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reader comments gif.Comments on 9D Perspective on Election 2004 and Beyond



I just wanted to let you know I love your website and have forwarded the 2004 Election Perspective to almost everyone in my address book.

Please keep up the wonderful work!!!

Love Always, 


I just must thank you from the Essence of My Being.  So few folks are willing to take responsibility for our conditions, whether it is who is elected President or who starts a war.  I feel like a voice in the wilderness. 

I am so excited to know that you are empowering individuals to co-create a different reality. I especially want to know when you will be in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you are not familiar with The Learning Annex of SF, I recommend that you contact them.  They are a wonderful avenue for you to do seminars in this area.  I am certain you will find them on the net.   Folks such as Deepak Chopra, Ekhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, and MaryAnn Willliamson all work with the Annex.

May your Light and Word spread at the speed of light!
Rev. Sharon Luther

Hey Jelaila,

This is Felix we met almost a yr ago in North Carolina at the life arts expo. I was fascinated by your presentation there and was hoping if I could get the videotape from the day if its available. The main reason I'm email you right now is because I read your article Perspective on Election 2004 I totally agreed with the article. I wanted to let you know that living in NY is very difficult right now its very hard to actually explain what's going on here but I feel as if the whole city is being taken over and people are being brushed aside and used as guinea pigs our rights are totally being taken away from us and I fear the rest of the country will follow. Well, I wont take up any more of your time I hope that we can meet again sometime soon.

Best Regards,


The 9D Perspective on Election 2004 and Beyond.  It is great!  I went through months of feeling so helpless & finally a week ago, I came to the same conclusion as you write about. Bush or Kerry?  They are pretty much the same.  You make clear that they are, because they are mirroring back to us.  Therefore we have to change.  Thank you.  Blessings.  Bye!!!
Maria Teresa

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for a great article. It worries me though that it might influence some Americans not to bother voting. I don't disagree with what you say about there being no difference between Bush and Kerry when it comes to the 'dark role' that we project onto them, but to me there is one critical difference, and that is their respective policies on the environment. The whole planet is affected by the environmental policies of the US, but the rest of us don't have the power to vote on a decision that so intimately affects us.



The only reason those people were arrested was because of their VIOLENCE!!  You really should do a more though investigations before you write emails such as these.  I do not agree with many political agenda however facts are facts and you should report appropriately. Thanks for listening.

Juleigh D.


Great article you echo my beliefs. You and other's like David Icke are really courageous to speak out on these things. I really liked the higher perspective solutions. I look forward to reading your related articles. The ACLU is running Ad's on the Patriot Act.



I have recently been. . .exposed to my "mission" here, and it coincides nicely with your article.

My comment, particularly, is on the collective nature of the pull toward ascension.  I am certain, now, that the ultimate goal of all those who are capable is to reach for that instant of infinity with synchronous momentum while dragging, by our collective ties, the rest of humanity that is capable of following.  As some of us pull closer, it is easier for others to see their potential, and eventually it will reach a critical momentum of souls: from this point, it is a matter of a single step to bring all of humanity through ascension after which the earth can finish its metamorphosis.
We're getting closer every day.
I read this, printed, and forwarded it to people.  Scary stuff and I am not at happy about it. I think that so many people don't look at the bigger picture and then wonder what the hell is happening. I have been concerned about the social climate, racial profiling, and our loss of civil liberties. There is one thing that gives me hope besides the steps provided in the article.. The U.S. was founded on the principles of democracy and justice. And I think there would be absolute anarchy if people all of sudden woke one day and realized that the principles and freedoms that have been programmed, born into their beings since they were old enough to talk were gone! whew. Let's do all we can to make sure that doesn't happen and that means exercising our right to vote and protest...Making sure that the people that are promoting through fear and contributing to the cult of personality are effectively rendered void. Hopefully on November 3 the voice of a Nation will be heard not a voice of few. Peace and prosperity to all.

Amy C.


Once again it is my pleasure to write and say “Spot On!” You have connected the essential dots! I have maintained for years that affecting change is really about managing energy flows. What we think and believe does become our reality. We begin that energy management process by working with our own personal beliefs. Once a vision of a different circumstance is clearly defined and communicated successfully to others the old vision of what cannot work fades away. But defining that new vision requires removing the blinders of limited hope, belief that it can in fact occur, and holding the vision through to success despite opposition. We proved that works in Washington recently by stopping a major regulatory initiative dead in its tracks. Having defensively stopped the intrusion of what does not work we now advance forward offensively to put a new vision in place.

