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Bridge of Reunion - Reviews

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Bridge_thumb_storeFrom the Readers



Thank you for writing Bridge of Reunion.  It was as though you were writing my life story!  Now I know I’m not going crazy, I’m just experiencing the ups and downs of the spiritual path.  Jessica I.


Jelaila’s new book, Bridge of Reunion is super fantastic.  Her words touched me to the very core of my being … Just what the world has been waiting for!  

J.M. of GA


I finished  reading Bridge of Reunion.  After crying and laughing I realized how important  this book is.  It touches on so many things that Lightworkers REALLY need to  hear.  I also found out that you have fibromyalgia.  Guess what?  So do I.  We'll have  to talk meds sometime. I especially liked the story of your family reunion as I  could really relate to that.  Boy, do you already know the "coming in the back  door" approach.  My husband says we are twins after seeing all the things that  are similar. :-)



All my life I have felt an extreme compassion for human beings and an extreme intensity to help people and create a better world. I've read the Intro you sent on Bridge of Reunion...a resounding yes...I know what you say and what you feel. I am very excited for this journey. My next step is to do the liver cleanse and then begin with the Compassion keys. Thank you Jelaila. Thank you for showing me the way home.   

Denise S.


When I read Bridge of Reunion I felt I was reading about my own life.  Jelaila, your story validates all the pain and sadness I have experienced leaving my family and friends behind to walk the Spiritual Path.  Thank you making your life experiences and wisdom available to all of us.

Debra G., NY


Reading Bridge to Reunion was very special for me even though I had read a lot of the same material in your "We are the Nibiruans" and the six Keys of Compassion booklets.  Of the many things in the book that clicked for me, the most special can be summarized by two statements you made in the "Afterward":  "....neither Joscelyn, nor I, would have believed that our journey would take us out into the universe and the world of ETs, then back again to God and Jesus;" and that "if the day comes when you choose to take this journey, please know that God, Jesus, the angels and your guides will be with you each step of the way."

From the mid-1970s, when Jesus took my hand and lifted me from my pit of despair and accelerated me along the path, I have comfortably been a "Jesusian" (though I never considered him to be "divine" in the manner that "Christians" did, simply an elevated being, not knowing exactly what that entailed). And while I have learned much along the way, I felt it was he, or his designees (guides/angels). who was in "control" and that I could rely on that.   Then, I learned, through books on Gnostic Christianity, the Kaballa, and others including "We are the Nibiruans," about the interlife, that my spiritual growth was in MY hands, and that I (my soul) was a "spark" of God, a CO-creator with God, as your Lessons Nine and Ten in "Bridge" demonstrate and which I have been experiencing this year.  And further, I learned of the "ET" aspect and the "Polarity Game" run by the Nibiruans and that it was up to ME to integrate the polarities in my life.

Sure, I apparently still had my guides, but they were taking directions from ME, that is from MY soul and from ME expressing MY "personal reality" !!  Bam!! Where was God, Goddess and Jesus in all this? To whom was I now to give my daily prayer for what I desired and of thanks for the wonderful things that I have received - - myself?!! I felt a large void. And, In fact, since October when I began reading the Sitchin books and then "We are the Nibiruans," I found that I had stopped praying. I was confused and felt a deep loss.

Now, after reading Bridge of Reunion, I feel reunited with God, Goddess, and Jesus. And, I now realize their appropriate roles (at least some of them) and my responsibilities.  I eagerly await the arrival of your new book in the spring of 2000 for further enlightenment. Of course , I and my guides will not be sitting still. 


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