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Ascension Update – May 2005
By Jelaila Starr
written May 3, 2005
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As I wrote back in the article, Ascension Update: another Phase ends, we have entered a new timeline and thus a new reality.  It’s been nearly 6 months since I wrote that article.  In it I talked about having entered the Void after completing the previous phase and waiting to come out of it in order to begin a new one.  And even though there will be relief in not being in a state of waiting, we’d replace that relief with the challenges that changes in the new phase would bring.  I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you what I’ve come to recognize as a few of those changes. 

Increased loss of short term memory

It used to be that when walking around my house I’d have to have to take a pen with me to write things on my hand or forearm that I want to remember.  Before that I could use a notepad but I had to stop doing that when I noticed that I could no longer remember where I placed the notes.  By the end of the day I’d look like I had tattoos running up my forearm.  This was quite irritating not to mention frightening because I thought at one point that I was in the early stages of senility brought on by the stress of emotional clearing.  And even though the Council told me that I’d regain my memory one day, and I have, I can even multi-task again, I had no faith in their assurances while triggered by the fears and constant challenges brought on by forgetting dates, birthdays, and appointments.  And I was not alone, many were, or are still are, experiencing short term memory loss and to make matters worse, it is increasing.

So what is causing it?  As I understand it, the loss is the result of being temporarily disconnected from the 3D electromagnet grid by the impact of solar flares.  Scientists have now confirmed that we don’t store our memories in the gray matter of our brain.  Instead they are stored in the electromagnetic grid surrounding our planet.  We link up to the grid via the neurotransmitters in our brain.  Since they are electromagnetic in nature they create an energetic link between us and the grid much the same way that bumper cars on a carnival ride connect to the grid above via electricity running through the wires.

When we link up or connect we can access our memories. When solar flares hit the grid, it shakes and we lose our connection.  So when we walk into a room and forget why we are there, we have simply lost our grid connection during the time we first had the thought and the time we entered the room. 

The shaking can continue for some time as the energy from the flares reverberates along the grid lines.  As this occurs, we have a hard time remaining connected and become emotionally/mentally exhausted from near constant effort of reconnecting.  As some of you may know, we are experiencing record amounts of solar flare hits and not only that, they are of an intensity unknown in our recorded history, hence the increased challenges with short term memory.  Perhaps this near constant energy drain from having to reconnect is adding to the fatigue people are reporting.

From the perspective of the ascension process, this is taking place in order to assist us in linking up to the higher grids thus stepping us out of 3D.  It doesn’t mean that we become totally disconnected from the 3D Grid;, if we did we’d cease to exist here and transition out of 3D.  It simply means that we need no longer be solely dependent on the 3D Grid for our memory.  It’s much like trying to shake loose our hold on something that no longer will sustain us as we grow.  Moreover, if we wish to create a new reality we must tap into higher states of consciousness, i.e., grids with higher, more integrated templates and thus beliefs (beliefs are stored in templates).  This shaking of the 3D grid is giving us reason through the near continuous discomfort of having to reconnect, to move up and link up to the higher grids.

Intense clearing and changing of deeply ingrained fears and beliefs

I can always gauge where we are in the ascension process by my next door neighbors.  Friendly and warmhearted they are 100% engrossed in the 3D world and consciousness.   For years as my health deteriorated and my life fell apart as I worked through the emotional clearing aided by the increasing planetary frequency, I noticed that they seemed unaffected.  Now that has changed.  They are reeling from the emotional clearing being literally forced on them by the increasing planetary frequency in conjunction with the pressure exerted by the additional higher vibrating grids.  Their lives are now falling apart.  Health problems are popping up, financial problems, too, and their kids and pets are developing health and/or behavior problems.  This tells me that we have entered the more intense phases of ascension. 

As for myself, even though I’ve been on the path for years and my life has become more balanced as the result of having gotten through those initial phases of clearing, in many ways, even deeper fears, core issues and deeply ingrained beliefs are surfacing to be addressed.  Fortunately, like those of you who are seasoned veterans of the path, I have the tools and experience to work through them.  But observing my neighbors who are now just starting the process, I feel great empathy and a bit of sadness because they must work through their clearing without the benefit of higher dimensional tools, at least until they decide to go in search of them.  Now things are coming full circle and I can finally feel gratified that I did my work early, and prepared to assist my neighbors should they ask.   

Spontaneous emotional recall of past events

Another of the changes I’ve noticed is that more of us on the path have begun to have spontaneous emotional recall of past traumatic events.  Having completed the Ascension Staircase (the 4D, 5D and 9D grids), along with the templates to heal all major past galactic and universal events, we are now seeing the timelines change.  Though this means that those events will never have occurred, still as they revert backward those of us who are more sensitive and were part of those events will experience the emotional aspects of those events. 

Just recently one of my spiritual friends called me in a panic telling me that she was suddenly hit by an overwhelming feeling of pain and loss so great that she couldn’t function and had to go stay with friends for a few days because the grief was so great she didn’t want to be alone with it.  When we explored it we found that she was experiencing the emotions involved in a lifetime where a civilization was destroyed by cataclysmic planetary changes.  This, we learned was part of the timeline shifting backwards.  If you observed a timeline reverting you would see or sense events unfolding backwards much like playing a movie of a bomb exploding in reverse.  The explosion would still occur at the end, the point you began watching it, but then would not have exploded by the time you got to the beginning.

Still, even though this is occurring in the galactic and universal timelines, like my friend, some of us will feel the emotions of those painful events.  If you are experiencing spontaneous and devastating emotions that are not connected to anything in your present life, you may be experiencing intense past event/life recall due to the timelines reverting backward.

Rewriting the script

Though some of the changes can be a little unsettling there is an up side; no longer do we have to recreate those old painful events in order change the future.  With the completion of the Ascension Staircase and corresponding templates, that part is now over!  And though we are experiencing the emotional fallout and challenges with memory loss as we move to link up with the higher grids, all of that will eventually end.  As we continue through the next 7 years between now and 2012, we will write a new script.  This script is comprised of the new higher, more integrated and thus compassionate beliefs held in the higher grids that we want to live by.  In time as with all things, those beliefs will manifest physically forming the legal, financial, social and spiritual foundation of a new reality.

The timelines are reverting this year and as they change, we are overwriting the old script with a new one.  That new script is being written through the choices we make each day.  That is why this year is so important in the overall scheme of things.   It is the beginning year of the new script and thus becomes the foundation for the reality we want to create.  Let’s make choices based on compassion, on seeing all things as having value, both light and dark.  If we can do so, we will see a world where we live in harmony with diversity.  That’s the script I want to create. How about you?

In Service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

Author Info:
Jelaila Starr, author of We are the Nibiruans, The Mission Remembered, and The Keys of Compassion is an internationally known  channel, teacher, and counselor. Through her lectures, workshops, and articles, Jelaila's message of compassion has touched the hearts of people around the world inspiring hope and understanding while providing solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges.  

As a psychic/intuitive/counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding.  Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do, and how to achieve it.  To contact Jelaila, email her at: 

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