...It is critical, in my mind anyway, that people understand they don’t need to get caught in the trap of arguing the merits or lack there of about Dark side. Writing about the dark side is only necessary to the extent that people understand what is wrong with it sufficient to make a choice. Once the choice of Light is made by an individual then it becomes a matter of crafting a personal and collective vision of the Light and putting it up where it can work for all of us. Retribution is not necessary, nor is vengeance. The objective is, after all, to use Light as a replacement for Dark, not to eliminate the Dark and then put in the Light. Light speaks its own message and develops of its own accord, first in each heart. Let go of the Dark and Light presents itself.

You are very correct in pointing out that replacing Bush with Kerry will not change the mirror. In reality it is the mirror that we are about changing, not the image that happens to be in it at the moment. But changing the mirror – a reflection of our beliefs and values – requires we work at truly improving ourselves. Folks often find it much easier to confront and fight the dark in others than to deal with improving themselves (I know I did for several years.) I often work with news reporters, staff and members of Congress, professional policy advocates, and Web site publishers in what I do. I have found that defining what is wrong with a particular issue but then painting a positive picture of what could be dramatically improves support and response. Folks instinctively want to support something positive and most do not want to wallow in negative once they grasp the importance of an issue. As a practical matter professional folks like policy advocates and news reporters are much too busy to wallow in subjects like what is wrong with politics today. They need and value insights into what can work and about how to couch the issue.

I found the idea (in attached research about morphogenetic fields) that our memories may not be in our brain but in a collective field most intriguing. That makes sense. And it raises an interesting question: So what do we store there in our memory files for our use after we have passed on? To put it another way, do we want our “memory bucket” to be filled with nothing but crabbing about why everyone else is screwed up, or do we want a file cabinet full of useful ideas about how we applied new concepts that we worked hard to learn while here in this life? And do we truly want to evolve to Light and Life as a planet and species, or just lay around and whine about how hard things currently are? It comes down to investing in our own future – in this life and beyond – by developing ourselves as best we can today.

Finally, an interesting dynamic has developed about you and your site as I distribute article links to many others. We started out with many not expressing an interest because it was written by a “kook” who talked about other planets (my apologies, but that was the perception.) Over the past several months, however, many have changed their mind when I said truth speaks for itself to those who will listen, regardless of the source. Consequently I find that I am now able to talk with many colleagues and friends in terms of “managing energy flows” and “creating a higher state of being” after folks have read what you write based on its own merits and independent of initial perceptions. Some even see the need to examine their own perceptions and beliefs as a foundation to changing current situations. That is a very good thing, and I thank you for the writing that has made that possible.

Keep working from you heart and speak truth as you are lead to see it! The world needs the viewpoints that you present.  I look forward to your forthcoming series of articles.

Best always, and my kind regards to Nibiruans here on planet Earth and elsewhere.
Norm K.

Hello Jelaila,

I have been tapped into the info you get and share for some time, and I
recently found out that you and I have a mutual friend here in Sedona, Deidre Madsen.  Thank you for all of the light that you have brought...I resonate with your sharings so deeply.

I just spent a long time reading in depth material about the detaining and torturing of prisoners by the US forces at Guatanamo Bay...a new book has come out about it.  Other info about the Bush administration was discussed, and it is difficult to hear without strong emotional reactions happening.  The Earth Rainbow Network newsletter's spread the info, though I sometimes am repelled by the conspiracy and victimizing energy  of the articles. I stay away from victim energy by choice.  I was asking what to do about this knowledge, and then I came to the next email, which led to your beautiful link regarding always seeing the higher perspective.

One line in it jumped to my attention, and prompted me to write.  It is:
"Just the thought of it all strikes terror in my heart".

I could feel the power and manifestation impact of such a statement from one as powerful as yourself. Our choice of words calls in so many energies, and consciousness of this is quite important.  Often, our feelings can be expressed in ways that do not promote unwanted energies from entering our fields, or influencing others'.  Your writings exhibit that you are so keenly aware of this.  An example of putting this into action is to consider a wording of the above statement that expresses the content as such: "what has been happening in the political arena is intended to instill fear in our hearts at this time", ("as it has into mine?")...this is a great lead-in to another quote from you that really feels so right, and must be given our deep consideration when we speak about our heart's energy: "It has been discovered that the heart has its own neural network. This neural net interfaces with our reality, i.e., the morphogenetic field or mass consciousness.  The morphogenetic field acts as a reflector or mirror that shows us what we think and feel..... "

Maybe your statement about heart fear was intentional, as many people may be feeling it at this time?  It did stand out in opposition to all of the
expressions and word choices that indicate your desire to promote and describe keeping peace within ourselves, which is why I so resonate, and have been greatly aided, by the many wisdoms that you share.

