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The Keys of Compassion Booklets

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Hello Jelaila.

I happened upon your web site because I was doing some comparison shopping for DNA reactivation. I was actually trying to find out more about emotional clearing which, as one practitioner told me, is one of the tools that gets people ready for DNA reactivation. I was happy to find a lot of that sort of stuff including articles about ascension here too.
But what I really wanted to say is that I totally relate with what you shared in "Dancing with the Dark".  I went through the dark night of the soul too. I went through a similar time of depression in my own life. It was horrific at times. I oftentimes experienced this emotional paralysis when one of my character flaws or issues would come to the surface. But back then (about ten years ago) it was so hard to see the issue, what I had to change about myself. All that I knew was utter despair, stuckness, an inability to express my emotions and articulate what it was that I was feeling inside.

It wasn't until I went through a few muscle-tension sessions that I got some very important insight into some of the main issues happening in my life. That was groundbreaking for me. It was groundbreaking because now I was free to experience the fear, the anxiety and be able to understand what the issue is behind each of those episodes. The more comfortable I became with facing my fears and the darkness within me or unprocessed inhibitions, the more I began to access information about my past lives. My past lives were inextricably linked with specific issues. A couple of years ago I had some acupuncture work done and I asked the practitioner to help me access my higher self and BOOM, I started doing just that. I spent months automatic writing and going into several past lives. That was also the time in which I started to teach myself how to meditate which has helped me immeasurably.
But I also understand what you're going through in terms of relationships. My wife just happens to have a keen ability at seeing my shortcomings. In fact, when something bothers her about a character flaw of mine, she doesn't hesitate to tell me. This used to annoy the hell out of me and it brought our marriage to the brink of destruction at times but because of what I understand about the issues of mine which I'm here to uncover and heal and the fact that we both agreed prior to incarnating to help each other with our spiritual growth, I approach her sensitivity to my character flaws much differently. I have to, or else I'm just allowing my ego to run rampant. So, when she gets pissed off at me and tells me all about myself I try to be quiet within and take the perspective that what she's doing, in her own way whether I like it or not, is allowing me the opportunity to change by giving me access to information about my issues which I would otherwise deny or stuff away so that I don't have to deal with them. She is my savior and my soul mate.
I don't know if this helps. Overall, I just wanted to appreciate what you had written in your article because I had gone through something similar in my life. Your the first person, other than my wife, with whom I felt I could share this with because you went through this bitter struggle like I did.
Thank you Jelaila for your courage and your wisdom.

Hello to you this fine day. 

I've just finished reading through the nine steps of the Formula of Compassion, and I just wanted to express my gratitude for their availability. I have read Handbook to Higher Consciousness, and although I was reminded of it's format when reading this formula, I realized that this formula was resonating with me in a much more natural and easy way.

I watched a long standing conflict with my father dissolve as I read through it, and am now in the process of contemplating the unique way in which I will celebrate by giving him a gift of my gratitude. Your ideas are wonderfully available to all that seek them, and I must commend you for that.  May many many blessings seek you out as you have sent so many out to others.



I began by researching Nicoli Tesla and his alternative current and other inventions and ended up on your very interesting and extremely insightful site.  I’ve only read your formula but will now peruse the site and eventually your book, soon.

I wanted to thank you for putting forth this information.  I've been familiar with the AA 12 steps but this takes it even further.

warm regards,
Kathryn S.

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you so much for sharing with us the 9 steps of compassion and the Multidimensional keys. We are a group from Argentina that have been working these tools for the last three years deepening our understanding of the ascension process.

We send all our love to you and your colleagues
Alicia (Argentina)

In the name of Grupo del Corazon Unico.

Alicia Santaliestra

Good Morning, Jelaila!

Just checking in again, this time to share my profound heartfelt appreciation  for the 7 Compassion Key booklets!  Wow!  I'm currently reading booklet 6, "Dancing with the Dark" and am in the midst of the liver cleanse.  Needless to say, there's a lot of internal movement of which I can only begin to discern perhaps the surface.  This being the buried rage as well as intense heartache.  I've become very aware of how "disconnected" I have been with my guides and internal dialogue.  And although I have had a working awareness of my Soul and Ego/Inner Child, booklets 3 & 4 have now given me a strong working understanding of this imperative relationship. 

