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 Comments on 9D Council Update - August, 2004



I want to thank you for sharing the information about symptoms of clearing.  Twinklejai on the LoveYourSelf Yahoo group posted the message where I saw it.  Your message affirmed for me what I had already known on one level, but put it into a broader context so that I'm feeling more certain in the knowing.

I have been serving on an intergalactic council since last fall.  When I agreed to volunteer, I got to "go home" to the planet I'm originally from in a far solar system.  I was warmly greeted there and felt what it was like to be loved and accepted just the way I am among peaceable people who are highly spiritual and live in balance with the land.  I was very much heartened by this visit because it showed me that really is possible to bring that to pass here on earth since it's been done other places.

For years, I've been hearing a little wistful inner voice saying, "I want to go home." as though I were Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  Lately, the inner voice has been rejoicing, and now what I'm hearing is, "I'm going home."

In love and light and laughter,
Ariel K

Great to Hear from you Jelaila. The intense feelings of Anxiety hit me
about three months ago. Just after I woke each morning. Eventually I asked myself "Why". There was nothing at all going on in my life at the time to incur such intense feelings of anxiety, there had been in 1996 though and the memories were acute. Having had this conversation with my InnerChild we decided to change the thoughts, and thus the feelings. It worked beautifully over a period of a few mornings.

Thanks Jelaila.

Love and Blessings,

reader comments gifComments on 9D Council Update - November, 2003


Dear Jelaila,

I really needed an updated perspective this morning and I intuitively checked out your site. I've gone from feeling beyond wearly to glowing. Thanks for the inspiration.  You are truely dear.



It was a blessing to receive your website update regarding regarding the Council’s Nov. update, thank you.  I thought I was going crazy, I have been so depressed from the eclipse, and I had expected it to be joyous!  I'm fine today, but it really hit me hard.  Hope you are well and happy.

Many Blessings,
PJ Brown


I'm writing you from Chile to thank you for bringing us these encouraging and loving messages. 

In the last 9D council update (Nov 2003), I couldn't help but cry and laugh at the same time, things were happening to me in the exact same way as described by the message.  There is no way that I can actually put in words how I have been feeling lately, the closest thing to say is that I have been feeling a tremendous change inside me, sometimes leaving me very, very tired. After reading the council update (august 2003 and nov 2003), I felt as though these messages were written to me, as if these people were directly talking to me, it was wonderful.

I am 31 years old and I have been on a spiritual path since I have memories, I have lived through so many workshops and schools, read so many books of everything, that to write you about this would take me a whole day.

I just wanted you to know that these changes are more and more intense now in every part of the world and that we are nearing the critical mass to make a complete shift very soon.  Those of us who are working intensely and quietly can feel this, so I send this word of encouragement for you to keep up your work, your messages complemented with other's can and will give us the complete picture of what's going on and will help us go through our paths.

Once again thank you...
Darío Palma Silva


A friend sent me a website about the Harmonic Concordance and thus I found your article and understanding. It has helped me this morning as I too feel that new growth, powerful sadness, and yet, commitment to have my life be a total extension of who I really am.

Peace and Love, Tutone from San Francisco

Hi there,

Can you please add me to your list, I think I use to be on it, not sure how I am not now!  but anyway what you said in your message about the 9th D etc.... it all makes sense to me and feels right.....
I have been very down lately and friend I have had for years 7 or so, and who is into ascension has lied and deceived me, and we have split as friends....I found it very stunning and sad she did this as we shared such a lot of knowledge and friendship together.  Anyway so this falling away of friends has been hard, I am open and honest always, but  this is not what my friends want or need ! 

So your email has helped me release some pent up tears I had for this friend sad tears.  and my inner child also has been grieving as my heart chakra has been very busy shall we say..... and my moods very down......thank you again for message it has helped on many levels, bless may remember me my web site is :

I have not had chance really to connect with my guides etc lately as my husband is home doing big changes to our house, so there is no where quite where I can relax  and find answers, so that is also why your message comes at the right time.

blessings  of thanks

Dear Jelaila,

I saw your article "Let's Get Real with the Ascension" through a site,, in the Lightwork newsletter.

My guide began talking to me about the Ascension in the late 90's and now I have articles about it on my site. I really liked yours, and would like to post it at my site, as well. Can you send it to me, or should I copy it from

Blessings to you...

Gidday Jelaila,

Pleased to see you are still doing the hard stuff. I read your 9D channeling of November, after so long without contact with the Nibiruan Council.

