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Comments gifComments on Are the Inner Child and the Ego the Same?


Thanks for that clarification.  I was one who tought we had to delete our ego to find the real power of the now and of our energy.  But if our inner child is our Ego...we create an opposite reaction an lots of chaotic current of energy, isn't?

On Bowen Island where I am now (British Colombia) Xenia Centre is a Sanctuary and would be a perfect to offer one of these workshop (the DNA releasing seems to be powerful!!).  So could you come to BC, one time and allow people from here to have access to these information?

Angelyn Toth is the owner.  Please have a look of our Website: and contact us for more information if you feel it could be a good idea.   I am already convinced...

I'm reading you with passion.  Thanks!!


Dear Jelaila,

I love you so very much. Your work is so powerful. I spent a great deal of time reading your innerchild/Ego articles.  It has been my largest breakthrough yet. I know in my heart, as soon as she has trust in me, and I embrace our Partnership, my addictions will be gone. I am forwarding your work to my loved ones. I feel my service to others will be in the area of addictions. I wish for the words to describe how your work has been so healing.

I feel many blessing coming your way, even more than imaginable.

Eternal Love & Light,

Dear Jelaila,

When I first read the Inner  child/ego article it didn't make all that much sense; however, in the past  several days, things have changed and (I've read it over a few times) it makes  perfect sense.  My boyfriend/twin flame is in the midst of a "manic" phase and  manifesting all the full blown Ego stuff---I now see that it is merely that--ego  stuff; and even though I'm pretty much Inner Child, I need to recognize and  integrate the ego to reunite us. It's also a matter of the Universe presenting  him with the circumstances to understand what's going on. (ie, make things so  bad he 's willing to look at changing) I don't know if this makes much sense,  but I do want to thank you for writing the article.  I love all your articles  and maybe now that you're coming to the midwest I can attend some workshops.  (I'm in Wisconsin) Good luck with the move; maybe you need to get out of  California because of some upcoming earth changes..we need to keep you around!

Blessed be,
Lindy K.

Hi Jelaila,

I just today finished studying the 6 MD keys, and realize that I was already applying some of the principles, but not all, and I was really doing it from a point of view of being asleep in the process, like in a dream state, half remembering things as we go through the journey.  What you have provided is a real road map, ans a clear explanation that lets me put it all in perspective, and get on with what I came here to do, finally!  You are helping me to awaken.  So far, all I have seen is strongly resonant with my high heart, so it is making more perceptive that which was already there, but asleep. 

The experiences of meeting my inner child/ego and my soul were very emotional, and like being reunited with close family.  Yes, I agree that the inner child, and the ego are the same being, and I also believe that it is also the subconscious as well.  As a feature of our fragmented reality experience, we need to be able to refit all the pieces back together.  The test is your heart chakra as confirmation, and mine is playing a symphony!

Bless you, and thanks for your gifts.

Much love,
Jerry C.

Hi Jelaila,

I'm a 36 years old frenchy from Quebec, Canada.  I read your article on David Icke web page... and found it profoundly transforming.  I found John Bradshaw 10 years ago , and later Margaret Paul that did present this idea of the inner child. It did help a bit to establish my inner bonding to the point where I wasn't affected by the outside world. But there was still a reaction in some situation with my girlfriend. (I have been with her for the last 4 years)

I had the same childhood life struggles as almost anybody: poisonous belief system promoted by family (in my case mother since they were divorced) and society trying to limit my potential and have me follow the flock of sheeps of the social order ...Wow ! what a perspective to live a full life.

I became a member of ECKANKAR 12 or 13 years ago ( a religion that teaches spiritual ethics, and the concepts of karma and reincarnation) that did help me build a strong inner reality and understand my reason to exist. I'm now a little more distant from the public organisation it is as a religion because what is taught is not satisfying my quest for knowledge and / or truth anymore. The living Eck master doesn't say a thing about the corruption in the government, the NWO plans to control all life on earth, the ET origins of life, or any other sensitive subject and this is not satisfying to me .  Most eckists (members of this religions) are not open to what I have discovered that is going on in this world and I don,t feel comfortable with that either.  They too, like the Christians or other religious groups, seem to be caught in some kind of spiritual hypnotism that censor some sensitive topics.

