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 Comments on A Healing Crisis and Jelaila Updates


Hi Jelaila,

Just a quick note to say hi and that I'm  very happy to hear you're coming out the other end of your healing experience.   I can only imagine how bizarre and trying it must have been for you at this  stage of evolution, and I can tell you that it jarred me (and others, I'm sure)  as well that you would have to experience such a traumatic event after all your  work. That is because I can identify with it.  I guess it just goes to show  that there is no end to the journey...just when we think we're getting to a place where we can sit for a bit, the landscape spins again, and all feels so uncertain.  I'm onto the void pattern, though, and now know to expect that  strange IS the norm!!  I still have issues with the physical pain,  though...

Terri C.

Hi Jelaila,

It sounds like you've been going thru quite a lot. I wanted to say  that we are holograms and that if you lose an organ/s, then because we are part  of the whole, then other parts take over that original organ. EG in the guineass  book of records there is a boy who hasnt got his whole left side of the brain  and skull. Because the brain is holographic (and other parts of the body) then  his other side just took over the jobs of that missing side of his brain.   Looking at it from a 3D perspective then it looks like you have lost both  ovaries etc however in the 4th D everything is oneness, interconnected and  whole. Simply ask that other parts of your body (pituitary gland for example) to  continue to produce the hormones needed for healthy living, and the other  processes of which we may not be aware of yet.

Lots of love to You and Jonathan, from Catherine 

Dear Jelaila, dear Jonathan,

Just wanted to let you know that my love and compassion was with both of you during this time of hardship and trial. And I am happy to hear that you, Jelaila, are feeling so much better now.

More than anything I'm quite touched by Jonathan's wonderful way of dealing with this drama, and am deeply grateful for the open and honest sharing of feelings with all of us via email. Thank you, Jonathan, for inviting us into this process. I almost am experiencing this as an emotional phase transition--the individual emotional body (Jelaila) extending to become two in one (Jelaila and Jonathan) and then becoming all of us through the email link provided by Jonathan.

Thank you, both of you, for going through this hardship and setting something big and wonderful in motion. I'm very curios about the articles about those "strange cells" and what agreements you had in place to walk through this to bring the message to 3d. I'm expecting some jewels here . . .

Make sure, Jelaila,  that you always--but especially now--stay in touch with your inner level of bliss when you fling yourself into work. Bliss doesn't expend energy, it adds energy, ease and grace. It gives a comfortable ride.

You dear two people, I'm glad you're here and glad that you are doing what you are doing. Thanks for your commitment, courage and passion. I love you and I don't expect you to respond. All blessings to you and your process, with all my heart.


Dear Jelaila,

I just read your article on your healng crisis and continue to be amazed at  how wonderous our whole ability to create is. I'm not sure that I can discover  words to describe what I mean.  Actually the word 'perfection' just entered my  mind. If we remove ALL jugdement to any events that happens, i.e. what creation  looks like; are we doing it wrong to be feeling pain, etc; then it all is  perfect. Your story about your health crisis, which moved me to tears, is pure  perfection and wonderfully crafted: a true artist. I am grateful to be part of  your experience, for it touched my heart, and I am grateful to be able to 'see'  a master in action.

I similarly had a health crisis a couple of years ago. I rupture my L5 disc  and was incapacited.  I was self employed, single and scared. I 'wondered' why I  had created this and beat myself up terribly for it. This is what I learnt. I  was human. I had given permission, before I came here, to allow myself to  become one.  I knew I was more than that but at 40, I hadn't allowed my self to  fully descend to totally accept that I was a Human Being. The situation  literally brought me to my knees, and I realized that I had knees.  I also  realized that I needed others for everything. I needed to be held as I cried, I  needed money to pay the bills, I needed a doctor and eventually I saw that I  needed surgery. Everything in my life continue to fall apart for the next 3  years, my path to ascension. So I am ascending and descending all at the same  time  I am now able to access compassion like never before which is handy as my  path has opened me to realize I am here as a healer.

You're experience along with sharing, gives me the opportunity to see myself  in you and realize what masters of creation we all are. I created something  perfect for myself and its a great story. It seems to me that our collective  stories interweave to create tha greatest story ever told.

Bless you for your courage and your willingness to be the master you are.

Love, ViVi


Thank you for sharing.  It brought back memories  of surgical decisions I had to make, ones that have haunted me with the  consequences.  I have blamed myself, and your descri[tion may have helped clear  a bit more.

