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 Comments on What is Ascension?



I just read your article in Louise's WOT's newsletter.  It is nice and confirming for myself to hear another express many of the 'ideas' that I carry with me.

I have been blessed with a life that has been full of the tools to not only ascend but to help and teach others along this path we call Life here.

Your words were a breath of fresh air for me, because there are so many out there stating we must stop the fear ,,, I try to teach that we must feel it and experience it to move on.  "to rise above" so to speak has always meant, that you feel all things and find the understanding in them that helps you to rise above the you that you are now.  Many seem to think this means leaving behind who you are and creating a whole new you.  I often say,  you are always you, your core person is a constent, the only thing that changes in you is your awareness and understanding.   There are also so many out there that feel we must choose a side,, the light or the dark,,, I often say that it is not about choosing sides.  It is about finding the balance in both.   There is so much more I could say, but it would just be repeating to you what you have already known.   Just wanted to say, very well put and thank you for putting it out there.

Peace and blessings


Thank you very much for your time.  I really appreciateyour help since I  am translating your article into Spanish for the LuxWeb and I want to have  things clear in my mind to do a good job.

Rita C.

HI Rita, I will attempt to provide as many answers as I can to your questions:

1. Where can we get the booklets The Formula of  Compassion and Dancing with the Dark, mentioned in your article?

J: You will find them in our online store...they are part of the  set of multidimensional tools known as the Keys of Compassion.┬  They come in  booklet form so look under Booklets in the store and you will find  them.

2. Ascension as I understand it is made with  our physical bodies. Therefore, we are transcending death. Am I  right?

J: I think at some point we will still pass into spirit.┬  We are  just ascending to a new level of consciousness and raising our frequency to  accommodate that new vibratory level.  We will still have physical bodies of a  sort.  That's my understanding.

Dear Jelaila,

I've enjoyed reading your ascension article  immensely and believe it to be one of your best. All along I've accepted the  idea that dimensions are aggregates of similar consciousnesses and had this idea  re-enforced by an article of Susanna Thorpe Clarke, a lovely and balanced  Australian light worker. Susanna's angelic guides (she is a member of the  recording angels) told her that she would pass through a portal into the fourth  dimension in the year 2000 and that she would take nothing with her and no one  would know that she had gone. Susanna thought about this and realized that she  had remained right here in Australia but was experiencing her life differently.  Some people had dropped out of her life and new ones with similar spiritual  interests had joined her. The world felt different, - more joyful, colourful and  unified. When we ascend we don't go anywhere else but we experience  everything differently and are joined on the journey by other new  travelers. It's definitely a consciousness shift rather than a physical shift,  at least into 4D. Of course 5D will be very different, as we don our light  bodies and fully transmute our DNA. Then the fun really begins...

...Much love and many blessings,
Mary (Sestriel)

Dear Jelaila,

The political instability on the planet Nibiru, as described, does not impress me as being compatible with such an important galactic role;  nor does the idea of  depending on comets for monitoring the earth situation.

The bit about silica being unable to combine with carbon molecules and therefore unable to take part in cellular chemistry is well-founded in our present knowledge, perhaps this information regards "crystallisation " needs to be re-examined.  Sorry to be "picky" !

Dr. Peter H.

Dear Jelaila,

Long time no see.   Just rec'd your article on "What is Ascension" via an e'mail list. (a nice  reminder to get back to visit your site)

Your article resonates at many  levels.  I have been questioning much of the info in cyberspace on ascension and  most of it just doesn't work for me. What you say makes sense and I appreciate  your way of "thinking things out", which is similar to what I do. Sometimes we  must use reasoning when bombarded with so much "stuff" on a subject and there is  so much that just relying on discernment doesn't seem to work.  

 I just wish to comment on dealing  with fear and I love how you have explained this. Tho I know you know this it is  not quite clear in your article that we must deal with fear as it happens. I  will re-read the article as I read it rather quickly but many don't understand  this. I know I didn't. I thought I could just sit down and dig out the fear (and  all of it's aspects) and do it that way.  I have learned when the scared child  or ego surfaces-that is the time to accept it, love it, nurture it and release  it and then I fill in the void or vacuum with love.  Perhaps this is covered in  the Steps to Compassion- I will read that again too.

As I have been releasing Fear as  it happens a strange thing has been happening.  Remaining in the now, as much as  possible, I find little things trigger bits of fear. Might be something on TV,  or something I read, someone says or just a little visual reminder like an old  keepsake or a photo etc  Right in that moment I let it go and apply love.   Somedays it seems like there are dozens of these miniscule bits of fear  and  with each little release the joy and peace increases.

Nice being in touch with you  again and receving this article and I will have to get to your site and boards  again. Just seems I am so busy with what I am involved in.

Much Love and Light 

Hi Jelaila,

I just read this on luxweb. It is such a perfect  explanation of ascension, for me anyway. This is also the perspective I hold  of the ascension and try to share with my friends and clients. I am going to  print it up and hand it out, if that is O.K with you. You put the words  together a lot better than I could. As you say, you have the picture in your  mind and it is hard to put into words. I have that problem, (gift??) also.  But now you have written it out so well, I don't have to worry about putting  it into words any more. Thankyou!!!!  I love it, love it, love it. Fabulous  job.