I found 5 years ago (thanks to the internet) all kinds of censored information pertaining to the NWO, alternative technologies, extra -terrestrial origins of life on earth, alternative technologies in health, alternatives in politics (libertarian movements), untax organizations and so on. These discoveries took some time to organize in my mind but they really contributed to establish a strong sense of understanding life's purpose. And the voyage is far from over Now, back to the point of view you developed in the article ...It touched something and I think it will help me to get over with the little reaction I still have with my girlfriend. I plan to share this article with her although I will have to translate it so that she could grasp the full meaning since she doesn't fully understand English yet.

I will do some contemplating exercises with it to complete the inner integration. I know I have to prepare for what is coming on earth, and this work is essential. Thanks for presenting it the way you did. I will read the other article as well, and also more on the website of the Nibiruan Council.

I was already familiar with the site but haven't got the time so far to read it in depth . I don't feel comfortable with channeling stuff, is it what you do ? (direct, isn't it ?  :-)

Could I translate your article with your permission ? Or do you already have it in french perhaps ?  I intend to make a french web site that will cover many of the underground subjects like what is found on David's web page.  I have two companies: one that promotes alternative healing therapies - an oxygen / ozone steam bath that I manufacture, and the HyperOxy mild hyperbaric chamber. My other company manufacture a salt water system that generates chlorine for swimming pool. Ozone is better but too expensive for commercial pools. Salt systems are a mid range alternative to chemical types of chlorine and also 1/4 the cost of ozone. Do your friend from outer space have an alternative for pools ?  :-) or maybe they don't swim at all ah ah ah !

I'm also working on the project of a holistic health center that will use bio-energetic technologies that use oxygen, light, sound and frequencies to help reharmonise the physical body, and more ...

They have this kind of center in Mexico (very expensive though) but it is very risky to operate  them commercially here in the US or Canada since the NWO puppets in our governments are very efficient at censoring, or controlling the application of the devices we use .  That’s why we will put in place the Bio-Energetic Research Association (BERA) where we will charge very minimal fees (from 10 to 30$ per treatment) and the persons will become educated members that will treat themselves. The trick to bypass the controllers is to promote personal use and research.

In short, it will be the Star-Trek clinic on earth !  Look forward to hear from you soon,
May the blessings be,
Daniel P.
Quebec, Canada

Comments on Give your Inner Child a Say: A gift from Raichel Rai

Hi Jelaila,

I just read your subject article and it really got to me!  I did a similar thing last year all bound up in a messy divorce and splitting assets, finally giving the house to my ex without getting any funds from it in order to have peace.  I had to vacate the premises in a hurry and couldn't find a place that would let me take my furry children, so I left them with my ex.

I figured they would be OK because he likes animals, he just doesn't like people.  On the last day when we were moving, I had been working steadily for two days and was exhausted and starving.  My best friend came by to help and asked me to go somewhere to get something to eat, and she would take some of the more delicate items in her car.  I left with her, and it was only when I was in my new apartment that night that I realized that I had left my darlings without saying goodbye.  I couldn't believe I was so cold!  Judi, my friend, said that I must have unconsciously known that I couldn't handle saying goodbye to them, but I agonized over that it seemed forever.

I still dream about them.  My son still sees his father, and he assures me they are OK, but my heart is broken.  Especially at my own actions.  And I'm a big one for making decisions and not considering Jenna, my inner child.  So, never think you are alone - I think we never do anything original, because someone else has always blazed the way for us!  Especially the things that cause us pain.

