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 Comments on 9D Perspective on Attacks on US World Trade Center and the Pentagon



I just read the part about Devin and the incident with the World Trade Center.  I am a member of many spiritual clubs, and I am going to send  out a lot of his words to all of my clubs because I believe in exactly what he has said about compassion.  I have always wanted to kind of fight back, but didn't know how.  Well, compassion is my way now and I have a lot of followers who are looking for the same kind of answers. 

Tell him I said thanks, and that he is  the first being that I have totality agree with about how to go through the ascension.



I read, with great interest, your article on the 9D Council Perspective on US World Trade Center and Pentagon  Attacks.  I understand that we, as humans, react to events in various ways. What frightens  me, is that it seems that most people want and enjoy having revenge on so called  "enemies". With this in mind I feel, Spiritually, Humankind is still not  advanced enough to progress to the Galactic  environments.

I know that when I speak to people about what I've read and believe, the majority scoff at me. I hope that my feeling about Humankind is incorrect, and that we do have the Spiritual enlightenment that we need. I know that I, personally, need to do a lot more in this respect.

I also worry about my family and my country's future.  As a South African, I think the changes here are wonderful, but sometimes, when  I try to understand the "behind the scenes" scenarios I think things are not  what they seem. Perhaps I'm being paranoid.

I'm e-mailing you because, after reading your article, I needed to tell you my  feelings. Thank you for your time and Peace to  you.

Bradley J.
South Africa


I happened upon your website while looking up  info on Nibiru......what you are saying just blows me away!  And it also  reconfirms my own teachings over many decades.......reconfirms dreams I've had  about "authority figures" who are not what they seem. 

As I watched the events of Sept. 11 unfold on TV my mind screamed out , "well, you finally went and did it you creeps!"  And I was NOT referring to Islamic fundamentalists!!  I knew in my heart that this was  an "insider" job, meant to create fear in our minds so that we could be more  easily manipulated.  And it really has felt like a drama I'm watching........I  seem to understand this on a much deeper level than ever before.  We are to  observe the drama and continue to ask questions.  I have felt no compulsion whatsover to be drawn into it other than at a level I believe shows support for individuals who are having ambivalent emotions. 

Compassion truly is the only response as we  continue the process of envisioning our way out of the present world.┬  Is this  what you refer to as ascension?


Dear Jelaila,

Greetings to your heart! I imagine you are as maxxed out with emails as I  am, but I wanted to connect with your heart at this very important cross point  and just meet you. we are sisters. I resonate with a lot of what comes through  you. I invite you to dialogue with me if you desire at some point. I read your  latest update and it resonates with me. I was wondering just how you and/or the  council see the parallel split in motion now. Have you and I and others split  off, with bodies into that parallel reality as well as being "here." After all,  it would be just another day in a parallel world.

I and many of my colleagues  have felt tremendous inabilitiy tobe grounded lately and a lot of distress until  the release of the energy that happened in NY. I sit in a kind of Peace today  that is so interesting....... I discover that this is not unusual but that many  feel this also. I do not have "conscious awareness" of the split having  happened, but there are some who feel/think/know that it is close or it may have  happened. What do you know of this? Do you feel that those of us, you and I and  others,┬ who "remain" here in this "reality" , in this densest part are here for  purpose? I feel re-assignment, I feel like everything has changed, I feel  totally on new ground, and I am here in the body.

Anyway I wondered what you felt about the split and missions being "over"  and being upgraded, like everything else. Part of me doesn't "care" about  anything, even now and yet there is a more "fiercer" part that is extremely  focused and unwavering. My take is the tremendous difficulty of my body lately  are the blueprints actually lphysically setting in. it is a great relief.

Blessings to you,
Wistancia Stone
The Melchizedek Synthesis Light Ashram & Academy

Dear Jelaila.......

It has occurred to me many times to send you a  message and tell you how I have enjoyed your articles.  I did take part in your chat room sessions before  the end of June and then went on holidays. 

