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Comments on the Dec. 2001 Update



Thanks to you and Devin for this article Jelaila. I have felt the changes coming, but couldn't put them into words like Devin did. He confirmed my feelings.

Also, all of this time I have been wondering what my mission would be, my role in all of this. All of the time it was right in front of me - to assist others in all of this. I knew I was destined to be a teacher/counselor, but didn't know that it was within my grasp this entire time. Thanks for helping me remember!


Highest there Jelaila!

Great concise, Council  update.  Wasn't I going on about 2003 awhile back too? Heheehe... All makes  total sense to me... Now, and this could be interpreted as an agenda, I guess, but,  if We, as a society, could just sort out the present with as little violence, and as much compassion as possible, maybe that could springboard Us  to "the crossing", maybe hasten the time frame, and ensure a mostly positive  consensed chosen experience this time around?  Or, is there going to be a 50/50 split, with etheric bleedthroughs till Nibiru's out of "crossing"


 Comments on the July, 2001 Update


Dear Jelaila,

I am so happy to see this  Was beginning to become  very distressed over the changes occurring here of late. This article has  quieted this unrest.  Have been experiencing difficulty reaching guides  and getting any input......think now that this is why......Thank you so much for this article....

Peace and love to you,


I was just discussing this problem with my friend,  Jo yesterday and the very next day I came across this wonderful message. Jo is a  Lightworker and works as a waitress in a local restaurant.  She is very  discouraged to see that the vast majority of people she is meeting are not  getting any of this. About half of them do not even acknowledge her warm and  friendly greeting!  She states that some of them are just plain "brain dead".

From my perspective, I do see some positive changes  in mass conciousness. I believe what is needed is more evidence to prove to the  masses that we are not alone. I recently wrote to my congressman and senators,  urging them to initiate hearings on the ET disclosures as documented by Dr.  Steven Greer. The reply from one of them was quite typical of most of the  public. He stated "I have not heard of any concrete evidence that would suggest  there are other beings out there."  It is time to give them some "concrete  evidence".

Perhaps the teachers could tone down their messages  to appeal to more people and slow down the transformation, however, most (ALL)  of the Lightworkers I know are extremely bored and want to proceed much faster.  Then there is the problem of the NWO accelerating their hideous agendas and the  further acceleration of the planetary changes.   It is very frustrating to say the least.

Maybe we should be more bold with people. For  example, in my email distribution lists, I have one group that I email out  Ascension articles to and another group gets general information. Perhaps I  should send the Ascension material to ALL.

Your article did touch my heart greatly, and I  agree we must attempt to help as many people as possible to Ascend. There is a  fine balance here as we know that not every one will choose this for themselves.  Sadly, we must each face the realization that some of our friends and family may  not make it in the Ascension group.

My last comment is directed at the teachers. This  is a suggestion for possibly increasing your business. We have had teachers come  to our small town and offer weekend seminars on Ascension at astronomical  prices. Only a handful of people could even afford the cost of admission. With  the economy in a slowdown, perhaps it would be wise to lower the course fees in  order that more people could afford to gain the valuable information that you  have to share. Maybe you could reach more of the masses so that we can all get  on with it.

Jim K.
Pagosa Springs, CO

Hi Jeliala, 

As I have said before, it is such a comfort to come to this website and find I am not alone. The latest update is right on with what is happening and I think I have found a way to make my own bridge to some 3-D people. Even though I am a healer I can't sit back and wait anymore for the 3-D world to come to me, because they are not coming fast enough. LOL  So I am going to go to them.  I use to say, oh the people that need me will find me but I don't feel that way anymore. I think the gap is making me invisible to them, in a way. So I am going to take myself out of my safe little nest and get back in there.

 I think I am strong enough to maintain my 4D perspective no matter what. Please pray for this to be true. Of course, because of others this can't happen until Oct. 1 but I think it will work out well. I encourage other massage therapists to try this too. Don't hide in your office, get out there where the people are. In the mall, in the airport, etc...  47% is not acceptable to me.

Love & light, Debbie

Hello Jelaila and Jehowah..!

A few days ago, I received a message  from a friend of mine - which was a channelling from the Nibiruan Council. I  found this a most interesting channelling and would just like to say, thank you for making it 'public' - it's nice to know that all of a sudden you may run very short of money to pay your bills...!! - at least we can do everything possible to 'prepare' for this if it happens - but  lets just hope that the people who are 3D will quickly and willingly go to 4D...!? - regardless of the 'money factor'..!  Thanks for the information, anyway.......Love and blessings to you  both. .....Christine.(Living in the U.K.)

