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 Comments on the 9D Nibiruan Council’s Perspective of 2003


Dear Jelaila,

It was a relief to read your article of 2002 re the earth changes being quite modified due to changing grids and changing consciousness  Many are clocking a slow down in rotation due to late sunsets and dawns. There are many pictures now of the planet and as Perth where I live is predicted by the zetas to go under the sea. I have been a tiny bit concerned!!!!! The cruel way they described how Perth people would go first to boats and then be washed out to sea and drowned in currents etc. was so evil and frightening I wonder how Nancy could even say what she did. Why Perth has been singled out in this way is a mystery to me. Our vibes are really high here in our beautiful city situated on the Swan River and I do not believe that any of what the zetas have predicted for us can happen   

Bev from Perth, Western Australia


Just wanted to pass along that I enjoyed reading your latest articles on the councils 2003 forecast. Much of the content was/is refreshing and helped confirm much of the work I have been doing since 1985. I look forward to reading more in the near future. I primarily work as a shaman holding down and solidifying the earth's grid/ley lines of energy and protecting ascension points on earth, for example the capitol building here in Austin. I'm also involved with creating paintings and symbols of language light that we will all communicate globally with that will go beyond words both written and spoken. My connection is with spirits and group energy of Native American shaman and planetary Arcturus. I love the sun and I'm a sun god type personality with a bold midnight sun as well. Events are gonna happen quickly worldwide and I can't wait...I've been waiting and now I believe all our hard work and efforts will manifest for the uplifting of humanity. Take care and keep up the good work.



I've been searching for answers during this time of  great conflict, asking what can I do, I do not want war, I do not want to see  innocent people killed, for oil!  Well I know there is a lot more going on in this illusion then gaining Iraq's oil. I have been looking at all of this  through anger, and despair. Then I came to your web site to see what you and the  Nibiruans have to say, and I remembered!! I remembered that change is coming and  it will be what I make it, I can buy into the illusion or I can find  compassion, I can accept what is and not resist, or I can go into total fear,   know all this but I had forgotten!

I had made the choice not to watch the war on  TV but I found myself doing it anyway, then getting angry and upset all over again. Last night I cried myself to sleep, my heart ached so bad for our soldiers, for their families, for the people of Iraq, for the people of the world. I felt compassion, I opened my heart chakra.

This morning I sat and went inward, I ask my guides to help me understand, and they did. I see us, the people of the world as one, no longer separate. People from all over the world speaking out as one for peace and compassion instead of hate and war. We are coming together as a race of the planet, not of separate countries. So I started to see the light through the darkness, I know the darkness has to play it's  part to get us to ascend. I know Bush is playing his role, so I can let go of the hate that I was feeling for him. I asked myself why it took me so long to  remember all this but then I realized it is part of my growth and ascension, and I also have to go through the steps. So I thank you for being here, helping me remember I am not alone, and all is going well.

Thank you,
Candace C.

Dear Jelaila,

Glad to get all your articles and updates.  Thanks for informing people about Haarp!  I am involved in trying to inform people what haarp is about, [as if we could stop them from using it ]  I know about the Russian "woodpecker"  [their haarp] and also their long term use of it. Our alternatives are what you proposed in your earlier articles on haarp.  [be the change you want to see in the world.]  my own experience I was wondering if you have seen the one-half hour special on Pax, about Haarp, and also 15 minutes on the new "IN Search of" on Sci fi.  I have them both recorded, and the second one has footage of haarp being shot at a UFO!  These shots are taken from the shuttle bay, and look at the curvature of the earth.  They show an object moving, thenstop and move back about the time a beam shoots up from the earth!

There is much more in these two shows.  If you have not seen them and are interested, then send me hard address and I will make a copy and send a tape to you.

Keep up the good work.  We have talked shortly in the past by email.  I believe you are among the best in counseling for the future.

All articles you have written are excellent, [in my opinion]   Thanks again for your help in bringing "Heaven to Earth" I just read Sitchin’s "Lost book of Enki"   Excellent.  [I have a copy of your first book, too.][signed by you!]  of course I have  read Sitchin’s others, too.

Again, let me know if you want me to send you a copy of those tapes.  I will be pleased to do that.

James D.

Hello Jelaila,

I know that you are a busy lady. You may wish to read this speech and or check out this site.