I can share some compassion with you in regards to  being ill.  I was  very well for years and then last year had two surgeries one  In October and one in January. Yes, I did learn I did have some experiences  that I didn't expect to have, and those around me also did learn.  It has given  me a different perspective on life big time!  My love an light to you in your  recovery!

I do read all David Ickes books and also David  Lewis books.  Things in this world are progressing according to the reptilian  agenda so they think !  I do agree that they have stepped up their aggressive  plans and I do hope that all of us that feel that WE can make a difference do  so.  The media is entirely taken over and there is so much badgering of human  minds going on that it is almost beyond belief what they will try to do  .

I know that we have all come here in this time  either as dark, gray or white entities to partake in this game but at times I  feel very isolated and sometimes it is very hard to express how and what I know  as some are not ready for what I want to tell them.

I was a teacher for 35+ years and now I return to  fill in on different days. I realize how our education system is so structured  to NOT TO TELL THE TRUTH, and it angers me to know that I was part of it for so  long.  I do slip up quite a few times as the children really want to know but I  have been questioned by upper administration stay on the curriculum they  say.

However, I will keep in touch and I would like to  know more about the tools for compassion I have only read your books but have  not ordered anything else to date 

With love and light,
Gloria S.

Thank you Jelaila!,

I was overjoyed to read your post  today and wanted to thank you.  I work in Washington DC and was in town at the  time of this tragic event .  There were jets flying around the city and there was  what can only be described as sonic booms coming from them that were interpreted  to be bombs going off in other parts of the city. It was truely terrifying!  I  have to tell you that there was a great sense of panic and my heart is still  breaking for all those lost and for the World as we face what to do next. 

And because I fear that we will feed into this fear  and seek revenge.  I have a hard time believing at this point that the American  people will settle for less than to avenge this tragedy.  That is very hard for  me.  My message remains the same.  We have to step out of the box for once and  try something different. Love is the only weapon that will be effective- I've  had no one to agree with me until I read your post. 

My question is- what can we  do?  How do we spread the message of love when it will fall on deaf ears??  And  what does that mean about our ascension???  What does it mean for those  individuals that are willing to find compassion?  How can we help others to open  their hearts and make a different choice???  What are we facing if we do in fact  choose more death??  My heart is breaking.  I feel like we've come so far and  I'm so afraid that this choice is crucial to our  spiritual advancement.  What  happens if we make the wrong choice????  Thank you for your time in reading this  and thank you for your commitment to my ascension as well as all of the others  you have touched with your life!!

Love and Light!! 


Although I personally agree with much of what was said. America should not use revenge in dealing with this tragedy, we should be more aware of the people in power. However, using a pseudo identity is truly improper. Surely you are not so fragile and insecure about your wisdom to continue in the charade of hiding behind some extraterrestrial identity. There is much happening in the mundane as well as spiritual world that has increased awareness, yet, it saddens me to know that many people will read this. Will they be confused thinking they should do nothing? Will they be gladden that 'others' are watching our pain and 'understand'? What will happen is they will not think for themselves as you, excuse me, the Council, has told them what to do.

This is a critical time for each person to claim  personal power. Stop hiding behind some comfortable 'council' and stand up  and speak your voice, Jelaila. You can be more powerful than this I believe.  Yes, I do believe that we can reach higher levels of communication, but I  always know that we are limited by our personal consciousness in what we  communicate.

I wish you understanding,

Dear Jelaila,

Who are we supposed to feel  compassion for?  The kamikaze maniacs who hijacked the planes, and ordered their  victims to phone home for the last time before plunging to their deaths, all in  the name of God?  Are you suggesting that we are supposed to feel love and  compassion towards people who are brought up to hate?  Unfortunately, I found  your article on the 9D perspective of this horror a load of crock.  Get real Jelaila!

Sharon S.


I believe none of what the media tell me. I follow NONE of their leads. I do not believe or trust anything I read or hear from the media or govt. That being said;

You have exposed yourself as a fake by asserting that the possibility exists that the U.S. government has orchestrated these events in pursuit of some goal. There is no possibility of this, and your "spacemen" would know it, if they existed.