Hello Jelaila,

I have just been introduced to your teachings  and your site by Sha Powley in Australia. We have become very close friends over  the internet, and just yesterday, I told her about feelings I had that Cosmic  Forces had become unbalanced in some way and that I was feeling the effects. She  had never heard me confide something like this. Then today, through her Crystal┬   Unicorns letter, she described your teachings about 9D, the Councils, etc. It  was like a veil had been lifted from in front of my eyes. I knew immediately  that what you are teaching is true.

About me? I was a teacher for 28 years  before retiring on disability due to depression. I loved teaching, and inside  the class room I felt safe and secure. But outside things just didn't work  out-debts, loneliness, heartbreak,┬  even suicidal thoughts on many occasions. I  have a son, Jonathan, who is the light of my life, I love him so much, even  though we are 10,000 miles apart, due to divorce and remarriage. I find myself  in Singapore now, having married a Singapore woman.

I want to do more. I want to help spread  this knowledge that I KNOW is so important. When you have time, could you send  info on setting up a web site and becoming a Teacher once again? I want to read  your books as well, but as I have no credit cards and money is tight, I will  send a money order when I can. Thank you (and Sha, who has the most magnificent  soul I have ever encountered) for giving my life understanding and purpose  again.

Yours most  sincerely,
Gary M.


Great article...I can definitely relate. I've just come through about a month of extreme deconstruction across the spectrum of career, psychology, physicality and alchemy. As a musician, my gigs dried up, my other work was suspended, and two other business deals have been put on hold. It had the effect, however, of galvanizing my impeccability of intention, and focused me on 4-5D manifestation strategies.

There are three very significant "bridge" projects I've been involved with that I believe are most effective to raise the "mainstream" consciousness of "the masses":

1) The Disclosure Project ( - Success on this project means mainstream people will realize Earth human culture is an integral member of a larger galactic society. It is a short hop from there to accept that consciousness can change, and that higher states of being are possible.

2) The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement ( - Transferring human consciousness and everyday activities onto the symmetrical 13-moon/year calendar, with its vertical time concepts automatically transforms consciousness on a very practical level.

3) The Indigo Children ( - Drunvalo has helped publicized this remarkable mutation in humans that PROVES our species is PHYSICALLY changing into something greater on a DNA and biochemical level. This is confounding to science, and inspiring to that crucial "fringe" segment of the mainstream. Gregg Braden's ( work is also along this line, and very significant.

There are many more such projects really coming into their own, and I am assuming this is where the Council will be bringing its energy and resources to bear.

Keep up the great work, you guys!

Boyd M.
Portland, Oregon,


hehe, I love saying your name... its so musical :)  Thanks so much!! :)  This article opens a lot of explanations for many of the events unfolding in my Life.  Its become increasingly important for me to Be with people that haven't remembered their Divine Hearts.  Its quite an experience.  Since beginning the journey of Conscious Evolution it has been quite difficult for me to Be my Self in the presence of their disharmonious energies, so many times I have separated my self from those who have not awakened in order to keep my own experience In Harmony, but now I find it so internally important to Be with All In Love and not just with those who are In Love.  Its so interesting how the state of Human Consciousness as a whole is refectled in the state of Our Individual Consciousness'. 

Enjoying Being,
Nick :)


I have been reading your website for some time and only now feel in a place where I am able to correspond to you in this manner.  The latest Council Perspective has provided me with much insight and relief and fully articulates what I have been experiencing. I am at at a turning point with my husband and it is crucial that I bridge to him. For the last 2 years I have been focused on my own accension, and in the process being an inspiration for those around me. However, the joy of my path fell short in one area -- those around me joining me. There is limited satisfaction if only I ascend....for isn't the reason we are truly here so that we may all cross the finish line together....and that is what I want so deeply in my heart. I have been activated very deeply to clear blocks in regards to my most intimate relationship....thanks to the wonderful gift of my husband saying he would like a divorce as he has recently experienced his "opening".  I have been trying to bridge to him but have felt blocked. I see that I am responsible for not integrating with him and that we both have set up structures to limit this.

