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 Comments on Is Your Inner Child Blocking Your Abundance?

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for your excellent articles on money and the inner child. They resonate deeply. I have a 38 acre Sanctuary on the west coast of  Canada on Bowen Island and the original vision was to create a Sanctuary for the  magical Inner Child to feel safe being creative. Not in terms of a safe shelter but as a higher consciousness as a safe Sanctuary. We shifted from shelter to Sanctuary in the past year and it has made all the difference. As a shelter  there was a lot of lack and a sense of rescuing. The people who were drawn often reflected this. Now it is a beautiful, creative dance with nature and the inner child loves it and feels 'at home' right away. This July is our tenth year. Take  a look at our web site.

Recently I have made huge breakthroughs around abundance and programming from my childhood and though I have been on this path for 25 years, I am continuously in awe of the discoveries that unfold every day.

From the very beginning of this vision it has had   life of its own and I the servant of its unfolding. Not always humble but always obedient to the call and instructions from my inner guidance. I do channel also and work with the ascended masters. This whole projects has been guided day by day. I am presently writing a book called Radical Trust. As well  as a book called: Labyrinth of the Soul - Listening in the Stillness.

Along with many of your readers I did the inner child work way back when  but moved beyond it. Little did I realize until reading your articles that my  perception was off. That in fact it is this missing piece. So I come around once again only to understand the significance of this at a much deeper level of awareness. So thank you for your willingness to share your own journey and insights.

Blessings and love,
Angelyn -  (La'Seel'A)

Hi Jelaila!

"Causally", some days ago, my girlfriend sent an article she received to a little group we founded, along with some friends highly committed to their Paths.  It came out to be your Is your Inner Child blocking your Abundance? article, translated into Spanish. WOW! I felt it was written specially for me.  (Are you spying on me? ) Especially the paragraph where it says "For example, if your mission  is to become a teacher but you are an enabler (we call it being a  caretaker, someone who rescues others), your Inner Child will block any efforts you make to set up workshops or get a job working for someone else.   Why? Because she/he knows that you disproportionately get your love and acceptance from giving too much energy to others in an attempt to fulfill their needs and don’t leave enough in reserve for yourself nor do you truly give yourself (Inner Child) love and acceptance.  Also, since you fear being rejected if you don’t have all the answers or fail to meet someone’s needs, the Inner Child knows that that fear will result in you feeling guilty.  When you  feel guilty the Inner Child experiences that guilt as you blaming him/her. The  Inner Child experiences blame as rejection and  abandonment."...

Let me tell you I'm a business consultant, but even though the firms I work for (I'm kinda freelance) measure my performance in terms of money and numbers, I rather think of my work like a means for CHANGING PEOPLE.

Anyway, the thing is that your message arrives to my life in the perfect moment! Last July I had a very very strong  insight about my Inner Child.  I saw him and he told me what he was doing in order to call my attention (even hurting my ears! I've lost some 20% of my hearing because of some kind of "revenge" for abandoning him so many years!).   Since then, my life and the reasons I have for doing what I do had a complete shift! My relationship with my Inner Child has improved, as my work and my Mission have, too.  And even though I had quite good financial incomes, I still struggle to pay the debts I acquired at the beginning of this particularly  difficult year for both of our countries (I am Mexican, so, the financial destinies of our countries are tightly bound).

Fernando L.


Gosh, those articles on Inner Child/Ego, were so good for completing my own feelings in regard to not rejecting my ego - but including him in my healing process - (contrary to what I was taught). Also, the story of your kitty helped me to put more feeling into including my inner boy in assisting me while making my everyday decisions.

Thanks again, Jelaila.

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you so much for this wonderful article.  I've always known this but somehow couldn't put together the pieces to make it work.  Now I'm looking forward to reading the next articles...and putting your suggestions into practice.

Norma Nielsen

Dear Jelaila,

Just checked into your site and found the article on the inner child. It was the first time that it felt real to me and I could feel a body or visceral response to the concepts. I have always wanted to be elsewhere and always felt like an orphan but never related the two, the self-orphaning syndrome. Thank you for your continued sharing and generosity and the happiest of holidays.  Love 


Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for your latest article about I/E and financial abundance.  It's helping me for another area of my relationship with I/E. But, I can confirm the validity of at least a part of your helpful article about removing financial blocks.

A while ago, before the first sign of an upturn in my financial circumstances, I wondered if the Universe actually knew my address – it certainly seemed like it didn't. So, to make sure it did, I took the time to clearly specify my location. And, shortly afterward, that pesky house my ex and I had been trying to sell for so many years, sold. So, OK, it didn't make us rich, but it was the first step in the trend change.