Other communications on the list have urged restraint, resisting ratcheting up of emotions, and projection of love to counteract these horrific acts. You have chosen to blame the U.S. govt.  Bad move.  It's so easy to see through you.  I don't even have to use occult powers.  If you wish to pretend to "channel spacemen" - feel free - go right ahead. 

You will, no doubt fool many naive members of this list.  I know a phony when I "see" one - and You're one.  There are "some" who truly channel and reveal revelations from ascended beings. You are not one of these.  I am now looking you straight in the eye.  Do you feel it?

I will notify each member of the Ascension list of my intuition of you as a fake.  You should hang it up. I don't see you making any money with your spacemen schtick.  I would suggest getting a day job.

Peace, Julia


The vague and seemingly benevolent ramblings of supposed "beings of light" never cease to amaze me.  If you know something say it.  If not just shut up!  Why is it you who supposedly channel this information never can be specific on anything?  How many times have i read trite and weak rhetoric with nothing to substantiate any of your claims or idiotic ramblings.  If you know about some larger agenda about the terrorist attacks then why don't you state the facts?  I continue to try and find a source of real light and love directed towards humanity but have found nothing but hucksters and liars who fill me with despair.

From J. Z. Knight and Ramtha on, no one has ever given one shred of evidence of a real connection with any other form of life or divine entity.  Why?  Not one person has ever answered that to any satisfying degree.  I myself have channeled beings who spoke of divine love and divine hope with absolutely not a thing to offer other than talk, talk, talk.  I say put up or shut up.  Show yourselves.  Offer real evidence of what you claim.  Stop behaving towards us like we are idiots who simply can't stand to hear the "Truth".  If we can survive this terrible world we can sure as hell survive news like that.

I dare you to offer me any real proof that you are what you say you are, that you know what you say you know.  How surprised will I be when you can't?  I wish I would be surprised.  In fact it would cause me indescribable joy to have that happen.  It won't though -  because you can't.  Oh you'll come up with some flimsy excuse even if it's only to yourself.  That's the sad part.  You are most likely a "true believer" who is as self deluded as the other bliss ninnies I've met.  I know because I've been there.  You spout love and light and all the rest of the touchy feely line but never offer any real solutions or directions.

You never address real time ways of dealing with anything.  Just vague  and stupid allusions to "Ascension" and "Brothers in Light"who are watching and waiting for us to realize.....blah blah blah....what a crock.  Like i said - i dare you....


Hi Jelaila!

Your last channeling on the recent events is the best thing that has gone around so far about the situation.  Thanks oodles!!!


Dear Jelaila,

Thanks for your words and/or channelings. I knew from the moment I saw all this that it was the secret government. But, I waited and watched and of course within a day or two on the national public radio they had a man stating a whole list of civil liberties that we Americans should give up and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was a total replica of the NWO agenda that they were describing. It couldn't have been a better David Icke prediction and it amazes me that these Illuminati don't try better to conceal their agenda. They are real out there with it.

A day after the attacks and a man, a couple, are on the radio saying that we need national ID cards with micro chips, that our privacy should be invaded, that surveillance cameras should be everywhere and that they should computer image our faces every time we walk in to a building . I know what the truth is. We all do. It concerns me that not all of us are ready for the light. And that those of us that are will not be a strong enough voice in speaking out. Really we have to fight for it. To speak up and to speak out and to fight for our freedoms strong and persistent ways. It concerns me that many Americans have indeed handed our power and responsibility away, waiting for someone else to do it. This is where we need guidance and a kick in the butt, to be brave and to prevent the communist takeover of the world.

Well, on that note, I guess I'll go.

Thank you for your letter,                                                        Bethany

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for sharing the message from Devin and the 9D council.  It was good to receive confirmation and support for this difficult and pain filled time to avert further duping by the government and media  - whose mission is to keep us small, weak, ignorant and dependent.

In my prayers I have asked that the souls leaving and who have left be escorted, comforted and guided. Then I called for comfort, light and guidance for us all, may we receive it.  I was able to see the spirits of the formerly incarnated terrorists 'surprised  reactions when the "rewards" and accolades they acted for did not meet them.  What did meet them is not what they expected or wanted.

