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 Comments on The Value of Being 3D


Hi Jelaila,

I just read your article that was published on the  David Icke e-magazine September e-mail.  I feel very similar to you in what you  are saying.  I have been going through similar things as you it sounds like.  I  just came home last week from visiting my family and friends in New York and  finally on this visit, I really enjoyed myself bec. I was just trying to have  fun and be with the ones I love at their level and in their space.

I too am petrified with going public with who I really am and being too exposed with it.  I own a company of metaphysical herbal  products that I make in ceremony with the Devas and my guides which helps  people with various issues on different levels.  I enjoy what I do and the  testimonials I get from anonymous people who are helped from my products. My  name is not listed anywhere on any literature and I like to be anonymous in this  world for some reason.  In fact, my husband and I moved onto a friend's land  outside Boulder, CO and have few neighbors around so if I don't need to be in  the city of Boulder, I am at my home and workshop on this land and don't deal  with anyone.

I fully feel the shifting into the 4th dimension - especially with  my heart center and how much more easily I am moved emotionally by people and  their actions.  Instead of just anger, annoyance, rejection and judgement of  other human beings, I am actually feeling more compassion for their plights  (huge for me).  I am a fast mover energetically and loose patience with many  which I know is not good and have been working on it for  a long time. 

I also  do healing work, psychic readings and what I call a "tune up" for the body.  One  on One I am great with that person's issues and have alot of compassion for  them.  It is the world at large that I am working on the compassion issue  with.

My friend whose land we live on is just like me  which is why I feel at home here.  We are aware of our mission, to an extent, of  what we are to be doing.  We are trying to set up an education/healing/light  community area on the land next to ours which is for sale and very high  vibration - with good water - an important thing in the times to  come.

...My friend and I are really the only ones I personally know of  that believe this.  My husband is sceptical and thinks I'm gullible over things  I read.  I feel big stuff is coming up within a few short years and I recently  learned of the website, which really explains alot of my questions  I've been having in a logical way.  My guides have been showing me things in my  dreams about this community center we are to build next door.  I don't really  want to do it, it's a huge undertaking and no one wants to commit to do it, only  be there when it's done. But part of me really, really wants to build it and  knows it's the right thing to do.

Sorry for such a long letter but I felt compelled  to write to you for some reason. Your articles inspire me bec. I feel like I am  on a similar schedule to you and I don't know many others who are.

Thanks for listening,
Melissa Held
Magical Botanicals, Inc.

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for your 3D article and the Nibiruan Update article.  I've spent most of the last year and half creating a beautiful vision for myself and beliefs about the highest truth, connecting to my highest self and cleansing emotionally.  But, I've been impatient and frustrated because I've felt very stuck in the 3D world, unable to connect to the highest truth and make it my experience, believing in the 4D and beyond so deeply, but not knowing it for myself. 

I've been thinking lately, as I feel more ready to connect with more folks who are conscious of the truth, that what I really believe is that all of us , every person and creature is in on this whole experience, even if they don't "know it" this moment.  I believe in perfection, that even the most seeming unconscious person is truly doing exactly what they are supposed to do and be, no mistakes, their highest selves are as with them as anyone elses. 

My point is that your articles remind me that I am always exactly where I am supposed to be in my consciousness, as we all are, and that I am a part of the big picture no matter how in touch I am with all the details or not :), thus I'll be ready to be 4D whenever I'm ready and, for now, being in 3D can be as divine!  Thank you!

Much Love and Laughter :)

Hi Jelaila,

I read your article today about the value of being in 3D... and I've found your other stuff on line, too, so am familiar with your materials.

I just wanted to say that  your story is very familiar to me.  Although I have not come forth, publicly, as a teacher, nor would I be comfortable doing so... all the other stuff - the plunge into metaphysics/spirituality, the insatiable thirst for information and understanding, etc., is how my life has been too.  And I, too, have carefully surrounded myself with a lovingly-crafted 'comfort zone' in order to to be able to pursue my knowledge-seeking, in all it's forms, as much as possible.  "Seeking" has been my highest priority since the early 1980s.

And, I too find myself drawn back, these days, to '3D' more often than not.  I find myself setting aside my 'spiritual books' for books on subjects like anthropology and community planning books.  I'm even reading some fiction - which, for years, I read none.

And my sense of it all is that, it's important for 'us', and those like 'us', to now integrate what we've learned back into 3D in order to begin to change the entire fabric of 3D, in order to elevate it.  Just by functioning in that dimension, and being with people who are functioning in that dimension, the stuff we learned through our intensive self-study periods of metaphysical/spiritual stuff, will begin to ...  I'm seeing stuff sort of osmosing out of us and into the atmosphere, and into events and situations and other people...  almost like we're giving off a scent of sorts ... that will permeate others, in a good way, uplifting them.