The purpose of my email is two fold: 1) To share with you my world and, 2) To see if there was an opportunity to do a session with you -- I feel that you have important knowledge for me. I look forward to your response.

Love, light and many blessings,


I have been reading your article on the internet 9D council update given to me by a friend ....I tell you this is what i have  been seeing in the  hearts of  some the seed that is like a pearl a golden pearl.  I dont know what to think of this and also the  healing energy that I have been using is differant of late ...

I don’t know what my question is but this is what is happening to me ..I have also been seeing Angels in spirit. I know there is somethink that is happening to me but i dont know what it is .. Just reading about the star seed interests me i will read more in depth soon. ...

Your friend in healing,

Dear Jelaila,

WOW, I have just read your article on ascending to the 4D and it is very interesting!  I have been channeling Archange Isicial and he says that we are preparign for a war and we on earth will be an army of lightworkers/warriors.  I am not sure why we have to be trained as such but if it means that we will be able to ascend further, then Iwill be there.

I am also starting to run my own workshops to teach people to channel for themselves.  I hope that it helps in some small way, for the greater good of all of us.  Please let me know what you think.

All my love always and forever,
Kim Bernstein

Jelaila Starr:

Hi there.  I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate the information provided in the 9D Council Update of July 26.  Even though I haven't visited your site in months (I'm not sure about all this Niburian Council stuff but am an avid reader of the Spiritual School of Ascension information), my intuition sent me there today.  The Update validated my ascension experience  and let me know that I am not the only one who is being overwhelmed emotionally and physically.  Perhaps the slow down will assist the integration.

Thanks again. 
Lisa M.

Hello and love and light to you, Jelaila!

Just read this unusual update and it left me somewhat in a maze, so to speak.  I am one of the starseeds, although  not of the big  "caliber".  I felt all my life that am is not as other people around me, in fact I never met anyone as me.  Or at least did not spoke with...That's the way it happens and I'm 54 now.  I know, how difficult it is to explain to someone the truth!!!  I am risking to lose my respect in the eyes of the person I speak to, because he/her never see things the way I see...

I do read Devin's updates and like him very much!  In and out.  It was a really shocking news to me that on Nibiru is a fighting going on now!!  What was the cause of the war?  Why nobody can stop it?  I mean from the GF.  I see that they have almost same problems as we here on Earth!  Albeit a different origin...Unbelievable - just that!  Really - as below so above!  That's all for now, dear Jelaila.  Please say hi to Devin from me...

Remaining yours in spiritual love and light,


Hello, I am so happy that you are feeling better, you must feel soooo much lighter! What a warrior of spirit you are.

I wanted to comment on the last article, wow, it is  so reassuring to get this one. I have been feeling everything that Devin had  spoke about. I am currently working on writing a book with my son, who is  deceased and is channeling some information to me. I was feeling kind of  displaced with some of the writing, I felt it was too basic, but was getting a  intuitive message that it was needed and should be written that way. After  Devin's clarity it really made me feel even better. Even the part about limbo  was most accurate, I have been having to look for part-time work to pay the  bills, because my angel greeting card business slowed way down. I have been  having some tough emotional fears around finances but through friends and  galactic family I had the support when needed, including you and Devin. Thanks  for the update, I do look forward to any more information regarding this, if you  have any personal insight on my situation it would be most appreciated.

Love, Light, Peace and Laughter!
Laura Walthers
Vision Arts

Comments on the January, 2001 Update

Hi Jelaila,

This is good news for a January!  Something occurs to me - inasmuch as one goes through a day/week or period where things can bring out the darker, snappier side (and boy, is  it easy to get snappy at times!) I feel that 'them out there' are in all  probability looking at the central core of our being, which, if one has put a  great deal of energy, blood, sweat and tears should be a nice golden colour by  now - and holding - that is what we must remember and not take our feeling/reactions on a daily basis as being what  we are judged on.  It is easy to get depressed or down thinking, am I getting  any closer to 'the goal', but to know that we are damn close.  Hope this makes sense.


Hi Jelaila and Devin,

Thanks for the wonderful news.  I sincerely appreciate your sharing of this kind of information, as it is very encouraging for us to continue our present efforts.  I had an inner image of this happening, and it is very encouraging and uplifting to get this kind of confirmation.  Please continue to update us as things occur.  I very much appreciate being  as informed as possible, until I get myself clear enough to acquire information in a more direct manner.  I continue to work on that.  All of your efforts and that of your team are sincerely appreciated.