That first step made it easier to be grateful for the financial abundance in my life; a positive way of attracting what one wants in one's life from Gregg Braden’s teachings. He suggests asking for what you want by being grateful for having it. This puts the emphasis on having it, instead of reinforcing the lack by wishing for something one doesn't have.

Plus, along the way, instead of wishing I were somewhere - anywhere - else. I've been sensitive by the uniquely beautiful aspects of the area in which I live. Apparently, appreciating this region's beauty confirmed my Earth address, because my position has been upgraded at work with a better than usual raise in pay.  I hope that this helps you and others know that what you are saying actually does work. 

But, I need to tell you that this article resulted in a new relationship between my Inner Child/Ego and me. Something I hadn't realized is that I/E might change her mind. Due to a conversation with her that was inspired by the article, I was able to discover this. Her needs change, too . The result is that blocks in other areas are being removed.  So dear friend, thanks again.



It's amazing after years of concentrated studies a new puzzle piece appears. This really described me perfect, as a matter of fact I have avoided all contact with the dark force. Lately "Star Wars" has made me think about this ,but now this article sets it in place. I will now try to retrace those steps that allow abundance in all areas. I also look forward to taking a large step forward. Every few years information comes to me that I work on, but then falls off until another messenger comes along. I guess I've accepted that.


Dear Jelaila,

First of all I want to say thanks for your all your loving help for our planet and our brothers.  I’ve just read your article about Sanat Kumara and the grid and so I wanted to share with you the messages received on August 2002 by Claudia Stigliano, a Jesus channel from Argentina (we both live here). She receives messages only from Jesus regularly, but in this case Mother Mary appeared to speak about a new grid.

Message from Jesus, received on 08/Sept/02
Channel:Claudia Verónica Stigliano

"Many tasks and many missions are being completed, each one goes finding the road with the help and the guide that the Father is giving them.  You are going through the culminating moments of the humanity where the union of the awaken consciences will make change the vibration of the planet.  The Great Grid has begun to be knitted, this net of consciences wraps the planet Earth.  This net is not only formed by brothers of good will with high consciences, but for the whole Hierarchies that also unite their consciences to elevate the vibration and to create this net that surrounds the planet. Some believe that this it is the Christ grid; this net is being formed now, in these moments, for the elevation of the planet in all their realms, remember that I commented how would the Earth look like.* (Note from Claudia: I see how that net is, it is of an indigo color with golden gleams, (light lavender)

My Mother this collaborating in this task, since the formation is made of the good intentions and of the prays of each one of you.  It is like a soft and imperceptible mantel covering the planet, offering warm and soft energy, freedom energy.  This net this being formed with your daily actions, you contribute to make it continuously growing.

My Father's messengers also collaborate and each one of you, perfect creation of my Father, should collaborate to be able to finish forming it.  Direct your prays and you will see the messengers knitting this net smoothly, request this sweet energy to wrap the planet filling it with light and peace. Make good actions guided or dedicated to the formation of the net.  Imagine the Great Mother, knitting, just as women knit when they are expecting a baby, imagine the Great Mother knitting minutely, lovingly and in great detail this new net that will harbor to the new generation.  Patiently she knits with Love, Hope and Peace, the grid that will cover the new children, the children of the Highest God.  Thousands of messengers collaborate with her.  This will be the new mantel with which their planet will leave that frequency, in that moment you will be welcomed and rocked, and the New Earth born.  As small children, the Mother in this New Earth will guide you.  Day by day you will be cooed until you can accustom your vibration to this new energy that will constitute the civilization of the Peace and Love.

Begin from now on to live in this New Earth, begin to live as if you were already in this promised earth.  Begin to conjugate the verb "to love" in plural, don't stay in the conjugation but live it in fullness in first person of the plural, us!

The center now is "us", because we will build this new earth and it will be formed day by day with your work, with your words, with your actions, be therefore saints and with each thought, word and action help the Mother to continue knitting this net, this mantel which will cover you very soon.  Be compassionate and look for me in each brother,  that I will be there.

With Fraternal love. "

Message from Mother Mary, from 09/Sept/02

"I am pleased that you fulfill my request. Big changes approach, all should be prepared, all should get ready.  The good new that my Son announced it is arriving and its moment is now.  Trust that I will take you to the Father's heart. Many appearances will take place in different parts of the world (different invocations of the Mother), this will be a clear sign that marks the arrival of the times.  My manifestation will begin to be sensed, as my energy will also help to elevate this planet.  Children, the promised earth is waiting for you, the moment of glory is arriving.