And this all has been confusing and frustrating for me, too, but I sense it as the 'next step'.  As often as I thought I would just wake up some morning and look in the bathroom mirror to see that I had become invisible... or wake up some morning on a mothership... or in some form of paradise...  and as often as I WANTED some version of that 'passing over' to happen for me...  I'm realizing that deep down inside, my prime directive is to be of service to others by helping them all to find their own 'paradise'.  And I can feel that I've chosen to help in anyway that I can.. . and I know this is the way to be doing it.  Or one of the ways, anyway.  And so... here I am... :-)

It has been a big help to me to adopt some 'Buddhist' ways... to live in the present, especially.  In fact, 'being present' has brought me some amazingly profound gifts...  lately I have been simply and completely enchanted by things like doing the laundry or washing my hands...  this is hard to explain to someone if they've never experienced it, but... for me anyway, this planet is so magnificent and profound...  every little thing - birdsong... fruit falling from a tree... cracks in paint... the sun rising every day...  all of these things have become -when I am awake to them - unbelievable wonders to me.

I read in Barbara Marciniak's books about how the idea originally was for the Earth to be a 'living library', which I interpreted as a place where others from other planets could come and learn things from the seasons, weather, gravity, atmosphere, time, etc. etc. etc. ... and so I have begun to look at the planet in that way, and, it has lessened my sense of being a 'stranger in a strange land' by looking at the planet as a sort of university...  and I an eager student... who paid ALOT to be able to come here... and so I'm going to drink it ALL in...and this approach has made everything look like an amazing miracle to me...

and I think there is an essense of Buddhism in this approach... from what I've read by Buddhist teachers... this is a Buddhist sort of path.  So, I just wanted to share that stuff with you, that I appreciated reading your article today because I am in a similar place as you write about, (I also did huge amounts of rapid emotional clearing, mostly with a good therapist, and suffered all the physical stuff that went along with it)... and that I believe that, as always, everything is currently in Divine Order for everyone, including 'us'... :-)

And I thank you for your website and writings... I have gotten alot of good stuff out of them.  Peace and Namaste...


Ms. Starr,

I have shared your experiences of creating unbalance in my life at breakneck speed to arrive at a level of spiritual heights to complete my mission.  Are you aware, that perhaps you "did go home" recently and chose not to ground the memory into your conscious mind?  I know because I did go "home".  People call it a near death experience.  And, I wasn't even really "sick".  I just had a bad headache.  Our ascension work has opened up those opportunities for all of humanity.  You can "go home" without dying any more.  I chose to allow myself to consciously remember that experience and to retain my nightly memories of what I do when I sleep.  We all can now go home much more often depending on the physical capacity of our bodies to maintain balance during the process of exiting and entering the portals between chakras within the body.  I have never, ever before responded to anyone on the internet like this other then close friends.  But I felt compelled to send this message on to you.  I look forward to rereading your books and the challenges we face while learning to enjoy our successes in 3d.  In love and light.     


Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for the "Being 3D" article. That's exactly where I landed  one year ago in August.  Although I was never as far along as you, I too had been on a "crash course" and really believed that if I didn't hurry up that the bus would leave and I wouldn't be on it.  I couldn't be around my family unless I toned down my frequency (?) in order to have a 3D conversation with them. It made me impatient and judgmental. Money was drying up and a loving relationship seemed out of the question.  The one friend I had that I could converse with seemed to step way over the edge and I felt I just wasn't ready to go there at that time. So I became really alone, or so I thought.  When I made the decision to pull in and take a big break things started to happen.

No, no money yet (darn)! But an amazing man walked into my life. He's so wonderful to me that I wonder what I could have done to deserve this.  He's claims not to be Spiritual but I've discovered that if I don't push and he feels "safe" he opens up.  When he says "I have a feeling" I know to pay attention because he's dead on. He's fine with anything I do.

I am now interacting with my family with more ease.  I appreciate being able to share my Dad's last years together.  I know now that I would have deeply regretted not having the chance to do this.

Business is getting better.  The money isn't there yet but the opportunities are.  I think how I make use of those opportunities is what will make the difference.

I still feel that I might be missing something important but for right now it's a "back up and take it slow" approach.  I'm smelling the roses, literally .  I'm spending much more time in my backyard getting reacquainted with the plants.

On another note... My boyfriend, the scientist/biologist, has on a couple of occasions mentioned that he would like to help bridge the gap between the  spiritual and scientific communities.  Though he believes in the validity of the "spiritual/energy/feeling/galactic" work he is put off by the inappropriate language and terminology being used.  He feels that this is part of the reason the scientific community scoffs at us and he would like to help change that.  I would appreciate any thoughts or direction on this.

I'm happy you are feeling better these days. It seems like a necessary slow time for you.  I have a sense that you will be thrown into "high gear" again  so savor this time. Try to keep wellness about you no matter what path you are traveling.

Thank you again for being here and for the timeliness of you article.

Very sincerely,
Paula R.


I experience what you are talking about in  different terms.  My path is to function in the fifth dimension.  To do that I  must be fully present to the task I am doing.  If I fear from events in the past  or worry about future events, then I am not present to the task I am working on  and I limit my manifestation.  I teach classes in the healing arts.  When I  worry about attendance, then the universe responds with more classes with small  attendance because I have not learned the lesson of putting out a thought and  allowing it to manifest.  Of course my long-term soul growth is being patient!  They all fit together.  I feel we experience the same universal truths with  different titles.


Dearest Jelaila, 

I am glad that you have fully recuperated from your surgery.