Lots of love and light and laughter and joy.....Kerrie.

Dear Jelaila:  

Thanks for the marvelous article - I have sent the page to two fellow Lightworkers, both needing some reminders of Soul/self compassion for the ever-so-dailiness of this Ascension process - and for the great work they are actually doing, for themselves and their species and for our Beloved Earth. 

As a Reiki Master, I truly appreciated your comments regarding the "new" ways of energy-healing work.  My own guides began to teach me two years ago to channel healing energy into people's 8th charkra.  Their own Soul knows better than I how to use it in their body, and in their own timing, according to It's own inner agreements with Ego, (freewill, etc.).   My work is to add or channel healing, balancing , and grounding energy to their unique Lightbody;  there to fund their own resources and intentions for Wholeness.  My intentions for them must never get in the way of Mystery, must never impede their own abilities to seek and know the Universal blessings available to all, must not interfere in their timing toward ascension, even if the price is suffering and even death on the 3D plane of existance. (A very hard lesson for this caretaker type!) I am so grateful you choose to be here with us at this crucial time in our

Great Dance. . . Love, Light, Life, 

Hi Jelaila,

Just downloaded and read your latest article, 'What is  Ascension?', and feel motivated to give you some long overdue feedback.  Many  thanks indeed for keeping us so well informed of the latest developments and of  your thinking around the Ascension process.  It almost seems there are as many  concepts about this as there are misconceptions and that ultimately that we will  all have to find our own individual paths 'back home'.

But fortunately we are being enabled to do this by  receiving help and encouragement from others, not least your good self, who are  also hacking their own way through the jungle.  And, of course, we're learning  to become more aware of all the nudges that we're continually getting from those  in other dimensions who want to help but who cannot infringe our free will.  I  guess we must ultimately accept responsibility for our own process, helped by  our souls/higher selves who continue to contact us in a wide variety of ways.   If, for example, our right brain is still a little rusty from lack of use, they  can use an 'outer' approach whereby information is brought to us as  'synchronicities' or 'meaningful coincidences'.  We can then filter this through  the left brain for consideration by the right brain and help ourselves back into  balance in this way.

I mention this as it is a route not given much  consideration by those with a strong, intuitive, right brain orientation.  For  reasons I'll not go into now, this has had to be my route.  As I'm finding, the  DNA reconnection process seems to work from this direction too.  As within, so  without.  Since attending a reconnection workshop before Christmas (I mentioned  this in a previous letter/e-mail), I find the outer manifestation of  this is occurring in a most joyful way.  I'm being reconnected with many of the  old school pals that I grew up with in the Isle of Man (the current Chief  Minister being one).  Also with the students I taught as a young teacher back in  the early 60's and with my own teachers to whom I am now able to express  long-overdue appreciation for the coaching they gave me all those years ago.  It's a bit like a 'life review' of this current lifetime.

Also - although this has still to be substantiated -  there's a strong feeling developing amongst a group of us here in Scotland that  we may have known each other in previous lifetimes.  Perhaps as a soul group!   This is an exploration that we're planning to move into in the near future,  helped of course by our guides.

Thank you, too, Jelaila for sending me a copy of your book  "We are the Nibiruans'.  As Jonathan warned, it makes for very interesting - if  at times mind-boggling - reading.  A few re-reads will undoubtedly be  necessary. When is it going to be made more readily available here in the UK?  I recently had an e-mail chat with Christine Bearse whose channelled messages  you've no doubt read.  Both of you feature in a new magazine - 'Paradigm Shift  into the Fifth Dimension' - that's being produced over here by Claire Williams  at Talk Sense Publications in Hants (e-mail: who may  well have been in touch with you.  It's a great initiative on her part.  Do you  have a similar publication in the US?  Christine has alredy 'published' her book  on the Internet but I've been trying to persuade her to have it printed in  paperback for it to reach a wider audience.

OK, Jelaila, I'll leave it there for now.  I've so much  appreciated the feedback that I've been receiving lately that I thought it time  to give back a little of my own - not that you'll be short of it. But you must  be feeling well satisfied that all your hard graft is at last - and most  deservedly - increasingly becoming more widely appreciated by all those you are  helping to 'wake up'.  Well done indeed!

Keep up the good work.  Like you, I'm still ploughing  through my own blocks.  It's been viruses galore since Christmas.  I'm still  trying to shift a flu virus (I think) and my computer crashed with a nasty 'I  WORM' virus and has had to be purged and reformatted.  Now I'm surrouned on all  sides by this wretched foot and mouth outbreak.  Still, according to Sananda,  we're here to bring some hope and joy into a world which, on the face of it, is  rapidly going mad.

'When the going gets tough, the  tough get going!'

Bye for now,
John T.

Good afternoon Jelaila,

I have come across your articles by reading David Icke's book, "The Biggest secret" and subscribing to his monthly updates.  Everything I have read so far I have been made aware of in my learning through my spiritual teachings called Eckankar. I am in awe of all teachings, especially as most speak of the same truths that I have embraced.

