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Comments on Finding the Value of Pain
by Coral Karnaze, GC

Hello  Coral!  

Thank you for that substantive article regarding your adventures in your life?  May you continue to grow as that Beautiful god that you are!

love and respect,

Hi Coral,

I loved your article on Finding the Value of Pain, and found your self-discovery process so fascinating.  Thank you for bringing your story "to light" and for your efforts at helping others on their own path of self-discovery.

Warm regards,

Dear Coral,

I want to say Bravo! for all your personal work through your physical and emotional healing.  I live in Mexico City and have been in touch with Jelaila for a couple of years now.  My first contact was when I read her book and then a personal session with her over the phone, the Keys to Compassion and clearing of DNA.

I have been using her formula with my clients (and myself of course) and it has been a blessing.  I would have loved to assist a seminary for Galactic Counselors but alas, I cannot travel right now. Perhaps in the near future.  I may translate Jelaila's book into Spanish which will be a great honor and experience.  I just wanted to send you my warmest sisterly embrace for your excellent article.

I, too, have been clearing my DNA in the physical, emotional and spiritual areas.  After 7 years of physical "deterioration" regarding hip joints and lumbar vertebrae I am now almost ready to walk straight and eliminate pain.  I understand you when you speak about pain.  I have experienced other techniques to clear emotional pain and what I agreed upon (my contracts) and I am ever so happy now to be able to see my parents and my whole lineage free from karma and full of light while I rescue my own beautiful light.  I am older than you (69) and accept that my own life clearing experience appeared when I was 60 although it had announced itself many years earlier. 

Thank you for sharing your painful experience.  I bless you and wish many luminous days for you in your Galactic work and your family life.

Martha (Akhuivoda)

Hi Coral,

I just read you article on pain in Jelaila's site :) I too was born and raised in HK and have traveled to the States a few times coz of family. 
It is interesting that there is more than one HK person who actually relate to this stuff :)

Which school did you go to?  Sounds really harsh.  I went to Maryknoll in HK and it was ok.  There was a teacher who cut off a school mate's hair because of some silly thing.  I have been told that the Humiliation technique is even worse in Korea, much worse.

Just wanted to connect, that's all :)
Good Luck and Bless you ,


Congratulations, Way to go!! I really enjoyed reading your article. It is a beautiful heartfelt story. Thank you so much for sharing it.


Hi out there in Kansas...Greetings from Mt. Shasta!

I just read Coral's story.  Please congratulate her for me and deep gratitude for sharing.  What you (we) are doing, we do for every one of us...thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm going to send it to every doctor I know!  Rock on you guys!

Much love,
Carolyn H.


I want to say thank you.  I have just read your article and I have water in my eyes it seems.  Your story was so well written, and so touching.  I am proud to know you as my friend, and family member.


Dear Coral,

I've just read your article and simply want to thank you for sharing your experiences. They helped me to remember how much I already know, but still don't use in my life. I just wanted to tell you that your article helped me to get to the next step in my spiritual life.

With love and respect,
Attila Acs (a regular reader of the Nibiruan Council site )


What a well-written article! I am so glad she was able to share her story with us. I sometimes forget that we can heal ourselves by clearing emotional events. It is wonderful that she found you, Jelaila, to help with getting well.

Ginny B

Dear Coral,

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It resonated at so many levels. My Inner Child cried for you and herself. I have a good relationship with her now but we have been through similar circumstances, but nowhere near as harsh.

I too long for my divine mission but fear I am blocking it, or its not time, or......, or......., or...... I will read the 7 Keys of Compasson (I have tried before) and the Formula of Compassion. Maybe the time will be right this time.

I have so much to say, but dont know where to begin. My soul longs to speak but cant find the words in this dimension.

With a full heart and a blocked throat, I thank you again.

Warmest regards,
Continued light treading your path,
Jane C.
Adelaide, South Australia

Dear Coral,

I just read your story on the value of pain and wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading it. Your article certainly struck a chord in me and I appreciated you sharing it.

Jane C.

Hello Coral,

I very much enjoyed your article on, The Value of Pain.  I have passed it on to some of my clients to whom I felt it may be pertinent. 

Sometimes we have no idea what the deeper picture is but when we ask, it begins to be revealed.  I am happy to hear how much better you are. 

Blessings to you, Chris and your children too.  I enjoyed meeting you and the other Galactic Counselors at Mount Shasta in May and I honor the work you are doing with Jelaila.  Take care of who you are.  Perhaps our paths will cross again one day.  

Nancy Joy


Thank you for that beautiful article.  its very inspiring .  Please continue to inspire others.  I'm glad you found your strength and released your pain....

Danielle C.

Comments on Navigating the Stages of Emotional Clearing
by Nicole Canter


That is a superb article that you wrote! Congratulations...and thank you.

With love,


WOW!!  Great, great article!  Very well written and to the point!  I commend you Nicole, even if you make it sound as simple as a circle . That is really what gets beings, including me, to get off their butts and GROW! Thank you for sharing that with the rest of the world, I am sure it will make a difference.  It already has!

Love and thanks,

Hello Nicole, 

I read your article on Navigating the Steps to Emotional Clearing and found it quite timely as I was in the midst of one! Thank you.

Many blessings Nicole,

Hi Nicole, 

That was a great article, and a reminder of how complicated emotional clearing can be.  I've been out of the loop for quite a few months, so not doing this consciously just makes things one big ball of confusion, less talking about doing this consciously. 

Bye bye for now,

Dear Nicole: 

I took the liberty to translate your article of April 7th into Spanish, since I had virtually an arrangement with Jelaila Starr to translate her channelings.

I am sending you the Spanish version by separate mail and will regret to inform you that it is not possible for me to participate in the Monday night chat, since on Mondays evening, as of 8 p.m. Argentine time, I have a weekly meeting with a group of people who work for the healing of the planet and of course also for the own healing, since it is not possible to heal the planet if you do not work on your own healing. So you see why your article was of such an interest to me. Nevertheless in thought I will be there with you, and wish you the best outcome and awaiting further interesting news from your.

Best regards,


Thanks Nicole, for the great article on Jelaila’s site. . . . . It was very helpful, bravely written, and full of compassion and humility. . . so it adds to all our strengths, honors our weaknesses (which reflect our soul lessons), and enhances our sacred contracts!  I shared it with a number of friends. . . . .

Bright Blessings, 
Norma P.

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