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 Comments on Becoming a Prosperous Teacher, Part I and II

Hello Jelaila,

Thank you for the article and your suggestion to work with inner child/ego re prosperity. I have been releasing many agreements since I read the article in VOL 12, April 2000 on David Ickes website entitled Holographic history End of a Great Cycle by Ken Cousens. I have also learned of the LIE-ABILITY of the mind/ego and the covenant humanity has made with the mind/brain/ego, allowing it to be in charge instead of the heart, in books THE PLEIDIAN AGENDA by Barbara ? Hand Cloud and THE HEARTS CODE by Paul PEARSELL.

After reading your article I made decisions re allowing the child to let go of the binding agreement to remain trapped, imprisoned in the head, in a perceived state of separation, living in fear and concern for survival, lacking, powerless, limited and dependent on a level of consciousness that was feeding off the child, promising to return that energy but giving so little back. This manifests as my giving permission for the manipulators of the world, the bankers etc to exist and feed off my child. But now I withdraw that permission and I am allowing the child to make a new agreement to unite with the unlimited power of love and free will of the devine radiant being that I am in my heart - to connect within, be empowered, be united and BE in Love.

I did all this in the bath - and a healing took place.  Over the past few months I have developed a healing release process  in relation to the Ultimate Treaty Ken talks about in his article. So thank you for your article, another piece of the jigsaw. Do you do pyschic readings over the internet ? - for a fee of course.

Thank you,

Dear Jelaila,

I just finished reading your article (part 2) of Becoming a Prosperous Teacher. I do so relate to your sharing.  I really appreciate that you share sincerely from your personal experience.  I feel that is precisely the kind of sharing that carries with it the most power to support others because it makes it obvious we are all in the same boat.  I think it's funny too, that I thought you were really public already.  As the Masters I channel keep saying, "It's all a game of perspectives." 

 I could really relate to what you shared about your fears in becoming more public.  I wouldn't have anticipated that from "west coast" folks, which revealed my geographic prejudices I hadn't realized I had.  Living in Asheville area, N. Carolina, I suppose I have felt my own fears of being so public justified, as this is a predominantly "bible belt" region.  Many of the popular religions have retreats, retirement communities, or bases here.  Many of the "christians" here, like my next-door neighbor, are pretty violently anti-new age.  Your article helped me to realize that I have been letting this fact be an excuse not to more fully make myself and my services more available to those who want and need them.  It's time to grow again:)

Thanks so much for your sincere heart and inspiration of being your self.  I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels that to be important.   

I'm just getting started with it, and still have a way to go to make it the resource I want it to be.  But it is growing as I grow.

Thanks for your inspiration!
Joys and Blessings,


I wanted to thank you for your most helpful advice. 

How many of us have accessed past lifetimes where we were killed for becoming leaders and speaking out about what we knew, or for sharing hidden knowledge with the public?   Like the two we previously discussed, this fear will also block our financial abundance.

This really applies to me!  In my haste, I opened up to channeling much too quickly and attracted some spirits who were not acting in my best interest.  I had no knowledge as to how to protect myself, told my family of my dreams and experiences  and was teased and even thought to be insane.  To make a long story short, I was hospitalized briefly.  I realized that I knew more than the doctors about my situation and faith and prayer was all that would pull me out of the pit in which I had fallen.

My husband can sit and watch Crossing Over with John Edward each night but cannot accept the fact that I am in contact with energies other than in human form.   I have chosen to keep my visions and messages largely to myself in order to protect my family from the part of my life they are unable to understand. 

Some wonderful changes have taken place in my life, and I owe many of them to the spiritual guidance I have received from these heavenly creatures.  Until I began channeling, I believed the "goldfish bowl" in which I lived, was the entire world.  After I left my physical body and returned, it was if my eyes had opened for the first time.  Now I am thankful for each day and each blessing which has been bestowed upon me.  I am grateful to the guides who have helped me to heal the past. 