I do feel confused and  have put it as taking in too much too fast at times and then sometimes I wish to take in more but am told that I may become out of balance? I particularly feel that your latest article on Ascension is what I needed to read to keep me grounded. My mind has been all over the place and I wish I could just get out of the mind as it is stopping me from my progress.

Thank you for your articles, especially this latest one, it has hit home!  Even though All of this is familiar and I know it deep down, I still am making the same "mistakes" over and over again, somehow and I am rather tough on myself. I'm so grateful for the awareness of this though, this is probably my learning process.  Can you tell me if it's possible to work with you, as I'm interested in clearing emotional blocks, and recoding DNA? I'm in South Africa....

Thank You and looking forward to hearing from you.   

Kind Regards,
Glenda R.

Hi Jelaila,

 I just read this on luxweb. It is such a perfect explanation of ascension, for me anyway. This is also the perspective I hold  of the ascension and try to share with my friends and clients. I am going to  print it up and hand it out, if that is O.K with you. You put the words  together a lot better than I could. As you say, you have the picture in your  mind and it is hard to put into words. I have that problem, (gift??) also.  But now you have written it out so well, I don't have to worry about putting  it into words any more. Thankyou!!!!┬  I love it, love it, love it. Fabulous  job.

Lots of love and light and laughter and joy.....Kerrie.

Comments on The 5th Dimension--What will It be Like?


Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for your Clear description of "Compassion."  It reminds me of the Buddhist Principle of the Bodhisatva Mission... Thank you for an Example to share with my Buddhist and Non-Buddhist Friends.
I have to agree with you on just about all of your points, which does not
happen very often... Our Mission (as I understand it) is exactly this, and
the Ultimate Tool used to accomplish this Mission is "Compassion" as you
state it in the artice, "The 5th Diminsion, What will it be Like?"..

On Sept. 11 my Wife and I were sitting in front of the TV watching the "Appointed" President deliver his Address, and we were both Overcome with a feeling that Now was the Time to "get out of Dodge"... We spent the next 7 months pulling up roots, giving away "things", Chanting to raise our Life-Conditions, and projecting our Future... We are now back in the "Home Land" of my Wife, and have Created a little Buddah Land here for us, our Children, Friends and Neighbors...

I now actually Thank the Powerful in my Morning and Evening Practice for facillitating our decision and Daily Action... Although I don't know what will happen in our Future, I am certain that in the End, we will all make the Jump...

"All the Best"
Charles L.

Hi Jelaila,

With Regards to your article The 5th Dimension -What Will It be Like?  I agree completely about you saying that we should balance the Light and the Dark. But Beloved, realize that polarity/duality is a feature of the 3rd Dimension. We are under the illusion of polarity here on earth. From the higher dimensions, there is no such thing as a good choice or bad choice. All choices are divine. From 5th Dimension onwards, the qualities that exist are only of Love, Compassion, Non-judgment. So let us create 5D society that is based on Pure Unconditional Love, Compassion and Non -judgement. Let us do all our integration while on Earth and bring no excess baggage to resolve in 5D. We don't want a society that has a balance of Separateness and Unity in 5D. We do that in 3D. And after doing that, we realize that The Creator's attributes of Love, Compassion and Non-Judgment has no opposites. We only see the opposites on Earth where duality exists.

So my friends and Beloved Jelaila, your article is great to be used for 3D Earth. We must learn to recognize both the Light and Dark within us and take the centered path. We must blend positive ego with negative go. Example of that is getting angry with your child when she doesn't want to study. Scriptures say anger is bad. But we need anger else, we lose our power. In this example, we display positive anger! Remember that even the 16pt Avatar Krishna got angry when the Arjuna did not listen to him. So key is look at all the attributes that you call BAD e.g. anger, desire, lying, pride and see how you can make it positive and help you on your spiritual journey.

In the end, remember, we don't want to do all these again in 5D. Over there, we want to develop attributes like Unconditional Governance and Unconditional Acceptance, attributes which the Dolphins possess. Pain is the fastest way to learn in 3D. In 5D, the fastest way to learn is throught Unconditional Love.

I send you the Unconditional Love and Unconditional Light of MySelf and my Divine Parents, Lord Mahadev Shiva and Mother Parvati Mahatripurasundari, the Sat-Chid-Ananda.

Om Namah Shivaya.

Om Tripurasundaryai Namah.
My website:

Hi Jelaila: 

I understand where you are coming from about the 'dark side'. However, as I understand what ascension is to be, raising our consciousness of ourselves and the earth to 5D could not happen unless most of us have raised our consciousness to a 'higher' level, which means the 'dark side'  could not participate in this, or it would not happen.

##### I don't agree.   In order to have balance, the dark side must evolve as well.   The dark side has elements of benefit if you look at it in a positive and controled environment.   It is when it is out of balance and in control (or should I say 'out of control') and rampaging that damage is done.   If it is in balance with the Light, then it is then that the energy is 'one' and the most power is created.   It rarely lasts long tho, as the goal of the dark is usually to take over and the goal of the Light is to cooperate- so they get at odds after a time of mutual harmony.   We mustn't discount the benefit of the dark side-because once WE were there and learned those lessons--- gaining mastery and grooming our own dark side- keeping it barely in check sometimes.....  Darkside sets a rhythm for us- observe the plants---they reflect this most.   Without the night, they would grow too leggy, become sickly and bear little or stunted fruit.   With the balance- the harvest is sweet.