Gervase R.

Hi Jelaila,

 I just read your account of the healing crisis  you experienced recently.  I only got half way through it, when I wound up with  my head on my desk, sobbing my heart out.  There are so many parallels between  your story and mine, so many of the same feelings and experiences, I couldn't  believe it.

I had a complete hysterectomy when I was just 30 years old (22  years ago) because of years of abdominal pain, in my case from severe  endometriosis.  This was years before I was aware of metaphysics (surrounded by  the fundamentalist consciousness of East Texas and all that that entails), so I  muddled through the experience as best I could.  My husband's family put great  pressure on me not to have the surgery because my husband (an only son) had no  sons, and my having the hysterectomy ended all hope of the family name carrying  forward.  I had always wanted to have a daughter, so the surgery meant giving up  that dream for myself, in addition to the general grief of losing the  child -bearing capacity.  I am still amazed that I somehow found the courage to  make the decision for surgery in spite of all the pressures and self -doubt - I  obviously had much more support than I was aware of at that time.  Deep in my  soul, I just knew it was the right thing to do regardless of all the drama and  lack of support surrounding the decision.

I know the feeling of losing control over making all the  decisions.  When I went into surgery, I first had a laparoscopy to determine  exactly what was wrong.  While I was still under the anesthetic, a hysterectomy  would be performed if the findings warranted it.  So I went out not knowing in  what condition I would wake up in, with or without a reproductive system.  That  was really scary, a real lesson in trust and faith that all would be for the  best ultimately.

I also have over the years closed the door for the most part  on traditional medicine, opting for the alternative, natural approaches whenever  possible.  Then two years ago, I was told that I needed surgery for repair of  the membrane between the anus and vagina (called a rectocele surgery) and that I  needed to have my vagina re-suspended due to the fact that it was prolapsing  (dropping).  I struggled mightily with the decision to place myself in the hands  of Western medicine, again surrendering control to a system that I held in  little regard.  Suffice it to say that my experience forced me to open my mind  and heart to holding a place of appropriateness for Western medicine.  I still  will seek the natural path whenever possible, but I realize there are limits to  alternative medicine where Western medicine may be able to fill in.

I, too, grew up with an emotionally remote father and brothers  who treated me like I didn't matter.  I spent much of my life unsure of whether  I really existed.  Add an abusive, crazy mother to the mix, and you have an  18-carat mess.  I too sold my Self out so many times for a modicum of attention,  usually sexual, from any man from whom I could get it.  This brief synopsis puts  into a few sentences a life of craziness and acting out that could (and may,  someday) fill volumes.

Jelaila, my tears in reading your story were for me, you and  every other woman who has agreed to incarnate in order to confront, feel and  clear these issues for the upliftment of all.┬  Thank you for sharing yourself so  openly, for in┬ doing so, I know you have touched many hearts.┬  I am thankful  that my old pain was triggered for the clearing of another layer.

I wish you the very best in your healing process.

Sincerely - Sandra A.


Thanks for having the courage to write this article Jelaila! I've had some hard times myself lately, and you reminded me that there are gifts in everything that we go through in this life. That definitely makes the burden easier to bear! And you gave me new courage by taking back your own power and not being afraid to embrace 3D medicine. It's amazing how what affects one of us affects us all.

I do hope that life gives you a breather! You definitely deserve it!

Nicole C.

Hello Jelaila,

Just wishing you lots of Light,  Love and Wisdom and above all: speedy recovery. Start to miss your updates,  you've spoiled us.

Live goes on, count your  blessings, dear.

From the Caribbean (Cura├žao  Island), Adeline


Thank you for sharing your experience and insights. I'm a post-menapause mom and practitioner of alternative health care. Your courage during extreme duress together with your trust in the unseen shows the great gift you bring to us all. Continued blessinsg to you and your family.

In Joy and Clear Light,
Peggy Q. in Detroit

Dear Jelaila,

I just read your article A Healing Crisis and is  deeply touched.  A few weeks ago someone gave me your web-address  and since then it has been almost a lifestyle to me, as I have spend hours  reading it.

So... thank you Nibiruan Council, fore sending  you. And thank you Jelaila fore being so frank and honest.  And then I realize, that as I am getting to like  you more and more. And benefiting so much from the information you share........  You are at the hospital almost dying.

