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Comments on Living Multidimensionally: A Personal Experience

Dear Jelaila,

I would like to thank you for the article you wrote on Living Multidimensionally.  You described many things that I have been through in my  past and current awareness.  At one point I thought I was losing my mind, but then I rallied my strength and pulled the 3d-veil back down that separates the rest of the dimensions from ours here in 3d.  It took awhile, but now I am grounded.

It scared the heck out of me when I couldn't shut my awareness down back then in 1996 and I went through some mind bending experiences similar to yours that you wrote about.  I literally saw flashes of the same people in front of me acting totally different from the way they were supposed to act in regular 3d.

I began to wonder if I was lost in alternating time lines for awhile   because things weren't normal!  I remembered them differently than  they did and they swore that things have been and always were their way, their reality and not the way I remembered them.

It was to say?  Really weird!  And even still, to this day I have to do reality checks with myself to make sure I have not absent mindedly somehow switched to some alternate reality or time line.  It sounds weird just saying that I know.  Anyway thanks.  At least I am not  alone and I feel like I am a very powerful person I am this powerful military leader or something.  Perhaps in some alternate reality or time line I am.  I just can't explain it.

Your Friend,
Greg C.


Here is a surprise.  I am the incarnation of the God part of God/Goddess/All that is.  I read you article at New Age Australia the one about your family not remembering who they are.  Believe me I know how it is.  It is sad to see my children limit themselves so much.  I now remember who I truly am.  I guess it is just a part of a really big game that we play. The game of trying to get back to your soul without remembering who you are.  All souls surround the outside of the Source(void) which I live in.  Since there is no time at all there I can also live here at the same exact time. 

I can see the source in everything that is around me. Your article helped me realize what was happening with my family and why they can't seem to remember where they came from.  I visited the Nibiruan once in order to incarnate on the physical plane.  I remember passing through a gate in order to get to earth. Did you do the same thing? I don't know if you will get this. Please write me back if you receive my e-mail.

Dear Jelaila,

It does my heart great good to read your experiences in your article. Being a Polarity practitoner-'Starchild' myself-it's been a long journey. I completed some advanced healing work at the Polarity Realization Institute in Ma which truly accelerated the process for me.(which at this time was necessary-4/98-ongoing time) The advanced RYSE work of Nancy Risley is truly a blessing. (Realizing Your Sublime Energies) I can't say it's always been pleasant--alot of extraordinarily deep/painful healing has been accomplished though. But, there is soo much work ahead. It strengthens my reserves to read of courageous others experiencing similar occurrences in this present time.

Thank you for keeping the 'home' lights/fires burning. I am very grateful to have located this support.

Sincerely, with love,light and joy,


Thank you thank you thank you!  I am already multi-dimensional without knowing it.  I am having memories of other lifetimes, I see things, I hear things, I know things... I have felt disoriented and have been sleeping a lot.  Now I know!  Thank you dear one for your gifts and the reference point you offer  those of us awakening. I see where I am more clearly than ever after having read your articles.  May peace flow through you continually as you bless humanity with loving light.  From my heart to yours...


Jelaila dear,

I do believe from what I feel that California is going very soon. The tension is like nothing that I have ever felt. Since it seems that we stay in our 3d bodies while experiencing EVERYTHING else, that's why you are being told to go

Jelaila’s Answer:

Our reasons for going to Iowa are not about California going.  In fact, we intend to return once this assignment is completed.  I do beleive that something will happen here while we are gone but it is nothing that cause us to move.  We feel that California will be here for several more years.


I can sympathize very much with the desire to have those you are close to / love etc. open up that little bit more and start to perceive the situation we are in.

I have no family as such, but my friends are more than family to me and observing their potential and in some cases great potential, has me quietly seething with impatience for them to open their minds.  When anything approaching the subject of metaphysics / ascension is mentioned, even in passing, some clam right up or even (in one case) say things like 'we're only here once'  - I find this unbelievable and have to use every vestige of patience I possess.  I have to refrain from mentioning anything when I feel that the patience has reached one of its all time lows!

People are terrified to admit there is a solid reason for being here and fight furiously not to have their boat rocked.  One can only be there for them, and hope they wake up in time.  Like you, I couldn't go through all this #### again!