I identified with alot that you said. No sure if I am 4D- but experienced  many same symptoms. Past 6 years as hard as I tried to get ahead especially  financially only small steps, but more in debt besides 2 work related injuries.  This past year was the worst - had to leave the job as injuries worsened to my  hands, I have headaches too - fibromyalgia, depression, whole 9 yards.

After the  divorce (6 years) I read as much as I could and took many classes. But past  several months extremely frustrated regarding manifesting especially  financially. I had a healing by this lady who does alot of energy work and she  told me I had inplants which were removed (4) but also told me I took on 7  generations of "stuff" to transmute. No wonder I always felt like I took on too  much down here! Since March I have had to "juggle" too many issues all at once.  Thanks for your input on your experiences, it does help to share with each  other. I have withdrawn alot from people too - I know the unviersal laws - if  you keep talking about your situation which isn't exactly positive at the moment  you are putting more energy into it and not going anywhere. Not doing any  spiriutal work, just pulled back trying to regroup and "fix" me. God Bless you  for all you do. I enjoy your sight immensely. Sending prayers to you for  financial abundance.

Love and Light,
Shar from New York


You are the bridge!  :)  Thanks again for stating so eloquently what we are all going through.  I applaud your honesty and your ability to put it all in perspective.

In my life recently  I was feeling mired in the  3D - when I had been heavy into the 4D - and I was lamenting it night and day.  I was deeply depressed, I gained a huge amount of weight, I felt hopeless and  disconnected.  But I know, deep in my heart, that the whole point of the  ascension is to ascend IN THE 3D, not to escape it.  Most of us have ascended elsewhere in other universes - ascending is old hat.  What is not old hat is doing it here, in the 3D, in this reality.  And I think that is precisely why we are here.  It is challenging. 

I had to accept that my 3D life IS MY LIFE, and I can't wait for the day when I have time to clear emotionally, some magic day when all my ducks are in a row and I can devote myself to becoming multi  dimensional.  I AM MULTIDIMENSIONAL.  We all are.  And we cannot fail this time.  So for me the challenge has been integration and allowing myself balance  - to have a foot in both worlds, but stay grounded, here and now.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this balance.  It really helps.

So I guess I am saying you are not alone!!!!   And keep up the good work.  Someday, when we are all written about in the history books -- it will be like Christ -- they stoned him - they wanted him to  go away and stop talking about those far out ideas... but eventually many came around or Anknaton in Egypt -- ONE GOD??? Is he NUTS?? - There always have to be  forerunners who present the ideas on the edge --- the world isn't flat after all!!!  :)  We have to have the courage to stand in our truth.  GO FOR IT.  GET OUT THERE.

All the best,


Well Done.  Thank you for the honest and timely message.  I feel that it really mirrors my lessons of late.  So many of us are  getting stressed-out on our spiritual journey and are just rushing through this  field of roses.  I am learning over and over again to relax and enjoy the ride.  I have been so anxious to get on with it and frustrated with myself for falling  asleep for so long (lifetimes).  I've been so impatient with the daily grind,  but now I'm rediscovering the magic, fun, beauty, and companionship that is out  there in the daily grind.  Many of us have the 'front of the class' syndrome  where we want to get straight A's in life and we really need to let this go.   We're all doing fine.  There is no one judging us but ourselves.

The goal this time, I believe, is to create our  spiritual, loving reality on this side of the veil. I recommend also  (in addition to Jelaila's ideas) is to really play with nature, with the Earth  energy.  We forget that as we go zooming into higher vibrations.  The Earth is  our home and she is that balance.  She's waited so long for us to wake up again  to her magic. The woods await us...

Nicole in South America

Dear Jelaila,

I just finished reading the article you wrote of your spiritual journey and finding the balance of living in both 3d and 4d, and I want to say thank you. I have gotten the message from guides "slow down" and "balance" many many times and rarely did I listen completely, after reading your article I just realized that I wasn't getting the whole message. I thought slow down meant slow down 3d everyday stuff and my giving to others. It did mean this, but also to slow down ascension.

Although I am not quite as advanced as you are I can relate to 90% of the things you said. I am right smack in the middle of that intense desire to " get cleared and get there NOW" as I sit here with little money and back pain that has forced me to cancel my clients and "DO" nothing. This is not the first time I have to have a crisis and clear all at once. Thank you for helping me to recognize my pattern and follow my own advice I freely give to others to balance and live in both worlds. I also realize "my mission" is already in progress not something that has to wait for a higher level of ascension. My mission has and will evolve as my consciousness does. I got this article forwarded to me if you have a mailing list please add my e-mail to it.

Donna G.

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for the article!  I was wondering if I was the only one who was experiencing some of the effects you mentioned.  I, too have definitely been pushing the envelope.  Since working on a metaphysical path for the last 20 years or so, I was overjoyed to find you and the recoding methods and tools you had to offer, so I immediately began trying to "make up for lost time".  After several months of intensive work, I am feeling constantly exhausted, with headaches, digestive disturbances, and aching bones, especially in the spine. 