Most of us worry too much about others opinions of us when the only opinion that matters is the one we have of ourselves.  My guides have taught me to let go of many of the fears I have had in the past.  I am most thankful for their guidance in the transformation process which has made me who I am today. 

Thanks again,
Walk in Peace


I just wanted to tap in and tell you how well done these articles are, Parts I and II, and how I feel you really worked to bring them through.  I will pass them on -via email with your site address to clients as needed.



Despite the strange way I ran across your letter... I am further amazed at it's content.  My life is a replica of what you have described.    .... .and my horoscope today said I would read something of great importance.

My path has been winding in this direction for many years, but since 1994 it has caused me to stretch beyond all perceived limits. I am a 30 year SRF Devotee,  a certified holistic nurse (RN), Reiki practitioner,  worked in psych for 25 years, and have now started my own holistic practice.  My "day job" is as the Director of Education for a 280-bed hospital, where I now do holistic workshops for all staff departments (unheard of!!)  Since 1994 I have been threatened, sued, fired, and challenged every single day.  And as an Aquarian with 5 planets in Aquarius, and Pisces rising, I have found I can stand on my hind legs.

The icing on the cake is that out of no effort on my part, I will be spending 5 weeks in India during Jan. and Feb. of 2001... I will be there Jan. 30th and 31st.  After that, I will be visiting Babaji's cave in the Himalayas.  (feels surreal) 

My Dream Board hangs in my bedroom, and all the things on it have happened through years 1998-2000, except one......the financial one!!  I will now go to your link that addresses this subject.

You sound like a very wonderful person, and I am very grateful to have met you if only on an energetic level.  Yikes!!!..........what next!

Sherry Burditt

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for your recent articles on becoming  prosperous teacher.Without going into detail, I'll just say A LOT resonated with  me. I'm doing much better than in the past but I stand on a threshold of  something that has the potential to make me wealthy and influential and I  stand...and I stand... and I stand!! It's about time to take a step and your  naming the issues and providing solutions really is so very pertinent to me. So  I THANK YOU very much.

Dianne S.

As always, highest in love and light, Jelaila,

After reading "Part 2" of "Becoming A Prosperous Teacher", I wanted to send you my comments.  Very interesting about those fears, huh?  Me and my Child call them the "What if I'm found out" fears.  Interesting how we hold on to them way beyond their usefulness to our higher purpose, don't you think?

It certainly does seem daunting at times, all this work, looking-digging-releasing.  It's sometimes tiresome, to the point where I wanna throw in the towel, say "I'm Over It!", and walk silently, or screaming from the room.  But I have faith and knowing that it's for the greatest and highest purpose for me to challenge, confront, and move beyond these now illusory  "fears"/"limitations" into a more prosperously abundant now.

See you tonight in the Monday Night workshop.  Till then, may our lives be filled with only the highest manifest in love and light.

Ke'e  Aloha Nui Loa, In La' Kech, Nameste,

Hi Jelaila,

Liked your article on becoming a prosperous teacher.  Lots of folks have a current version of what's left over from tribal days when folks in touch with Spitit were honored, respected and supported.  It wasn't a job so much as being a culturally valued (and gifted) indiv. whose well being was valued by the whole tribe.  Don't you feel there is an inherent feeling of deep loss at something critical nissing in our society...perhaps almost a sense of futility ?

A question...bottom of page  four... the eye of needle.  Are you familiar with this ?  A small opening in city wall a camel could pass thru... but only on it's knees.  (Hard to assault a city ducking thru a hole on your knees.)  I see this a indicating a rich man would have serious difficulty with the bended knee bit.  (Esp. in biblical era societies.)  To successfully go where you needed to go required a humble stance...and a willingness to stick your neck out.  Feedback always appreciated.