Although our life paths have been different (mine as a starseed and yours as a walk-in and of course the different life experiences we have each had), I completely resonate with the stories, feelings, fears, etc. that you share in each booklet.  Again, there's an experience of revelation  (something "new") mixed with absolute familiarity (I KNOW this stuff and it instantly "clicks").  Also, I want to mention that the illustrations you chose for the booklets are oh so cute and perfect! 

...Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.  I know I've already said these things to you, however, as I get further involved with this process and the tools I can't help but be grateful for what you have brought through.  I'm sure that Devin and the rest of the Council are extremely proud of your accomplishments.

Have a blessed day,

Hello to you this fine day. 

I've just finished reading through the Nine Steps, and I just wanted to express my gratitude for their availability. I have read Handbook to Higher Consciousness, and although I was reminded of it's format when reading this formula, I realized that this formula was resonating with me in a much more natural and easy way.

I watched a longstanding conflict with my father dissolve as I read through it, and am now in the process of contemplating the unique way in which I will celebrate by giving him a gift of my gratitude. Your ideas are wonderfully available to all that seek them, and I must commend you for that. 

May many many blessings seek you out as you have sent so many out to others.

Dear Jelaila,

I just want to thank you for "The Formula of Compassion"  I think it has open a very small crack in my awareness.  I will keep reading your web page and hope to develop my awareness further.


Hi Jelaila!

I trust this email finds you in the best of health and mind. I want to say from the deepest depths of my heart: Thank you! for everything. I have been in the active process of accelerated recoding for less than 2 months now, and needless to say things are a chagin'. outgrew my last sales oriented job in 2 months! that's a record breaker for me, now i'm moving on to other fields of interest, getting out of the office environment-balancing. relationships with loved ones--those who play the darkest roles are changin' for the better. The liver cleanse works great! works even better when one follows it to the T. My whole perspective and possibility of life has done a complete 180. I feel blessed to have the choice to access these higher dimensional tools, and I feel blessed to have you are around to anchor this possibility into this reality now--in the age of quickening. Once again, Thank you. It's All Good.

Being Compassion



I received the compassion booklets last week, but now they look like I have had them for months.  I am living and breathing through them. I take them everywhere. They are so much of my life now because they put so much of what I have learned and integrated into a form of understanding for it has been there for me, but I could not bring it all together.

I have a hair business in my home ("Images" is the name)where I am in a position to be one on one with an individual.    I have been married for almost 20 years.  We were two lonely, fearful, hurting people.  He who was needing a mothers roll to be fulfilled, and I a fathers role.  I am so blessed I have listened to my soul when I heard the statement many years ago when I first had fibromyalgia pain coming on bad.....

"You can go on to another husband, lesson, or go through it this time. ......I had the "Knowing" I could have many other husbands, but they would all be the same just a different face.  I made the conscious decision to see this through this time around. My two girlfriends and I have committed to "This is the last time I am going through this lesson.  Sometimes we tease we would like to renegotiate whatever we agreed to between lifetimes.......

 It was after having a dream of another lifetime, I thought anyway many months back.  I was in a ceremony that was an arranged marriage, like in Abe Lincoln's time, was actually in the ceremony, when I knew I had to marry this man, but yet I seen my true love in the distance.  I chose to marry the arranged one, but was so devastated.  I awoke with such pain.  I have been living that pain till this last week as I have been awakening through the compassion booklets.  In my intense joy I want to shout it from the rooftops, but I know all in it's right timing.

I am seeking  on the right Counselor to assist me in my next step.  I believe I will contact Tor.  Thank you for publishing their pictures and biography.  All the info we need is just a click away. 

Love and Light to you. 

Hi Jelaila,

I have introduced my son [35] to Inner Child Healing.  He is going through his childhood issues ~again.  Having made contact with his 'LittleGreg' is an amazing process for him.  Extremely emotional for both of us, but what a tool you have givn us [thanks Devin] to work with.  Thank You Jelaila.

Much love to You and Jonathan.

Barbara xxxxxxxx


...Thank You for the wonderful work you've done creating these booklets.  I have already been able to release an old and painful relationship.  I still need to work on it, but your wisdom and guidelines/Keys are and will be of a great help.  I feel confident that this is what I've been looking for .  Your booklets explain things so clearly.  I look forward to the journey and for the first time I am not afraid to face the pain and fears.  I realize it is going to be a lot of work but I feel I am finally ready.