Though 5D is not all that high a level of consciousness, compared to truly spiritual people, it would be higher than the low (dark) level we are now. #### Are you talking 'Density'(level of spiritual consciousness), or 'Dimension'? (description of a shape- or construct- like 3D: Height, width and depth)   In either case- they cannot exist in this reality in any way other than concept- as to fully experience it would take away our Free Will choices and assumptions as we discard Karma and learn our lesssons. 

All during the 90's, I was being prompted by some tall, blonde human-looking ETs to set up a community of like-minded people.  Hey--- welcome to the club- I wanted it so badly!!!!   I hope you didn't lose the thousands of dollars I did trying to make it happen!   I have no remorse, but have stopped trying to create it anywhere but through the heart with the like minded people I know- and they have had to remain self responsible to survive.   Perhaps that is what we have to learn first before we can exist in a mutually supportive environment.  There are "Givers" and "Takers" and if no balance is achieved, the energy doesn't go full circle--- only out- creating a huge vacuum.  Though we see a lot of violence in the world now, it also appears that the earth changes are going to take care of a lot of this and those people will be leaving the earth before we raise to 5D.

It's the end of the cycle....   We will be disbursed, the planet cleansed,  and we will go to College somewhere other than Schoolhouse Earth..... IMHO.....This is a complicated process I know, and we still have a few years to accomplish what must be done.  I still have hope that it can be done. It can only be done if we focus firmly on bringing it about by strengthening who we are, identify and identify with what the values we subscribe to are, and who are we in relationship to how we want to be precieved by the world around us.   Once we have 'perfected' ourselves to what we have decided is a personal standard that we will hold, then it will be raised all around us.  Put it out there in your aura at all times and people will respond to it in many ways- most of them unconsciously.....  Don't pray for peace--- BE peace.

Love and Light;

Jelaila Answers:
Hi Mondra,

I can understand where you are coming from.  When I write about the Dark I write in the context that is neither good or bad, it just is.  An analogy would be chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  To me, neither is better or worse than the other.  They are just two different flavors that provide different taste experiences.  To me, the Dark provides certain experiences and the Light provides others.  So in that context, we would ascend with both flavors for to climate one in favor of the other would end the whole experience of polarity.  In that case we would only be left with vanilla ice cream and, to me, that would be very boring after a while.

Jelaila Starr


Thank you for your very interesting message  regarding the fifth dimension.  It was very appropriate time-wise as (so  typically of course) I had been thinking in similar terms but couldn't get my  thoughts straight. Now they┬  have straightened out! Of course I am  looking forward to the next part very much, as are perhaps many others also.┬  If  you have the possibility of sending it to me directly, you now have my e-mail  address.

Thank you for all your wonderful work and  very interesting messages!  Hope you have a wonderful Easter Season.

Agneta N.
Arvika, Sweden

Hello Miss Starr,

Long time no hear from, huh?  Excuse me for calling you miss or ma'am but when we talked I felt like I was speaking to a mother figure.  If you don't remember me, I was the kid who asked you a bunch of lame questions to make sure you weren't a fake about a year and a half ago.  But let me get to the point.  Finally someone understands what I've envisioned for the longest.  Your 5th dimensional articles practically took the thoughts and words right out of my mind and mouth.  Balance, balance, balance. No one seems to understand that balance is the goal.

It's bad enough that the majority of humanity is unaware of what is going on.  But many of the so-called spiritual ones do not understand that they are blinded by too much light.  I call it Love and Light syndrome.  For some reason they do not understand that their desire for heavenly perfection will cause stagnation in evolution.  I must admit I was infected with the syndrome for a few months (lol), until I realized that such a reality would literally create another slave race. We would be enslaved by the light, but slavery is slavery, no matter which way you look at it. So many of us speak of wanting to go back Home without realizing that we are from civilizations that polarized too far to the light or dark.  Many of us are here because our home worlds are so polarized that they have become stagnant.  So we must find balance or our homes and other realities will remain stuck.  Now here's the hard part.  How do we get everyone to understand this?  There is so much pride in the spiritual community you can't tell anyone anything anymore.

Kind of funny how some people are supposed to be highly evolved but they can't release their egos.  The only way to get attention is to become a tv evangelist or a clairvoyant that does workshops (no offense J) or something.  Point is, how can we create this balanced 5D reality without the old energy priest/follower mentality. And what if our fellow lightworkers, starseeds, angel incarnates don't get it.  I'm all for the balance but, if the majority polarizes too far too the light, that's what will be created.  If push comes to shove, I'll create my own balanced reality, forget the rest of you guys, lol!!!!  Seriously though, we all need to understand that there can be no growth without chaos (dark).  And it would help if all the stupid ET's with their undercover agendas would calm down.  We are doing this for them also, soit would benefit them to allow us to grow on our own.  Higher evolution must be overrated!!! Okay let me shut up.  I just thought I would speak on this great great article.  Everyone on the path needs to read it.