The mass brainwashing via media has been a challenge to avoid ... it is everywhere!  Even in Walmart today, there were tv ' s throughout the store loudly assaulting all with audio of the same streaming out the sound system.

Bless us all!

Dearest Jelaila,

I appreciate your wisdom and for your involvement with the  transformation process here. Waking up has been an ongoing challenge for me. My  intent to be fully conscious is a guiding force in my life. There are moments  when everything is so clear, then I drift back into the dream that reminds me of  what I'm creating when "I" am not present. I see what you are conveying about  the deceptive nature of the news and comments by reporters and commentaries. It  seems as though there is an destructive spirit that is behind it all. I will  continue to be aware of the wake-up calls that are going to accompany your  message.



I have been searching a long time and a long way, searching for the way, the  truth and the light. I am searching for the light...the path to ascension as you  call it. I am dumfounded at the speed of your response and invigorated thinking  that perhaps I've found the right path. But for all my lifetimes and all my  travel and time spent, I am still struggling and searching, looking for the  light. I spent an hour reading your website tonite and am hopeful that I have  found much truth. I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis of finding truth,  that if it feels right in your gut, then it's a good start....then the  correlation with three other sources, that  should confirm nearly everything and  is always the mantra of my herbal mentor....confirm the identity of everything  with a minimum of 3 sources before using it.

I fear babbling but I am so excited and thrilled to have found you and your  Council . Particularly in light of Tuesday's horrors, but having lived thru many  similar ones in other times and other places, I know that the immediate  knee-jerk response of the government is not the way.

Thank you for your response.

Dear Jelaila

I┤ve loved your message as a warning for us and the  world at large not to overreact vis a vis the last overwhelming coup from evil  against humanity. However I think that to let this huge attack of evil to go  unpunished might even be worse. But punishment, of course, does not mean to  over react well over and beyond proportion vis a vis whatever happened.

Also,  intents are much more important than punishment and right punishments  themselves. Intentions can never been other than that proportionate punishments for actors not to be seduced or indirectly compelled to channel over and over  again those negative energies from evil. Punishment has to come but it does not  have to be retaliation nor vengeance at all. It has to be a way to block further  flowing of evil energies, a not at all a way to feed our own debased urges to  retaliate or just to ge even. Punishments have to be a rational and  compassionate way to impede further overflowing of these unacceptable ways of  hate.

Love and Namaste,
Alberto Salinas

Greeting in the Highest Light to one and all,

I don't usually do a reply to all.  But these are exceptional times.  I am Kay Simmons, known to several of  you as the channel for Lady Kadjina and the Cities of light.  I know this Compassion Formula from personal experience and it does work. Things were so  severe for me in my childhood that I lost my memory for many years and I lost  the ability to trust.  The way I healed this situation was to see into their  future time and felt mercy and compassion for them. I literally screamed out,  'No enough. I can't wish this even upon an enemy.'  The chain reaction of Hit  and Hit back was broken. I think the greatest thing that Master Jesus ever did  was to forgive from the cross.  To do greater things than this we must, I feel  in my heart, do the same thing and forgive from the Cross of our own experiences  either personally or as a Nation of Global citizens.

Jelaila, Thanks for  you wonderful efforts.
Kay Simmons

Dear Jelaila Starr,

This is exactly what I thought!  It's a problem reaction solution, as David Icke calls it.  Fear creates an opportunity to easily manipulate people. Right now the biggest part of the world is afraid. And through these actions the governments/authority's are able to expand their control and power over a lot of people at the same time. With the publics entire approval.

If they say: ,,We want to slim the peoples power. How can we do that on the best and most secure way?'' Well, to create situations, where people want to give up their freedom by themselves. That's how they are able to expand control over people very fast and with success.

And what did Bush say literally in one of his speeches on the Wednesday 12th? We have to give up a piece of our freedom in order to maintain national security.''  !!!!!!!  National security my ass, he means the security of their power and control over the masses!

Problem - Reaction - Solution

David Icke wrote a lot on this topic. (Check This also enables the world government to create a situation where the people demand a world government. A New World Order.

