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9D Nibiruan Council Update for January 2001
By Devin/Jelaila 
written January 9, 2001
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Greetings beloved ones,

As your new year dawns, many new options have come available to you that were not available just a few short years ago in your linear time.  Due to the choices that you have made, now manifested in your collective consciousness, the outcome previously perceived as most probable has now changed. “To what am I referring,” you may ask? I am referring to the earth changes and what I am saying is that what was predicted as the most probable scenario is not to be.  And you can credit this change to the choices you have made collectively.  “What kind of choices?” you may ask. I am referring to the choices made to clear your emotional bodies so that you may increase your frequency, recode your DNA and ascend with your planet to a higher dimensional frequency. I am saying that your planet will remain in tact and that the outlook is far better than previously expected.

From our perspective we must say that we had great hope but no expectations that the people of earth would achieve their current level of consciousness.  After all, it had been attempted twice before on the previous two Grand Experiments and each time we failed.  But as the saying goes, “Third time is a charm;” so it is this time. And since the souls who were present on those experiments are incarnate now, we felt there was a good chance that the charm would work…and it has.  Congratulations!  You have convinced even the strongest nay sayers in the galaxy…all of whom have been observing your progress for some time now.

How has your progress impacted the decisions and plans of your starseed families and civilizations? Because of your choices to integrate the Light and the Dark instead of separate and war, both within and without, you have created templates that allow your starseed families to begin the process of changing the patterns that keep them stuck.  Through your efforts, they are able to continue their spiritual evolution as a family and as a civilization, in some cases helping entire races who are inhabiting multiple planets. 

Now, there are those who will not share our perspective and will continue to feel that you need to be rescued through a mass evacuation, but their numbers are dwindling as you continue to move forward and make choices that differ from those made in the past.   We wish to say that they still have reason to doubt since the ascension process is still not complete. We encourage you to listen and validate their concerns.  After all, they care about you too.  Just keep moving forward, integrating and clearing one baby step at a time.  There’s no need to run when you can walk...and you have plenty of time.  Don’t let anyone or any race of beings discourage you.  You are brave, experienced creator gods and goddesses. Please remember that.

This coming year will see minor earth changes and more volcanoes erupt and earthquakes move Lady Gaia’s tectonic plates into a more comfortable and balanced position for ascension.  There will be some loss of life but not loss of choice.  All souls who choose to be in those locations at that time are there of their own free will.  This does not mean that you are not to grieve their passing; it means that you can do so with the understanding that they had chosen that time to leave before they incarnated.  As you move further along the path of ascension, you begin to think multidimensionally and honoring the choices of others, not seeing them as victims, yet still grieving their loss, is part of that way of thinking.

This year also brings with it the opportunity to make choices as to how you will accomplish your mission.  This is the year when many of you will make the jump to the Internet and begin creating a presence there.  This is the year that the template for the Cities of Light will be created and manifested.  We have spoken of this before and there have been many changes in how it was to be created due to the choices you have made.  Though this is good, it can lead to much confusion on the part of those involved in the process.  The Cities of Light will be the foundation upon which you will build a doorway into the 5th dimension.  This collective of information portals will provide us the opportunity to share more knowledge of the higher realms with you.  As we send it to you, you will send it out through the chain of portals to the people of earth.  And we will not be the only ones providing information.  All races that have children on earth will be using the Cities of Light to connect with their people. 

You will enter the Galactic Community through the Cities of Light because you will become familiar with the other races and civilizations through mutual interaction made possible by these web portals.  The more they talk to you and share personal, family and racial information, the more you get to know them.  Because of this coming interaction we urge you to become multidimensional in your thinking.  Not all information shared will be unbiased and unconditionally loving. 

So this year will bring many changes of which the most profound will be the foundation that you lay to move into the Galactic Community and the 5th dimensional vibration.  Continue your emotional clearing since this will recode your DNA.  You are doing very well and we are honored to be of service to you.

Be in peace and prosperity,
Devin, Head of the 9D Nibiruan Council through Jelaila

Author Info:
Jelaila Starr, author of We are the Nibiruans is an internationally known  channel, teacher, and counselor. Through her lectures, workshops, and articles, Jelaila's message of compassion has touched the hearts of people around the world inspiring hope and understanding while providing solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges.  

As a psychic/intuitive counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding.  Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do, and how to achieve it.  Jelaila can be reached at   Website:  

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