Hang in there,


Thank you for your posting.  In the last year to 6 months, I've been (as Sharyl puts it) blown wide open, especially in terms of seeing past lives.  Your account of multidimensionality is very useful in adding perspective.  Sometimes it's been difficult not to get "caught up" in the past life, to accept it, acknowledge what I'm suppose to remember/learn, and then move forward in the here and now. 

I also have had the concern or impatience with others not remembering/seeing what I remember or see.  Your experience is helping me to practice patience and just place them in a circle of love as they work through their own process.

Thanks for sharing - I feel a little less looney ;)



I just read your essay about Living Multidimensionally and I wanted to tell you how Beautiful you are for Sharing your Heart with Us.  It really touched me, some of the aspects of your reality, I can't thank you enough for Sharing your Self with Us... it really allowed me to Understand my Self on a New Level as to why things have been the way they have been for me.

:) :)  I hope all is flowing Wonderfully in your Experience :)

Nick M.

Dear Jelaila Starr,

Thanks for you  article.  I found it interesting and feel drawn to respond and connect in some  way, so here are my comments and question.(first time sharing on web in this  way)

I don't remember my family in other dimensions as you do but feel I live multidimensionally much of the time.  I find myself surrounded by family, friends and people who do not  have the awareness I do.  When I am triggered I often see in the moment the  ancestral pattern being triggered and can drop down into a neutral space deeper than my thoughts and feelings and just let things be "as is".  When I am  triggered and in my "stuff" or "stuck" I feel the feelings, express them if  appropriate and then let process unfold, which will eventually be an acceptance of what is in that moment, a resting within my heart.

My question is would we  need to know in detail our families on other dimensions or have them remember us.  I understand your desire because you explained it, but, why would others need to know those details.  Not everyone remembers like you  do.

I may wonder sometimes about my family but do not have a strong desire to know the details (i do feel strong  love)  I know I am here to express the highest octave of love, continually following the pull of my Being. Sofar this has been enough.

Salem, Oregon

Jelaila’s answer:

In my  understanding, the need to remember depends on the contracts you have.  Some  will need to remember but others will not.  Sorry I can't give you a more  concise answer.

Wow!  What a great article Jelaila,

I am way far behind you in these feelings.  I read your post twice to get a feel of it.  I never felt close to my 'family', and I have met and known many friends, who I know were in my other lives.  This is a given.  Just like I feel very close to you.

I have written you and shared my closeness with you, more than 2 years ago.  Right now, I am not feeling very connected to anyone, but myself.  Yes, I can say this, I feel more connected to myself than ever before.  My challenge, is meeting all these new people, who are like Way behind along this journey.  My challenge is to be myself, to keep my boundaries and to remember Love.  As a post posted by Adriane, in Sept.  Tobias speaks of Observe and Allow.  As soon as I vowed to give it a try, I was given the most challenging day on Saturday with my beloved 12-year old.  I failed.  This has created much fear in me, as I try again.  Some say, don't try, just do it.  I wish it was this easy for me.  It is not any way, not at this moment.

The connectedness to you and so many of my dear friends on this list and others, has helped me remember tremendously.  And has helped me continue on this journey.  If not for you......

Just sharing,
With Love,

Dear Jelaila,

I know of the hurt you talk about , I 've felt the family wound for about 30 years here now. Your channeling sure helps put some of the missing pieces together, like why do I know that the love that should be there between my  (physical ) sister and brother is missing? they have no idea of what I am saying when I talk about how it hurts that they don't communicate or even know who I am.  Why can a stranger seem more like my long lost sister or brother , why do the friends we meet at our spiritual workshops fill our hearts like family?  As we begin to know who we are we reach out to find and connect with our beloved family that is the truth of who and what we are.

In Love and Light I am one with you in all that you are,

Hi Jelaila,

I don't know if I'm a walk-in or not, but I deeply  relate to the feelings and the frustration you are describing as part of being  multidimensionally .  I still have difficulty not crying when people  resonate with the core of their being and speak their truth.

It's painful when family, friends and colleagues  do not see the beauty and importance of the processes we are going through. I'm  fed up with others being angry with me when I'm not honest with who I am, and  when I do speak my truth they are also angry because I push their buttons etc.