And what did most leaders say? They admit complete cooperation to the USA. Tony Blair: ,,All democracies must work together to fight this problem.''

Hello, people wake up! It's the agenda of the New World Order being forwarded and activated!  If you're understanding this agenda of Babylon you're able to know where it's leading to and find reasons to find out yourself that it's true. It leads directly to complete control over the human race.

An other interesting note is that they're only able to succeed in their mission, if we respond the way they want us to respond. Meaning we deside what happens! They need US to fulfill their nightmare.

If I don't react to their calls, I'm more able to overcome this wicked game.  We must stop these terrors against our well being.  Babylon must fall!!!!!!

My respect and love for all those loving people who keep up and help others in this struggle. Love shall prevail.

Menno from
The Netherlands

Greetings, Jelaila,

What I notice clearly is the great distance between the opinions of many e-groups in which I participate and the commentaries on tv about the terrorist attacks. On internet I notice a real change in the minds of people towards inner peace, compassion, healing of the soul and the willingness to also pray for the ones who attacked. On tv I hear a lot of idiotic nonsense about going to war, and do I get reports that make no sense to my logical thinking mind.

I have a mailing list for my weekly articles. My request is permission to forward your article on the 11th September attack to the ones I know, of course accompanied by your name and link to your site.

Hope to hear from you,
Much love,

Dear Jelaila,

First I again want to thank you. What you offer for me in these days is an emotional and spiritual guidance I need so much. Though we are not Americans we are strongly connected to the feelings of grieve and fear. I understand what you are talking about. I knew that there was something wrong in the picture presented. And that there are hidden rulers, well, this is for me a logical consequence for a world based on control and authority. So thanks to the people who lost their lives I begin to research. I feel like being in the film Matrix. Isn't it apparent?

Secondly, I have a request: I tried several times now to get a user profile for the Forums because I wanted to say some words about the recent events. But I never got an answer from your server. What does this mean?

Thank you very much,


We will revenge this act so keep your words to yourself!

Warren G. Carter
CW2 (RET) U.S. Army

Dear Jelaila and members of the Nibiruan Council:

I am writing in response to the e-mail i received concerning the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, and the state of affairs on our planet. 

I have to first start by telling you how appalled I was by the right wing Christian community who tried to use this weeks tragedy as a way of convincing people of their faith. I am equally appalled by the things you suggested in your e-mail. 

You claim that the media and our government want to manipulate our thought processes and our emotions. Yet, that is precisely what you are also trying to do!  You have tried to manipulate our thoughts and emotions in another direction from that of the media and our government, but nevertheless, it is still manipulation! It is still wrong. In any galaxy that I would ever want to be a part of, there would not be the element of "listen to me, i am right, and don't listen to (said group) because they are leading you astray." how many groups are there in this world that adhere to that kind of philosophy? I would say that the very leader of the terrorist group that ordered this tragedy to be carried out adheres to the very same philosophy that you do. They just do it in the name of another god, Allah.  Maybe you should think about that.

It is beyond words for me to say the kind of disappointment that you have instilled in my  very existence. I agree very strongly that the people of our world, not just our country, but our entire world, need our support, need our compassion, and our greatest efforts to put this behind us and move on.

However, I do not agree that the only way to give that support and compassion is to turn the other cheek, and that is my human right to think, feel, and believe what is inside of me, without manipulation to feel one way or another. I feel very strongly that every single human being has a right to process their own feelings and thoughts without the interference from whatever group in any galaxy. You are just as guilty of manipulation as the media and the government.

So shame on you.
Shame on you all.
Staci Reyn

Hello Jelaila!

I was so happy to find your website and articles on the Sept 11 disaster, thanks to my good friend, Charles Grotsky, of SHIFT (Sharing Information to Facilitate Transformation   who had sent me the article.  The channeled piece on the attacks was very calming and soothing to my sorrowed soul and helped to ground me during those first days after the disaster.  The article is, at this point in time, my favorite article about what happened and it makes more practical sense than anything I've heard to date.