Recently, I have determined that I need to pause for recovery, and am doing that now, for as long as it takes.  I was wanting to work on my mission objectives, and feel that I can do that best with a MD awareness, and was wanting to do that.  However, many things kept getting in the way, not the least of which was the lack of energy I needed to accomplish my objectives.  I have since learned to release the feelings of frustration, as that is another lesson, based on a fear of not accomplishing my objectives, that I needed to learn. I am being reassured that I will be able to do what I came to do, and it will come together in the time it needs to happen, and long as I keep my focus, so there is no need to keep feeling frustrated any more.

Also, I have learned that the value of being 3D, is that the dense physicality gives you the resistance necessary to work on the very deepest levels of yourself in spiritual growth.  Without this heavy resistance, you have no chance of getting to the same very deep levels to work on your Self.   The lessons we are learning now, and the values of the growth we experience here, we will take on in our MD selves to enable us to become diplomats and peacemakers to other worlds and civilizations in our galaxy, thereby assisting Divine Creator in the Master Plan.  So, instead of picturing escape from 3D, I am picturing instead, staying here, with a MD awareness, to do as much as I can to assist in the ascension process.

Thanks, as always, for your insights and wisdom in sharing your experiences with us. Your presence here and assistance is invaluable.

Much love,
Jerry C.

Dear Jelaila,

I was given this article through the DNA Activation Email group working with the Shapeshifter music. I could really relate to what you are saying. For me I have had a struggle with this issue since 1972 when I received my awakening. For years I was a professional chef which is about as 3D as you can get.

In May of 2000 Melchizedek came in my meditations and and boinked me over the head and said it is time to work as a light worker. I went on unemployment and into a series of very intense initiations and began to do my healing work. Part of these initiations was the DNA activation work . I have not always been able to follow this, but I have been continually preaching and trying to practice groundedness.

I remember doing energy work on a client who "Just wanted to go home." I found myself telling her to "Bring home here." There are opportunities for us to manifest this consciousness in the 3D that is unique. When I remember this I just go into that place of gratitude for each breath I have in this body in this world.

Love and Light to you,
Karen K.

Dearest Jelaila...

My name is Anna and after reading your message, I just want to say thank you.  I have not read your book but I will look forward to them in the near future.

It was interesting to read the part in your letter concerning your birth  family.  I call mine my earth family.  It has been over a year now since I have  disconnected with them - and even tho the guilt still lingers - and especially  in the dreamtime - I do not know if I can ever bridge the gap with them as you  are hoping to do and I do not know if I want to or if it is even possible.  So  good luck to you.  I will keep you in my good thots - especially around the  holidays if you choose to brave turkey dinner....

I look forward to reading more of your work.  And again...thank you.

in light and love....anna 

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you!!! Now what is happening makes a little more sense. Blessings to you for your sharing so that all of us may understand. Instinctively I have realized the "bridging" but you put it into a clear picture. I have been and am being advised to put the fourth to work in the third! Third cannot go to the fourth!

Blessings and light to you,
Jerry R. Hansen
Center for Creative Change


I resonate in some ways with what you have  presented Jelaila. I guess the impact for me is the balancing between different  worlds which I have had to do not just because living in a 3D world which is  ascending but because of my background as a multiple walk-in with 5 of the 7  never having had physicality of this kind before. It has been very confusing for  me my entire life. I didn't know who I was until about 7 years ago when the  first walk-in became evident to me. But this was in fact the 5th. The managing  health, money etc has been an incredible learning curve.

I had always hidden from the public in a sense and  not divulged who I was. I was always in the background.  One advantage I have had has been working in  schools for 25 years which certainly keeps one grounded in 3D, whilst I'm there  anyway. And having run a horse breeding farm for 20 years assisted the  connections.

I thank you for you openness and that of others as it  makes it ever easier to reveal the self and unravel the truths of our  selves.

In love, light and oneness,

Dear Jelaila,

In regards to your article on 3D...the part about making our message more able to touch those who are coming out of traditional backgrounds resonated with me.  When I began The Messenger newspaper 5 years ago, I received so many mixed messages  from others on how it could help their vision of the Universe...general advertisers thought it was too religious...spiritual groups thought it was spiritual enough...metaphysical business people wanted to see the "far out" disappear and address businesses who were beginning to "come out" of their boss/management styles into more flowing communication.  I stepped back and forth over these lines trying to accommodate all...when I realized that I had a guidance which was directing me in a particular way...and that was...Use the Message as a bridge to help and not scare people...I have seen those who tried to go too fast, hit a wall and become scared that the info they were receiving was so far from where they had started, that there was a stretched rubber band effect...they fled back to their fundamental beliefs in fear and attacked all that was new and different.

One of my best friends is slowly coming out of that space, after 15 years. I am very conscious of our communication and know that I just have to choose my words wisely around her. If all we are trying to do is dump our information on someone, we are really struggling with our own egos and not being compassionate towards the being we are addressing. If we show them compassion, then we only address their questions, as they come up and not have to bombard them with "all we know." If we are honest with ourselves, we will realize that "all we know" keeps changing and being upgraded as we are ready for new pieces of information.  So, we end up walking with one foot in each world...and isn't that what a bridge is anyways?