So, I feel deep compassion fore you and your husband. Even if we don’t know one another, I have a family feeling fore you and  sends love and healing energies in your direction.  It seems to me that you could have taken upon you blocks and problems of all "female-kind" and are transforming old patterns of suffering for countless women.

You seems to have experienced almost all the  problems connected to producing (or avoiding to..) babies in the 3D. And that  topic has been filling women’s lives in all the history. Yes it is time someone  brakes through these old layers of guilt and victimhood.

Blessings to you both from Sonja

Dear one... 

You said to respond if anything touched us during the reading of your article.  Very interesting numbers... 9 yrs. of pain - 9 days of relentless pain = 18 (1+8=9).  If you consider... 9 months gestation to produce a child - use a parallel overlay of 9 yrs. of pain - 9 months gestation - 9 days relentless pain (9 x 3 = 27... 2+7=9).  Also consider, on some level, your 9 yrs. of pain could symbolize the 9 month gestation period to "give birth" or "release" that which is yet to be revealed.  Then finally... the nine-pointed star (nee Star of David) -- if you overlay two nine-pointed stars across each other... you will present an 18-pointed star (1+8=9) -- may represent esoteric geometry in some way.  There is a message there somewhere, sweet Jelaila. 

Be kind and patient with your Self in your recovery.  If my memory serves me -- the number 9 in metaphysical terms represents Spirit rising out of Matter.  Congratulations on your successful "birth" of Spirit.

Blessings...Judith P.
(over here in the mountains of Johnson City, TN)

Good morning Jelaila and Jonathan,

I am sooooooo happy that you are feeling better.  All of us have missed your words of wisdom and guidance.  While reading the article "The Healing Crisis", all of us got a "dose" of what you were going through.  With the understanding, I personally am glad you are here, a part of the 3D and a part of my becoming "wise".

You, Devin, Jonathan and my own guides have assisted me with understanding certain specifics or challenges I face and has also allowed me to know I WILL BE ALRIGHT.

Much love, light, and peace to you and your family.   You are loved.  Take care and remember YOU WILL BE ALRIGHT!!!!!.


Dear Jelaila,

I felt I was reliving your experience as I read it.  Having gone through a partial hysterectomy at about your age, I can't imagine my mind being clear enough to write the details of it as I experienced it.  I, too, was under the impression that I could use my spiritual faith to cure and overcome the tumors but discovered it required the surgery instead.  I tend to also look at life's experiences as lessons learned, and also experienced giving my power away.    But I am much stronger for it now, although I've been tested nearly 3 quarters of a century to reach this point.

I've just recently moved and spent a lot of time deciding which books to keep and which to sell, in a rather extensive collection.  Among the books to keep was a paperback I bought several years ago and had forgotten.  When I opened it up I realized it had a message for me.  And it's possible there is also a message in it for you.

The book is titled "Hidden Power for Human Problems," by Frederick Bailes.  He has 'walked his talk' and helped thousands turn their lives around by using the principles he discovered in a book by Thomas Troward, a week following the doctors telling him (as a young man) that he had an incurable form of diabetes and could possibly live 18 months.  Like you, his life had been dedicated to a spiritual path, and also like you, he had the ability to see through the problem into the solution where change was required.

...It was first  published in 1986 by Prentice Hall and is a very easy, descriptive 'read.'  I think it could hasten your healing and inspire you as you find ways to use and share it's information with others.  This is a very advanced soul and his thinking  is very deep and also very clear.  I trust that Jonathan will find a copy for you to read so that  you can   see for yourself.

Thank you, for sharing your innermost thoughts and experiences so that others have the courage to face their own.  I have enjoyed your journey and the courage you have shown.

Many blessing and love to you,

Hi Jelaila,

In regards to your healing process there is always a beginning a middle and an end. It takes time to work through it all and along the way one must develop patience!!! Not easy to do when you are looking at the big picture and just want to be through it.  I think half the time that is what we have to learn is the actual process and how to get through it all.

Good luck Mel-Sydney

Dearest Jelaila,

Thank you so much for your article on your healing crisis.  I read it with much interest.  I am sure your analysis are true for you.  I am pretty sure most of the western docters would not agree, the dumb thing is that they mostly do not have another explanation to give you either. 

I am so glad you wrote this about 3D.  I have trying to figure out, how it works for me for a while now.  I agree that we are multidimensionally, which to me would mean that we feel at home at, at least a multiple of Dimensions.