Hey J, maybe we can do another session sometime, this time I'll be for real..... maybe!!! Just joking Miss.   

Love and Light (hahahaha!!!!)  
and darkness too!!!    

Dear Jelaila,

Thanks for your insights on the  5th Dimensional reality that we are all co-creating. The article reminded me to re-examine my intentions so I can have a clearer picture of what  reality I am intending to create. 

I agree that there is a tendency for some  light workers to exaggerate their light aspects and to repress their dark  aspects. However, I hold no judgment against this behavior because I see it as  part of the awakening process. Although our aim is to balance and integrate the  light and the dark, we cannot achieve balance outright in the earlier stages of  our awakening.

I n the earlier stages of our individual and  collective awakening processes, there is a tendency to polarize towards the  light.  I believe this happens in order  to balance out the excessive darkness held within our individual as well as  collective consciousness. To tip the scale somewhat, we lean more towards the  light to offset the heavier weight of accumulated darkness. I believe this is  meant to be a temporary phase to help boost the progress of the light in the  early stages of its expansion.

In my experience, I went through gradual  stages of awakening. Before my awakening, I was a consciousness expressing  mostly my dark side under the influence of the ego. Upon my awakening, I began  to express more my light side under the guidance of my Higher Self. Four years  after my awakening, I have evolved into a consciousness aligned with my inner  child and Higher Self. As a result of this alignment, I believe that I have now  entered the stage of truly achieving balance and integrating my light and dark  aspects. I feel that I am now more successful in gathering the many fragmented  aspects of myself to integrate them into a unified Soul. To me, being unified as  an individual simply means all parts of myself are one in achieving my goal. But  as long as I have not completely integrated all of my light and dark aspects,  internal conflict will remain, with the opposing parts canceling out each other’s effort.

The way I see it, the tendency of some light  workers to project an image of  saintliness stems from a need to be accepted and validated by others.  As long as an individual still rejects parts of himself/herself (the inner  child/ego), he/she remains in a separation consciousness, which causes a fear of  rejection. But once an individual has learned to unconditionally love all parts  of himself/herself, he/she will naturally progress to the next step, which is  the balancing and integration of his/her light and dark aspects.

I thank you for this opportunity to express  my truth.

Love, peace, and harmony,
Elinor S.

Hi Jelaila!

Now some of you may think the idea of other races  manipulating us is pretty far fetched.  I can understand that if you have not done any research on that is going on behind the scenes in your world.

Jack and I have been working on this one.  There are even aliens from other universes and realities coming here now.  Whew!  We ask they be transformed when it is possible, but we discovered the Reptilians have a genetic flaw so they can't transform.  We requested of the Holy Spirit that they be upgraded genetically so they can evolve.  So I think it is underway...  We worked on it again yesterday so that the under earth ones quit holding us back.

This means, of course, that we have balanced the Light and Dark  energies within ourselves so that they manifest as our reality.  It is a shame that people persist in thinking that Light and Dark are good and evil.  There are some beings from the Light Universe that were causing us trouble, too.  It is how the energies are used that make either of them good or evil.  The atom bomb is sort of the ultimate in Light.  Ha!

A collective is a group of individuals who  link their minds and emotions so that each person can experience and know what all the others are thinking and  feeling. They can partake of the combined knowledge and  experiences of all members. 

They are the easiest to heal!  You heal one, and the whole race gets it!  That is what happened with the first alien I ever worked on.  He showed up during another healing that Cameron and I were doing.  I was just learning, and here this alien dude shows up and I freaked out!  Cameron was too busy to help out, and I didn't know what to do with this dude and was afraid of what he might do, so I reached inside him and pulled all his energies straight.  He had the most shocked look on his face!  And then a few minutes later a bunch of his group showed up wondering what happened, so they had all gotten it!  Wow!  Too bad they aren't all that easy...

A more extremely polarized version of unity consciousness would be the Borg of Star Trek Voyager.  There was a metallic group that we worked on.  I think it worked...I visited their world a couple of times, and the second time I got caught in one of their stapling machines.  Yikes!  Not sure how I got out...

I have to confess, it has me concerned and this concern is what is behind my feelings of discomfort of those that I affectionately call the "Love and Lighters." They express only their Light side, their sweet side and seek to totally repress their Dark side.  As a result, they come off phony, totally lacking in realness.  They are easy to identify. I was calling them "New Age Twinkies".  Sort of like creating Disney World with a dark underside.  I love this comparison!!!

Is it only an unrelated aspect of the story that their last attempt  to do so was to travel back through time to outwit Captain Picard > and crew to accomplish this very goal? 

We have had to deal with time travelers, too!  When we do something with them, we request that it be done multidimensionally so that they can't attack us from some other when or some other reality in time.  It took us awhile to learn this one. Occasionally we still forget and have to do things over again.  We have also found that someone has a harder time shaping up until you get their past selves and do the transformational procedure on them too.  Then they can really change!  We have been asking that the Healing Package be done on the group spirit of people's past selves.  It is working wonders!  I sure needed it!  Wow!

Isn't it interesting that we have weekly TV shows depicting these types of races and how they interact with Humans?  I love all the comparisons you made here!  Fantastic!  It is nice to know you are another Sci-Fi addict.  Thanks for the fun article!