Thanks again,
Love, Kit

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for responding to my last note.  I am reading the 7 booklets.  In fact, I am really working through some eye and heart opening, situations concerning my inner child.  Your booklets are very, very helpful in helping me to process this old/new issues with my child.  I am most grateful to you through the booklets, for pointing out a way to assist us both into a better understanding, of each other, and how to work together.

Love to you from a grateful Heart,
Kay C.

Hi Jelaila,

This is Chuck in Daytona Beach, FL.   I'm not exactly sure why, but at this very moment my Heart is open and flowing with Love for you and I was just compelled to tell you. The feeling is just to special to ignore.  I hope you don't think this is weird.  Please know I am referring to the Universal Love that we were designed to have for all Beings.  It's just right now, it's headed your way.  I have been going through the Multi-D Keys of Compassion for the past couple of weeks, so your words and your energy have been with me.  Anyway, you are really connecting with my Heart...Thank you.  Thank you also, Jelaila, for being of such great service to our beautiful planet and the Galaxy.

Much Love and Peace,
Chuck H.

Dear Jelaila,

I very recently ordered all the "Keys of Compassion" booklets, "Bridge of Reunion" and "We are the Nibiruans."  I sincerely thank you and Jonathan for sending them so quick. I have read almost everything by getting up at 4 AM and reading before the world starts rockin' and rollin'.

I want you to know that I feel a very strong kinship with you and find your writing so clear, to the point and divinely inspired. I would be leery of the Nibiruan Council thing, but I can't be once I tried the exercises and actually read what you have written. I'm a no-b.s. kind of person and cannot waste time on trifling stuff.

Although I am having quite a time adjusting to the concept of the Nibiruan Council, I cannot deny that your works make complete and utter sense to me especially the knowledge about how to work with our inner selves and emotions using the "Keys."  I'm finding the Inner Child (Ego )/Self/Soul work to be divinely inspired. I was studying Tibetan Buddhism this whole year, but felt I needed something much more comprehensive. I feel so much while I am just reading that by the time I finish a booklet I feel as if I have already done the exercises. So much is changing for me just doing the reading and practicing the exercises.

Right alongside this wonderful changing is the tossing of obstacles in my path everywhere I turn. They come so fast and furious that I feel overwhelmed at times. My little inner child, Bobba (my real nickname) gets so frightened with being slammed with so much financial crap. She wants to go back home, wade in the creek, catch minnows and be out in the sunshine picking prairie wildflowers for Mama and playing with the horses. That was a typical day for her.  If I didn't know what was happening, I would certainly be in the funny farm.


Hello Jelaila,

Life moves so quickly and the ride is intense. The information I sought came to me and I shifted. you are right, with the [Keys of Compassion] tools it's easy to get the information one needs. The tools and your words [during our session] in Vegas have prepared me for the biggest growth spurt that I have done in many years. Without your help I would not have made it through. Your help came in the form of ground laying information through conversations in Vegas and in the books and tapes you have so lovingly and courageously created for us. Thank you... I hope that life is gentle with you and that you and your family are well.

With so much love and appreciation.

Dear Jelaila and Jonathan,

...Thank you both so much for having the courage to do the work you are doing. I've purchased all the written material you have and am extremely impressed! Please let me know when your next book is available. Also your liver flush worked better than any I have ever tried and I've done most of them...

Much love,
Bobbi H.

Dear Jelaila,

I have been working on the keys and have noticed great changes in the way people act around me.  My husband said last night that he doesn't know what is going on," but people want to be around you, emulating you; they want to hear you as if you are filled with wisdom."    Not bad insight especially from a guy who is so enmeshed in the third dimension!


Hi Jelaila,

First of all I want to thank you for the work you are doing and sharing it with all of US. Your web site is wonderful. My heart's desire is that I may, in some way, emulate your role model.

I have tons of stuff I would love to share with you and talk about, however, I know reading takes time and I am sure your time is rather full.
Basically I am writing in regards to your article on the Star Knowledge web site. I so totally area with you about the importance of the balance of the light and dark, not the elimination of the dark. My walk-in name of C'Ja means one who embraces the light and the dark.

I consciously chose to embrace my shadow self a number of years ago. In my mind I totally accept that the dark is just as valid and important as the light; However, I am left with this thought, "Now what? !" What does this look like? feel like? I am feeling stuck between a desire to grow and let my light shine and my so called dysfunctional behavior patterns. Know what I mean? I tend to assign these to my dark side.

