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Comments on the August 2003 Update


Adoni Jelaila,

I just wanted to thank you for providing such clear information on your website. The words hold many truths and resonate deeply. Finally, information that is readable!

My Star name is Rhai'ana - I am Asht'ar, of the Starship Phoenix. As part of the Asht'ar Command (there are many, many of us as I'm sure you are aware) I sit on the Galactic Council and have been to visit Nibiru on a couple of occassions (that I recall!). I have been in this human form for many years now and, like you and many others, have rejoiced in the awakening of my Self. It's so good to have channels clear and open to communication!

These certainly are interesting and exciting times we are in! I am looking forward to the ongoing shifts. Your article regarding our (planetary) acceleration and leap in evolution really confirmed what I have been hearing from "them" (my galactic buddies). Since June, Galactic Council meetings were stepped up - I have attended more meetings in over the last few months than I have in previous months combined!

The energy of the meetings was different too; even though I cannot recall the details (I'm still working on that), I do recall that the meetings had everything to do with the fact that something had drastically changed (for the good) and plans had to be redone. There was a "scrambling" going on - a sense of "oh darn ... we have to get on this right away ... there's not as much time as we thought."

When I finally asked one of my "buddies" what was going on, he said that "the Galactic Federation and the Forces of Light are preparing Earth residents for first contact." (among other things)

(*jumps up and down in joy*)

Your article confirmed everything I have been told, or have "sensed" so far. And Jelaila, it's not just the Aug. 2003 update article - it is your entire website! So far, everything I have read on your website sings strongly of truth. Thank you for sharing the information, and thank you once again for the confirmations.

In Love, Light and Service,

Dearest Jelaila,

Millions of thanks for your updated article.  In August I started hearing (in my own head) the term "critical mass".  All the energies in Aug. were wonderful.  I was informed by my own higher self to watch my feelings, as that was a sure sign that all would be changing.  I wish to inform all that I am feeling so GREAT!!!  I am also a supporter of Nesara and have been for quite a while, so the info that you gave on that tune made me feel even greater.  You are right about Nesara.  I was informed of this also.  Is it any coincidance that people are losing jobs left and right?  Now perhaps people will start creating a job that they love to do as opposed to something that is just paying the bills.  Whoever out there is reading this, go to and support this with all your heart.    Thank you so much for your articles. 

Love to you all.
Judy in Phoenix


I am thankful that I found your site and information that has reassured me of everything that I have been intuiting myself. I have been working with a guide from Niburu named Asha since last spring and was a little hesitant when she first revealed to me where she was from. All the information I can find on the internet and in books about Niburu was fear-based, but this being was totally clear consciousness-love-light. I was a bit confused, but I followed my heart, and she is a great ally, giving me much of the same information you are sharing on your site.

In my astral travels I have been to Niburu, seen its great temples, meet some elders and learned a lot. I have seen the light grid around the earth and the countless lightships that are surrounding our planet right now, holding the grid together. FRIENDS, WE ARE DEFINATELY NOT ALONE! I have noticed a great increase in UFO sightings in the past few weeks, manyof which are buzzing my house! The veil is lifting!

I wonder what you think about the "new" planet recently discovered (well, not discovered, but announced) in our solar system. They are calling it Quaoah. Is this Niburu? You think the discovery of a new planet would be ground breaking news, but it came and went on the back pages of the papers. What do you think?




This is wonderful, WONDERFUL! The update in January really worried me and I got to work - perhaps as many did. Thank you for the insight! My life is more and more filled with joy and peace and extraordinary love for what we are becoming.

Michelle Bruce


Really appreciated last council update. I am experiencing not only the catnap need but also amazing appetite changes I assume are temporary, eg. 1 and 1/2 lb. mac and cheese??? I checked with friends and they are putting on weight more than usual too. I think it relates to grounding in times of major shift. Would you concur?

Comments graphicComments on the January 2003 Update



Thanks so much for your recent channeling from the Council. Constance Demby  forwarded it to me and I was thrilled to see such clarity. I thought you might  be interested in seeing a channeling that came through me via the Hathors,  Intedimensional beings who worked with the ancient Egyptians.

Thanks again,
Tom Kenyon, author of “The Hathors”

Hi Jelaila!