Be constant in your prays and don't deviate more your road, since in the last intents the confusion and the division will reign.  My task is now to speak to you about the mantel that I elaborate with infinite love together with the hierarchies for the evolution of the planet.  This it will wrap you the day that the Father will decide, and it will protect you from the great destruction that there will be.  It is my mantel, made of a consistency that you don't know. Enrich this mantel with good actions, with prayers and with good will.

With the sweeter love,
The Great Mother." 

In service,
Marcela Borean (Marbo)
GAP Buenos Aires

Oh boy, Jelaila,

This message is so right-on. Last year (fall '01) when I saw little flags springing up everywhere I thought, I've seen this somewhere before: sudden proliferation of patriotic symbols.  Ah, yes:  the swastikas in the late '30s and the '40s.  Scaaarey.

A couple of years ago I watched the re-issue of The Sound of Music. Upbeat family musical, right? The movie ended & I couldn't get out of my seat; I was sobbing & shaking.  I remembered the swastikas all over, & it was real (to me).

I've read these articles (two parts) over several times, & given it to other people.  The Dream & the Way Out are so integral/complementary to each other.  As with all your writing, I am nourished by reading it.

Thanks.   Be well & prosper.

Blessings & love,

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for this important and well written article. When I first read Part 1, I felt angry and distressed. It was filled with fear and negativity and came at a time when our global meditation group, Sananda's Eagles, was working mightily on a daily basis to remove fear from the mass consciousness grid. Part 2 however placed these present issues in a very strong and positive framework. Yes, the power is within us and only we, individually, can break this deadly cycle by living 5D consciousness. I only hope that Part 1 won't turn your readers away. 

Have a blessed and joyful coming holiday time. 2003 will be filled with both horrors and blessings but the Divine Plan will be fulfilled.

Mary Mageau White
(Sestriel RA El)


Thank you very much.  All your words went directly to my heart or rather to my mostly misunderstood" inner child.

At least the last 8 years since my awakening to the guys up-stairs all my feelings in the hearth have belonged to "my" place somewhere in the universe or outer space. You opened my eyes to the real world--here and now--and this world of mine is a financial mess and filled with a lack of money. 

In the last few years I have tried to live more and more after the Indian principle to give back to mother earth what you take...and I have cried a lot of tears because the world around me didn’t act in the same way.  Now I see that because I couldn’t see any positive results of my way of thinking (I simply got blind and deaf from my own feelings and needs) I didn’t have any success in my work and all my compassions died because I didn’t dare to follow my inner voice. All of my life the words: "remember to take care of others" has followed me as a shadow because - where exactly was my energy mostly needed?  People took me for granted - this I see clearly now after reading your article.

Four weeks ago I changed my working place from being a hairdresser with my own shop to be a helping teacher in a school for Arabian children in a 1-week class and I love it! Most people don’t understand why I suddenly needed to change work - but I realize, that I at last have found a place for my heart here with these children of a culture other than Danish. Here I am truly amazed at the effect these "strange" children with of a lot of cultural problems have on my heart - they teach me as much as I teach them. (I am truly convinced about Indigos and James Twyman, etc.)

The big difference as I suddenly see it is that while they teach me how to connect to the Inner Child, they also open my eyes to a lot of other things not working in our society and I suddenly see myself in a new light trying to solve cultural problems and building bridges between "here and there", "upstairs and downstairs" and most of all leaning how to take care of each other and in your words Jelaila, "being a parent to our Inner Child ." I’d like to add my comment, "being a parent to our Inner Child as well as the children in the outer world too".   

Jelaila, this was my comment to your wonderful article. I look forward to the next one.

Merry Christmas,
Siria in Denmark.

Hi Jelaila,

Just wanted to comment on your latest article.  It all rings so true for me.  It was only a few months back that I made the connection that I believe I am starseed, which explains a lifetime of displacement, always with the feeling of wanting to go home - but where is home? Why am I different, and why don’t I fit in?   Each day new insights are presented to me though still I don’t fully understand my life and what I am here for.   I have a passion for being “out there” and visiting with other beings but at least now I am getting more clarity.

I have struggled financially all my life though always worked so hard.  Your article is of a great help in understanding this.  I have never recognized nor loved my inner child.  So now that I am armed with this new information, I will put it into practice.  It is going to be very interesting to see what manifests.

Thank you for all of your articles and channelings they are inspiring and encouraging.  It is nice to know there are other “different’ people here too.