I finished "Bridge" last night. Everything you have said makes perfect sense to me, so far. After having been in the "church" ( Don't piss God off....Made it hard to examine beliefs) it has been a long road for me and it seems that you and I have had to learn many of the same lessons. It is a fearful thing to leave the church. Where to go.....What to do??????? Guess I will get drunk and numb the pain.....took about 7 years to pull it together. My life has been a real roller coaster at times, but you have been on a  crash course by comparison. Somehow I have most always been able to see that it is a game and we just need to learn how to play. I have gotten in touch with anger in the past and gotten rid of much of it . Fear seems to be the thing that pushes my buttons. I know that someone has watched over me as I have been spared several times. I have always wondered why I have known certain things that no one else seems to resonate to. Your books have helped me tie up a lot of loose ends as I have had all these fragments of info that needed to be integrated so I could see the whole picture.

I have felt for some time that I will need to be strong and grounded so that I can help those around me assimilate the truth about the game and what is really going on. It is going to be a tremendous shift in reality. I believe that compassion is the magic that will take us home. Thank you so much for your service.

Blessings to you! 

Hi Jelaila,  

My name is Larry Ball and I so love your site. I look forward to receiving your articles as well as all the others that come through your site.  I feel that the work you are ding is of great importance to all of us lightworkers even if some of us are not fully awake yet.  It is bringing the truth to us as to who and why we are here.  Keep us the great work! 

Larry B.

Dear Jelaila,

I have just printed out the latest articles and I'm going to sit down now and read through them.  This email is just to say Hi and to tell you that there are now a small group of people in the country town where I live in Australia, who are becoming aware of our Galactic involvement and the 9D grid etc. etc.  Thank you so much for the work you are doing, I imagine it must be quite confrontational at times and I think you are very courageous!!  All the best to you - Sally

Dear Jelaila,

I wanted to let you know how comforting and inspiring the latest updates to your website are. I'm specifically referring to the 9D Council perspective on 2003. I have been worried about the possibility of a Pole Shift for quite some time now but the article has clearly and beautifully explained the bigger picture and given me hope and excitement for the future.

Thank you,

Dear Jelaila,

I found out about your wonderful website through David Icke's site. Who ever sent it to him, thank you.

I just finished reading your January article. Simply incredible. When the Kryon group was mentioned I was so excited. I have just finished reading all the Kryon books and  am in awe at these beautiful beings who are assisting us.

In Light and Love,

Hi Jelaila,

I read your article and it was interesting, engaging to say the least.  I am a fan of David Icke's, and I stumbled onto this website from a link to his.  But I remember talking to your webmaster on the phone on the very day he was working on this article.

But I have also been thinking about what might happen in 2003, in regard to the dark realm's agenda.  Has it occurred to you that they might engineer something that uses the belief systems already in place  around the world?  I want to say that I saw something similar to what you were talking about in terms of mass manipulation, but what I saw was completely  different.

What I saw, or  imagined, was the Dark Force bringing into existance a "synthesized" Armageddon,  like in the Bible.  I had pointed out to my friend that with gravity control, the Dark Forces and the Secret Government already has the technology to create a fake Rapture, and synthesize a situation similar to the movie "Left  Behind."  Only a few Christians would have to be taken up, caught in the gravity beams of ships that are hidden in invisibility cloaking devices, so that it appears that the person is Raptured.  Meanwhile the vast majority of those  professing to be Christian are left behind, wondering, "Why didn't I get taken up?"  In a classic Problem Reaction Solution scenario ala David Icke , the  solution can be presented as "Get closer to God."  That is, toughen up your commitment to a church and give church leaders more control over your life.  Get radical with Jesus, in other words.  For the rest of us "non-believers" this  fake Rapture will be a faith-creating event to bring even more people into the fold.

This scenario, I might add, would be alot easier and cheaper than bringing in a planet-sized asteroid in, wouldn't you think?

About me:  I used to be a Fundamentalist Christian, and I now consider myself to be a "recovering  Christian."  I saw with my own eyes the manipulation, the power games, and the fear tactics that radical evangelicals use.  I had become intimately familiar  with the every day methods of control that religious cults use. Just think, if they could take up 1000 people and publicize it all over the media, how effective it would be in radicalizing Christians who are flailing in their commitment to church dogma.  This is exactly what happened in a highly  sensationalized video -movie series called Apocalypse-Revelation-Tribulation put out a few years ago.  They even used the Illuminati symbol of the pyramid and all -seeing eye on armbands for their fictitious fascist global government of the Beast.

