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Jelaila StarrJelaila’s Session Specials

Psychic/Intuitive Counselor and
Spiritual Business Coach

Blending spirituality and self-help techniques with multidimensional understanding...
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It appears that we are at a critical point in our work to shift Earth and Humanity onto a new timeline.  There are those that need to be reached but financial limitations are preventing this.  In order to help as many as possible through these challenging times I am answering the Guides’ request to give 15 minutes of precious meeting time to any who ask.  With that said, I am allowed to place a few conditions that enable me to be comfortable with the request. 

  • Limit one per client. 
  • For people who want to talk with their guides, and need help doing it.  This is not for people, just wanting to “try me out.” 
  • If you are already a client, please order extra time. You will still receive the extra 15 minutes.
  • Skype sessions are audio only
  • Missed sessions can be rescheduled for $25.

Okay, now that the conditions are out of the way, here is what you need to do to get your free session.

Step 1.  Place your order in the online store. - Do this first. 
Wait 15 minutes for me to get the order. Proceed to next step. 

Note: If you call or email me without having first placed your order, you will not get an appointment. 

Step 2.  Schedule your appointment -US/Canada, call me.
Phone: (913) 599-6222. 
Outside the US and Canada, email me.
Email: .

Free mini-session appointments are available:
Tuesday - Thursdays - 10am to 5pm CST
Friday and Saturdays - 10am to 4pm CST
All appointment times are given in US Central time (CST). I leave it to you to figure out what the time difference will be for your area.

Note: If the phone is busy, keep calling.  Do not leave a message.  With so many people wanting to schedule, I won’t have time to return calls.

Step 3. Prepare - Review of the General Counseling Session Preparation page to help you prepare.  Especially take note of the Session Agreements.  You will be held to these agreements.

You will receive 15 precious minutes to meet with your guides.  Use it wisely.  Questions such as, can you tell me where is that crystal is that I misplaced? is not a wise use of your time.  Likewise, asking for your guides to tell you whatever you need to know is not either. 

Step 4. Your Appointment.  Call me at the designated time.  Do not call early.  Call back if the phone is busy.

Additional minutes can be purchased at a discounted rate. Order below.  
$100 for 60 minutes
$85 for 45 minutes
$50 for 30 minutes
$25 for 15 minutes

Last but not least, Pay It Forward!  Create a magical gift from your heart to someone else. That’s it.  Thank you for participating and I look forward to sharing with you soon.

A 48-hour cancellation required on paid sessions. 
NC Return/Cancellation policy applies.

General Counseling Mini -Session

This is a meeting between you, Jelaila, and your Guides.  In this session you can ask as many questions as you wish. Jelaila will help you interpret the messages your guides want to give you, acting as mediator and channel for them, and as counselor for you. 

When your session begins, the first thing you will do is give Jelaila your questions, then Jelaila will call in your guides.  Once the guides have arrived, the meeting will begin.  The Guides may answer your questions, or they may want to talk about someting else.  If it is something else, Jelaila will let you know.  Either way, the goal is to share information that will help you move forward.

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