Thanks, I wish you were closer...I would like to drop in on those meetings at your house,

Joann Turner
The Messenger

Dear Jelaila, 

I too faced a healing crisis about one year ago.  I knew that I had to made a decision - to go "home" or to stay - it was my choice.  However, if I chose to stay I needed to make the commitment once and for all.  No more enthusiasm on good days - whining and complaining about how I wanted out of here on "bad" days.  I decided to stay - and with that decision and commitment came a peace I haven't had before.  Still have some bad days, but checking out is no longer an option for me, and as long as I am here I have to be HERE.  Planet Earth is where I work - I contracted to do this, and the people I work for and with are all in various stages of waking up.  Some are indeed still soundly asleep. Along with the commitment to stay came an understanding that 3D cannot be left behind to move on - it must be incorporated within the new me.  Just as I once faced a dilemma of not belonging in my church anymore, and a wise friend reminded me that I belonged EVERYWHERE - I just no longer belonged in my church exclusively.  It's the same with dimensions - I have not left 3D but I no longer belong here exclusively. 

I am also a fourth and fifth dimensional being.  To help people grow we must find out where they are and meet them there.  And then we must proceed gently and with love.  No flower has ever blossomed by pulling at the petals.  Just as I have not stopped being a 3D  being because I have expanded, I have not stopped being a daughter because I became a wife.  I am also mother, musician, accountant, friend.  The focus will be different in different situations, but playing all roles at once is what we all do, and think nothing of it.

So it seems to me that as we expand our multidimensionality we will have to leave nothing behind but our fears.  Thank you for this beautiful website - for letting Lightworkers connect with each other - for sharing yourself so openly - it's the strength and love I feel from fellow soul travelers I have not even met that makes this all worthwhile.  I am Elaine - a grateful being in service to our Radiant One.

Love and hugs, E-

Dear Jelaila;

Having just read your article written during  your recovery, i was moved to let you know that it was significant and pertains  to what i had been thinking about the importance.  Recently several people whom  i know and have been working with have 'opened up' at an amazing pace.  Due in  part to readiness, need of the times, and the Light frequency being manifested  on this plane.

I will share what you have written.  Also please  know that since i have become aware that you had surgery, i will include you in  the healing energy that is sent out from where i do my work....i live on a hill  with a quartz base in the low mountains of Arizona  and the light that goes out  from here is intensified and magnified because of its location....never hurts to  pray for someone, i believe.  May you know that you are appreciated and blessed  in the work that you do.  They information that you put out there is both timely  and necessary for this time.  Thank you. 

A sister in Spirit,
Kathleen P.


I just read your article on 3D  ...Yes!!! Finally somebody who has been experiencing this. I had started to feel  like I was losing some of my momentum and had wondered what in the world was  happening. I have been back to 3D for awhile, with that difference now of  knowing I'm experiencing 3D but different from before, but much more grounded in  it...It's so difficult to explain...but, your words described it exactly. Thank  you!!!

Cathy M.

Dear Jelaila, 

I read with much interest your article regarding  the value of 3D.  From 1992-1997 I traveled extensively thoughout  the US, Europe, Canada & Mexico, teaching channeling and meditation, wrote  numerous articles, and lectured.  During that time, I also studied in  the Buddhist tradition in Thailand. 

While my work was a very rewarding in many ways,  it was also quite exhausting.  I eventually quit teaching in 1997 because my spirit made it very clear that if I did not, my health would suffer.   Fortunately, I've never dealt with any major health issues; mine are usually of  a psychological nature, mental turmoil, etc.

After I quit teaching, I just basically dropped  out.  I did nothing but stay home and meditate for 2 years.  I knew the purpose  of this was to integrate all the energy I had channeled for so many years.  I  got so out of balance that I knew something was wrong when going out in public,  being around others, became a big deal (trauma) for me.  I could feel everyone,  hear what they were thinking, etc.  At this point, I realized it was time for  another shift.  So much meditation had made me very soft (transparent); this is  very unsettling in 3D and it occurred to me that I needed to take the skills I  had learned in the spiritual realms and apply them in the world.

I took a very mundane job (clerical) working for  American Airlines, just to ease back into the world.  The tasks were way too  fundamental (I had lots of management background), and within 3 months I was  extremely bored and ready for another challenge.  I then applied at AA to become  a Flight Attendant.  It was extremely difficult going through the training  process and I very nearly quit after 4 weeks (it's a 6.5 week course).  I simply  turned my challenges over to spirit and said, "Hey, if you want me to do this,  help me pass the exams!"  After that, I was supported easily and effortlessly  and made it through.

I'm now in my 4th year of flying around and the  experiences have been invaluable.  Honestly, I don't think there is anything  more challenging than working with the masses/traveling public.  I've had so  many stressful (some traumatic) inflight incidents and through it all, I am able  to maintain a calm sense of centeredness and poise where others go off the  deep-end.  I know this is a result of my spiritual training and I am very  grateful for it. 

When I stopped *doing* my *spiritual work* I had  no way of knowing what was in store for me.  During my time of recluse, I often  wondered what the purpose of it all was.  Why all the amazing experiences?  Why  all the travel?  Why all the woo woo stuff... what was the point?  Well, in  retrospect, I can see the perfection of it all: we were being prepared for  bigger and better things.  From the feedback I've received, it's felt like those  of us consciously aware of our path have been in a holding pattern.  Here we  have all these gifts and there is still so much s*** to sort through.  I really  feel it is because humanity must catch up to a certain degree. We've done so  much to enlighten our Dear Mother on an energetic level and this cannot help but  be transmitted to all her children... they must integrate also.