Thanks a bunch for your  "5th Dimension-What It will be Like"  articles.   Theyr'e great, and they  answer many questions I had...and the Star Trek analogies are perfect!  I'm  so glad you mentioned the fact that most of those episodes etc. were  channeled...I've thought so for quite awhile.  It's SO exciting to be alive  in this timeframe/dimension!

Michele A.

Dear Jelaila,

I Have Found The Time Loop.It was something you said in Your Last Article.  The Part About Using The Internet As A Unity Consciousness .That Is Exactly what Happened and It Destroyed The Earth.  People will become so involved with the Inter-Net that they will Start Down Loading Their Brains On to It so They Can Remember.  In The Future their is such a Heavy Use Of Electricity That It Destroys The Magnetic Field Of Earth.  Like You Said The Magnetic Field Does Hold Peoples Memories.  Once It Is Gone People Will Have No Memory.  Without Memory you loose Your Identity.  Without Identity everybody is the same.  Sounds Familar, Doesn't It?

The Grays Are From Our Future. They End Up Destroying Earth and start to think it was Human Emotion That Was The Cause.  So They come Back In Time To Change The Human Form So That There Is No More Emotions.  They are Also Making Them So that They are neither Male OR Female.  The Grays were once Human like Us. I was right the Earth will be destroyed and cause a time loop where it keeps on being destroyed. I Really do hate it when I find Out That I AM right.  The Tech for downloading Brains on to the Inter-Net will soon be coming out. Whatever You Do.DO NOT USE IT. If You DO You Will Loose Your Free Will and Everything Else That Is You.  For More Info about The Grays(Zeta) to prove that I AM Right.Check Out Their Site at:

They Admit To Everything Except Being From Our Future. Either They Are Hiding It or They Really Don't Know. That is Not The 5th Dimension That We Want On Earth.

Clint P.

Jelaila, Greetings,

 I would like to direct you to a link in consciousness, via my guides from the Counsel Of Light. You have made some interesting viewpoints on ascension some true, some pretty far off the mark, all is in perfection. Again, read what Drunvalo Melchizedek says about the upcoming shift to 4D at Within the home page you will see an article that Dru did on the 4th Dimension. The fifth dimension is so radically different than any enlish word could wrap around that any master, guru, teacher on this plane would be hard pressed to come up with the language of the merkaba necessary to describe the tachyonic planes, the rainbow energy beings of the sixth to seventh dimensional rainbow bridge or even the Mayan Realm of Mirrors of the fifth dimension where like you allude to, we are holographically in, right now, as within-dream state-as without-physicality.

I have reviewed your material for some time now with the likes of Ascended Masters and Archangels and they are very proud of you. Just remember that frequencies of love and light rays cannot be put into 3D words because of the embedded wave structure. Oh yes and do read, as he is another Counsel of Light incarnate like myself. 

Many many blessings on your path, as we are one
Drew aka Horus


This is a very important article and I  fowarded it by link to all my metaphysical pals.  I think it is paramount that  we remember the goal is to ascend in the physical here ( not some la la land to  escape to)  and to INTEGRATE both light and dark (not live in la la nice  consciousness) Thanks for making it so clear.  I can't wait for part two. 

Your service is deeply appreciated by me  Jelaila, and I know that you and I have shared many lifetimes together in  service and preparation for this time.  As I write this I am overwhelmed with  deep love for you.


Dear Jelaila,

Thank you so very much for your service.. a few years ago I realized in my heart that there was no good or bad, just that there was dark and light, and that i believed that each experience was part of the plan to integrate the two into one... I love working with the light and with the dark.. I listened to light workers and saw that like you have said, that it had a darkness underneath..they expressed all of the niceness so sweetly that sometimes it made me feel sick!! *grin****

After reading this message, I ahhhhhed and thank you for showing the truth of this in such a comprehensive way, sometimes people are so judgmental about what they see as evil, it often amuses me when i hear people say.. oh that is so evil.. knowing that they too have had to experience this evil to have empathy to it!! and then they condemn it and judge it!!

Sometimes I find myself being tested about this, and I find that I grasp the power of the dark, and light and bring it into one ...I feel balanced and I know that I am who I am..hugs and many thanks again..If there is any work I can do to assist you on this work i am at your service,


Greetings Jelaila,

Once again I find myself  smiling at your insights-soo right on target! I truly enjoy the comparisons to TV characters-it helps clarify and give a picture to some who aren't as  aware. You are wonderful at reaching people on different levels-great work!  In my day to day dealings in my life, I've always striven to communicate at the level the individual is at-so as to truly honor them-and have them receive the information they can assimilate easily, gently.

One of my  initial channeled missions is to understand people at all levels so I can  assist, educate and empower them-to find their own peace, love and joy while  here. Of course at the time-I didn't realize the 'test' involved with such a  mission. I've been through an old fashioned spontaneous 'purification' that  I literally was tortured through.   Thankfully I held my own-and have healed  and grown stronger with assistance since 11/99. And as I continue to evolve  and integrate/polarize even more, it's always a blessing to receive your  messages of love and support.  Thank you Jelaila.

