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Comet Elenin (aka Northwind)

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Comet Elenin is a brown dwarf known in ancient times as Northwind.  Spoken of in Sumerian texts, Northwind was involved in the impact with Tiamat which resulted in the creation of Earth as we know her now.  Earth is the upper half of Tiamat...the lower half is part of the Asteroid Belt.

Northwind is a brown dwarf whose orbit is the furthest out in the Nibiru solar system.  It could be likened to Pluto. 

Being a brown dwarf star with a heavy magnetic core, Elenin/Northwind is capable of creating tectonic movement on planets it passes.  The degree depends on its proximity.

Below are photos taken by a friend who lives here in Kansas City.  These photos are very much like many that we are seeing today.  Taken is a $100 camera they show the portion of Nibiru’s solar system that is visible to us from this side of the sun.  You will find photos all over the web now since Nibiru became visible in the northern hemisphere earlier this year.

It is my hope that Elenin is the only member of Nibiru’s system that we have to contend with.  Read my weekly message, If We Can Just Get Through September, for more on the Nibiru/Elenin/earth changes connection.


Taken July 16, 2011 in Lenexa, KS.  Photos were resized in Photoshop CS3 but otherwise untouched. 

This photo reveals Elenin closest to the sun with Nibiru/Planet X in the background.  A smaller dwarf star... or craft appears to be very close to Nibiru. Or it could be something leaving


I believe this photo may show the large opening in Nibiru that I was told about by the Nibiruans.  This was discussed in the 2005 workshops (Mission Remembered Package, Final Assignment) in detail.  It is the location of the spaceport and I was told this spaceport is large enough to hold 3 motherships the size of Venus.  Could this be a mothership leaving Nibiru? 


Another view from a different angle taken on the same day. 


I encourage you to take photos yourself...only then will you have definite proof that this is not a hoax.

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