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comments gif Comments on Facing the Pain of Caretaking
by Laura Boak, co-written by Jelaila Starr



Thank you for your wonderfully truthful article. Been there,  Done that. What more can I say!

B. A.

Hello Laura,

My name is Standing Bear Thunder Heart, and I am a ceritified Usui Reiki Master, Shamanic-Reiki Master, and Galactic-Reiki Master. I am getting started with my healing work having clients and simply walking my path. I recently read your article and I loved it, because it reminded me of the time when I too did not set my boundaries on all levels of people who were codependent of my time, energy, and services. I too would suffer financially, physical, mental, and emotional health.

I finally had the courage and awareness to see my reasons of why I did caretaking too much. Once I discovered them, I made decisions to make changes and established boundaries, so that I could put myself first before anyone else. Once I did that, I felt more empowered and focused, and having the appropriate amount of time to rest when I feel that I am taking on too much, then I will make time to recuperate. I too have had mixed reactions from clients, spiritual mentors, business associates, friends, and family regarding my new way of establishing boundaries. Some felt that it was about time that I establish boundaries with people in general so that I won't get "walked all over," and as a result, develop much respect for me.

On the other side, some labeled me as being egotistic, selfish, and walking astray from my spiritual path by turning my back on "The People." Either way a person looks at it, Standing Bear Thunder Heart is the People, and if he could not take care of himself, then he could not take care of "the People." Now I have more time to listen to my music cds, go swimming, walking more, read more, travel more, and going out to the movies more often than I did before.

Thanks for the article, because I took this as the Universe reminding me to set boundaries that fit you without feeling guilty or without explaining any reasons as of to why I am setting boundaries, because once I change myself, then I will be attracting new breed of people who will be at same frequency as I am. Thank you Laura and keep up the great work that you are doing? Good luck and good fortune.

Standing Bear Thunder Heart

Dear Laura,

It was indeed a pleasure to talk with you today and as I mentioned, your article on caretaking was simply wonderful. What I most enjoyed and learned from reading it was about the new paradigm of taking care of ourselves. So be it!

Any websites that you feel might be of interest based on our conversation about acsension and healing would very much appreciated.
Thank you, Laura!
Best wishes to you,
Sabrina Alexander 

Hi Laura,

I've just finished reading your article on the "caretaking" syndrome and I just wanted to let you know that it was a wonderful reminder to me not to fall into this particular behaviour.  Our circumstances are different but I guess in some ways very much the same.  I too learnt this pattern from my mother (bless her!) and it takes some effort to get past the label of unselfish and uncaring.  My son has had mental health issues for about 10 years now, and sometimes finds life a little tricky to navigate, but I have come to realise that his pain is his pain, and if I try to rescue him I'm actually doing him a great disservice.  I now keep a respectful two steps back from him and try very hard not to intrude even when I can see him heading in a direction I may not necessarily think is so great - his journey and all that!  My mum finds it a real challenge to embrace this philosophy, but once again - her journey!  So thanks again Laura for the inspiration.


Hi Laura,

Just a note to say that I receive the Nibiruan Council emails--and
just read your new article. It's beautifully written and addresses a very  important subject. Thank you for being so clear and intelligent in your message--I'm sure many people will be helped by all that you've shared.

All good wishes,
Celeste Adams

Greetings Jelaila,

I received your article from a friend. We have a page on our website called "Awakening" which is designed to help those new to the process gain from the experience of others.  If you would not mind, I would like to post it on our site.

Yours In Light,
Rev. Sharon Siesel
Alohamans' Healing Centers
(603) 373-0616

comments gif Comments on Wake Up, Your Inner Child is Knocking by Laura Boak

Hi Laura,

Thank you so much for your reply. I want you to know that I read all the articles on the inner child. It was so incredibly helpful. I talked to my inner child for quite a while and really listened to her and how she felt. I learned so much about her fears and insecurities. I learned some about where they came from and how they are stopping me from going forward because she doesn't want me to be hurt. Also, I encouraged her to express how she felt, that it was okay to cry or be hurt or angry.

I wrote a long letter (that won't be sent) telling someone how I feel about what they did to me. I expressed the anger and hurt that my little child felt. I told my IC that things are going to be different, that I am going to consult with her and listen to her and take care of her. I told her how much I love her and accept her and that now I understand how I have been hurting her with criticism and feeling down on her. The whole thing was a very wonderful experience and I look forward to spending more time with my inner child.

I really liked your articles and want to thank you for them. As I was reading, there was something in particular about your experience that really, really, encouraged me!! You talked about the years that it took you to bond with the inner child and here you are a writer and teacher and that seems so ironic. Well, I think God/The Universe makes it that way so that we can help people so that they don't all have to take that long to learn what you learned. They learn through your experience. You see, I am writing a book and have been so discouraged the last 3 weeks because I have so much to learn and I have questioned how can I help or teach others. When I read about your experience a light came on for me in my darkness. Thank you soooo much for the light Laura. Now I know that it is for not only my benefit, but for the benefit of others that I feel what I feel.

P.S. If you refer to the Bible at all, it's interesting to note that the Bible says that we comfort others by the comfort that we ourselves receive of God (The Universe). 

Bless You Laura, 

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