Your article explains what I saw last week.  About a week and a half ago I was told that "within 48 hours there will be a change and the world as we know it will never be the same again."  I wondered what this was all about...Then a few days later I was in the grocery store and saw that people were noticing me, which is unusual, since I like to be invisible and knew how to do it.  But they were looking at me, so I looked back at them, and saw that they were all suddenly "AWARE".  This put me in shock, since I live in the Ozarks - redneck/hillbilly country.  And here were these hillbilly rednecks suddenly aware!  It blew my mind!  I wrote to my list about it, and some of them wrote back that they noticed it, too!

So I really appreciate your article because it verified what I had "heard and seen".  Thanks oodles!!!  I am sending it to my list.  I can see now why I didn't read it sooner...Love,


Thank you for the 2003 update.  It came at the right time for me to keep me from slumping into the dumps and facilitate "ascension".  The multidimensional perspective is a key to the media-blitz atmosphere.


Dear Jelaila,

I wish to tell you that your recent article "9D Nibiruan Council Perspective On 2003" is the lead story in the January issue of The Light Messenger.  It is extremely informative and well-written.

I appreciate your work, Jelaila.

Bev Dombrowski, Editor

Hi Jelaila,

I would like to tell you that I had a dream 10-11 years ago which explained to me that planet earth was a "great experiment" populated from all the different species of the universe to see if they a)could co-exist without destruction and  b) through procreation attempt to breed a better collective species.  When I  read that on your site, every hair on my body stood on end! I have told very few people about that dream, nor have I ever read any other evidence of it. That is just one of the connections.  Thanks for corroborating  it!


Hello Jelaila,

I find this article very encouraging, and it's what we all need to hear. Your overviews and the real Reality is what we must remain focused on and not get caught up in nitty gritty nonsense.  You say it the way it is for us living on Earth, and help us remember who we are and why we are here.

God bless you in all the great work you do.

Love, Light and Peace,
Dorothea Lieberman

Hi Jelaila and Jonathan,

I am sitting here crying after just finishing the Jan 6 article.  I can't thank you enough for these uplifting  messages.  As you said, it's now making so much more sense.  It's incredibly brilliant! 

I'm on vacation right now and I've decided that this is my building year to get my spiritual counseling work going again.   I see the handwriting on the wall as far as the airlines are concerned.  I'm still having fun, but things are changing and when I'm not having fun anymore,  then I'm leaving.

I know I'll be taking the galactic counseling course at some point -- maybe toward the end of this year or beginning of next.  That really strikes a chord with me. 

I wish you both (and Danielle and the kitties) a wonderful 2003 and I look forward to being with you again.




Michelle Bruce


I was estatic to read this!  I knew we were all working on something of a very large magnitude.  The past 2 months have been extremely intense with the most profound feeling of urgency.  I received messages to bring groups of people together to tone, hold the energy and meditate.  Many of us saw the grid we were anchoring in but none of us knew what it was.  We just knew it was imperative and time sensitive.

I came in open and connected to the Universal plan in order to clear out my own issues and conflicts.  I love this planet with all my heart and I have been meeting amazing people all along the way.  I have been reading your messages for the past 3 years and have found them to be inspiring and great navigational tools for me and the others I assist.

Thank you for being in service and such a profound communicator!

Blessings and Love to you,
Renee LeBeau

Dear Jelaila!

Wonderful writing! Very clear information! How could you put it all so clearly in beautiful words! I admire your service!

Love and hugs,


Wowser!  I just read the Council's latest update and I am jumping for joy.  Thank you all for the most encouraging information to come along in a while.  And thank you for your commitment to the greater good.  It is an honor to know you.

"Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth and goodwill towards men."

Betty Grant

Dear Jelaila,

I appreciate the latest article very much, 9D Council Update, January 2003.  Your articles are well written and easy to grasp, although sometimes covering complex subject matters.  Maybe it's because of the clarity of your intent.

Your good work is appreciated.

Peggy Terry

Greetings Jelaila and Devin,  

Thank you for the EXCELLENT article - a great update on where we are,  how we got here and where (and how) we go from here.  Viva Compassion!

Many blessings,
Michelle G.

Hi Jelaila & Devin,

Thank you for sharing this update.  It provided the pieces of the puzzle that were needed to understand.  I thought comparing the bumper car interface with our neural network connection to the various grids was outstanding. I always wondered how we interfaced with the grids.

I now understand why our life force is reduced and our health is affected when our EEB  (Electromagnetic Energy Body) became misaligned with the earth’s EEB and with our physical body.  EEB misalignment is the cause of many of the health challenges being experienced by individuals during these challenging times because of the reduced Life Force.  It all makes sense.

I was recalling our first coaches training workshop when I met you Jelaila in Kansas city in March of 1997. We have come a long way since then. Thank you for the Light Work you do.