Hi Jelaila,

This evening I feel compelled to send you a message of thanks. I have been receiving your emails for about 6 months and this one on abundance and the significance of the inner child is very timely. I feel I have a mission to accomplish "something" of great value to others and yet in reality I am having great difficulty (financially) in even providing for myself!!! I could identify with your 'out there' phase and it can become escapist to say the least. Right now I am lamenting the fact of my lost independence however in looking from the perspective that there is a reason for all of our experiences I am willing to learn from it- mind you I have told myself I will NEVER get myself or let myself into this predicament again.

I first heard of Nibiru from Barbara Hand-Clow's book about Chiron -which I was intensely interested in as it is conjunct the midheaven of my birth chart- so when I came across your website in the Compassion journal I felt incredibly drawn to it. Unfortunately I have not read your book(s) but that will happen soon. I just wanted to thank you for being in my life right now,

M. Davies

Hi Jelaila,

WOW thank you so much for the confirmation. I have felt for years to be the only one who  thought that my soul or inner child is the one with the majority of the problems. For me, it became painfully clear that all that pain had to come from  somewhere else because I never experienced that much abuse and abandonment in my  Life, contrary I experience so much love and acceptance from all the people around me that it is not making any sense. I have one point that I feel is what  my soul has experienced in past lives that we tried to be connected but where  constantly shut down from those experiences hence all the fear and emotions. I have to on a mental level and on a daily basis tell myself that we are safe and everything is going to be okay.

One thing that I experience also is a lot of external energetic attacking from energy sources  that are from a different realm but are very negative and are trying to shut us  down. ( I don't let them win).

Thanks so much for  your help and keep up the good work,

Peter T.


Thank you also for this article on the inner child blocking abundance.  This is another lesson for me. You are touching the vital buttons in me, that need clearing. GOD isn't finished with me yet, but hopefully there is hope.

Barbara Church

Hi Jelaila,

Your last article explains to me why when I ask for financial abundance, it always arrives for my husband.  I find this sooooo annoying, but now I know why it happens.  My husband is very much connected to Earth whereas I much prefer to be off in my daydreams, meditations etc.

Thank You Jelaila.  You bring such clarity to my life.

Barbara C.

Hi Jelaila,

Sorry to have been so scarce, but I've just realized that my inner child is probably even apprehensive about writing comments to your articles for fear of acceptance and approval, but I'm going to jump up to the plate now regardless.

I have just started my relationship w/my inner child.  First I undertook the inner child workshop (a 2-day intensive) that released a lot of pain and sadness, but, just as you said, that is only the beginning of the relationship.  The workshop opened me up a little more in terms of my being able to feel (as opposed to sort of a screen over my heart), but it's not the end of the relationship.  I have started seeing a therapist 1 to 2 times a month, and low and behold, every time a go in to feel my body and see what's going on and where I feel any type of sensation, it always, always, always leads to the inner child.  My inner child was stuck in a medieval dungeon, and was afraid to come out, and this was AFTER the workshop and some other communications with her.  I have realized that I must learn to communicate with her every day just as you have said, because if I go a week or 2 without communicating, she is back to feeling rejected.  You'd think that once a week would be good, but that's not how it works.  I've found that I'm going to have to do it everyday, even if it is a quick glimpse and thought w/her in the middle of doing some mundane daily task.  Just to take 3 minutes or 50 seconds envisioning myself on a swing or doing something fun.  At first there was a door over my heart area blocking the entrance into the dungeon, but now since I took my child out of there into open hills at the foothills of a mountain, where we pick flowers and feel the fresh summer breeze, there is a screen door where my child can look out and see that it's safe to come out at will, to enjoy nature by the brook.

This is not an easy undertaking, because it entails putting it into your daily life routine, just like waking up and brushing our teeth.  I have begun, most recently that is, getting up at between 5:15 to 5:30 a.m. to have quiet time for us, to check in w/her and give her hugs and acceptance.  My inner child needs much love and hugs.  She's very shy. She doesn't talk.  I haven't gotten any words, just facial expressions and actions.  She's very mysterious and curious.  But I'm sure as I begin a more ongoing relationship w/her I will probably get more from her.  The thing is, as you mentioned in the article, there could be numerous reasons why she is blocking me and I'm not even aware unless I check in w/her, because if I don't I'll never know why.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us.  It does take a while to 'get it' when dealing with inner child work.

Much love, many hugs,

Greetings Jelaila,

My name is Bernice and I become aware of your writingthrough this thread on a message board I visit ~

I just wanted to thank you dearly for sharing your insights. I have read Is Your Inner Child Blocking Your Abundance? & Facing the Fear of Success ~ so far, I intend to read more !