I know that if I try to "eliminate" these patterns, it's more like I increase their hold. Yet to continue to allow them to make choices in my life isn't feeling so good:(Thanks for your time in reading this email. I guess I am not looking so much for a definitive answer--though I wish for one--as much as wanting to engage this idea of integrating the dark, personally & globally.

May all be well for you and all your relations,
Dennis C'Ja

Jelaila’s answer:
Hi Dennis,

I totally get where you are coming from in regards to how to integrate the dark in light of your dysfunctional patterns.  The Multidimensional Keys of Compassion were the answer for me.  Once I woke up to the idea of integrating my light and dark sides I realized I needed tools. Fortunately the Council was ahead of me on this and began teaching these tools to me at the same time.  I wrote them down in booklets for everyone to access.  Interestingly these tools are encoded in our DNA and were sent with us to earth to be used at this time.  Hope this helps. 
take care,

Jelaila Starr


It was very long time since we communicate. I would like to tell you  that I am healed completely, it means no more problems!!!

I would like to tell THANK YOU , I really very much blessed that I was in Canada last year [Toronto workshop where you taught the Soul/Ego/Self Partnership, the 3rd Key of Compassion]. I’ve been working with my inner child every day since.  Thank you so very much for teaching me that Key . It is amazing, fascinating, I am very happy.  After long 4 years, I am finally okay [my rash is gone], it means  a lot to me. After I get back from Canada I did blood test, it was cholesterol 395, very bad. I do not know how is it now, but I believe if I continue to work with my inner child it would be okay. 

I wish you the best joy, love, happiness.


Thanks Jelaila and Jonathan...

for your encouraging words and most of all for NOT caretaking me!  I  knew I had to go through this on my own, but I didn't have to go through it alone.  Boy, do I see even more clearly the value of 9D Compassion and NOT caretaking others and still being compassionate.  What I've  been able to learn - how I've really let my fears hold me back! These  "Compassion tools" are AWESOME and the key to befriending our fears!  You guys are, too!  What value!

I have to tell you...even Sean (my son), after watching me go though everything (being REAL with myself!) the past few days is asking ME for help in teaching him how to deal with his fears...WOW!  Here's a kid who was sooooo NOT ready to face his fears and now....well, I stopped caretaking and took care of know the rest. You know the other night when I was wrestling with the questions  about my anger with Sean?  (I had already begun going through the 'HOLD ONTO  NOTHING AND YOU'LL HAVE EVERYTHING' and wasn't even aware of it)

Well, the next morning I told Sean that "this stuff" that I was going through wasn't his fault and had nothing to do with  him...that I was at the fork in the road between sending in the deposit check for Egypt or using it for my first trade to start the income coming in again and  I wanted BOTH and that's why I was angry!

I was so afraid I couldn't have  BOTH...Have it ALL...right now!  And you know what this dear sweet soul said?   "Mom, I wish you luck in whatever way it works out.  And smiled".  WOW...somehow this soul knew what I was up against and at the same time knew it would work out for me.

Another lesson I wanted to learn, remember?  To just Let Go and BE REAL!

I keep learning more and more every day now,  just how valuable the Compassion Formula & Keys ARE...they're our precious  foundation of our Earth School here.  Without them, it just seems all else, no matter how powerful, is scattered to the wind.

"You GO GUYS!!!"


Hi Jelaila!
Dear Jelaila,

A Happy and Joyous Thanksgiving to you a  very, very special thanks to you because you have given me the tools to break through the emotional blocks and FEEL the HAPPINESS.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Hi Jelaila,

I recently purchased your “7 Keys of Compassion” booklets and I am really getting a lot out of them, especially the 4th Key (Soul/Ego/Self Partnership.)  I did the exercise described, and I was quite amazed to feel like I was working with something real.  Whenever I work with visualizations, etc., I can always feel my mind running around setting things up.  Or moving the pieces around the board.  This always frustrates the hell out of me, making me feel like it could all be a delusional fantasy.  But when I did this one, it felt like I was dealing with something very real, tangible, and beyond my mind’s antics. 

I also really resonate with the Keys of Compassion because they move right to the heart of the problem. So many practices in this arena seem to diverge or subtract from the real problems and solutions.  An understandable habit in light of how much time we humans put towards stuffing our pain and trauma, running and hiding to no end.  Not an effective method for solving problems though.