It provides great peace of mind knowing the Compassion Grid is anchored.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Hugs to you both.  Give Jonathon a  hug..

Love from the Ozarks,

Dearest Jelaila,

As I'm sitting here reading this second part of the Council's 2003 Perspective, I'm flooded with tears of joy!  Now, FINALLY, it ALL makes  sense!

Well, now I KNOW that it's my turn to serve, as a Galactic Counselor.  I'm already working, one on one, with Ascended Master Thoth (WHAT a privilege!) but I'm going to be going through your training.

This is good news on all fronts.  Even all of the Dark's attempts to stop NESARA have failed and The White Knights are working furiously at funding NESARA before Mr. Shrub's (my name for Bush) State of Dis-Union Address on January 20, 2003.  Maybe the world will really get to see "The Burning Bush" after all... HA!

Having  just moved to Sacramento, CA, the capital of the eighth largest economic power on Earth, I can assure you that the Frequency Fence is on and functioning here.  I can hear it, but can very easily tune it out.  WOW!

We've Done It! All of US!

Michael David

Comments on the July 2002 Update

Dear Jelaila and Devin

I've just read Devin's 9D Nibiruan July 2002 Council Update, in which he says, quote, "Do not hate, integrate! If you do this you will release your Global Elite brothers and sisters from their roles, your planet will move out of harms way and together you can celebrate Nibiru’s passing with great joy.
I would love to know just what the process is in actually integrating - what does one do to 'integrate' - what form of process does it take? I and the network of like-minded individuals I associate with are truly interested in bringing this earth to a more harmonious frequency and thus to make the ascension of everyone easier.  Please teach us the process of integration.
I am a keen and avid reader of Jelaila's emails and the website is soooo valuable. 
My very best...... from Ireland with Love Paula


It didnt' take 4 days for the prediction in the  9D Update(July 20-Nibiru Update) to begin.  Check out CNN on this impending asteriod impact:

William McLaurine

Dear Devin/Jelaila:

Thank you so much for this incisive, heart-warming update.  It confirms so much of my own personal research, experience, intuition and training - - especially concerning the need for emphasizing compassion as key to it all -- our only hope, defense, and salvation.  I look forward to the book and reading more about the conflict with the negatively aligned beings.  For a while I was communicating with some Andromedans but cut it off because I found them to be fear and separatist based, and not receptive to genuine honest open-minded dialogue.  So they must have been part of this group you're talking about. 

I've also been following the development and abuse of the ELF technology by HAARP and others since 1981.  That's why I'm also very supportive of the work of Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project so that this information can become more widely publicized and the power returned to the people.

It always brings tears to my eyes when I read your remarks about the necessity for polarity integration -- that these folks are us too -- because we're all in this together.  Especially in light of 911 and coming events, the message not to hate will continue to be most relevant in terms of our reactions. 

Thank you so much again and keep up the good work!

With much love and support,
Judy Kennedy
a wayward muse

Comments on the May 2002 Update


Dear Jelaila,

In your article you write ..."the futility of making plans for Earth’s ascension since they change so fast. Why is this occurring?  Because you are making positive changes at a pace that is unprecedented in a planetary ascension of this nature… one where there is unlimited free will to choose between Light and Dark polarities."

It would appear from the above statement that you acknowledge why Earth is different from other worlds. The two important areas being:

1) The ascendancy ratio - This will exceed that of any other planet ever. By the end of the timeline the percentage is expected to be close to 4 out of every 5 individuals. The previous best ascendancy ratio was when Lucifer stood as Planetary Prince - his ratio was 2 out of 5 individuals.

2) The use of free will here on Earth as compared to other worlds. Again,
the principles of accelerated ascendancy as used here require the use of
freewill and the right to choose. This is not so on other worlds. How can we conquer evil if we are not allowed to face the evil and choose?

I find your site interesting. While terminology may differ, essentially our service to mankind remains the same.

Allie Phelps

Comments on the April 2002 Update

Dear Jelaila,

Just wanted to thank you for your website and putting me on it.  I have derived so much benefit from it,  I can't even tell you (but you KNOW already how valuable you are) I had been feeling so blue for past days and had attributed reasons for it, ie: joint pain, exhaustion, poor eating, etc.  but after being told to re-read your website and particularly the April 22 update, I knew why I was blue.  My Science of Mind and my meditation after days of not doing it helped also. What I know is what I have forgotten: that I am only feeling separated from the Source, the power of which is my very life, and certainly my joy and peace.  So it helped immensely to see that I have neglected my masculine energy, my shadow self and that I needed to take care of business on this level.  Having 5 checks bounce because of a simple mistake I allowed myself to make bynot being awake to my practical self put me into the blues quickly. Anyway THANKS.  I think I heard of you from Astarius who is friend of Gwenda Eliason from my New Thought church here on Big Island.  So Mahaloha which is my way of sending love and gratitude for your work and for YOU.