It mirrors so much of what I am living, I had to smile. The inner child reference pulled me up somewhat as my guides have been urging me to resolve some of the real issues of my life lately before moving on with Jacky (Maid Marion).

I was stoked to read of the success of human ascension, the 9D grid & got a real buzz of energy to persist and pursue the resolution of this life’s issues. Thank what(who)ever for the opportunities we now have.

I've so missed not being a part of Nib (as Jacky would say), but as far as choices go Nibiruan Council is cushy and attractive for it's insight.    So attractive for what there is to offer.  Yet, I always had a niggling doubt in terms of polarity integration that the Nibiruan Council was more the catalyst. The hard stuff to resolve, is with the humans of your physical existence. As an entity on the WEB I have had nothing but gratifying experiences with the Nibiruan Council. So, much rings true, and if I've learned nothing else from ascension & metaphysics, I've at least learned to trust my guts.

Please thank Devin for his efforts, next time you speak, and I shall not stay away for ever, just long enough to resolve some issues.

My love and respect to you, Jonathan, and the crew.  Polarity integration.


Dear Jelaila,

I have never written to you before, but I have been visiting your site for a while now and receiving your updates by email. I've even "attended" some of your online workshops recently. Nothing I have read or heard has impacted me the way the latest update from Devin has done. I identify with it totally and have been feeling exactly how he describes: ",,,financially depleted, sick and emotionally/physically burned out..."
I have been on the spiritual path since 1987 and have had many ups and downs. The past threee months have been especially difficult with a recent bout of sciatica that had me laying on the floor for three days practically unable to move. However, this was nothing compared to the last two days when I found myself crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason.
My finances are non-existent and I received a phone call this afternoon informing me that I will be facing an eviction notice if I am unable to come up with $1,500 by tomorrow. What a chance! I couldn't feel less like a creator goddess, although I acknowledge my responsibility in manifesting my current circumstances. I truly will be "moving through my chosen door with just the shirt on my back."
Devin's reminder that "success is one step past failure" was most timely and I will hang in there regardless - even though the temptation to leave this place has been extremely strong of late.
Thank you for the wonderful work that you do and for helping us all to stay connected and on our path.


Hi Jelaila,

Your latest article on the 9th dimensional energy was and is fascinating. 
For the last 4 weeks I have been dowsing peoples dimensional energy status and to my amazement have witnessed them increase to the 9th. Further more I also dowsed the Earth energy lines and found the 9th coming in and fluctuating, some are a lot more powerful than others. There are what I call 9 filaments to each main line. I intend to find my local node point for Concordance Day.

Greatly empathize with the life changes and to what has been and is happening in my life at the moment.



I would just like to thank you....I have reviewed your website and I can only was exactly what I needed to hear at this time...I have gone through so many financial and legal difficulties that did not make sense to my sights have been set on the 9th dimension for many years...I managed to keep my body and mind healthy through it all...and stay connected to the purpose...but...

Never understood why all the circumstances that I kept running into too...If there is a price for ascension...I took it with a awesome outcome in mind....and you have reitered this to me and I thank you...

Michael Huber

Good morning,

I found your website through an e-mail a friend shared with me on the approaching Harmonic Concordance and sites related to it. Your insights into this event, plus what inner and outer things we've been experiencing and working through, were such a welcome relief for me, as I feel like I've been hit by a tornado this year (the tornado has been patiently knocking on my door for a few years now, and I finally let it in around Easter and I am grateful for it and everything it has taught me...but whew!!), and for the last month especially have been experiencing deep dissatisfaction with EVERYTHING; ways of living, sacred cows, out-of-the-blue betrayals from those who I cherished the most. This has been gaining momentum all year, but this month in particular I'm really seeing more clearly how everything is an illusion (I include myself in this) and now I'm discerning what I created to have this all boomerang back on me so I can fix it.

I truly am not the same person I was a few months or even a year ago, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Anyway, what you wrote really hit the nail on the head for me, as I do feel lately like I am leaving behind something very old and ingrained that had to do with me...and that I am pulling away from a lot of the people in my life that are/were connected to that. I truly have no idea where I'm going next; what I'll be doing, where I'll settle.

I know what I'd like very much to do, and where I'd like to go, but I don't know if that's what will manifest for me. I just know that a move to the next level for me is tantamount, that it must and will happen. That's all I know. I literally am leaving everything behind! Scary, but exciting. Anyhow, I plan on joining with friends 11/8 to pray for world peace and healing, and to move to the next level. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and love with us all.