If we are ever going to move upward in our consciousness, we have to put our fascinations with exotic details of spirituality aside and work through the more undesirable elements, the pain and trauma.  It we don’t, we’ll just keep spinning our wheels.  So I thank you greatly for these tools you are introducing to us, and hope that everyone will be wise enough to use them, EFFECTIVELY!

Gerald B.

Jelaila, there's a goody. After finishing the translation last night I layed down for meditation and after half an hour (I practice astral traveling  exercises) I felt a pop between my heart and my throat.

I believe that was the high-heart chakra opening. I  have read a lot about chakra energies, but last night I had a first glimpse at what this really means. I  have a feeling that just working on your Formula of Compassion article triggered this pop.  Just felt like sharing.



I wish to share something. Last night, after another salt bath I was guided to read the Formula of Compassion booklet. When I came to the step where I had to ask myself if I felt compassion for Hitler....I finally felt it!

When I was contacted in 88, these were the first things that came through: about Hitler being an ascended master. I felt compassion for so long, then rejected, etc....long stories... A few days ago I felt so much hate and did not know where it came from. This morning I made myself some pancakes and the thought came that I don't have to half starve myself any more like HItler. I had worked through much stuff from my upbringing in Germany, and I am aware of parallel lives there. But this mention of compassion for Hitler and the others makes me so happy. I  don't have to carry it all anymore. Thank you.


Blessings to you Jelaila. 

I cannot put in words what you Formula of Compassion, is doing with my relationship with one of my 3 sons.  My anger and judgment towards him was crippling to both myself and my son.  At first trying the formula didn't seem very effective but somehow it touched my soul and I knew it was truth.  I kept with it. The difference in my feelings towards him now is remarkable -- much softer and gentler.  I do feel compassion. 

I know now you have to start by just desiring to feel it. I am continuing working with the Formula of Compassion.  It is something I will hang onto for the rest of my life.  It brings me peace and then I give it to others.

Joseph H.


I so long for a loving, compassionate, peace filled Earth existence and  regardless of who the Nibiruans are, the Compassion steps are a real tool to  move through our shit and come out into the light of love and oneness. If they  aren't here to help, why give us such a tool? Bless you! And I look forward to  experiencing you in person! Namaste



I wanted to let you know how eternally grateful I am for the information you are bringing to this is enabling me to finally see the fruits of what feels like a billion years of hard work....I know I will be living my mission (and have been already) and will be fulfilled like I have always dreamt I would be...thank you, thank you, thank you...I thought my very genuine words might be coming  at a time when you would appreciate hearing them...and this weekend made me even more of a disciple of the nine steps of compassion, etc. as it proved to transform me almost immediately out of what seemed like many endless holes...

I recently read your booklets and now label them (after YEARS of reading self-help books) the most important things i've ever read...healing, healing, always healing.


Dear Jonathan and Jelaila,

...There are no words in any language that can express my gratitude to you and Jonathan for all the tools and formulas that have allowed me to transmute my blocked emotions into compassion and in so doing,  reconnected me to the loving family I left behind.

Michael David

Jelaila and Jonathan,

Thanks so much I have been doing the Keys of  Compassion and how profund they are and what a gift to all of us.. I am a  walk-in and have been processing all the stuff and think that I might actually  finally get to my purpose here..many blessings in all your work.


Hi Jonathan,

Thank you, I received all the materials two weeks ago.  The keys to compassion are truly wonderful and seem to put together for me much of what I have been working towards healing in my life the last couple of years but could not fully synthesize.  As a result, it feels like the next piece in my spiritual journey has suddenly clicked into place, and I am very grateful for this.

I appreciate your forwarding me the email of another who shares the same interest in ascension and will contact Choon Hock Sim soon.

Thanks for everything!
Yours truly,

Hi Jelaila,

I got to share this with you.  You may find it interesting!  When I copied the Formula of Compassion the first time, what came off the top of my do-do stack was self anger, self hatred, based on fear of failure, etc.  The release gave me shudders, and I almost felt like I was levitating!,   The next day my bowel passed what appeared to be large lumps of concrete, and they were burned, like they had been in a kiln!!  I thought, Holy Moses, I just shit a brick!, and it was already burned in a furnace!!!  Wow!!! This stuff really works.