I have enjoyed your web site so much that I have sent out a recommendation to the producers of the Bay Area UFO Expo, Conspiracy Con, and New Science Ancient Wisdom conferences that are held here in the Bay Area to ask that they contact you to come speak at their future events.

Until then, many blessings to you and your associates and I'll be praying for you!

Jeanette B.
Belmont, CA

Dear Jelaila,

I just want to say that really enjoy  your information and read them all. Here in Sweden we feel great sorrow about what has happen in US.  I guess the hole world is in chock....but still I belive it is important that we don┤t feel hate or┤s not the answer.

Here in Sweden it has unfortunately happen that people ( just few ,thank god) has started to feel hate against Muslims. It scares me a bit, but Swedish newspapers has been very smart and talked a lot about this and why we can’t feel anger. So hopefully this won’t spread more.

I just want you to know that you all are in our thoughts and hearts, and if you excuse me for saying this and hopefully you won’t take this wrong Jelaila...but perhaps despite all sorrow and despair....all this evil will bring something good with it. I believe that somehow ....this will make people come together all around the world....don’t you think ?

Well anyway, take care and god bless.


Exactly!!  Love the article!

I have just come across your web site after a friend passed me the web address (we were looking into information on the Annunaki).  As soon as I saw the symbol of the Nibiruan Council I knew that I had a connection to the Council in some way, or maybe the symbol was just a reminder.  I am a writer, and my novel (which I have sent to several publishers as I work towards getting it accepted for publication and on the shop shelves!) is called "Light of Unity", and in that novel I have a symbol which the main character comes across: a triangle within a circle, and within the triangle two birds in flight.  And then I saw the Nibiruan symbol with the two wings and I felt that there was a connection there, somehow. 

So, I shall be keeping an eye on your web site!  And, when I get this book published, I will let you know.

All of my writing is a part of my spiritual path and a way of teaching others, and every book I write is 'inspired' by the Team of teachers who work through me.  Your goal is planetary ascension, so is mine.

Your channeled messages are the food and guidance that humanity is looking for.  Keep up the fabulous work!



I was e-mailed your Sept. 11 message and feel a great need to respond.  I fully agree with the need to stay out of anger, vengeful thinking, as well as, becoming judgmental.

My concern is the message around mistrusting  our government and seeking the truth, by asking for the truth. My intent is to  Love ALL involved, the victims, the decision makers, and the people responsible.  I pray for ALL of them, although I believe the one's responsible for the deaths  need our help the most, the government, the victims, and then the rest of us  also.  

I believe we need to sends light, love, and peace to all. I feel no hatred  or the need for revenge. I feel that people must be in a lot of pain and  hurt to make the decisions they are making. I hope for knowledge to be available  to them so that they can make decisions that are in theirs, and everyone's  better interest. I hope for them to know peaceful ways to get their needs met  and not live with the pain and hurt that they must be feeling to make such desperate decisions.  I don't feel that it's helpful to give our government more  power than they actually have over us.

We have shown clearly how compassionate  we can be to the victims, I think we also need to send love and compassion to  ALL that are involved . I believe that will help them to make decisons that are  in everyone’s better interest. How could you not, if you are feeling full of Love  and light?


Hi Jelaila,

I did check your website for Nibiru info and found  it to be very informative.  I would love to meet you in Colorado.  When will you  be here?

I am surprised and saddened by the terrorist  attacks that happened yesterday.  I feel that our gov't had something to do with  it.  This was brought up again to me when a friend of a friend who lives in New  York and works about 10 blocks north of the world trade center told us that he  drove in to his building's parking garage at 5:30 AM and it was filled with  black limousines and he was told he was not allowed to park there. He asked why  and was told it was taken over by the FBI.  At 5:30 AM!!!  3+ hours before the  attacks.  Then me saying that this terrorist attack was in cohoots with our  gov't wasn't laughed at anymore.  I read your article last night about what is  the covert plan behind this and I agree.  I have been sending light to the  innocent and the mind-controlled.  I wonder what David Icke will dig up on  this.  Now they keep talking war - those reptilians who are in control here are  just drooling over this.  It really disgusts me.

Melissa H.