This radicalized mass could then be steered toward fighting the radicalized Muslims.  Meanwhile a fake Antichrist could rule from the Temple Mount after the Dome of the Rock is destroyed.  Then, this fake Anti-Christ could be replaced by a fake Christ. 

You were right.  People have responded with compassion instead of revenge.  But don't underestimate the power of the religions in their ability to control.  I live in what some would call a "ghetto," and I see it all around me.  The streets of my Southern California 'hood are littered with little pamphlets and tracts detailing the "Four Spiritual Laws."  Most of the women that I meet for prospective dating relationships start preaching this stuff to me.  Last year, I visited Ghana, West Africa, and never have I seen a society so saturated with religion.  Almost every movie I saw there featured Christian propaganda--stories of priests and deacons as heroes crushing the indigenous "witch doctors."   Everywhere, I saw Jesus Jesus Jesus!

Stores have names such as "Love of Christ Beauty Salon," and "Christ the King Internet Cafe."  I was in a one-roomed home of a girl that I was going to meet.  This was a woman who said she wanted to marry me over the Internet, so I went there to visit her and see how good she  would be as a prospective wife. Though I enjoyed my trip immensely, it didn't work out between me and her.  Anyway, the second night of my stay there, I was awakened at 4 A.M. in the morning by a strange, ominous sound of wailing. At the same time, however, the sound had a beauty and a sadness to it.  It was a Muslim mosque, and prayer was being blared out across the town from speakers, never the mind the fact that it was 4 A.M. in the morning and people were asleep and needed to be at work that morning.

In closing, we don't need Niburu.  We got Religion!  That's good enough for control.  I imagined the  Dome of the Rock getting blown up.  I don't know --What do you think of this? 

I just wanted to share my thoughts.  I do see us being prepared for a highly-publicized  extraterrestrial visitation at the same time, however.  Steven Spielberg's "Taken," which was watched by 6 million people, is a good indication.   Personally, I think the Dark Forces might have a bunch of things--a whole plethora--up their sleeve to take out if needs be.  But I don't think they'll succeed.  I think that people are going to see through it at any rate.

Love, Compassion, And  Peace


Your comments from the council on the year 2003 are timely. As are most  events these days no one knows the outcome of any of the possible scenarios for  our planet in this or coming years. I think your information is timely in that  it should not be taken in such a way as to go into fear but it should be taken  as a warning to work more with the opening of our hearts through various means  like with your compassion course, with the spoonbenders course by James Twyman  and with the courses I teach all of which ask us to work more with the  alchemical magic of the heart energies. 

Love, Moumin

Hello Jelaila!

I just read your message, forwarded by Suzy Star, and was amazed to read what you wrote about  Nibiru --"Venus-sized asteroid."  I'm both laughing and feeling chagrined about  having doubted what Matthew told me about it (I've copied it below). I never  had read anything about Nibiru, only heard the name (connected with Stichen's  books that have been recommended but I haven't read them) before Kiara Windrider sent something and wanted Matthew's comments on it. If you have time to let me know your opinion of what Matthew said (the Nibiruan Council┬ is your area of contact, not his), I'd greatly appreciate it.

I know this is admitting that I've never seen your website and probably it also shows that I don't read your messages. Actually, I did once, a message about the light, and was immensely impressed with the straightforwardness and gentleness in it. But  there is a good reason, at least in my mind, that I avoid reading most channeled  material (the exception is Valerie Donner's) --I don't want my conscious  knowledge to create any more problems than I'm already dealing with.  After  deleting bunches of new reports, when I came to your message I was "nudged" to  read it.  Actually, all of your information coincides totally with what I've  heard from Matthew and several of my other sources, so it was a pure delight to  see that confirmation.

If I'm remembering  correctly, you will be a guest at Wesak. I'm at the end of my workday, notthe  beginning (my biorhythms are the reverse of Earth time) and am too weary to look for my material on it or jump to the website to make sure. I hope I'm right  because I'd love to meet you then. 

With light and all  blessings of the new year to you,
Suzy Ward

...There is much talk on Earth in certain esoteric circles of a Planet X. Some call it Nibiru, some refer to it as the photon belt, and some think of it as an unknown celestial  body to be identified when it has approached more closely. The thing is, no one there can speak about this with certainty and so there is the tendency to look into the cosmology of ancient records.