Thank you for your time, and I send my greatest heart blessings to you as we transition to this new way of being, with the help of souls like yours.

Adele S.

Jelaila’s Reply:

Hi Adele,

Thanks for writing. Yes, I meant to say exactly what I said.  It does strike terror into my heart.  That's a common response.  But...I don't stay in that space.  I work it through to compassion.  That's what the next series of articles will be about.  I am glad that you caught that.  It shows me that you were really paying attention. 

Take care,

comments gifComments on 9D Nibiruan Council Perspective on 2004

Dear Devin/Jelaila,

I want to share with you that I have already experienced shifts in issues with my family (my sister and niece) and it has been a most happy event.  I have also experienced other feelings, like being in a extremely serene field, like confirming what you say regarding hidden knowledge... I know that I will learn much more about what the Egyptians knew and have the impression that soon more information is coming my way. Thank you and Devin,



I find your latest message very interesting. About three years ago I was at a Louise Hauck workshop on psychic development. Louise paired us off with strangers to do a psychic exercise. My partner was to tell me her psychic visions based on a scenario I presented to her. Unbeknownst to her, her answers were to be interpreted by me as an answer to a blind question, namely, where am I to move to. Her visions saw two small, dreary inns but inn number three was huge, bathed in bright sunlight, overshadowed by a huge angel. I knew this meant to move to the neighboring county. But she then went on and starting channeling a message. This inn had a front door but no back door. She struggled to articulate the abstract feeling she was experiencing. All she could do was repeat that the inn had no backdoor out. But then finally she said, "There is no back door but you find your way out anyway, even though there is no door. And the angel is smiling and says, 'There goes another one!'"

I hadn't thought of that experience for years and oddly was reminded of it recently. Then I receive your e-mail and read of a hidden door and 9D souls finding their way out. I find this very synchronistic. I look forward to your future newsletters.

Anaya A.

Dear Devin/Jelaila,

A deep and thought provoking article. For me, the article served as a mirror allowing me to see my own inner attitudes and the work I need to do in order to align them to the 9D perspective. I can clearly see that our own higher dimensional personal support teams are moving us toward a state of life that embodies a fully loving and compassionate response to all life including the agents of the dark.

In gratitude,
Leigh C.


GREAT ARTICLE!!!  This is the same information I have been receiving, total responsibility and out of victimhood in every area.  I loved this - keep up the good work.  Confirmation is wonderful!!

Jean H.


I have had some intense questions and issues about the IRS over a number of years.  I would like to get some more feedback on this issue.  Your insights on the IRS and its role in this drama I found intriguing.  Do you have any more information about this issue on the Nibiruan  website?

Your comment about the Carolina Panthers I found interesting.  I live in Charlotte, NC.  Early in the season I had this strong intuition that they were going to win the Super Bowl.  I thought no way Jose.  Now they are one  step from it. 

I attended Jelaila's workshop on Sunday in November in Charlotte (skipping a major portion of David Icke's program I might add) and I  really enjoyed it.  Jelaila and Trisha McCannon were the two most enjoyable and informative speakers I heard at the exposition.

Dan C. 

Dear Jelaila,

I sometimes feel that you (and the Nibiruan Council) are one of the few  (handful) of information sources on the Planet who can explain what is going on  and CUT TO THE CORE OF TRUTH. No one else is speaking in quite this frank and deeply truthful way. Thank you first for that, of course.

And I also want to thank you for your most recent article, "9D Nibiruan Council Perspective on 2004." It is  comprehensive and very cutting-edge . It is helping me to sort out what is going on with me and in my world.

Carol Ann C.

Hi Jelaila,

I appreciate your article and have been following your work for years.  I have a question about the following and would appreciate an explanation.  How is appreciation for money and then giving up personal rights for safety reasons linked with faring well financially?  I don't see the connection.  Thanks.


"In addition,  those who own their appreciation for money and at the same time desire security from terrorism and therefore readily agree to give up personal rights will fare well financially.   "

Jelaila’s Answer:

There will be many new jobs created to help promote "homeland security" .  People who are willing to go along with the program will be offered these jobs and with them will come many benefits with job security being the best.  Many people who would not have taken these jobs because they don't agree with the Government's policy regarding this "war on terrorism" will take these jobs in order to feed their families.  This is where the current recession comes into play. It has been created in order to encourage people who have been out of work to go against their conscience in order to survive.

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