Much  love,
Jerry C.

Comments on the July, 2000 Update


Dear Jelaila & Devin, - Namaste -

Thank you for your July 2000 message. It is so comforting to know others are feeling the way I've been feeling - lost. Until this message I felt as if I was the only one and was feeling pretty dumb and backward.

Those old issues have been resurfacing lately - and the speed seems to be snowballing. Some are more intense than others, but they're definitely repeats of old issues. And, I have a special thank you for the "Let go and let Soul" reminder.

I'd been doing that in a manner of speaking several months ago, but thought that maybe I was relying on Soul too much - being too dependent, so I sort of let it go.

I'm anticipating performing my mission, know that I have some more training before I actually do it and am letting Soul orchestrate the moves confident now that I'm closer to completing my mission, and, more importantly, on the right track. 

Peace, Jo F.

Comments on the May 5, 2000 Update


Hi Jelaila,

Thanks for another helpful article. I have been meaning to touch base with you. I just wanted to tell you how much my life has changed since one year ago. My life feels easier, more joyful, my head is clear, I am more grounded....more realistic, easier on myself, I'm having more fun, and being less serious. Over the last few months, I have just been integrating so much of what I have learned and applying it to my life. I have lost some relationships and gained some too. I feel myself moving into a direction of connecting more to this world and my community. I am looking for a full-time job and have put offering workshops on the back burner for a while. I believe I will restart them after I get settled into a job...I think. I gave my notice at the restaurant.

I have been releasing myself from the guilt I was feeling about wanting to go to work instead of being at home with the kids. I caretake much much much much much less and have been putting myself and my needs as a priority. While I continue to use the tools, I don't look at my process as having an end...unless of, course it is the end of my life....which at one time I seriously thought about. When I get off track or not paying attention, it's not long before my inner child or guide send me the signals....some times I must admit I'm not too swift. I am finally happy with who I am and my life. I am learning to enjoy the mystery as much as the infinite possibilities.

Thank you Jelaila for this very important work. It has affected me, my family and all those who know me tremendously.

Lots of LOVE to you and Johnathan,  

Hello Jelaila,

I must say I find high amounts of synchronocity with in this post. I have recently been eating many more bannana's which are high in potassium, having weight issues, aching joints, sinus reactions, internal storms, incresed "corner of eye" sights, dream occurences that I understand, speaking with the wind, life changes, life style changes, etc etc etc etc and a still continuous etc. Your headache is important, I am glad you typed it when you did. I understand my ascenion is holographic, is ascenion then of earth and of humanity/earth-anity collective to each individual or to us as a collective? I await your response, Adam

Jelaila Answers:

Adam, the ascesnion of our planet is collective and within that collective is the individual experiences.  Some people will not make the ascension, instead chosing to stay in 3D.  Others will ascend but will have experienced certain earth changes of an intense nature.  Others will ascend having experienced virtually no intense earth changes because the intense changes for them will have been internal. 

Dear Jelaila,

Regarding physical symptoms related to change...many people are developing auto-immune diseases...I am one of my case it relates to my thyroid gland.  Can you shed any light on this?  It manifests as many of the symptoms mentioned on your site.  Also, the month of October this year keeps coming to me in dreams and in other ways.  Do you know anything about this?...

in light, Sakshi

Jelaila Answers:

Sakshi, it appears that what you are experiencing is the imbalance in the throat chakra that comes from not allowing to your inner child to express its feelings when a boundary violation occurs.  Ask yourself this.  Are there times when something makes you angry or hurts you but you don’t speak up because you don’t want to rock the boat or make a scene?  If so, then this is why you are experiencing these symptoms.  The planetary frequency is too high for these emotions to stay down any longer.  Time to let your Dark side come to your aid.

Comments on Update on Comet Lee



My Beloved Sister,

I was very pleased to receive the Comet Lee update you gave. I saw that comet five years ago in the dreamtime - I just didn't know when it would come.  Much love, Almine Barton

Hi Jelaila!

Thank you SO much for this E-mailing and also the Nibiruan Council Update on Comet Lee...I DO appreciate the information SO much and being kept up on what is happening. 

Susan F.


Wow, well, I guess that says it all! Very powerful. Much thanks to you and Devin for the pertinent information. Let us hope we are all "integrating with integrity" in these most dimensional of times.

Deb N.

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