Kinda teary,


I have been, and will continue to be a huge fan  of this website.  The latest article touched home in a very gentle way.  Thank  you for sharing your process with the world. 

Julie L.

Very poignant, and moving story Jelaila.

Thanks for sharing this with us.  I've always given, when I've had pets, them this  option.  With IC/Ego, this has not always been the case,  but the story well detailed the feelings I felt when initially healing those  wounds, from times where I shunned their opinion and choice in my past life  decisions.

Wow, she bit you. Just a note, but I think Inner  Child's are more forgiving, and less apt to "bite" one, when re-approaching  them, but the feeling's just the same if not worse.

Till we connect again, as always, only the  highest manifest in Love and Light,


Hi Jelaila,

I like this article. When I reacted to the previous article with a comment (Make Your Inner Child Your Partner) that I was acting out all the symptoms you had described, a few weeks, ago, and I promised to report on my progress at a later date.

Well, I have come to the same realization that you have.  When I conferenced with my inner child on a daily basis, I soon found that just giving orders was not going to cut it, as my IC continued to block. When I realized this, I then asked him to explain and let me know what was going on.  I found my IC always had a good reason for his action, and the personal me definitely did not have all the answers.    I have  since found that working with my IC as an equal partner, and considering his opinions and feelings as well as my own personal ones, soon led to real progress on a daily basis. 

I now have discontinued many bad habits I formerly had of negative self talk, and unnecessary apologizing, etc. I have made real progress on clearing many old issues, some from multiple lifetimes in the past, and for the first time in many years, I can now clearly see and hear at least one of my guides.  I now feel very loved by both my IC and my guides, and feel that I am making much faster progress in clearing my issues.  At least, I can now sense my progress to a greater degree than before.  I realy have to be careful, though, as the clearing has a tendency to overwhelm the physical vehicle unless I really am careful.  I find that my IC can help me be aware of the body's ability to handle the clearing as I go, as long as I keep him in the process.

Again, I want to thank you for the wisdom and concern you show to all of us, and to me in particular.  As an aside, I understand your concern for your kitty friend, as I recently acquired a new furry kitty friend of my own who has come to share my space with me.  She's a sweetie and is also teaching me about boundries by her actions with me. 

Much love,

Reader comments gifComments on Make Your Inner Child Your Partner

Hello Jelaila,

Thank you so much for channeling Devin and the Nibiruan Council and for sharing your stories.  I have spent the last 2 days reading the articles you have posted on your site.

I had asked my guidance last week to show me the missing links/info with the work we are to do.  I knew it would show up I knew it would be this week, I knew that my prayers would be answered. I knew I was not ready, but couldn't figure out what else it was. My partner talked to me about including & talking with my team, I had done that (at least I thought) - all my chakra keepers and my Soul were part of the team and we would sit and discuss around a circular table but I had totally neglected my 3 year old child! Worse still I was totally negative to me, when my Ego showed up, felt like I had failed when up she came and retaliated. I had relegated her almost to the depths of the beyond! I had totally ignored this part of me, and there was the missing link, the block.

Thank you SO much. I appreciate your work and the lessons you share with us on your site.


Hi Jelaila,

Last night I asked God to help me with my daughter.  She is a beautiful, talented and a wonderful 5 year old.  But...she is demanding, whinny and unhappy most of the time she is with me and not being entertained by something.

My husband and I are separated and I have felt lately that no matter how many activities I plan, no matter what I do, she still whines and complains.  She always says that she needs MORE ATTENTION.  When I give her more, she still wants MORE.  It seems like self will running riot!  I tell her that she needs to be thankful for the things she gets.

She will start a support group at her kindergarten with the guidance counselor for kids who's family’s are splitting up.

My baby sitter and her father say that she doesn't act this way around them.  Her kindergarten teacher thinks that she represses her feelings.  I have been frustrated and distressed about how I can help her.