There is indeed a huge change ahead for Earth and I shall address some of the theories as to its cause. The photon belt is more than a mythical meandering belt of photon energy, but it is not the same as the "mystery" planet or more correctly, mystery asteroid of such size that it is not identified as such. This asteroid, which has been turned into a disaster, has a tortured soul consciousness and is seeking refuge in a higher spiritual  frequency. Its Venus-sized body has a hot core and an exterior appearance of such desolation that it conveys no possibility of any kind of life.

Ah, the deception  this has caused unwary civilizations! That appearance of being a dead world, a totally lifeless wandering form, is actually camouflage. Totally contrary to its  desire, it is populated with beings in a last ditch darkness effort to capture all the energy of Earth. You could think of these beings as mercenary-type soldiers because they are a rag-tag population gathered by the dark forces to do their bidding, with the current promise that they will live richly in a sublime  atmosphere if only they will go after this prize planet Earth.

It is the topmost  level of dark energies at work in this. At this juncture it isn’t known whether they intend to use the asteroid as transportation of their puppet army for an  Earth landing or whether it will be maneuvered into a collision course. The hapless army aboard would be sacrificed in that case, but lives are expendable to the dark forces.

Kiara, my mother is thinking this is bizarre, and yes, it is sounding like the poorly written science fiction of her thought. It is only my faulty relation of facts, however, that makes this appear as such an unlikely "reality." I should have mentioned and Mother, this is up to you to straighten out the order here so complete sense reigns from beginning to end that what I am relating is ONLY a plan. It is not a reality except in the minds of the planners. It is only the desperation plan of the darkness to destroy Earth if they cannot take over cleanly if that word can even be used to indicate taking over by capturing  souls rather than by invasion and occupation of the planet by the bunch aboard  the asteroid.

The dark forces  don’t need a transportation system like this, of course, but it is serving their twofold purpose. One, it is simpler to convince warrior beings to feast and be  jolly while planning the destruction of a once-pristine and godly planet, and Two, it fits into the Nibiru philosophy being promulgated. This asteroid is not Nibiru, but that philosophy is being dredged up because it is serving the purpose of the darkness. Those who  believe Nibiru is returning will find this story believable and not think to look further into a possible grand ruse. The more energy in thought forms directed into this stream, the more "reality" given the asteroid and its appearance the dark forces wish to achieve.

This asteroid  presents NO danger to you. It will neither destroy Earth by collision force nor will it bring forth strangers to take over your planet and enslave all life  there. Only in the minds of those  who are using the asteroid as their transport and the dark puppeteers who are pulling their soul-strings is there danger to Earth. Yes, it is a large body that could have explosive impact upon the entire solar system if all continued as the dark forces intend, but that will not happen. We have been told that the asteroid will be turned off course within your time period of the next six  months.

More universal light than you can imagine is accomplishing this. Much is being generated by the extraterrestrials working throughout your nights and days to keep Earth stable and prevent the polar shifts even in a moderate measure. Significant shifts have happened before to cleanse the planet of negativity, but this time that is not intended as other plans are afoot....

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for the amazing and very inspiring article. It certainly spurred me into positive action. I am a lightworker from southeast Ireland and have been working with the planet for three years now. I began by intent creating grids around the HAARP in Alaska to counter and nullify the effects of any scalar wave technology.

I have been working at raising my vibration for the past four to five years and feel that I have recoded my dna and think it is now crystalline. Things are now getting very interesting on the planet and it is a time of miracles manifesting. I go with the guidance of Source from my heart centre in all that i do.

I have been following your website for the  past few years and find the information incredible, and it does resonate. I wish you a happy, blessed and joyous new year.

much love in oneness,  

Hi Jelaila,

Thanks for you recent  article perspective on 2003. It really summed up 2002 very well. What I have  found interesting is that our government (dark Force) has recently aired on TV anti-terrorism adverts. They are aimed at causing the community to fear that our  way of life will be lost, so we better do what the government says. The public response has found many people stating that they are a waste of money and should  be removed from the air.

It is great to see that a great proportion of aussies aren't buying into the dark forces game.  Maybe because millions of Australians had compassion for 2002 bali  bombing.  This confirms the information you have been given.  I am looking forward to 2003, many see it as a year of happiness.

Love and  Light,

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