With much light, love, peace and joy,
Karen Worth, Massage and Polarity  Therapist

From Liza:

I have enjoyed Jelaila's article immensely. The things she has said in it rang me as truth, a truth that everyone will have to eventually stop denying. Now, while I admit that the "affectionate" Love/Lighters somehow strike me as phony, they have provided a trigger for me. They are playing roles...testing our capabilities to be able to make the transition to the 5th Dimension without being manipulated by other races and all. I thank everyone playing this role!

Now it is time for all to be aware, as I agree with Jelaila in the article, of other forms of manipulations played out on other races' and our childhood programmed patterns' parts. I have heard of a race claiming that they would evac everyone to underground while they would destroy the surface cities and everything while allowing nature to overtake once again. This rang to me as a form of control, and it did not make sense to me as this was a zone of free will. Sure it will be nice living all safe and comfy underground.. but at what cost? If these races do it for us, then we will polarize to where they are.. the majority of us does, then this Grand Experiment will have failed once again. Hey, we are doing it for ourselves.. not for others. Does it not make more sense to set up the goals ourselves, not others? After all, it is what it is just: A Polarity Game. Who makes the rules?

I definitely, for one thing, do not want a Disneyland with a repressed dark side. I have a feeling that's the reason why I keep testing those loving but repressed beings to their limits. haha, this I know with all of my heart.

It is true in my opinion that everyone has a dark side and a light side, and both of those are often reflected in mirrors of everyday things. What matters is how we integrate these sides. That's the bottom line I see where the latest article is concerned. Wake up, people!! ;-)

Thank you Jelaila and Devin and the Council for making this valuable information known! I look forward to the next article relating to this topic :-)



I believe your message is important and  probably reaches people who couldn't be reached by the Christ consciousness  message alone; however, please rethink the idea of a Unity society being  Female/Matriarchal and a separateness consciousness society being  male/patriarchal.  In other words, Female/Matriarchal is old paradigm, 4000 +  years old just as the Patriarchal society is old paradigm.  Both represent  separateness.  Please think about how you can give the message that the new paradigm is one of integration.  i.e. male/female rather than either/or.  I  think that's primarily your message anyway (i.e. unity).

I send you peace,
Janet  S.


I'm just reading with great interest... but came in mind... might not be a big issue, or then may wrote: Borg of Star Trek - Voyager as I remember it they appear in Star Trek - New Generation- there's Captain Picard... Voyager is the series where they've lost at another quadrant of galaxy... withe their female captain Jane... erm... whoever ;)

Meaning simply, if someone's not familiar with Star Treks and takes a look, he/she don't find borgs from Voyager...

This part on your article:

"...I have to confess, it has me concerned and this concern is what is behind my feelings of discomfort of those that I affectionately call the "Love and Lighters." They express only their Light side, their sweet side and seek to totally repress their Dark side.  As a result, they come off phony, totally lacking in realness.  They are easy to identify."

YES, I agree that fully... so many times I've been SO close to open my mouth ie.  spiritweb's Sananda's Eagles' list... like a bunch of flamingos sticking their heads into pink 'cute' clouds... it doesn't work that way...- scary part is: Very few "new ager" even bothers to listen !!! ...someone must make a good noise about...


Hi Jelaila

This is a very interesting article. I especially liked the reference to "Love and Lighters" in respect of representing a polarised focus. 

You will enjoy an article on a very similar theme that is posted on the  website [go to section 18 and select the heading "Thought Forms for Final Third density Incarnations"] It is a very long article, but it addresses many of the subjects that you regularly refer to in your articles. Especially relevant, are its descriptions of the Sirian and Orion Agendas, which seem to be summarized in your descriptions of Unity Consciousness and Separateness Consciousness Societies. The former is Orion in nature, and the latter is Sirian.

In the trufax article, there are also many references to Nibiru and to the Nibiruan influences on earth, both positive and negative, at this time.  It is well worth a read.



In my exhaustive studies, I discovered that the Star Trek series was in fact based a great deal of channeled information literally communicating a great deal of Galactic Federation Information.  The individual who did the Scientific Remote Viewing who actually met the Council thought that the head looked like Buddha.  Buddhism is the galactic philosophy and I am now pursuing contacts with Internet based capabilities to expand traditional Buddhism towards a more galactic form of philosophy.  In Star Trek Next Generation, much of the plots where channeled and I believe provided real information.

In my mission for the Internet, one of the drivers has been to create a universal language capability.  I call it a Virtual Language Interface.  While working in Zurich for five months, I worked with machine translators extensively having to dissect technical German security information.

One of my missions is to build a communication hub where people can communicate in their own language through a language interface.  The first application is commercial, which I believe is practical.  Beyond that, the Internet has the potential of providing a mechanism to allow different nationalities to communicate with each other in their native tongue.  I have  spoken to some extent six languages and appreciate the challenges of such an endeavor.   This firm has the evolving capability.

For now, Genesis, my company, is dead, and I am moving to permanent work. If I am to accomplish my mission it will have to be in more subtle ways.