Your article and suggestion about the 5 minutes each morning is something I will try.  I myself have issues with self love and am in a 12 step program.  The main thing that I want for my daughter is for her to love herself and have a high self esteem.  I need all the help I can get!


Jelaila’s Answer:
Hi Ann,

I empathize with your situation.  My daughter is the same way. Besides the 5 minutes a day I found that getting her involved with other children helped a lot.  She is a natural born leader, as your daughter seems to be, and she finds great pleasure (and lots of attention) in helping other kids in a support group setting.  Yet, that will help with you having to always entertain her but the underlying issue will still be there.  She needs to give her inner child attention.  Perhaps telling her about her inner child and soul and showing her how to talk with them will help. It helped my daughter a lot.  If you wish to discuss this further, consider having a counseling session with me.  WE can not only talk about it but get her guides and your guides involved as well.

Dear Jelaila,

I enjoyed your article on the inner child. i believe it to be truth. you stated that we are made up as a threesome-you, the self, your soul or higher self and your inner child. for my self i would add a forth which is the christ consciousness now flooding the earth plane. for me the four work together according to the law of one.

codd b.

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for sharing the inner child work article.  I really enjoy your articles and often share them with others.  Two things came to mind while reading this article.. both of which have helped me in similar fashion.  I know that I enjoy learning about various ways of helping others and myself to grow/evolve, etc here on Earth and while not everything I hear about resonates with me, at least I am armed with the further piece of information which I may be guided in the future to share with another.  and so... lol.. I share with you.

You may well have heard of or experienced both of these but for some reason they popped up in my mind while reading your article so here goes ....You mentioned something about the inner child and "Ego".  I've heard many definitions of Ego although yours is the closest yet to what tends to ring bells with another definition I am beginning to work with.  You've probably heard of the channel Lyssa Royal from Arizona ( or maybe not?) 

Anyway...while not a huge fan of channeling, I really like some of what she brings forward.  One of these things is information about the human Ego and various defense mechanisms it uses, and why it is so defensive etc. It reminded me greatly of your message about the inner child and its "kingdom".  She has a book out called "Preparing for Contact" and a video of the same name.  The video esp explains the version of Ego which reminded me so much of yours.  I haven't read the book in years ( although once I find it around here I will again) but It probably describes the same concept.  Perhaps it will not be a tool you need but who knows? :)

Another thing...I have experienced a few times a healing method called " New Decision Therapy" which basically helps you go in and find those moments in time where you ( and your inner child?) took on some hurtful event and stored it energetically within ones body. ( Its mostly forgiveness work, of self and others, among other things) Here is the website but imo it does not do the system justice in the least. you have not tried it and want to either experience it or learn more, I think as with anything, be discerning in your choice of practitioners.  One of my friends had a harrowing experience with one woman who was not quite ethical.. but all my experiences have been fruitful and positive as have those of other friends.. sooo...You may not be interested in the least and it may seem to have little to offer you or your clients/friends/those you are trying to reach but hopefully there is somethign useful here for you and your work.

Anyway.. I felt drawn to share these with you although we don't know each other.

Thank you again and blessings on your path,

Dear Jelaila,

You think you feel humble when you speak to those that have been in the awakening movement for many long years...think how we feel when we humbly desire to share a thought with you. You have  the ability to bring forth such grand energies. And, as we learn, there is always a pearl of wisdom to be gleaned.  I fretted for many years that I was unable to bring forth contact with my angelic beings,..but as time passed i realize i have been, but it has come thru as my higher self, I believe my beautiful ones have steps back a bit and allowed for me to get my feet wet, thinking all the time it was them,  I would say we all are in process of bringing forth our power of who and what we are.  You said it so well, regarding the lack of manifesting and our inner ego inner child.  It took me, and still am, in process of realizing that when i am so desirous to manifest it usually is coming from a fear or a lack.  .  But thru all your efforts of bringing forth a beautiful truth everyone is learning .

Thank you,
I remain
Charlie Ann

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