Personally I am very interested in what you have shared about spending energy ~ as energy flows is an area I am very guided to understand myself. I have been touching lightly on my own on a lot of what you bring forward in your articles ~ but it seems like I suddenly click into place with my own understandings as I read what you share.

So again deeply and dearly THANK YOU ~ blessings


I've compiled a volume of seven of your articles, all concerning the Ego/Inner Child.  I did this primarily for myself; I printed it (double-sided) and bound it so that I could carry it around with me, like a book, in my backpack.  Since losing my car last April I've had to take the bus everywhere and I use that time on the bus to do my best reading.  I don't know why but I always seem to absorb, comprehend and get that: "Ah Ha!" feeling when I'm reading on the bus.  I think that perhaps just being around groups of strangers somehow blocks the empathic overload I normally get whenever I'm in a public place with lots of people that I know. 

It wasn't until just after our session of November 5 that I realized, for the first time in my life, that the overwhelming flood of emotions (mostly anxiety) that hit me whenever I enter a doctor or dentist's office.  They're not my feelings!  I'm now beginning to devise very creative methods for establishing personal boundaries without completely sealing myself off.  What I've devised internally is easily likened to the functions of a firewall on a computer.  Only certain pre-screened emotions are allowed in, and like any good firewall, it requires a learning period . . . a time during which I learn to discern.  Thanks again for all your assistance.

Love, Light, Hate and Darkness (hey, isn't that what polarity integration is all about?),


Hi Jelaila,

I just finished reading your latest article. It really fits with the inner changes that happened to me the past few weeks.

I would like to make a remark about using the term "Inner Child". Children are to me just another soul with their own story. As I have no children and really do not feel like having them, whenever I read about the Inner Child I do not feel connected that very much. I can only fully connect with this part of me when I see it rather as my new self, my new creation of myself.  I don't want to be a parent, not outside nor inside. But I can and do want to be "one in love" with all the voices inside me.  Maybe you can use this if you help people who have trouble connecting with their Inner Child.


 Comments on Is your Inner Child Blocking Your Ascension?

Dear Jelaila,

I enjoyed your recent article on Isis' web site.  I  can see and feel the higher inspiration there, although I never thought of  putting the inner child and ego together in this manner.  I have embraced and  loved my inner child  and ego for some time now, recognizing all parts of my  self as divine and worthy and also knowing that I cannot truly leave any part of  my eternal Self behind; I can only transform and change the perceptions and  energy of it.  As for people saying that something like Ego, for instance, is  unreal; well, the great cosmic truth is that nothing unreal exists.  Even our  most far-fetched, negative imaginations and fears (however unrealistic) are not  unreal, for they will continue to work very really in our reality until we  change or transform them. 

I have read other articles you have written and want to  thank you for the light and healing you are helping to bring to this  planet.

I want to also share a personal experience shared by my  whole family: myself, Ron, my mate and twin soul, Bonnie, and our three  children, Ed, Brian and Holly. All of us had some sugar addiction, but  especially Bonnie and most of all, our daughter, Holly, had been a regular sugar  junkie, all her life; and it would affect her disposition horribly; otherwise  she could be very sweet. 

Two, nearly three years ago now, we were all guided  simultaneously (and very clearly and powerfully) to change our entire way of  eating and daily nutrition, even though we had been eating with awareness of  balanced and whole nutrition for years. We began to eat our nuts, seeds,  grains, etc. after soaking them for 12 to 24 hours thus changing their chemical  composition making them easily assimilated by human biology.  We began to make  kefir, etc. instead of using only raw, whole milk and living, cultured cheese  and butter, etc.  The big thing, though I want to share is that Bonnie learned  how to make delicious, fresh, raw, sour krout (using much more than just  cabbage). 

Within a few months of including this sour krout ( a remarkably live  food) in our diet, our whole family discovered that our sugar cravings were  GONE, completely.  Holly went from sugar addict to having no desire for white  sugar in just a few months.  Other cravings disappeared completely or almost  so, as well;  including the craving to "just eat something".  This antidote is  so inexpensive.  We do need to listen to our bodies as well as our inner child  and ego.

I send this to you with much love and joy.  We are  all so closely connected, even if we have that cosmic connection still  veiled.

Please feel free to email us personally if you wish.   We welcome personal communication from our fellow light workers.

The most wonderful source for assistance in daily  nutrition that we have found, is, NOURISHING TRADITIONS from the PRICE/POTTENGER  FOUNDATION in La Mesa, California.  I don't push anything on anyone, so I'm sure I'll not  ever write anything like this to you again, unless you ask for it.

Love and joy, forever!!!
Your fellow Ascender, Ron

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