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Ascension Update - January 2007
By Jelaila Starr
Written January 5, 2007
updated January 13, 2008

As we enter this new year, the outlook for Earth’s ascension is positive.  Many new people have awakened in the past few years and especially the past year, swelling the ranks of those choosing to evolve to a higher level.  The amount of light on Mother Earth increases As each person clears the emotional baggage necessary for ascension. 

The next step is twofold.  First, we continue to bridge back to 3D in order to reach as many of those awakening as possible. This, I believe, is the primary purpose of the recently awakened 3rd Wave.  The other is to increase the galactic or 5D consciousness on Earth as this level of consciousness is our primary destination and the level at which we will create a new world based on harmony in diversity.  This, I am told, will be the work of the First and Second Wave as many of them have already reached this level.  I don’t know about you but I find this very exciting.  In fact, it is the beginning point of manifesting all we have worked so hard to achieve.  Since the 3rd Wave is in the spotlight this year, I’ll devote the remainder of the update to them.

The 3rd Wave: the 3D Bridgers

People have often asked me, “What is the 3rd Wave, and how can I tell if I am part of it?”  The 3rd Wave is the name given to a group of starseeds and lightworkers who have spiritually awakened in the last year or so.  To help you determine if you are indeed in the 3rd Wave, below is a list of 3rd Wave indicators. 

  • They come from all walks of life and every culture.
  • They feel more connected to Earth than the stars.
  • They feel a great sense of urgency to find their purpose and begin NOW. 
  • For many there is a fear that they are going to miss the boat and this creates a sense of anxiety that permeates their waking hours. 
  • They are here to bridge between 3D and the higher realms. 
  • Many find that their passion is to create a means to share a spiritual message with those in the 3D world rather than focus on moving out of 3D as with the previous waves. 

I have found that a good portion of the 3rd have interest in using the media in some way.  For example, a friend and 3rd Waver, Michael, is performing his mission by creating documentaries for 1st and 2nd Wave spiritual teachers to use in order to further disseminate their messages.  So, in essence, he is helping 1st and 2nd Wavers to complete their work to increase galactic consciousness on Earth.  Other 3rd Wavers that I know are interested in helping 1st and 2nd Wavers to make their messages more appealing to society in general by assisting them in rewriting their material.  All in all, what I see is that the 3rd Wave is awakening for the purpose of integrating the galactic or 5D consciousness into the world.  Since this is a 9 year (2+7=9), we are sure to see a big step forward in this  area.

With that said, the 3rd Wave must still be trained for their missions and they must reach the level of consciousness necessary to perform.  The training is ongoing and is happening right now but unlike the previous waves, it is being done through relationship issues.  These will become intense and your reaction will be likewise.  Many will experience physical clearing as in various flus that hang on as well as muscle and joint pain. In each case the solution is to ask yourself, “What is it that I am resisting?”  If you cannot see it in yourself, look at the person with whom you are in conflict and ask yourself, “What are they resisting? What fear is behind that resistance?”  The answer will be the same for you. In other words, what you find in the other person is being mirrored in you. 

Fortunately, you will have lots of help in working through the emotional clearing and your mission training.  Much of it will occur almost by osmosis because the templates for that clearing and training are already in the mass consciousness grid.  Your soul will access them as needed to help you along. 

When it comes time to begin your work you will find that funding will be there.  If you don’t have the funding now, it is not time to begin.  Remember the universal rule: When the people, money had opportunity all show up simultaneously and effortlessly, then and only then is it time to begin.  One thing to avoid is comparing your missions to those of the previous waves.  Many of you will not leave your current 3D jobs but will do your missions in concert with them.  This means carrying out your mission on a part time basis as in a sideline business.  This is possible because the greater numbers allow the assignments to be spread over a greater number of people. 

Remember 3rd Wavers, you are here to be a bridge, to anchor and ground the higher 5D or galactic consciousness into 3D.  To do that you must stay connected to 3D.  This is the year that you begin to come into your own.  Continue your training and emotional clearing.  Seek help from 1st and 2nd Wave teachers.  Follow your bliss to find your special and unique mission.  I am so glad you are here and look forward to seeing the difference your efforts will make in creating the future we all desire.   

In service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

About the author:
Jelaila Starr is a gifted channel, speaker, counselor, and teacher.  She is the author of We are the Nibiruans, Books One, The Mission Remembered, Book Two, and Bridge of Reunion.  Jelaila’s mission is to provide spiritually inspired, higher dimensional tools that will enable us to reawaken and return to our natural state as multidimensional beings. Jelaila’s counseling sessions are available by phone or in person. 
Email:   - Website:

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