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New comments as of 1/1/09 are posted on Facebook, YouTube, and Jelaila’s blog.

Comments on Jelaila’s Weekly Messages

Thank you Jelaila! I am 26 woke up at 25 in late '09...I did not pass go and went directly to "The Mission Remembered"...I really needed to hear this message because I get very chatty about metaphysical topics at work a lot and I know I over inform people. It just rolls off my tongue.. .so thank you for the advice and I will be sure and heed it. —Anonymous


“Once again, exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. —Lori S.

“I just wanted to tell you, that I read your messages that come in my email.They are very insightful and uplifting.and often times ,*synchronicity*coincide with what I may be thinking or have going on in my life.And make me feel as though, I was supposed to read this.A message from my own guides so to speak.  —Dianne G.

“I just got your weeklyand what a novel idea!I enjoy hearing from you and your message was so timely. boundaries have always been a issue for me....thank you from the bottom of my heart!—Donna R.

Thanks Jelaila!  This is EXTREMELY helpful!  You always know exactly the right thing to send each week :)  —Angie H.

Website Comments
Dear Jelaila,

Thanks for the latest article, Nibiruan Council Perspective on 2011. I am sure I am only one of MANY who will be writing to thank you for updating and sending it out right now.

Last week was one of the most difficult ones I can remember--I would have to add  irritability to my list. I work with the public and just do not have patience for the things that I just used to shrug off. Divine discontent, I think. Being nudged--hell, shoved--to make some changes, I'm sure.

 Slowing down and writing things down are both tips that help me a great deal. Also, I make myself walk very purposefully, swinging my arms to move energy and lifting my legs higher than normal, being very aware of my body moving through space. I find that calming. 

Luckily for me, my husband and our kitten both make me laugh out loud on a regular basis. I end most days laughing with my head on my pillow.

 But still, these are difficult times. I really need the emotional clearing workshop. I am sure having said that out loud will help me manifest. I wish it could be done on Skype so that geography and travel were not issues, and the realm of the effects could range far and wide. Mull that over, please and see if it could be done. I can see that some level of effectiveness may be lost from lack of face to face contact, but it would be moving into another dimension of tools for the process.

I appreciate you, and all you have done for all these many years.

Best regards,

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing in these moments of great change.  Your articles, a result of the teachings of the Nibiruan Council and your open heart with private experiences are wall breakers in every aspect of our lives. The superior perspective is the key to this understanding - very well phrased!!!!  It has helped me to clear two difficult situations - it really works wonders.
Sending you thoughts of love and light.
Charo P., New York City


Just came across your website, actually I just first heard of you when we had our ascension class last Thursday night 9th of November 2006. Our teacher has discussed the material on, The 9th Dimensional Perspective on Money and Ascension. I got so interested that I tried searching for your website. Thank God and you got one and there were so many helpful articles about ascension work etc. I will be recommending your websites to my classmates and all others taking ascension classes here in the Philippines. Its really a big help to those of us taking the spiritual path. I thank you very much for the knowledge I've gained from your articles.

Blessings of Love and Light,

Hello, Jelaila,

I've read your first book, We are the Nibiruans, and I was really happy to have spent that money and read that book!!!
I just wanted to say that I could relate to the way you felt, and how much some of the 3rd dimensionalliving was hurting you.
I also wanted to say thank you for writing those articles...I just finished reading Riding the Waves of Change, and a lot there makes perfect sense to me, whereas it made none last year!!

I guess I am growing up, after having been awakened a year ago on the 21st of October.I'm going to go back to the website and read the rest of the articles....NOW, I understand stuff I didn't before...

Brooke P.

Dear Jelaila,

I have just read the article on the Inner Child and the Ego.  I think you are are spot on with everything you are saying.  I have been just recently trying to work on healing my inner child because I know it is the reason of my constant falling back and also the reason for picking up entities, etc.  I have been going around for a year and a half to different healers etc. when everthing I was clearing I was all just coming right back in because of wounded inner-child ego.  I do alot of work with my voice with light-language and singing but I have a hard time translating anything.  All of these re-occurring issues that I kept drawing back in again and again were all inner-child ego. 

Thank you for the article.  I think people need to know that this is the main blockage stopping ascension and keeping us from being in our bodies.  When that little child inside is afraid to come out it just keeps stopping us again and again.
Lots of Love,

Thanks Jelaila,

Riding the Waves of Change is a great article! I like the way you put it all into perspective. It is something that I think I can share with my clients/friends to help them reframe the personal into embracing the cosmic perspective. I just love it, you have helped me a lot over the past few years.