Hi Jelaila,

Here in New Zealand we awoke to the horrifying images and the shock throughout the country has been palpable. I can only imagine how shellshocked people in your country must feel - so much easier to mourn those lost in a natural disaster than human-made. As I am a teacher in a primary (elementary???) school, I used this tragedy to make children think about the historical impacts and the people harmed (both the perpetrators and victims). It has generated some powerful discussion and the children identified strongly with the impact on unknown people they could still empathize with. I was impressed with their expressions of caring for those families torn apart through this action. I just felt like I wanted to make contact and the 9D interpretation of the incident provided support to the feelings that I have had all day. Hope you are 100% better. Jennie. NZ  Thank you Jelaila, Devin and all for  putting out such a succinct and encouraging statement so promptly.

I  instinctively felt the truth of it immediately this morning when a friend called  to tell me to turn on the TV.  I did so, but only for about 20 minutes.  I  became so disgusted with the emotional manipulation that I turned it off and  have kept it off ever since.  I went to work as usual only to find that my  employer had allowed everyone to go home because "they couldn't concentrate" on  their work.  This was equally disheartening because this is just what "they"  want -- to keep us in fear and feelings of futility. 

I agree with you wholeheartedly and  would also recommend that everyone read Noam Chomsky as part of the antidote.   This kind of stuff has been going on for far too long.  Our first and foremost  obligation is to awaken to the truth and help others to do so as  well.

Dr. Greer talks about the fact that  the secret government was going to orchestrate a similar event and blame it on a  UFO attack in order to get the people to support the space weapons program.   It's some comfort to know that it was one of our own aircraft at least and not a  fabricated UFO.  Still, it could be foreshadowing future events in that dark  agenda. But the Phoenix will arise from the ashes and fly again -- it always  does, and actually, is happening as we speak.

I was sitting outside tonight,  looking up at the unusually peaceful skies in awesome wonder at the beauty of  the stars. With great gratitude and relief I thought to myself -- at least nothing can touch those jewels.  Watching the rabbits nibbling at my feed block in ignorant bliss, I imagined they felt the same.  I had to admit, I'm with the rabbits on this one.  It's a "crazy wisdom" but it works.

In faith,

Hi there,

Yes I agree that we (particularly the friends and relatives of the victims in the attack) should suspend judgment and avoid the desire to take revenge.

In fact, we should be praying for the people behind the attack ... they are are ones who need it most.  They must have been overwhelmed by such darkness and fear that they sacrificed many of their 'own' people to launch such an organized and big scale attack.

God Bless !

Helen Tay

Dearest Jelaila,

I'm so glad and thankful you're up and around, getting  better each day.

Our hearts are with the people in America now. We sat all  night watching the CNN shocked and grieved. Today the students in the school I teach in have arranged a moving ceremony in memory of the thousands of victims.  Please thank the 9D council for their wise words. I read it in the morning before going to school and then I heard almost the same words from the children!!! Isn't it wonderful? They sang a song that says that we're all one  big human body and when one of us dies, we all hurt. They called the people not to lose hope of peace and not to give in to the feelings of hatred and fear.  Aren't they beautiful? I believe we shall pass the exam - love shall prevail!

Love and Light

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you and the Council, for this  perspective, which exactly echoes  the guidance I personally received  throughout today, whilst doing the only thing I could to help...lightwork.  In a group also the morning was spent connecting with love and light. Respond  with Love is the basis of all messages I have received about this event. It  feels so very important that this is the overall response, and I know we must  ALL pass this on to everyone we can, awake or not! One huge 'wake-up call' for  the world. If your president, and all involved, does not respond with Love this  time, more will occur. This is an opportunity to unite universally...we are  with you in heart and spirit and soul...from Australia....

Love and Light eternally,
Nikki S.


My name is Deborah and I really thank you Jelaila and the council for your welcomed insights on your posted article. This truly is an incredible opportunity for further planetary evolution. Please know your love and efforts are traveling @ Light Speed. This is indeed a huge test for mankind. We must direct our thoughts and prayers to the U.S military in particular...that they calm and feel the after effect of what a world war could mean to this planet. It is all with goodness to all concerned...including those who performed the act. They are merely following through with their part in the plan. They too are Loved by THE one is excluded from this LOVE.

