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Ascension Update – October 2006
By Jelaila Starr 
Written September 27, 2006
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There a new feeling of excitement in the air these days.  Can you sense it?  I sure can.  Over the past month I have felt that things are changing. It appears that we are being recalibrated in order to live at a higher level.  Using the analogy of a staircase, many of us are now stepping up another step moving from the 4D step onto the 5D step.   

5D is best characterized as galactic in nature. It is the step where we enter the galactic community. All around me I see signs that this is our next step.  Like any new reality, and it will be a new reality, it begins on Earth and starts small then begins building. Eventually we have a full fledged manifestation.  An excellent example of this is the Computer Age. It began small with a thought that was so exciting it prompted people like Bill Gates to act on it.  There was new energy that brought about that exciting thought and Bill took advantage of it.  This led to the first operating system that could be mass produced.  Microsoft Windows 95 enabled anyone to have a global connection and the rest is history.    

Today the new energy is about starting the galactic community here on Earth.  I see this energy manifesting in several ways. First, I see new vortexes[1] opening and communities being established around them.  The vortexes will vibrate at the higher 5D level.  If you adhere to the concept of 12 dimensions and 12 octaves in each dimension then you would say that the vortexes will be in the 10th – 12th octaves of 5D.  

The new communities won’t start out at this level but thanks to the influence of an even higher grid, the 9D Compassion Grid they will evolve to it in a relatively short time. In the beginning the new higher frequency will create turmoil within the people around it as they clear their emotional bodies in order to align with it.  I see major migrations of people in the coming two years as people follow the prompting of their Souls to move to safer locations.   Regarding the vortexes, I see a substantial increase of people moving both in and out of those areas.   

There are three unique characteristics that will define the energies of new 5D vortexes and the people who live in the communities surrounding them: galactic minded, integrity, and compassion.   Integrity, an almost forgotten trait will be the hallmark of these people. In fact those without integrity will find their lives turned upside down to the point that they will either develop it or leave.  With integrity community members will honor their word which is critical in making and keeping agreements.  Agreements will replace contracts and laws.  Compassion will enable community members to work through conflicts without resorting to violence or legal recourse.  Advisors and counselors will replace lawyers.  In fact, these communities will provide an energetic overlay for the cities in which they form.  As such they will have a positive influence bringing about great social and political reforms.  As for Earth changes, these communities will be relatively safe from harm because the people will know how to process through their pain and clear their fears. When pain is processed and fears are cleared the Earth does not have to do it and the result is calm weather.  In addition, new technologies such as those for free energy and cleaning up the environment will be used.   

People have asked me where these new vortexes and communities will form.  At present I only know of a few, Springfield, Ohio, Austin, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Kansas City, Missouri.  I am told the others will be made known in the near future.  As for how they will form, they will be created first by intent. At each location, people will gather and together put forth the intent for the vortex to form.  You could call it seeding for a vortex.  There are those on Earth who have contracts to seed the vortexes. Perhaps you are one.  I am aware that I have this contract.  In fact, I already seeded a vortex near Springfield, Ohio, and yes, the energy of it has already created some upheaval.   

The Third Wave Update 

At the beginning of the year I wrote the article, Perspective on 2006.  In it I discussed the new wave of people whose contracts for service had been activated. Since that time more information has been made available about them. The primary characteristics of the Third Wave, is that they are bridgers and vortex keepers.  As bridgers they will be the ones to maintain a bridge or connection to 3D.  This is absolutely critical for two reasons.  First, our bodies are still 3D and second, most of the world is still 3D. Our bodies and our Inner Children, who are solidly connected to our bodies, need us to remain grounded in 3D. We came here to learn how to walk in two worlds, not to walk out of one completely and into the other.  Ascension is not about a mass translation into another realm but a rising of consciousness so that at some point we become aware of our galactic neighbors and join the stellar community as equals.  

Walking in two worlds is what a person with a 3D body and a higher consciousness can do.  We are able to manifest easily and enjoy the things that our world has to offer.  If we are spending our time pining for another world, we miss out on the things we have often complained about not having.   

Secondly, the Ascension Staircase cannot be effective without highly conscious yet 3D grounded people at the 3rd step to show others the way. If everyone moves on up and doesn’t stay grounded then how can we help the majority of the world left behind?  They won’t be able to relate to us, something that many of us are already experiencing. They won’t be able to see us either.  How many times have you spoken to someone and they don’t seem to hear or even notice you are there?  The discord that the disconnect from 3D is creating is not going to help us in the long run and it wasn’t part of the plan.  It was meant to be more fun, enjoyable and soul satisfying, not difficult, lonely and painful but that’s how many people are experiencing the ascension.  In addition, this disconnect is part of the reason that two previous Earth Grand Experiments failed.  So back to the Third Wavers, this is why they will be more connected to 3D.   

As vortex keepers a large number of this group will be involved in establishing the new galactic communities.  As keepers of the vortex they will be the ones who will spearhead the changes needed to maintain the higher 5D consciousness of these communities.  Many Third Wavers will be teachers and way showers for others as they enter and begin to energetically align with the community. You could say the Third Wavers will be the glue that keeps these communities together. 

Another sign I see regarding this energy is that galactic oriented teachers will begin to work together.  By joining forces we can advance the development of the galactic consciousness here on Earth.  I and Bryan de Flores are the first two galactic oriented teachers to team up. We hope that within a year others will join us.  As we understand it our primary tasks are to seed new vortexes as well as provide a Galactic Federation (GF) Council presence on Earth through holding galactic gatherings of different sizes.  There are other things in the works but that’s more than enough for now.  We will begin our work in the US and then spread out from there.   

I am so happy to see the efforts of all the starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers finally bearing fruit.  Humanity is ready to begin the steps of entering the galactic community.  Isn’t it the grandest of times to be alive?   

In service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council  

About the author:
Jelaila Starr is a gifted channel, speaker, counselor, and teacher.  She is the author of We are the Nibiruans, Books One and Two, and Bridge of Reunion.  Jelaila’s mission is to provide spiritually-inspired, higher dimensional tools that will enable us to reawaken and return to our natural state as multidimensional beings. Jelaila’s counseling sessions are available by phone or in person. 
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[1] Vortex: A place or situation regarded as drawing into its center all that surrounds it.  Example: the Sedona vortex.

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