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Preparing for your General Counseling Session with Jelaila

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Below you will find information to help you get the most of your General Counseling session.  By following and completing the following preparation work, you’ll not only receive an average of 3 hours of information in 1 hour, you’ll also ensure that you walk away with greater clarity about your life, feeling that your time, energy and money were well spent.  Read the information and follow the instructions that pertain to your chosen Session type along with the, What Happens when your Session Begins, Session Details, and Tips for a Great Session before your appointment time. 


Write down and place your questions in categories so that they are organized. Remember that the universal law of Free Will binds your guides; therefore, when it comes to sessions they can only answer the questions that you ask. Be as specific as possible with your questions. I will help you hone your questions so don’t feel that you have to get them perfect before the session.  The goal is to get answers that are concise, relevant and understandable. The categories are: 

  • Personal - Anything to do with relationships.  Examples - family, and friends, coworkers, lovers, life mates, and marital issues, etc.
  • Health - Anything to do with your health
  • Financial - Anything to do with money. Examples - Why do I not have enough? How do I manifest more?
  • Business- Anything to do with your career.  Examples - What career should I be in? Is this a good time to make a career move? Place all questions regarding a spiritual-based businesses in this category; not in the Spiritual category.  
  • Spiritual - Anything to do with your spiritual path. Examples - guide’s name, soul purpose, soul contracts, life blueprint, etc.

Session Format

What happens when your session begins? When the time arrives for the session, call me at (913) 599-6222.  If you by chance get my voice mail, hang up and try again a few minutes later.   If using Skype (audio only), send a friend request at least 24 hours before your session.  My username is: jelaila_rai

As we begin the session, the first thing I will ask you for is your questions.  Please read them to me one category at a time letting me know when you are changing categories.  Once all relevant questions are asked and notes taken, I will ask you to make 5 agreements with me.  These agreements are designed to clear away any unconscious blocks you may have unknowingly placed between you and your guides and that could prevent your guides from communicating.  The Agreements are included in all 3 types of sessions. The 5 Session Agreements are as follows:  

  1. Do you agree to allow your guides and myself to share all information in a straightforward manner without sugarcoating it?
  2. Do you agree to allow your guides and myself to use this hour to discuss what we feel is most important for you right now in your life even if that means not all your question get answered?
  3. Do you agree to be open to what is shared with the understanding that we don’t expect you to accept it; just look at it?
  4. Do you agree to speak up during the session if something is confusing or doesn’t resonate so that it can be clarified?
  5. Do you agree to honor these agreements for the duration of our session regardless of what may occur?  

Depending on the type of session you have chosen, once the agreements are in place, I will check in with your guides to begin receiving the answers to your questions, and/or begin working with you on the DNA chart or psychic skills.  

Session Details:

  • Payment is due at scheduling in order to reserve your chosen appointment time. Unpaid appointments will be released for booking after 12 hours unless other arrangements have been made.
  • A 48-hour cancellation required.  NC Return/Cancellation policy applies.
  • Payments can be made by credit card, check or money order. Make checks payable to: Jelaila Starr.  Send to: 16117 W. 82nd Place, Lenexa, KS  66219.
    To pay by credit card, E-check or Paypal use our Online Store.
  • Sessions are 1 hour in length.  I charge in 15-minute increments thereafter. Additional time is paid for after your session.
  • Your session starts at the time upon which we agreed.   
  • I am happy to wait for you for up to 30 minutes but after that the session is considered complete.
  • All appointment times are given in US Central Time (-06:00 GMT).  Use a world clock website such as to determine the correct time difference.
  • A recording of your session in available as either an MP3 ($14).    
    We do not guarantee that a recording will turn out. If this occurs, you have the option of receiving a check or a credit towards your next purchase.  Credit card users will receive a credit on their account instead of a check.  To have your session taped, please request this service at the time you book your appointment.

Tips for a great Session

I have found that if you carry a small notebook around with you throughout the day until the time of your session, your guides will begin to send you thoughts in the form of questions for you to ask during your session. They know they only have an hour with you, and therefore, will attempt to cover as much pertinent information as they can during that time.   Having the notebook handy will not only allow them to give you the topics they want to cover, but you will also empower yourself to get your needs met during the session by having your questions written down in an organized manner.  

I appreciate the opportunity to assist you in moving forward on your spiritual path and making your dreams a reality.

Jelaila Starr, Psychic/Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Business Coach
The Nibiruan Council
Phone: (913) 599-6222 
Skype: jelaila-rai

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