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Bridge of Reunion - Excerpt 2

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Bridge_thumb_storeChapter Six
Letting Go of Blind Trust


Back in June I began group-channeling sessions to share the information of DNA Recoding with people in Kansas City.  I began to realize that if I was clear then, I was really clear now!  This was okay but it left me with an uneasy feeling.  I knew now that whatever knowledge I received I was responsible for.  What I did with this information and how I presented it would reflect not only on me, but on them as well.  Little did I realize my guides were just starting to groom me for a role that would take me worldwide.  My conduct and the conduct of those around me would become a major portion of their work from that point on.  With 10 strands connected, I could no longer use the excuse; “I didn’t hear that right.”  The guides knew better.

It seems they felt it was time to assist me in learning to discern and question their information.  They didn’t want a “Yes person” instead they wanted someone who would think for themselves and give them feedback.  Blindly trusting and following their every word wasn’t going to get the job done.  So a situation was set up that would prove very embarrassing for me and would cause them to have to hold their breaths to see what I would do. 

It happened at the first group channeling session in June, held at my friend, Ann’s house.  Around twenty-five people showed up.  A good turn out for a first time session.  Everyone who attended said that when they heard about session they knew they were supposed to be there.  Little did they know they would be witnessing a group of loving guides teaching a very powerful lesson and I would be the example.

I was upstairs in Ann’s bedroom trying to calm my nervousness.  I was scared silly that I wouldn’t be able to hear my guides or even worse, I would hear them, but interpret the information incorrectly even though they had told me time and again, I heard them very clearly.  At that moment their words just weren’t registering in my brain.

ShowTime came and I went downstairs with butterflies fluttering in my stomach.  I sat down in the soft leather recliner and put on my mike.  I could feel the eyes of the people there, burning into my face.

After a few minutes of extreme self-consciousness, I directed my focus inward to Devin, my main guide.  In seconds, the people in the room disappeared.  Everything became peaceful and I was floating off to another world.  I could hear Devin begin to speak and was aware of what he was saying, but I didn’t concern myself with monitoring his words.  That’s where the lesson began.

As the evening continued Devin managed to incite fury in just about everyone in the room as he talked about the origin of man and their original purpose.  It appears he intentionally left out the parts that would bring about understanding.   Also, his delivery was less than gentle.  He came across to many as unemotional, just relating the facts like a robot would.

By the end of the evening just about everyone was ready to throttle Devin.  They came up to me and encouraged me to forget about him and find a “higher group of beings” to associate with.  I felt angry, embarrassed and betrayed.  My foundation of trust had just been shattered. 

I went home that evening angry and scared.  I didn’t know whom to believe in anymore.  My world was in turmoil.  I had come too far in my research to go back to my former church, but I didn’t know how to go forward or to whom. 

That night I yelled and cussed at Devin for doing that to me.  I said, “How could you treat me that way.  I thought you loved me and would never hurt me.  I can’t trust you anymore!  You’re fired!  I never want to talk to you again!”  Devin honored my words.  In great pain, he and the others withdrew not knowing if I would come to understand their purpose. 

I spent the next month in the darkest void I had ever known until that time.  Many a night I would awake around 3:00 a.m. for our nightly conversation, and each time I would, once again, feel the deep loneliness and emptiness that being cut off created within me.  So many times I wanted to call out to them, but I was so afraid because I had lost faith in their integrity. 

I would feel Devin close to me on many of these occasions.  He would be beside me, and I could feel loving compassion as he quietly waited, hoping that it would be that particular night that I would finally understand the lesson.  He never spoke, instead choosing to honor my request.  I could feel the loving energy he wrapped around me like a warm, soft blanket.  It was his way of showing his love and telling me he understood the pain and darkness that engulfed me.  Devin never abandoned me no matter how angry and bitter I was towards me.  No matter how many hurtful words I hurled at him, he held firm to his purpose in teaching me and rode it out with me, ever faithful and unshakable in his belief that I would come through.

During this time my friends shut me out as well.  They were afraid of my guides and felt I was being manipulated and controlled by them.  Bobbie refused to channel Devin for me anymore.  What was I to do now?  I felt like a cork bobbing on the ocean during a hurricane.  It was the worst thirty days of my life.

Towards the last week of this nightmare, my friend, Pat called.  I cried my heart out to her, telling her of my fear.  She suggested I talk to Jesus.  At first I thought this a little crazy since I had spent many of my childhood years talking to Jesus and never felt I got an answer.  So long ago I had given up on doing that.  I was just too sinful for him to listen to.

I hung up the phone and thought about what she said.  After going through and eliminating all the other spiritual beings I could talk to, I decided Jesus was the only who might not lie to me.  So I went and sat down at my computer and began to call him.  To my surprise, I received an answer!

I asked Jesus if I could trust Devin and the rest of my team.  His answer was not what I expected.  He said “Beloved, look within yourself and see if there is any place where Devin’s actions might be a reflection of your own.”  I was definitely stumped on that one!  Then he said, “Look beneath the surface of events to find the higher purpose, find the value, and when you can do this you will know whether you can trust those souls who have been working with you.”

I got up from the computer and went outside for a walk to ponder his words.  By the time I got back I had figured it out.  Devin had, by his actions shown me two important things about myself that I needed to change.  The first was how I blindly trusted him and the others and secondly, how I was too intellectual in my delivery of information.  He spoke to the group that night pretty much the same way I would have.  So in essence, the outcome would have been the same, only this time he took the heat instead of me.

I walked into the house at the time I arrived at this understanding.  By the time I got upstairs to my favorite chair, I was crying.  Devin really loved me, in fact, he loved me so much that he was willing to be the one they ridiculed and distrusted so that I would have a chance to learn this lesson.  Had I been the one who talked they would have attacked me, and my reputation with those people might have been damaged beyond repair.  He shielded me and was willing to suffer my anger to help me learn to be more gentle and compassionate in delivering the information entrusted to me.

I hung my head and wept for shame.  I called out to Devin, so sure he wouldn’t answer.  After all, I had fired him!  But, he answered.  I said “Devin, I am so sorry, I didn’t understand!  Please come back!  Please forgive me!  You deserved better from me.” 

Devin replied in his deep, gentle voice, “Jelaila, my Jelaila, there is no need for forgiveness because you have not sinned.  This was contract between you and I.  I agreed long ago to assist you in learning these lessons.  Your releasing me from blame and loving me again is all that matters to me.  Don’t you see?  I love you and I would do it all again if I had to.”

So Devin and I made up and to this day I have not had to repeat the lesson of blind trust.  Though I hate to admit it, compassionate delivery of information took a few more lessons!

Lesson Eleven: Blind trust means giving your power away to others; not using discernment, and will lead you right into the Void!...

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