I AM in Love and radiant Light
Deborah (Windara)


Thank you soooo much for your message of compassion in regards to the WTC  incident... I know in my heart what you are saying and feel your message within  every fiber of my essence. This is the same message that Jesus and Buddha and  Ghandhi and so many others have tried to convey... I believe we are finally  starting to "get it"... however, I regret to report that we (myself included)  have a long way to go....

Light and Love
Daniel (child of light and love)

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 Comments on US Attacks-What we can do!

Hi Jelaila,

Just a short note to thank you for your recent article  "What We Can Do", in the face of the WTC Tragedy.

I am fearful that this is the beginning of severe curtailment of our freedoms  here in the U.S., all in the name of  the "War" on terrorism.

Never mind that last year Bush gave $43 million to the Taliban and Bin Laden as part of the war on drugs.  Never mind that on Tuesday  China signed a strategic alliance with the Taliban and Bin Laden.  (Does everyone see what is taking place here?) It is amazing to see the backlash and  hatred aimed at anyone who even dares to question or speak out aginst the war machine;  they are instantly called "traitor" and "unamerican".

As you  have said many times, the Cabals are tightening their grip and the Ingathering has begun.  Compassion is the way out. 

Hi Jelaila:

Oh so true. Thank you for your comments in this most recent  message.  It is time for all light workers to put into practice that which we  have been discussing and getting prepared for. 

For oh so long we have been  asking for change and hoping for a better world. Now we have actually  experienced a paradigm shift. For many it will not have been the way in which  they had imagined it to happen, but this is it. Focus and stay in LOVE and  create the PEACE that we all long for in our hearts. Meet this violent act  and its outcome with LOVE unconditional. Understand now that it is time to  end the era of retribution and recognize that we shall not judge the actors  in the play, but honor the souls directly involved in this playing out  of energies and just simply send them all LOVE.

It is the greatest service  we can gift to humanity as a whole and to the
entire intergalactic community.  Those beings in the multidimensional world await to see how we will handle  this event on this plane.  Peace prevails on Earth. Peace prevails on Earth.  Peace prevails on Earth.  Hold this thought regardless of what occurs and  Peace is now.  As below, so above.

Bill M.
Ottawa, Canada

Hi Jelaila,

Having just received your second correspondence regarding the  recent events in America I feel compelled to write and send you my utmost  support and love.  Coming to work on the morning of having woken up to news  of the crisis and receiving an email from you was exactly what I needed to  gain more perspective on what is actually going on.  Apart from going inside myself to hear your words are a true comfort, how could anyone not be supportive, thus this email.  It is times like this when even one as awake as myself needs to feel clear with the truth that surrounds us and your words do that for me every time in such a simple, clear and precise manner.

Thank you so much, I have been passing your e-mails onto my close 'awoken' friends, yes the time is now.  Being connected is not a time zone yet a frame of mind, and this is why I am so grateful for the way in which you choose to live and the unprecedented work you do.  I feel it so important that those around me who have no idea can feel my energy, we may be spread around the world yet our network impacts every day on the most subtle and necessary of levels within.

Love and energy,
David A.
(Sydney, Australia)

Dear Jelaila, namaste,

Have spread your call to prayer for compassion  and truth.

During the week, I’ve tried to remind folks that two wrongs  don’t ever add up to a right when they’ve expressed a desire to wreak revenge  on din Laden as he’s the widely publicized suspect. Most think that  I’m weird to think that violence is the wrong track.

And have been  grieving for everyone involved in the tragedy, while sending all parties  love.  It wasn’t until I read Devin’s message that I dared allow the niggling thought forward. I kept telling myself it would be just too  cynical.  And, maybe I’m way off base, but war has been used to bolster  economies in the past. In college, during the Vietnam War, Marx’s criticism  that Western economy was based on waste was condensed to: one way  bullets, bombs, and men all three expendable for profit.

Thank you for putting out the call for prayer for compassion and truth.



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