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Jelaila StarrPreparing for your Emotional Clearing Workshop Sessions by Skype
with Jelaila

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Below you will find information to help you get the most of your Emotional Clearing Workshop sessions.  By following and completing the following preparation work, you’ll also ensure that you walk away with greater clarity about your life, feeling that your time, energy and money were well spent.  Read the information and follow the instructions. 


In order to complete the workshop, you will need the following items:

  1. The 7 Stages of Emotional Clearing - free download here
  2. Keys of Compassion Booklet and CD sets - order package and save $$
  3. Colon/Liver Cleanses - order package and save $$
  4. Webcam w/mic - Logitech makes great webcams that have built in microphones. 
  5. Skype - free download


Complete the above steps before your first session!

Once you have the items above, begin with the 7 Stages of Emotional Clearing, read it and then all the Keys of Compassion Booklets.  Next, read the Liver/Colon Cleanse booklet.  Once that is done, begin the colon cleanse and move on to the Liver Cleanse.  During the colon and liver cleanse process, listen to Keys of Compassion CDs and review other materials as needed.  (You may have anger come up as you begin the colon cleanse so it is best to be prepared!)

Session Format

What happens when your session begins? When the time arrives for the session, contact me on Skype.  My username is: jelaila_rai.  It is best to contact me a day or so prior to your first session so that can add each other to our contact lists.

As we begin the session, the first thing I will do is ask if you have any questions including the issues you want to clear.  I will also ask you for your goals for this workshop.

Once all relevant questions are asked and notes taken, we will begin Session 1.  Be in a place where you will be able to express any emotions that may arise.  Have a foam padded baseball bat and pillows ready in case we use them.  In fact, have those available for every session.  I know, it may be awkward but the rewards will most certainly make up for the awkwardness.

Session 1 - we review the 7 stages of emotional clearing and the 7 Keys of Compassion.  Having completed the Liver cleanse, there will most likely be an issue we can use the Keys on but, if not, we will cover any questions that you have.

Session 2 - we continue with the clearing, each time being sure to note which of the Keys we used along with how you progressed through the 7 stages.  If you were not able to clear an issue in this session, you will know where you are in the 7 stages and what steps to take next.

Session 3 - same as session 2.  The goal is to get as many issues and blocks cleared as we can in 3 hours!

Note: The Inner Child Reunion Technique may be done in any of the sessions if it is needed to help clear an issue.  Be sure to ask me if you want me to take you through it.

Workshop Details:

  • Workshop must be paid for before any workshop sessions are scheduled.
  • Payment can be made by credit card, check or money order. If paying by check or Money Order the workshop session appointments will be scheduled once payment is received.  If outside the US, use credit card or Western Union.
  • 72-hour cancellation required.  NC Return/Cancellation policy applies.
  • Make checks payable to: Jelaila Starr
  • Send to: 16117 W. 82nd Place, Lenexa, KS  66219.
  • We accept payment through our secure Online Store.
  • Sessions are 1 hour in length.  I charge in 15-minute increments thereafter. Additional time is paid for after your session.
  • Your sessions starts at the time upon which we agreed so be on time. 
  • All times are given in US Central Time (-06:00 GMT).  This means that when I give you an appointment time, I am giving it based on my time zone.  Don’t get caught calling at the wrong time. Call or Skype me prior to your session to ensure you know the correct time difference.

I appreciate the opportunity to assist you in moving forward on your spiritual path and making your dreams a reality.

Jelaila Starr, Psychic/Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Business Coach
The Nibiruan Council
Office/Session Line: (913) 599-6222
Skype: jelaila-rai
Website: E-mail: 

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