Vanessa B.

Dear Jelaila and Devin,

I just wanted to thank you for this article. Something shifted in me as I read it. I met you at the Expo in Columbus, OH (I missed your talk but spoke with you at your booth afterward). You told me that Compassion was the key to becoming multidimensional. I struggled with this because there are many people I was angry with (even had the high liver numbers at my last medical checkup to prove it). I couldn't stop myself from feeling angry at these people. But when I read this article, something shifted. It was this sentence in particular (I actually felt something happen in my body when I read this):

<<As you focus your intentions on the day of the grand planetary alignment, your state of consciousness, your level of integration and compassion, will determine which one of the doors you move through and which reality you will exist in.>>

And this is the part that made me cry:

<<Many of you may be feeling frustrated as though you have sacrificed everything for nothing. You may be financially depleted, sick and emotionally/physically burned out. All that you are experiencing, the sadness, the sense of loss, is normal—yes, normal. What did you expect to feel after such a long, hard journey....You may feel as though you have failed because all your material comforts are gone and your body is aching, but you have ensured your success…you just have to take that next step to claim it.>>

And this sentence blew me away too... I said this EXACT thing (almost word for word!) to a friend on the phone a few weeks ago:

<<For some it may feel as though you are moving though your chosen door with just the shirt on your back and wonder why.>>

I have never experience such UTTER confirmation and affirmation of how HARD it has been for me these past two month! September and October were SO difficult, I truly almost left the Planet. Thank you SO much for helping me to feel I am not alone!!!

I have planned a really special trip to Sedona to celebrate the Concordance and I am practicing Compassion now after reading this article.

with Love and Many Many Blessings of Gratitude

Carol Ann Ciocco

Hello Jelaila,

I have just read the Nibiruan Council’s November update, and all I can say is that it's amazing!!  I confess, I do not really understand all about grids etc., but I have read fully your site, and enjoy receiving the reports etc.

I have been on a "path" for nearly 10 yrs now, I am a healer and psychic, but in the last 2-3 yrs, it's been getting increasingly harder and harder to stay on this path!!  My husband and I were "taken" from our family and all things familiar, to live in Tasmania over 4 yrs ago, and it's been going from bad to worse!!!  Reading this article, was like reading about our life....we have hit "rock bottom" financially, I am physically and mentally "tired", and have wondered, especially over this past year, whether it's all worth it!!!!

I have been "battling" Graves Disease for 7 yrs (this started with menopause), this has got to the point where despite "dealing with the issues", it is still not going away, and is not responding to the medication!! I feel it is all to do with DNA, and the recoding  that we are all going through. I am having to have the thyroid removed, as my body can no longer tolerate "running on overdrive".

With this article also came hope, that all is not lost, and that we will all "survive" and go forward, and that the worst is over!!!  I was "told" that there is soon to be a "new start", and I feel this strongly now.  I feel next year will bring to many, new energy, hope and a sense of achievement, and we will all begin a "new life".

Thank you Jelaila and Devan, for your teachings and insights.
With love and blessings,
Linda Rayment.

Hi Jelaila,

ThanK YoU for the latest article.  Since Thursday of last week I have felt so sad and dejected and dealing with 'stuff' that I had completely forgotten about for years and years.

Thank you again for the Keys of Compassion and to two good friends to talk things over with.  I have, I feel dealt with these memories of past events and understanding and compassion for all parties involved, has been my 'tools'.  The anger and Blame I have been unconsciously carrying for so many years has now been replaced with Love and Compassion and Understanding for the roles these people have played in my life, and the lessons I have learned.  Thank YOU.  Thanks and words are not adequate to explain my feelings Jelaila, I hope you can feel the love and gratitude I am feeling for you and Devin for this latest article, and all of the work you have done for us and with us.

Blessings and Hugs,

Hi Jelaila,

I just got done reading the update and wanted to thank you for hanging in there and continue to do this work.   I so needed to here the message again  even though   I keep hearing  focus on the message  some how coming from you and Devin at this time really impacted me.   Thank you ~!!!                              

love Dave...

Hi Jeliala,

I haven't written you for a while. Thanks, for the new message from Devin. I had been wondering why I haven't been feeling more energy. I am really looking forward to the Concordance and am having a celebration at my house with some friends. I channeled some words for a ceremony for it. Devin's message gives me confirmation of what I recieved so thank-you very much.


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