maintain the idea of compassion when friends and, what feels like the entire world, respond with fear and hatred .  Through grace I have found persons with the same thoughts and also your letters.  I hold your words in my heart for strength and centering.  Thank you

with much love,


Just read your article. Apparently, this is your dream, and not reality. I have a much different perspective. I think this is not WWIII, but World Peace 1. Mr. Bush is the right person for the times, and the only reptile is in the recesses of your own mind. (I didn't vote for him, by the way.) As an observer, it seems to me that your dream reveals the mentality of a terrorist who has been fighting with these "reptiles" for countless eons, just like the Arabs in the Middle East. As a Wanderer, I don't know about any wars with other civilizations, (maybe people on earth are keeping it alive) but I do know that we need to avoid inflammatory rhetoric, and move toward communion. I see this happening all over the world. I do not believe we would have chosen an evil leader for the free world at this critical juncture. I see no evil in Mr. Bush.

I see him as a healer who will repair the damage done by his father, and help unite the world in love. This is already happening in ways we never would have dreamed of on September 10th. If the wrong man was in power, this would not be happening. I trust and believe everything is as it should be. Maybe you should do so, too.



thank you for writing exactly what i have been trying to explain to people.  I know father bush as a reptilian and you are the only other human i know that sees him for what he is, and that he is the force behind his son. even to lightworkers it is hard to get them to see the whole picture of the illuminate and that our own government could possibly be behind this horrendous act. it does sicken my stomach if i allow myself to think of it.

I stay in my heart and know that the fear that they wished to create for their feeding and their control will be handled by God's force team here on Earth. they will not be allowed to proceed, although they are feeding quite well right know, it won't be for long. the more of us that know and understand what has happened and stand together is the most important at this time. at sunrise and sunset, tell your friends to look at the sky, see and feel the love being sent from the angelic kingdom. you can feel the love from our creator flooding in. all for now. i just wanted to say thanks namaste

love light laughter life,

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