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The 9D Nibiruan Council’s Perspective on the Black Hole
by Devin/Jelaila Starr
written June 25, 2000
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With the May, 2000 grand planetary alignment now behind us, we would like to continue forward and speak about the next cosmic event on the horizon.  As always, please use discernment with this and any other channeled information, remaining open to multidimensional interpretation.

Your scientists are aware and concerned about the black hole that is located in the center of your galaxy and which your planet is fast approaching.  They are concerned that if Earth is sucked into this black hole that you will not survive.  First let us explain the purpose of these black holes.

Black holes are portals or doorways between universes.  Imagine all the universes of creation when viewed from above are connected like a giant spider web.  The connecting points leading from one universe to another are the black holes.  A strong magnetic force draws object into the center of a black hole, through it and out the other side. So we see that black holes are the connecting points in the web of universes that are also portals with strong magnetic forces that usher planets, ships, etc. into and through the various universes of the web.   

As your planet moves towards the black hole in the center of our galaxy, this force will act as an usher, ushering you into the new universe, and in your case, a parallel universe where you will spend the next 204,000 year cycle.  After that cycle is complete, earth will return to its present universe.  This is the meaning behind the figure 8.

As you move through the black hole, you will not be crushed since earth will be much lighter than it is now.  Many of you have heard about Mother Earth/Lady Gaia giving birth to her new self.  Just imagine that the black hole is the birthing canal and the earth that exists the black hole in the parallel universe will be the new earth. 

Now some of you are asking when this will occur.  Once again, that is up to you.  You will not go through the black hole portal until your planet is ready (more on this in a later update) so do not be concerned about this coming event. Your scientists will continue to be alarmed until they decide to embrace the spiritual aspect of this event.

Head of the 9D Nibiruan Council through Jelaila Starr

Author Info:
Jelaila Starr, author of We are the Nibiruans, The Mission Remembered, and The Keys of Compassion is an internationally known  channel, teacher, and counselor. Through her lectures, workshops, and articles, Jelaila's message of compassion has touched the hearts of people around the world inspiring hope and understanding while providing solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges.  

As a psychic/intuitive/counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding.  Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do, and how to achieve it.  To contact Jelaila, email her at:

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