Hi Jelaila,

I am writing to you and going a bit on a limb. I’ve read two of your articles, and in particular The Value of Being 3D speaks to where I am RIGHT NOW.

Without realizing what I got myself into, years ago I suddenly declared I was to begin a journey for truth.  I started with being obsessed with Plato's Theory of Ideas, and some other philosophy, to understanding modernism, to an experience that was sort of like automatic writing all in a brief period of time.  That was 2001. Last year, I learned about ascension, after experiencing the symptoms for sometime.

I've read a bit and gotten alot of weird, mixed up ideas, that, I think, as you wrote in 2001, put me too "out there" and "over the edge." I've experienced incredible highs with clarity, miracle-making, instant understanding, as well as weathered some intense family situations, financial situations, and general anxious confusion considering
"what is the point of life."   Your article, as well as the reader's comments have been a point of calm for me; now i feel clear that there is a point to material life, and ascension is about integration rather than escape. I have been really caught up on that from time to time. The first time I heard about ascension I started to cry because I thought all my understanding of life purpose was for naught and I'd have to "poof"
disappear into the clouds. Not true.

...Most recently, I have found myself in a funk I can't explain and I know I am not in balance. There is discord. But I am ready to learn how to ascend without being so self-involved. For one thing, that style of growth limits how comfortably I feel I can contribute to friendships and relationships--I've felt I have nothing to bring the the table because the most interesting things about my life are taking place in my head where I thought I was "supposed" to be.  Does that make sense? I've even realized how closely I could come to leaving my body I've been so spaced out and introspective sometimes.

I look forward to reading more and feeding the calm I am ready for.
In a sense, I am still learning what all of this is even about.

God bless and thank you.

Dear Jelaila,

I read a reference to your website in the Crimson Circle discussion group and went there immediately to read one of your articles (we were discussing weight). I've since gone back many times to read more articles and have found a wealth of information that I am ready to receive now. Thanks so much for all the work you do to get this information out!

I've read several times about a forum, which I thought must be a discussion group, however, I'm unable to find it. Am I misinterpreting, blind, or does it not exist anymore? I'm in a situation right now where the only support I get is from internet discussion groups and I value it. If there's a group on your website, I'd like to join.

I don't know if you have the time to personally answer e-mails, and I certainly understand if you can't. It sounds like you get a lot of mail.

Thanks again for the work you do. Discussion group or not, it has helped me tremendously on my journey. I look forward to new updates on earth's progress and to new articles.


Arinda D.

Jelaila’s reply:

Hi Arinda,

No, you are not blind nor are you misinterpreting. The Forums no longer exist and there is no discussion group right now. With everything going on for me right now, I could not keep up so I closed the Forums. If I do start another one and I am sure I will at some point in the future, you'll be notified via the mailing list.

Thanks for writing and keep in touch. I am open to receiving emails and answer as many as time allows.

Update: May 2007:  We have opened a group at Yahoo Groups.  See homepage to join.


I don't have anything to ask or request, I just wanted to say how  refreshing your site is.  It's refreshing because although you come from the ninth dimension, you  work and try to relate to those that read your site as a human being in your  current form, rather than a higher entity who is so enlightened that it removes  you from those that you are required to help.

There is so much information available now to those who are interested in  ascension, and I have spent the past year and a half reading a lot of it and  deciding what I do and don't like the sound of.  There are so many expressions from those that are spiritually enlightened  which is inspirational, but sometimes it is expressed in such a flowery, poetic, mystical way that most people who wish to learn can not interpret or apply it  on a daily basis.  It is delivered in a detached and cryptic way that it causes  more confusion sometimes.

I guess what I mean is that your work, rather than just being a mass of  enlightened channeling, it gives your own personal experiences, the human  emotions you felt, your physical symptoms and while your are so consciously  evolved, your saying 'right now, I'm in a human body and I go through the same  things you do' rather than pretending that your life is like floating through an  enlightened cloud where everything is like a dream and comes at the snap of your  fingers. 

That is the impression a lot of enlightened people give, as if they are  afraid that if they go through experiences that are human, it would lessen their conscious credibility or something.

I was just thinking about it for a while, so I thought I'd write to you  although I'm sure it's been said before.


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