I know very clearly in working with the public  that the average Joe is getting it.  If you could only see how many copies of  books by Gary Zukav, James Redfield, Iyanla, Marrianne Wiliamson, John Gray,  etc., I see people reading on airplanes you would realize what a trend  spirituality has become in mainstream.  People are very open to all these  new ideas.  Pilots I work with have shared some of the most amazing experiences  with me, and believe me, for the most part these individuals are very 3D in  their thinking... it never ceases to amaze me how quickly things are  shifting.

I wrote this just to confirm for you, yes, it is  the 3D world that requires your gifts!  A master teacher once told me that our  greatest challenge would be to have one foot on earth and another in heaven.   Being able to traverse both dimensions is what it is all about!  Our ability to  ground the energy from the spiritual realms through our physical bodies is our  greatest gift and is truly, all that is required of any of us: it does not  matter what we *do*, it matters only that we BE.  I see our bodies as  accupuncture needles; everywhere we go, the energy flows!

There is so much more I could say.  Ironically, I  have received so much guidance recently that is creating a flow for me to get my  work out into the public domain once again... interesting how the universe sends  to us what is needed when the timing is right.

You are a brave one to have yourself "out there"  in such a public way and I truly honor you for it!  I  wish you all the best in your recovery and future endeavors. 

With Abundant Love & Blessings,
Adaria  :)


I can really feel for you. I too have pushed the process with resultant health, financial, and relationship issues slammed in my face. And frankly I don't know anybody who's had it any different. But at 82 I've finally "gotten it" I think. For me anyhow THE PROCESS has it's own timing.And no amount of pushing will do anything about speeding it up. Not without making a horrible mess. I've learned to say "not my will but thine". I've learned to state firmly and clearly my intent and I've learned to sit back and let it happen.It drives my family nuts sometimes. "Mother! you've GOT to make a decision. You've got to do something about this." But I just say"calm down, we'll see what the universe wants to do about it" and sure enough the universe does something about it and it's always creative and simple and is something I probably would never have thought of myself. It's been a lesson in humility for me.

Thank heaven you have a chance to learn  sooner than I did. Your lesson won't be the same as mine but whatever it is will carry you onward and upward at a gracious pace with time to enjoy the scenery. The scenery on my trail is filled with peace, wonderful friends,(not necessarily spiritual ) adequate finances, casual bits of healing, and a great sense of having actually moved along the PATH without being aware of it. 

Hang in there,it gets better and better!
In the Light,


Thank you for your  heart-felt and informative article.  It resonates deeply with me, especially  the part about staying grounded and being comfortable in your body.  My take  on the Earth Grand experiment is: ┬ 1) we stood in line to
participate and  for the privilige of being 3-D, so lets enjoy it; and 2) We left home with  the purpose of bringing home here...the whole object is to anchor our  divinity within these forms.  So, we have to quit trying to leave our  bodies...we need to love and nurture them and treat them as the sacred  vessels they are, so our Divine/other parts can anchor in.

One channel I  also resonate with, Tobias (Geoff Hoppe), says we can never go home, because  we are expanding creation and preparing the way for "home" to come here.   Interestingly enough, the Kryon, who has never been in form, mentioned  publicly this past July, that "he" would like to experience the joy of being  a human angel when "his" duties are complete! So, if we are among the first  to be successful in this integration, then we have to learn tolerance and  patience with those whom we will be teaching, and will follow us...thus, the  "bridge" you are talking about.

I've heard "dissertations" in my head for  over a month now, on learning to fit-in to whatever social situation I  happen to be in, and not to so much avoid people/situations..learning to  tune the message (sometimes silence is a message) to the frequency of those  in one's company is a key component in building awareness, and ultimately,  raising those ascension percentages Devin was talking about. Right now, I  feel very much like a recruit in ascension boot wonder we get  cranky and hurt so much from time to time.

Michele A.


It sounds like your karma ran over your dogma! I must say I'm proud of you.  You're finally getting it! You don't always have to DO, you just have to BE. Keep up the good work.

Always at your service,

Dear Jelaila,

I applaud you ability to self-examine and "back track" when necessary.  Truly, if our goal is to help as many people as possible, discretion is the better part of valor. 

I learned the "hard" way how terrifying ideas I take for granted can be to a fundamentalist Christian (but I suppose this is true for any fundamental religious believer, not just Christians).  Don't know if I'm living in 4-D and don't have an address for manifestation, but I do know that the thinking out there is quite strange. Not only do people fear those who are "out there," they also fear intelligence regardless of dimension. There seems to be a "dumbing

down" that is going on. Have you noticed this trend?  It is fortunate that there are movies, such as "Matrix," to introduce new concepts, but until they hit television there will be a delay.

As far as giving in to 3-D medicine - I've always felt that "god" (for lack of a better word) created everything. Or, everything is part of creation - everything. So that makes medicine part of the miracle, notless than what "healers" do.

