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Bridge of Reunion - Introduction

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by Jelaila


For as long as history has been recorded there have been stories of the great pioneers and visionaries of the world.  Their dreams and visions have been the vehicles upon which mankind has progressed.  They have given us new understandings of the world in which we live and shown us that whatever we believe, we can achieve. 

Without them we might still be using candles for lighting and horses for getting to Grandma’s house.  We wouldn’t have achieved flight much less put a man on the moon.  We’d still be sailing the oceans in wooden ships with canvas sails instead of cruising in luxury on the Q.E. II. 

Still man has a history of greeting these farseeing ones with ridicule and scorn.  History tells us that we have persecuted them and even crucified them in our desire to quell their words and put an end to their dreams.  Why?  Is it because man fears change? 

It is a well known fact that we fear change, some more than others.  Because of this fear we will go to great lengths to maintain the status quo, life as we know it, even when the status quo is not in our best interest.  Yet the beauty of mankind is their innate ability to eventually get around to accepting the gift the visionary brings.  After all, we now know that the world is round, not flat.  Poor Columbus had a heck of a time convincing the establishment of his day, but he persevered to give the world and future generations a great gift!

Visionaries bring their gifts to us at a great price. They are many times branded as eccentric if not downright crazy.  I wonder, had they known the sacrifice they would make, would they still have done it? I tend to think yes, and the reason I say this is because I feel I am one.  This need to bring about a positive change for humanity is like fire in the blood.  It burns within me.  I know that to try to live my life denying this need would negate my very existence. 

For those of you who are visionaries and read these words, you know about this burning desire and the persistent urging of your dream to fruition. It’s a calling that won’t be denied.  Like so many pioneers before me, I share my dream at the price of persecution and ridicule.  So let it be.  I will turn the lemons of persecution into the sweet lemonade of compassion and keep going.  I know, like those who came before me and those who are now around me, that mankind will eventually get with the program and the world will once again progress in a positive direction.

I write this book for all those who have the dream of that better world, the New World, the Millennium, and have chosen to take the necessary steps of education and preparation to become a citizen of that world.  A world where swords are turned into plowshares and unconditional love and acceptance are the only requirements for entry. 

Those who take this path - some call it the Spiritual Path - are called Lightworkers.  Every one of these brave souls carry within them the seeds of a visionary, a pioneer. They are willing to step off the established path and take a different one.  These courageous individuals move beyond their fear to expand their horizons and embrace new possibilities.  They have that insatiable curiosity to understand how things really are. They somehow know that what they have been taught is not all there is.

Those who embark upon this path know that at some point along the way, their loved ones may reach a breaking point where their ability to accept and be tolerant reaches its limit, and the Lightworker must make the choice to let go.  It could be a mate, a parent, brothers or sisters, a beloved child, or dear friend.  These loved ones will choose to remain with the status quo instead moving beyond it. The Lightworker must understand this choice and honor it even though their heart is breaking.

I also wish to share with the Lightworkers a clearer view of the path they walk and the inherent challenges they will face along the way.  I want to show them what the goal they strive for looks like and how it feels. Also, what to do once they achieve it. I wish to provide them with a way of returning to their former world, the world we live in, and a way of building bridges of reunion back to those they left behind.

Understanding how their loved ones feel is crucial to building the bridges of reunion.  Having compassion and validating their feelings and beliefs will provide the Lightworker with the basic structure for their bridge.

The ultimate opportunity for soul growth is not achieving multidimensionality.  Instead, it is being able to bridge back to third dimension and live life as a multidimensional person, a Christed Being, in a third dimensional world.  Not just be in it, but be a part of it as well, and  passionately love it.  This is the final test.  After all, isn’t that what Jesus accomplished when he walked among us?  And didn’t Jesus say that anything he could do, we could do as well?

This book is also for those left behind.  Those who have felt and are still feeling the pain of loneliness and rejection by their friends and loved ones who became Lightworkers.  I wish to let you know that after building a bridge of reunion with my parents, I finally felt their pain and now understand how it must have hurt them to know that I chose my path over my relationship with them. 

For those left behind, I wish to give you the good news that the Lightworker you love will return a better, more loving, more compassionate person to reunite with you. The relationship you build will be one of even greater depth and love than the one you had before.  Your loved one will return to mend the broken ties of their heart connection to you.   You and your Lightworker will build a bridge that is resilient and strong, made of unconditional love, compassion and acceptance for each other.  Your new relationship will be one that fills you with the joy of life.

Your lightworker will help you reach the point where your heart will mend , because you understand that it broke your Lightworker’s heart, too, to go on. They would have much preferred staying connected with you.  They have come to realize that it’s the love bond of the heart that is most important, and that bond can keep two people together when everything else doesn’t match. 

They love you and accept your beliefs as necessary for your growth at this time in your life.  They recognize the validity of all belief systems as important in the various stages of spiritual growth.  So now you can relax and bask in the knowledge of their appreciation and love for you.

Then one day you, too, may want to take that blessed journey because you see in your loved one, your Lightworker, what you can become. And when that time arrives, your Lightworker will be there to take your hand and light the way for you.

I will try to use terms in this book that reflect the various levels of understanding found in our world today.  For example, when speaking of this journey, I will call it a journey to enlightenment, ascension or the Spiritual Path. 

These three terms reflect the educational journey that begins at the point where a person becomes interested in information outside the main stream religions and other systems, and begins to explore this information. They begin seeking answers to questions that main stream systems, including religion, are not equipped to answer.

The Ascension Process is the final portion of this long educational journey.  Jesus went through a very thorough education in this dimension to achieve ascension.  He did not attempt ascension until he had completed this necessary education.  This is where one, using all the education and training of their journey, complete the clearing of the emotional body to activate the intuitive system. 

When this system is fully functioning, a person is actually able to see, hear and feel beyond this dimension and into other dimensions, or as some call them, higher realms or heavens.  So, I use journey to imply both the educational process and the final step.  Both are journeys, though one is outward and one is inward.

My goal is to honor everyone’s sensibilities and beliefs and, hopefully, to provide them with an understanding of the terms used by their loved ones who chose the Spiritual Path.  Part of building this bridge of reunion is to bridge the language barrier.  On one side you have the people of different religions  who make up part of the masses, and on the other, you have the Spiritualists and Metaphysicists (Lightworkers).  Both speak of similar ideals, hopes and dreams, but in different terms. 

In sharing my story I hope to bring understanding and tools for healing to both sides.  I hope to help you both understand each other and provide a means to communicate that understanding. 

The best way I know to accomplish this is to share the story of how I made the journey, achieved multidimensionality, and then came back to become a bridge between the two worlds.  This means being someone who can, as the ancients say, “walk between two worlds.” 

It is only a matter of time before we cross over.  Doesn’t it make sense to begin to joyously prepare for it? We all want a better life and a better world to live it in.  We can have this.  All we have to do is expand our minds and hearts to acquire it.

As the Old World of today becomes the New World of tomorrow, we will look back upon these times and chuckle at how frightened we were of changing our belief systems, of expanding our minds.  I hope that when those days come and we are living that life of joy and peace, that long awaited “Heaven on Earth,” we will remember and give thanks to those who pioneered the way to this New World and came back to show us the way home.

June, 1997
Kansas City, Missouri

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