Bye for now,


Three comments about Part I:

1) If the rest of us became rich and/or powerful we might become "competition" for those who want us to be ruled by them and feed their egos and pockets and bellies.  Competition was the watch-word of the (Piscean) Age that is slipping into past memory.  In the New Millennium, the watch-word is "Cooperation".  When we merge our sparks of light and unite, we become ONE BIG BRIGHT LIGHT!   Those who live in the darkness of having to stand on others to feel big are afraid of this light.

2) The "Eye of the Needle" was a Gate into Jerusalem where the camel had to stoop down to get in. Therefore it was not impossible for a "Camel to go through the Eye of The Needle" - it just took some ingenuity.  We might even say that you had to cast off those old burdens and beliefs (about poor people being more spiritual) to enter Jerusalem.


John M. Kohlenberger


Your article affirms what is currently circulating my neural loop.  Last night my final client paid me a whopping tip and I was at ease in receiving it.  I remembered how I got to this point and how I had seen through the deception perpertrated by the powers of this planet regarding money.  My Higher Self has been so busy communicating this and other lies and deceptions I bought into, though not with any attempt to shame me, but with their purpose too:  my Higher Self is revealing the form and the function in your term, packets.

When the dark times descend on me now, I have connections who remind me that this will pass.  For many years I didn't have those connections.  Knowing the darkness will pass helps me to focus on what is causing the darkness. 

When I concentrate on the darkness, the solution to it seems to be present alongside the revelation of the form and function of the dark-time causing stimulus.

Blessings to you,

Comments and Q & A on Learning to be a Compassionate Teacher 


Many thanks for that marvelous article Jelaila.  I taught singing for 21 years and 'think' I have  finally managed to put it to one side (but that has happened before!).  I came  from a generation where the teacher was almost 'Olympian' and regarded with awe  by students and others alike.  When I did start my training at the tender age  of 15, I did however notice that my main wonderful teacher, who literally saved  my bacon, was very accessible and approachable in her manner and style.  I  didn't realise it then but I was already starting to learn 'how to teach'. 

When I was eventually precipitated head first into  teaching in Australia by sheer necessity (, food.etc.etc.) - and firmly  believing that I couldn't teach a cat to claw its way out of a brown paper bag -  I endeavoured to model myself on her and one other wonderful teacher in  Australia, by making students feel welcome and making the lessons as simple as  possible.  The Ozzies will soon tell you if they don't like what you are doing!   Achieving the happy balance between discipline and cordiality took some time and  not everyone was happy, including me.  The learning curve was as steep for me as  anyone who walked in my door and I found by listening very acutely to my  students I learned as much from them as going to any seminar and probably more.   Professional pomposity went right out of the window and a good deal of humility  came in.  I needed their friendship as much as they needed their lessons and  there were times when I was lucky to get Sunday off.  All of them taught me  something and quite a few remain friends to this day.

Burn Out is one of the most terrifying elements one  can come across and it isn't always apparent until one is right in the middle of  it.  A teacher is certainly worthy of her/his hire, but can be taken advantage  of by undue demands placed upon them by others (being tested?) and learning to  say 'no' is imperative to survival.

To anyone out there teaching / counselling at this  time, I say God Speed and may the wind be at your back!

Love Sheila


You are so honest and real that it just blows my mind! What a refreshing gift you are to this planet. It's like being in a desert and having someone hand you a glass of clear, cold water.  Your articles talking and teaching about the downside of the ascension process are so badly needed in the whole body of information that's "out there". I think so many of us are so tired, burned out and exhausted and depleted financially and wondering what went wrong and is this really what we agreed to, and then you come along with a whole new perspective and way of looking at the issue that is very energizing and so completely honest and really what we all need to hear. Thank you again for havng the courage to be you and for being willing to share that you with us.    



I to would like to say how much I enjoyed your article.  As a psychospiritual counselor I found this to be an issue from the start.  I continued to pray that those who came to me would possess the knowledge of this new paradigm.  I continuously was put on a pedestal and then resented when I didn't have all the answers.