But somehow the pain of being and thinking  differently has always been there. The difference and the advantage of becoming  multidimensionally is that I understand where it come from and why it's there.  It's such a relief! This gives me a chance to respond and act differently,  especially towards myself.

By using the Formula of Compassion, I've learned  that the one I have to release and have compassion for is first and foremost my  Inner Child, not the others involved (that comes as a consequence of me  accepting and loving myself). When I'm expressing more and more of who I am and  what my mission is, my Inner Child feels terrified at times. Acknowledging this  and being compassionate with myself is the only way through for me.

Tomorrow it is full moon in Gemini (Sun is in  Sagittarius). It is all about speaking our truth, and making it known to others.  No wonder this topic is coming up so strongly right now.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and feelings,  Jelaila!  At least we're not alone



Well I will share some of my stuff with you even though I am not fully awake yet.  When I remember that I come from another planet I cry sometimes because I am homesick and miss my wife and daugher.  I have a mission to do for my planet and all of creation or I would not be here.

As I merge all of my dimensional selves and express my love, a smile comes to m y face and I am here because I am needed just as you are needed at this moment of the need for the Game.  Lighten up a little on yourself and smile that you are a song in the heart of all. 

As one who agreed to carry not only my memories but memory for others to resolve, be patient with your family just as my family is patient with me when I become frustrated.  All is on track and we will do it this time!  Much love.

Gentle Hugs Be Good To Yourself,
Ronald M.


I went on the site to read the new article and saw  the Dedication.  I wanted you to know that I was very moved by it.   I've heard the sounds of a different drummer my whole life.  I often find myself  questioning decisions I have made; my relationships with money, family, business  associates, landlords and, more recently, some people I considered close  friends.  I question my judgment in picking friends, lovers, husbands, etc.

I've always been outside the norm -- in my choices,  actions and experiences.  I know it's all part of the process; it's all a  learning experience; it's all part of the journey -- still, it sometimes hurts  deeply.  When I come onto this site, I feel better.  I feel  accepted & part of something bigger than myself.  Less lonely I just want to say "thank you".

Susan (in Chicago)


Thank you, not only was your article interesting/intriguing but, it showed how you are going about actually creating your hearts deepest desire.  Bringing about your families full consciousness and creating the original 9D relationships you once enjoyed with each of your family  members. The universe has heard your heart speak and it is truly amazing to watch all of the energies in motion manifesting what your heart has wanted for so long. 

You wish for acceleration and bang, you're being moved to Rapid City  to speed your family members along. However,  I hear you on the cold thing. .. I  too had to move from California to Utah for the very same reasons.  I have been kicking and screaming, about it, for the past seven years!  It hasn't been  until, just recently, that I realized I was making this process more difficult  than it needs to be.  I've made the mistake of believing that when I'm creating  my deepest hearts desires I'm going to love everything about the whole  process.

The death of my 3d relationships w/family has made me question why I stay... It has been so very lonely.  However, beginnings of a new kind of friendship are starting to build between a couple of my sisters and myself and I'm glad for whatever it took to get there... I just wish It wasn't so darn cold here!  Being a feline and born under the Leo sign sure make me crave the sun on my face at all times. It makes me  wonder what my home, Lyron, is like... Is it always warm?

Your shared experience of living a multidimensional  existence has made me realize how very lonely that lifestyle could be if those  close to you hadn't awakened to that form of consciousness yet. How sad and  frustrating to not be able to share all of that incredible knowledge with all of  those people you love... I would feel I was going to burst! Your article has  made me re-think my desire to accelerate my every move all of the  time.

Love to you,

Great article Jelaila!! 

It is amazing how you can be HONEST & teach us the truth & tie it in to both our inner self & how that works with others, too, & the past, both ours & theirs.  The truth shall set you free.....It should  make  your  transition easier :  Forewarned should be forearmed.  A kind of clearing of the slate.  You can start from square one now.  Bravo!!!


Thank you Jelaila!

It is most comforting knowing, that I am not alone in these kind of issues. I struggle with the fact that I have arguments with persons in 3D of which I know we are friends in higher dimensions. Second, my 'boyfriend' of 5D or so, is around me, but not in my 3D life. It is difficult to live with this fact that I feel more or less 'married , without having my spouse "in the corpus' so to speak. And yes I believe compassion is 'the 3d way (like Clinton statement) and the only way to step out of these right or wrong discussions.