You may think that your trial and error approach is frustrating (understatement?), but I think is important to remember that you're building a template. The very nature of a template suggests that there will be rework until it's right. If this wasn't so, you wouldn't be in the position of building a template - there'd already be one in place.

So, dear friend, go forward, backward, sideways - whatever it takes, but keep going with the patience for yourself from knowing that you are making the ascension a lot easier for a lot of people. It only takes one to succeed because we are all one.

Love, namaste and lots of encouragement for you.

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for this article. I want to share what I'm feeling about it. I'm not in 4D. I'm taking my first steps out of 3D but I have always a warning voice that tells me not to become arrogant or looking down on others while they don't see things as I do. And more: I'm very critical with all sorts of language which has the tendencies to be understood by only a few people.

This feelings in the background, I'm slowly beginning to search your website for answers. In some areas I found a very high up tone (especially in the forums) which I do not want to share. First I felt like the whole website being an exotic oasis quite a long distance away from my point of standing. I knew somewhere in my heart that it was true but I find that I had to go some steps towards it to really understand it. This is slowly changing now as I take day to day more of the "new" world you present to your readers. In my heart I don't like doing it the slow way but I feel that I have also some help in feeling comfortable doing it slowly.

I want to tell you that I find it very pleasing and right that you will go to those in 3D and speak with words more people can understand and share.

About becoming more public: I wondered if you will come to Europe some day? I was really sad that I can't share your meetings. It would have been interesting. And also: I would like your Keys to be translated into other languages.

Thank you for sharing your experiences,

Dear Jelaila

The first time I wrote to you it was because  you wrote what I had been saying. This same thought process has prompted me to  write again.

I would like to take it all step further and  suggest that your philosophy of life, has moved you into 5D if there is indeed  such a step or place. My belief is that once we move from 4D there is no level.  We begin to act and behave as though we are ONE. To me this is the next step we  need to show through example to those who still choose to be in 3D or  4D.

As we exist in a parallel reality we can do  this and create for ourselves all we want it to be. I am finding that some  things are beginning to flow again and some things are still taking time to make  up their mind to 'catch up' with me. I too am finding that I am relating better  with those I had once left behind. Indeed have we really walked back or have  they moved forward. Consciousness of 20-30 years ago has changed. (within the  world I live anyway) Consciousness and the 3D world are accepting things of  which we spoke more than 20 years ago. I am beginning to speak out on topics  which may well take another 20 years to come into the consciousness of the wider  community. Meanwhile I am enjoying walking between the parallels,  simultaneously.

I know in my heart your are already walking  this walk as well.

The escalator is going up and we take the  world with us. Like a child playing it can be fun to run up and down a few times  to understand the feel of the bottom rung. As a small child there were no  escalators. Now there are ramps which move. I wonder how much fun the children  have on these. Escalators are affordable in your home now. I know folk who have  them. Technology and Consciousness go hand in hand. As we change our thinking so  new 'things' occur.

Enjoy your walk.

with love,
Gaele A.
Brisbane Australia

Hi Jelaila:

Blessings to you dear one for your courage to place  this article on the internet for all of us to read and reflect upon.  I am so  happy for you re the hospital bill and that you have manifested payment for  this.  I feel that all of us that share and read your articles are blessed by  your insights and courage to go forth publicly.  Your light is indeed shining  brightly and always remember that you are that "special light " for all of us  out here cheering you on.

 have not read your book "Bridge to Reunion" and  will do so soon.  My guides have suggested I slow down for I am still  experiencing changes going on physically from my journey to Machu Picchu in  February where I am told my pituitary has been activated and worked on and my  hormone test (saliva test) shows my adrenals low so am taking two supplements  for this.  I have had a car collision (not my fault) and learned to embrace this  and have compassion for the woman who hit my vehicle and stop carrying on about  it.

I have lost a job that brought in income that helped a lot and the fear is  there even knowing that one door closes for another to open. I have expanded my  consciousness to explore another location to live (suggestion by guides) for I  am feeling I need to be by more water being a Pisces, this is important for me.  How I will manifest this remains to be seen. 

I have been having headaches, fatigue and lots of emotional ups and downs, sadness and so much of past  surfacing it gets overwhelmingat times. Also dreams and inspiration comes  through after the pain subsides.  Need to spread the word to those that need to  open their hearts to more light.  I am a minister and not comfortable public  speaking nor do I need to do this for I do not have a church.  I did this for my  own spiritual growth. 

Write a book comes up too.  Dreams about my mother (not  on earth plane) my sister who I would like a better relationship with and as for  my family they are distanced from me which makes it easier for me now that my  mother has passed on. 

I feel I have a calling to go to Brazil to a healing  center and wonder about how I will manifest money to do all I desire with a  limited one right now and know that the Universe is unlimited with all its  resources including money.  Did not mean to carry on so long--just to let you  know you are on target Jelaila and I wholeheartedly agree for you to slow down.  My cat teaches me this and I am so grateful for these lessons and although still  having difficulty being "not in movement" I am getting better and its these  times when insights and inspiration flow with ease.

Celebrate the Goddess that you are and call upon  the fairies to lighten you up.  I just received Nerry into my life as I am  incorporating the fairy cards into my readings and so I am calling her Merry  Nerry.