Somewhere you wrote that Internet provided a communications mechanism.  This is why the New World Order boys want to control it because they already control the normal communications medium.  Every communication is monitored by the world controlling bodies, see Project Echelon, on the Internet.

We each must internalize the proper integrated philosophy to collectively influence the Earth's accession.  There is still far too much Big Brother influence undermining our society.

Genesis ii


I used to see this as a world of opposites - as expressed early in this article.  However, today I see this world that we have created as a continuum, with what we call "poles" towards either end of it.  However, there is a caution in this picture.  And the caution is that this continuum folds in upon itself - creating more than we can even imagine. 

Yes there are males and there are females - and even combinations in between - each individual expressing their their God-given creativity and uniqueness; their spirit, through their bodies, minds and emotions.  All, then, are a part of the oneness of that continuum and the universe as a whole and each is a necessary part or portion of All-That-IS.  And so it is that the poles make the middle as much as the middle makes the poles.

Further, this article clearly lays out the fact that we have choices to make.  However, due to the dynamic and everlasting nature that I believe this living universe is, I would ask; is there such a thing as "wrong" choice?  And if there is, why can't we unmake that choice and choose another.

In my opinion, we make choices and change choices all the time.  Sometimes we don't even notice that we went through this process, for it is a natural process for living minds, beings and matter, also known as God Consciousness joyfully playing with other individualized portions of self. 

Have fun, enjoy life!
Celebrate your individual expression of divinity!

Brother John K.

Hello all,

I was interested when I first received this part of the 2 part article but the more I read it, the more I saw what I see every day. More talk, and the more we talk about waking up and realizing what’s going on with our earth instead of taking action to take her back, the longer we are going to have to continue with this type of disclosure. There is to much going on in the government right now to allow it to continue right under our noses and no do a thing about it.

Yes the government knows more (much more) than what they tell us about the aliens and other contingencies being here on our earth and NO we don't have a say so on what happens in that arena but yet all we do right now is talk talk talk. well, It's about time that we got off of our "proverbial"(sp) butt's and took some action towards taking back our world. It's gone on too long and now with this china incident going on, it's going to be just that much harder to get the truth out and do it now. But that is what needs to happen. We can sit back and talk about taking back our world, and allow the governments of this planet herd us around like a bunch of cattle yet another 50 years or, we can do what needs to be done and take back our planet and make direct contact with the alien races that are right underneath our noses.

I hope you all read this and think about it seriously because NOW is the time for decision making. 

All the best,

Jelaila’s Answer:

I agree with you that we need to start taking action and that is what the article is saying.  Part II will give some of the ways we can take action now.  But on the other hand, what we do each day, all our choices and actions are creating the 5D reality that, once it has reached critical mass , will be a new consciousness/dimension.  Part II talks about that too.  So we are doing something, we just need to be more aware of what we are doing and how we can direct it to be what we want instead of what we don't want.


I do not know where this link goes to, but I sure hope this post of mine is not public. I am uneasy with my feelings about this, but I'm compelled to share them ...

What I see is that our naivetÚ leaves us ripe for manipulation.  This became obvious to me a while back, but no one wanted to hear it (i.e my posts "Is there deception" and my response to 3/31 PAO update).  When I read that last PAO update, I was shocked. (And I do not presume you side with me on this. I understand you don't want to point fingers and I deeply respect that). But that update is an example. When I read it, I kept thinking back to the Holocaust.

It started with a group who considered themselves intellectually and genetically superior (just as the ET's). This group set out to cleanse the surface of the Earth (just as these ET's). They promised their first victims a better place to live (Just as these ET's purport). They said they would lead these people to a new home that was prepared just for them (Just as these ET's). They said only good things, so people would follow them. But we all know - now  - that the truth was not told. It was not Utopia.. it was concentration camps. (another morbid parallel is ovens equivocates to the Christian belief of the fires of hell being beneath the surface, which is where they want to shuttle us).

By the time Hitler's true intentions were realized, it was too late for far too many....They were herded onto trains (like we are to be herded onto "shuttles"). They were taken away from their homes (as we are told we must do). And once they left their homes, all they had manifested and created and loved was stolen or systematically destroyed (Just as these ET's say they must do to our present world). Then, after the Earth has been properly "sterilized" (as Hitler had tried to do), we are too be "freed" to return to the surface. Well - MAYBE. But to what? To "specially constructed temples" that they have built (perhaps so we can worship Their God)?

This analogy is ugly and dark. I am not like this. I am somewhat embarrassed of this. But it scares me to see people so ready to hand over their ( destiny to another race. These ET's say we will return to the surface and commence to create "any illusion we want." This does not play out. If anything can be manifested, then why would we need their technology to vaporize us back to the "pristine"? Why don't they recreate the purity of the surface of their own planet? They can do this for us, but they can't figure out how to do it for themselves?

I don't know if these changelings are valid. But if these Beings do exist, it is my perception the want to take over Earth. I say this because they are speaking as though they expect us to give up our free will.  It has been said we do not fully appreciate or comprehend the desirability of our Planet.

I do not strongly believe or disbelieve these changelings. But If it does happen, I know I can always go home. I'm not from here.  But it saddened me to see how vulnerable our innocence can leave us.

List member

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