In stress management, my occupation, I realize that although I feel multidimensional, I still look for patterns, which is totally 2D in my opinion, as animals have patterns they follow, and why is it that when I feel the need to explain something clearly, I look for the pattern to explain in the most simple way.  When I try to just say things as it comes up in my mind, and it is not always followed by the person, so when I realize this I immediately make the switch to finding the pattern for the easier explanation.

Now I have thought of the things like, some people are not multidimensional, some people don't want to be multidimensional, some people are sent and don't think they need/want coaching, some people don't want to listen to what they say, they just want to talk to whoever and whatever, just to talk and hear their own voice etc.  So when you write about 3D medicine, you gave me the feeling of:  why bother at all, be pleased you know a lot of  patterns, or at least know how to sort of find them.  Why are you not satisfied to be sure to be at home at all dimensions you have at least become acquainted with?  SO my dear Jelaila I thank you for that lesson....

...There is so much I would like to talk to you about, but I find it hard to put into words, and not only because I am Dutch, there is something that I feel I need to tell you, I however cannot put words to it  in any language at this point, so perhaps they might come,  so for now then: a very very careful gently hug,  my thoughts are with you.

Love light harmony and healing,

Hello Jelaila and Jonathan,

I am so glad to hear that you are doing better and I just finished reading your article on your healing experience.  It is wonderful! You were wondering if it should be sent to magazines and I say YES!!  It may need a bit of elaboration on some of your personal history so those who are not familiar with you and your work can understand, but I feel it really could help many, many who are struggling with integration of 3D and higher realms.  Myself included.  Sharing it is one price of being, as you yourself admit you are, a public person.

Many thanks to Jonathan for the emails on your situation, and my love and best wishes to both of you!

Mary M.

Dear Jelaila,

You know our answer even before you ask the question.  "Just your story" you say?   It is the story of all of us, of humanity.  It is because  you share your down to Earth, human experiences that we can relate to you not as a Goddess but as a real Spirit experiencing flesh and blood 3 -D no more, and no less than the rest of us.  It is because of your sharing that you are accessible and that we are comfortable with you.  It is because of your sharing that we can reach out to you and you touch us.  It is because of this that we love you so very much.  If you did not "tell it like it is" there would be a lot of us who simply could not relate to you or your beautiful message.  We are all in this together.  Go ahead and send it out to the magazines.  After all, they can decide whether or not to use it.

Believe me, every female on the plant will relate to your message!   Thanks again for going out on a limb that most of us are still too afraid to go!  You are my inspiration!

Please get some much needed rest - you deserve it!

With compassion and love,

Dear Jelaila,

I do not know your address so I can't send you a card..but I want you to know that you and your wonderful partner are often in my thoughts and I thankyou for all that you are sharing with all of us.  You are such a brave woman...insofar as you reveal your own innermost journey for the rest of us and I can really resonate with your early life experiences and vulnerability as a woman.  May you always be blessed and continually surrounded by the deep love and nurturing that you so richly deserve.   Lots of love and tender thoughts....Beverley Gould...Melbourne  Australia

Hi Jelaila,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I think that one of the things that others can get out of your  experience is that no matter how spiritual or natural we are, or try to be, that  manifesting a crisis such as yours does not necessarily mean that we are  failures and that if we are prepared to stop beating ourselves up and just look  objectively, we can find so many hidden treasures.

Another benefit from your sharing is that it helps us to see  an even more personal (not that you don't already share a great deal on your  site) side of yourself and lets us know you more closely and develop an even  stronger bond with you.  On top of that, it has given you an opportunity to get  to know us, even if just a little, by our responses to you and perhaps make your  list more personal to you too.

I wish you well in your healing journey,


G'day Jelaila and Jonathan,

In our quests for healing ourselves and others (esp. via clearing) and especially for you Jelaila, writing books on the subject - we must and you must not be hard on yourself. As the bumper-sticker says (well mine anyway) 'we are spiritual beings having a human experience'.  We are all on the road to ascension (and sometimes I wonder what the hell that even means).

You have lived a full life (not tucked away like a monk in a monastery - easily done then). In fact, when it was posted that you had gone into hospital, I immediately thought, “Good!  Whatever you had to have cut out, have it out and move on.  You havn’t got time to retreat to a mountain and 'work on it'”.

You are guiding us all with extreme human-ness and we bless and thank you.  I think you should share your story, its a story we can all relate to.

Much love,

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