Love to you and thank you for sharing who you are.


Dear Jelaila,

I liked what you’ve written and, to some extent, I  feel myself identified with your wonderings and reflections as if they were mine.  I do not know the extent to which we are in fact conscious of our being in one  or another dimension. What I understand or perhaps misunderstand as 4th  dimension is a sort of stage from which I perhaps bounce back and forth, for  instants, while awakened, (o perhaps the contrary), and more permanent but  unfortunately unconsciously, while sleeping (or maybe again the  contrary)

At this stage I recall Lucas Paccioli a Monk that  centuries ago invented modern accountancy, with its principles exactly the same  than the Kharma spiritual account of life. This monk, maybe I'm wrong, was able  to bring something from deep into the what understand as from the 4th dimension,  into the practicality of the 3rd dimension. Is it not the case, that we can live  restfully in different dimension depending on the circumstances? Is it not a  question a maturity?

Is this not similar to a study done decades ago in  business schools, where they came up with the findings that executives which  didn't go beyond their Master's degrees increased noticeably their productivity,  but if they pursued their studies beyond the Master's degrees deep into the  Ph.D.'s degrees, they lost productivity until the matured enough (over a  period of about 10 years) to be able to make on the spot decisions, declining a  natural tendency to keep on analyzing almost infinite possible or probable  implications and or repercussions?

Well, Dear Jelaila. I re state what I said at the  beginning, I like what you have written and I share your feeling and reflections.  Also, I congratulate you for you evident recovery.

Dr. Alberto S.

Bravo Jelaila!!!,

You said it like the Goddess that you are. Very well put.  For me and where I am at on this path it has been brought to my attention that the bridging back is essential for our progression.

It is my understanding that none of us are going to ascend until we reach back and give a hand to those who are just now beginning to realize that something different is happening upon this planet, and then, the ones who are not even realizing that yet. Because we are ONE, how can a part of us leave and the other part stay behind? It isn't going to happen.

It has also been brought to my attention that we the creators of our own reality might need to get into feeling, speaking and seeing more positive happenings so that we can create them. By this I am not saying we need to ignore the dark and/or the negative, but face and deal with it, then let it go and move into the feelings of the desires of our heart so that we can create them, instead of more of the same negative we have been wallowing in.

That if I am going to create what I desire I must put MORE focus (intent) upon the desire and happiness and the feelings I want, than on the process that I have just worked through. To me it is essential.

Many of the channels I have heard say this same thing, that we must bridge the gap that we have created between 3 and 4D. That ascension means taking all of our being with us, not just that part which hangs out in the clouds.

So I for one am not shocked, but delighted that you too have validated my feelings on this issue. Thank you so much for sharing.

Love Light & Angel (((hugs)))
Kantoria Aluna Launna889 aka Karmin

G'day Jelaila,

Your article is informative and refreshing as  always.

In reading though, I have a very strong impression that whilst  you are  bridging "back" as you call it, it is just another polarity swing.  It  seems that you went way too far the other way.  You rejected a part of yourself  and the rest of humanity.

Part of the ascension process, as I see it, is about union  with mankind, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and mother earth.  You seem  to have rejected certain sectors of mankind and were in judgement of them.  This  experience has opened your eyes to this rejection and you are now bringing your  life back into balance.

Until we integrate our alternative planes of existence we will  always be in polarity, but bit by bit, we integrate them and then as a result we  reduce those swings until all is in balance. I guess another really good lesson for us all is that if we  swing too far one way, we are snapped back with a great big jolt!!!

I'm not so sure though that you are necessarily going back  into 3D.  The way I see it is that you are now embracing that which you have  rejected in the past but with a much higher perspective.  If you see the things  that you have rejected in the past differently now, ie: with more love and  compassion, then you are no longer operating from the same perspective.  You  have embodied a new compassionate outlook and cannot be 3D.  The way I see it is  that you are still 4D but now willing to accept other's truths no matter how  much you may disagree with them and you are no longer uncomfortable standing in  your own truth.

As you know, we experience that which we believe.  So if you  have been rejecting others for their beliefs and they have been having a hard  time understanding yours, it tells me that up until now, you have been  uncomfortable standing in your own truth, no matter how much you believed in  yourself and your guides.

I think many light workers and starseeds (me included) are in  this rejection mode.  It is easier to hide and/or reject than to embrace those  that reject us and hurt us for being different.  Many of us live double lives.   I am one of them but starting to come out of the closet, so to speak.  (Like a  gay person hiding their sexuality).  Perhaps it is time for many of us to learn  this lesson and to start standing in our own truths without the need to justify  who we are and what we believe.  We don't force anyone to believe what we do.   We need to have the expectation that we too can be respected for our beliefs no  matter what they are.

Thank you for sharing and for the lesson.  I hope I haven't  been too rude in my own interpretation of your experience.  Be  well.

Donna in Australia

Hi Jelaila

Just read the above article with interest and a great many things come to  mind, not least because I can identify with your predicament, even down to the  tubal pregnancy (many years ago). I could reply at length but for now I will  tell you of a Buddhist saying:-

Before enlightenment I chopped wood and carried water.
After enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water.

wishing you well,

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