What I realized after all the praying for the wise clients is that I needed to change my energy around this thought pattern.  Even though I knew in my mind what the new student/teacher relationship looked like, I was afraid to break out of the old. 

Who would come to me when I didn't offer the puplic what they expected? How would I make a living waiting for the mass to shift in their expectations?  I found that it is working out beautifully.  I am being provided with the lessons I need from my students regarding this issue.

I continue today to work on not going into the old patterns and it seems that my pray for clients with the same new paradigm was answered.  I was just looking in the wrong direction at first.

Thank you, Sandy

Dear Jelaila,

Once again I wish to thank you for the timely topic..that of new teacher paradigm awareness.

For the past year, I have been traveling through this phase. I moved through the wonderful opening of new ways of seeing and becoming. .mostly with the holistic nurses movement over the last 20 years.  About a year ago, I was beginning to feel that I did not want to continue 'being out there'. I felt my energy draining. To retreat to home and await the next bugle call , seemed to be right.

Well, as usual Life has more plans for me. I am doing similar writing as you, although not in such a public way. I sit at the computer and 'compose' from a one word or phrase title. it is always close to my current learning curve. I share some of the writing and have been encouraged.

Recent words about learning to receive in proportion to giving ,are a light for me.   I am leaving an old way of thinking and already am experiencing the delight, comfort, awe and appreciation for others... as I come off that high and lonely pedestal. It is wonderful to not feel isolated by the pressure illusions of thinking my sustenance comes mainly from 'on High'.  High has come down to Here!..from high to hi!

Truly, it is the time to re-member all our missing pieces and feel the joy and comfort of being part of everyone in a flow of mutual appreciation and recognition.

I just wanted to let you know that I have opened to a sense of freedom and fun that is exciting and the statues perched upon the cold marble are scattering onto the real warm earth!  ..Thank you..with respect and love, Clare

Jelaila’s Answer:

Thank you for the kind words, Clare. I am so glad the article helped. by the way, have you read the info I have received on the new Age of Light Network? It will be a way for teachers to share their work, fulfill their missions and receive the financial abundance they so deserve. It is still on the drawing board but I just met someone this week who has the computer ability to help me put it together and get it off the ground. How exciting! Let me know what you think after you read, if you choose to read it.

Hi Jelaila,

I'm just finishing reading your latest article, and I have to congratulate you! U finaly got it :-) Hurray!!

Get down from the teachers table (pidestal), and walk amongst your "students" as an equal... those who "levels" with the one they teach are the best teachers ;-)

I must admit that my inner picture of you has changed from a teacher hanging above a crowd (on a little sky), telling them amazing stuff, to a person walking between them not afraid, and totaly secure... (just like jesus did?)

Love, Impetus

Ah, Jelaila!

Now, your actual message came. I could have written that one. Without a sense of community for ourselves, we burn out quickly. I have been teaching for twenty years without a community of my own, until recently. I had just adjusted to the fact that my best friends were not in bodies- -and had tried to leave it at that.  Because of this, I have actually QUIT!! 3 times;and of course, we know how long THAT lasts.

Whatever else I have chosen to do, instead, people seemed to be on "automatic pilot" as they walked directly up to me and said things like, "My daughter is going through a terrible situation, and I don't know what to tell her," complete with all the tears that one would expect.  I would open my mouth, out would come two or three sentences.  And this woman would look up at me, elated, hug me with "God bless you, my friend," with eyes that looked directly into my soul.  Then, she would turn and go towards the escalator she had come up on, and on back into her world.  And the people in my "new setting" would look at me with, "What in the world was THAT all about?"

In other words, I never leave it. And when I try, "it" follows me. My mother had told me that it was like that when I was a little kid also. Welcome to the world or StarSeeds and Walk-ins!

I will join you more often in your Forum.  Thanks for being there--to you and the whole community.

Thank you, my sister.
Sunni Ray

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