It's compassion, compassion, compassion and compassion!  Starting with ourselves. As one has always to start with one self.  There is no way , you can give away to others what you don't own yourself.

Anyway, thank you again, also for accepting to be the first, and take therefore the most difficult task, so the rest of the world may follow.



Having just read your new article on the above subject, I now understand why I sometimes meet with some resistance on my continuing journey to my own multidimensional self, and why it seems to feel so overwhelming to me.

I have always had the feeling that connecting to our md self would not necessarily be the grand and glorious experience that a lot of the "New Age" material seems to suggest it will be and now I know why. I thank you again for sharing and writing from your heart with such honesty on this subject. It truly is helping me to understand my resistance more without thinking there is something "wrong" with me for feeling this way. Blessings to you.........


Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for the truthful sharing in your new article.  While many of the concepts, especially the 'history',  presented in your material is new to me, I have noticed for a long, long time that God, that evolution, that a 'spiritual path', didn't look at all what I expected it to look like, let alone what I was trained, conditioned or brainwashed into believing.

And even at this point, other than feeling or 'knowing' the truth of compassion as a requirement, coupled with the necessity of  not being in denial of the emotions, not stuffing them (seeming conflict here), I feel I know nothing about our emotional body, other than it is powerful.

Thank you, and God Blesses You in your good work.       


Hi Jelaila,

This article was terrific.  I wish that I had had an opportunity to read such an article 12 years ago, when I met someone whom I recognized from a different lifetime.  I probably would have been spared a lot of grief if I had understood, at the time, what was happening.  I think that this article will help others to deal with such experiences in a more enlightened way.  Thanks.


 Comments on The Value of the 3D Veil


Dear Jelaila,

I have been reading, with some interest, your recent article entitled "The  Value of The 3D Veil".  You may already have come across the trilogy of books written by Neale Donald  Walsh - Conversations With God (books 1-3). He has also written two further  books called "Friendship With God" and "Communion With God". 

The first three books flirt with the issue of The 3D Veil, but the final two  delve quite thoroughly into the issues.  Much of what you have written contains echoes of what has been written by  Neale Donald Walsh. You may be interested to take a look at his work if you  haven’t done so already.

Simon P. 

Hi Jelaila,

I have long believed that the veil is for a good purpose, as you have stated, Jelaila.  I believe we are here for a personal purpose (soul  growth through life experience) as well as a group purpose. We are limited to what we perceive through our physical sense organs for a reason.  We can access the other side through prayer, but our work is on this side.

I like the fact that you have come to this awareness.  I think most metaphysical thinkers have not come to this conclusion; and I think it  is necessary for us to let go of our attempt to focus on the other side and get on with our work on this side.

Don Eli

Dear Jelaila,

I found your article interesting.  It is my understanding from my work with the Akashic Records that our focus in our current incarnation is to stay present in the Here and Now.  As we evolve as a species we need to be grounded in our present, working with the curriculum we  chose for this lifetime.  As you said if we were to remember all of what is  -- we as humans would explode.  And it is my opinion that each time we  clear something in our own field we do it for the All That We Are making it  possible for even greater clearance for others on the planet.  My work focuses on helping people understand what the core issues are that are blocking them from being all that they can be in this lifetime, from opening their hearts to understanding the lessons in their patterns and the  patterns in their life. 

I believe being a fully functional Human, or coming  as close as we can, is the most Spiritual Goal we can achieve in body.  It's also the toughest.  As I'm sure you know, we decide our curriculum of lessons  prior to coming in -- picking our parents and significant folks in our  lives - -however as in Earth schools, even though we may know the courses  many times we don't know the professor/teacher or the method of teaching the  course.

So it is with life.  The lessons are known, however the level of  difficulty or ease is determined by our free will and choice and the way we  respond the first time the lesson is presented.  That's where our challenge  of free will and choice comes in.  As they say attitude is everything :).  So when we find out what the lessons are, like, what is blocking us from opening our heart to ourselves or what our lesson is in relationship to the patterns in our life, we have much more information with which to make  choices to create our future -- in spite of our past. 