Dear Jelaila,

We corresponded a few weeks ago about the many parallels in body experiences and so on. Well what a sur  prise to receive your newsletter telling of your working with Sheldon Niddle. I am an acquaintance of his, took his workshop and attended his lectures when he was last in Denver a few months ago and have read his books.

It is great to see the shifts taking place for you currently, I applaud and honor your service. Point being it is nice to see a blending of two sources I relate with and have found value in which reminds me I am not alone in  the "this" that we are all in.  I am friends with the woman who promotes Sheldon and his mission, look forward to the  possibility of meeting you, thus becoming an acquaintance of yours, next september.


Jelaila’s Response:

Thanks for your feedback on the article.  Yes, it is interesting to see how some of us teachers and messengers are combining efforts to assist mankind now.  It is a vision I have held for several years now.  Tried to get it started 2 years ago but it went no where. Now it is happening all by itself.  Timing is everything, ya know? 


The article about integrating our light and shadow sides is a wonderful reminder to accept all things around us as part of the divine plan... Did you write this back in December or is the date incorrect? Thanks for your dedication!

Love & Light,


Interesting...I was talking about this concept with a friend not even a week ago.The creator him/herself does not want suppression as so many practice,but this subjection of our inner soul/spirit as we allow our dark to balance with our light this creates a calm in the midst of our psychic.It is there we have total contact with the universe and anyone else who have achieved this state.

be blessed,

Dear Jelaila,

I this this article is right on and very timely for now.  Apparently we have inherited the separation of the upper and lower chakras from the behavior of our ancestors, the Anunnaki, as it is in evidence in their behavior, as reported in the ancient stories.  Anger, without integration with compassion takes a life of it's own and controls behavior and becomes uncontrolled violence.  With integration with compassion in the higher centers, it becomes correct action.  We are seeing plenty of expression of that in the Middle East. Also, the sexual impulse, when being denied and not integrated with compassion, takes a life of it's own and causes uncontrolled sexual activity.  With integration with compassion, it can become the highest form of love. We are seeing plenty of expression of that in the present scandal in the Catholic Church. The 13th Dimensional Formula of Compassion is a method that works to correct both imbalances. Thank you for the article. 

Much love,
Jerry Cranmer in Cleveland


The Dark polarity is commonly associated with Fear, the lower 3 chakras and is also known as the masculine polarity.  I have never thought of my lower chakras as dark. I don’t feel a need to integrate the dark with the light. I associate darkness as the absence of light. I am light, we all are light.  Is Devin trying to say look at those parts of ourselves which keep us from being 100 percent light and turn on the light?  I would appreciate a further discussion by Devin as to how he is using the term dark.


Jelaila’s Response:

Devin has spoken quite a bit on this topic of Light and Dark.  There are many articles on our site plus books and booklets exploring this topic.  We feel that Dark is as valuable as Light and to say that we are integrating everything into Light is to de value the opposite polarity.  If you would like assistance finding those articles, let me know.

Hi Jelaila and Devin,

Couldn't have said it better myself. I've been steadily and consistantly working on the balance between the light/dark, male/female aspects of myself for the past 4-5 years. I receive regular Polarity/RYSE sessions every 2-3 weeks consistantly. And consciously work on raising the understanding and compassion levels within my being. It has been extrodinarily challenging, and I've experienced some very traumitizing events, but it's all worth it, and I'm still here and continuing my own work.(I'm actually working in the finance field as well as being a Massage and Polarity Practitioner)

Thank you for confirming what I know, and sharing so wonderfully.

Sincerely, with love,


Thank you, thank you, thank you for an article that is so worth keeping and passing on!!! Not many would write about the acknowledging and embracing of the dark so that it can be exposed and healed. I love it when my own purpose and channelings are so confirmed. Since I work with  survivors of mind control, gov't abuse and programming, it fills my heart with confirmation and joy to know that my work is honore and sacred, and that those whom only speak of Light and love know that the
Darkness/shadow needs to be owned and worked with compassionately.

Many blessings,

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