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The Royal House of Aln

The House of Aln began in the Orion constellation.  The original members of House of Aln were known as Carians and had physical bodies that resembled humans with wings, feathers and beaks.  They had not begun that way, but as they have evolved over millions of years to an intelligent, enlightened and spiritually evolved race, they have changed form somewhat. 

The ruling class of the Carians originally resembled our Eagle, and like many races, there were many different varieties of Carians.  Some as big as pterodactyls or as small as a hummingbird.  The Carians came from the same universe as the Felines of the House of Avyon.  Due to the fact that the birds evolve before the mammals in the evolutionary timeline, the Carians were a more evolved race than the Felines for a long time.

There were forty-five Carians that arrived, by invitation of the Founders, to begin the universal game of polarity integration.

Eventually the House of Aln established themselves on a neighboring planet in the Lyran Constellation, in order to begin the first grand experiment of integration on the First Earth, Avyon.  Both Houses intermarried to create alliances as part of the Grand Experiment.

The Carians created the race of beings known as the Reptilians while still in the Orion constellation, before the start of the first grand experiment of integration. 

As time went by the Royal House of Aln became more Reptilian such as in the 5th and 4th dimensions.  In those dimensions the House of Aln is located in the Orion Constellation.  It was only during the time of the First Earth that the House of Aln moved to the Lyra Constellation.

Jehowah is the current ruling patriarch of the 9D Royal House of Aln.  Enki is the reigning patriarch of the 5D House of Aln at this time.  Until recently, Marduk, Enki’s firstborn son was the current commander of the Federation Flagship Nibiru, having seized control of it from his grandfather Anu.  

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