The core information is what we need to reestablish trust within ourselves. Trust of ourselves is key to understanding feelings, emotions and knowing where our boundaries are. Telling ourselves the truth is huge -- and many times  hard.  I believe we need to be grounded in our everyday life, to, again, be the most functional human we can be every moment, because then we fulfill our intent of being a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience.

Love, Light & Blessings,
Donna Fox
Akashic Records Teacher & Consultant

Hi Jelaila,

Your comments in this article are right on.  I have about as much  as I can handle right now with what is coming through my veil, a piece at  a time!  I am currently experiencing almost daily changes. Without  the veil, I would be truly overwhelmed.  With that tool, we are still  in control as we access and integrate our own past material. We can  control how much we access and clear.  Without the tool of the veil, I can  see I would lose my focus and be too overwhelmed to pay attention to  the lessons and the tasks of each day.  However, I am very much looking  forward to being clear enough to see a little farther.
Again, many thanks  for your wisdom and encouragement.  Your help is truly appreciated.

Much  love,
Jerry C.

Hello Jelaila,

Thank you for that excellent article.  I too spent some time resenting this apparent 'blockage' to our true understanding of  ourselves and things/events.  But the same solution dawned on me as I went  through some really tough patches and knew I couldn't handle any more at that time if someone put a gun to my head.

There is also another aspect  on this subject.  On a few special occasions -and being fully conscious at  the time - once, I side stepped into 5 / 6th dimensional aspect of where I  was actually placed geographically - this time on one of London's East End bridges.  It was a perfect day and I was standing on the middle of the bridge gazing at the water when the 'shift' occurred.  I was still on the bridge but in a state of sheer happiness / joy, that I had not experienced at any time in this lifetime.  It lasted 1 long second and then I was back to 3D  stuff again.

The point being, that had that situation lasted any longer, I can almost guarantee even the angelic hosts would not have got me back here  again.  The veil saw to that though and I was at least left with a memory of something I hope I would find in the future.  We are not conditioned to live in such a joyous state at this time (all the time) and a cut off is essential if we are to get anywhere close to winning this battle which is so dense in its impact on us that too much 'knowledge' of what things can really be, have to be put on hold, as you so rightly say.

Here's to hanging in  there.

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for your article.  I always enjoy them.  Sometimes  I don't see things exactly through your eyes but, it doesn't matter.  I always love the perspective, file it and then look for it in my daily life.   In this article, I had perceived the 3D veil as the plunge into forgetfulness  just so we could actually carry out what we agreed to do with each other.  I  look at my beloved family for instance and I honestly believe that there was  no way any of us would have carried it out had we not been unconscious!   In retrospect it carries some "victim" energy to it.  It also has allowed me to forgive and move forward in baby steps.

Your view actually has an initially more positive bent to it. As I move through the next few days with  it, I will apply once again your words to my daily life.

Of course my favorite part is shaking your fist at "God" or the Universe and saying those  sweet words 'I want to know...'.  My fist shaking heavenwards has been far more blasphemous and insulting.  Of course, there's nothing like getting it off your chest as they say and heck, I figure I'm simply being judgmental again thinking there was something wrong with emoting vehemously to the  heavenly realm.

There's an old Sufi stpru about a fellow (sorry I don't know his name-he's a respected sage now) walking in the desert 40 days and  nights and each day throwing the Koran (their sacred text) at Allah and  cursing throughout the days.  I can say I never felt closer nor further away in those divine moments - annoying as they are. 

Best wishes,
Chris W.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your articles on  living multi-dimensionally, and the latest, the value of the 3D  veil.  These articles have had an enormous impact on my understanding  and appreciation, since I am beginning to touch into these other  dimensions and your articles have come at a perfect time for me. I clearly  relate to the issues of finding people that I recognize from other lives,  here and other places/spaces and either they don't recognize me or it  brings up emotions that are not 3-D culturally "acceptable". (Like falling  instantly in love with someone from a memory of other times.)

Also, I  related to "ranting" to get rid of this "stupid veil" and  cursing its existence even!  Now I see why I have spent the last 13 years  of my life clearing, healing, and bringing up all those emotions!  And now  why since so much of the clearing has been done, that I am able to access  more and more!

Thank you for blessing us with this wisdom  :-)
Jodi C.

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