I really know I need to be doing this work, but I appear to be really loaded with dense stuff, so I am thinking I need to be pacing myself in the beginning, and paying lots of attention to body care!  I feel I will pick up the pace as I go along.  Again, thanks for being there with the tools, and your excellent pointers, on the tapes I just received.  I am feeling your encouragement, and would like to give thanks.

Jerry Cranmer in Cleveland

Dearest Jelaila,

I wanted to share with you something I had not understood before. Yesterday was the first day that I truly read through the Formula of Compassion. A situation came up with someone that I needed to release. ..Did I have an AH Ha....Back in Oct. when I was working with my guide Thor, he had placed a Golden Funnel on my high heart. He asked me to keep it there for 24 hrs a day for 3 days. I asked what is this for and I did not get a clear answer. I had asked around about this, including the lady that introduced me to this guide that was attempting to reach me, and she had no idea. No one knew, not even me. I just knew it felt very intense for three days. Something was happening. The second day....I changed the color to gree.  After that it began to settle down and become more peaceful. Thor came in and asked why I changed  the color, I told him. He just said, “it is gold for a reason. Please keep it gold.”

When I read the part about the high I got it.  I did most of the Compassion Formula last night.  I had to do it twice but I still did not see the lesson so I kept asking to be shown. They showed me the lesson by using my husband, Bob.  We got into an argument and finally I got it. 

Anyway the main reason for my writing to you is a big ~~**hug**~~ to you and THANK YOU.


Hi Jelaila,

I wanted you to know how much the work I am doing with the Innerchild/ego has helped me in my growth, my acceptance of who I am and that the quality of my life has become that of a master as opposed to a victim. I thank you for all your work/joy that you do from the 4th layer of my heart.

Na M'asta

Dear Jelaila and Jonathan,

I ordered the recoding package a while ago and are busy doing the job! (What a bumpy road!)  I want to thank you both for the work you are doing. As a guy who has followed closely the spiritual info released the past years, both in books and on the net, I've now been cutting it down to a few important sources. I must say that the info from you are in the top level of these sources.

I'm working as a therapist and are thinking of using some of your things as a supplement in my work. What I'm thinking of is using the "The Soul/Ego/Self Partnership Booklet" in my work. So I'm wondering about your policy on that.

All the best,

Hi Jelaila,

Thanks for the response.I did want to tell you that reading the 3rd Key of Compassion made me very angry.So much so that I threw it down at least three times whilst getting through it's contents.Even the very book itself made me angry. Nevertheless, you can probably guess that I was over the moon because of that reaction, and my ability,at that time,to let the anger rip through me and out into the ether. I never cease to wonder in amazement every time the right material comes to the fore. AIN'T LIFE WONDERFUL.   Lots of Love, John


...I got laid off in April and went back and listened to your tape, while ironing, about Hold On to Nothing and guess what?  I got a job better better than the job I had before where I got fired.  I am making $9000.00 more than my last job and $5000.00 more than the one before that and I also have free parking now.  What a hoot!!!  I started on May 14 and didn't even have to go on unemployment.

D. Kraft

Dear Jelaila and Jonathan,

I have just finished reading your newest booklet, The Dancing with the Dark Key and wanted to express my appreciation for this work. For many months now I have been feeling and thinking about the integration of polarities. Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, it's at the forefront of my awareness. Jelaila, I felt privileged to experience the deep level of honesty and vulnerability you expressed in this booklet. My first feeling about the two of you was a worldly, 3rd dimensional respect for both you and Jonathan, and for your willingness to expose such intimate details of your lives to all of us who read and value your work. But as I continued reading I felt as if I was experiencing a greater archetypal essence.  It was as if I could feel yours and Jonathan's essence and my own essence blending simultaneously.

Also, I felt this very old pain and sadness in my heart for the polarization of Light and Dark, for myself and for all souls who have participated in this great learning experience. Then, right behind that pain and sadness was an excitement and almost childlike anticipation of a time when polarities will be integrated. I identify with your challenges and admire your clarity and courage. 

Nick Blake

Hi Jelaila,

First, I want to thank you for having the courage to reveal yourself in writing the 6 Keys, particularly in the 6th Key, Dancing with the Dark, which I've just completed. You are a living example of the "process" in action, which a set of dry steps to follow could never alone be sufficient. Of course, you must know by now that, besides being the conduit for the "process" to us, your walk-in life was designed to serve as an example of the process in action. Your pain is for our gain. Your joy and bliss is our beacon. 


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