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Comments on Election 2000


I have been closely following the process of your election and felt from the  onset, that I was witnessing a profound global opportunity for choice and change. The event is too obvious and far reaching to be of little consequence. It  calls for attention.

I believe that we who live in North America have been taught from our  earliest years that the basic right of the individual's vote is without doubt the singular equalizing social factor. It crosses all classes and cultures and  is denied at great consequence. It is a perfect issue for capturing our attention!

Because of this public process, many of the hidden and subtle polarities that  have separated people are coming to the surface with confusion, anger, passion  and sometimes fear... If we take a higher ground approach and listen to our  hearts rather than the conditioned judgments of our ego, we can see that this  can be an open window to choose new political means for coming together to solve  problems and social issues that need wise, competent and cooperative focus.

I like to believe that there are enough mature people who will look at this  drama and apply their wisdom and public courage to participate personally  wherever they be part of a peace process within themselves and to extend  this into communities. This may present as a simple conversation with a friend  in wondering above the obvious, if there is another way to look at our political  responsibilities and individual power. The old way is now becoming transparent.  The political grid is shifting and we have the chance to truly see each other as  empowered partners working together rather than GIVING UP OUR RESPONSIBILITIES  TO OTHERS.

It is a brilliant opportunity.

Even without the presidency race, the people have chosen a 50/50  senate..50/50 means just that.

CO-OPERATION. The word is the action of making something  happen together.

I believe this is a dramatic choice time to help each other to no longer war  and attack, but to respect and work together for mutual creativity of a better  world.

I pray that beyond popular rhetoric, my wisdom will nudge me to rethink the  old and have the courage to speak of what is possible as I watch the drama play  out for us all.

I am grateful to all the participants who are playing their roles so that I  can observe, learn and participate publicly.

Thank you for what you do.

With gratefulness,

Hi Jelaila,

I received this info last week, the night after our session.  I am getting clear with my guides and I believe it will pay off. (I think you created a template for me in your b&v to the NC in October!) Thought you may be interested to see another perspective on Election 2000.  I will also include a couple of my rhymes so you can get a sense of what that is about if you like...

Mary-Jane Banks

The Election.

More is brewing and it will be delayed, delayed, delayed.  Part of the purpose here is to bring up everyone’s discomfort and anger to the surface, to have a massive break through in terms of reality, belief, trust, security. 

The questioning has begun in a mass sense, and this will open the doorway to more questions, to doubts, to wondering...

From the controllers' perspective [illuminati, secret government], it was assumed that the dealings [manipulation] would succeed in allowing GWB to "come to power," along with his family and the powers that be, and yet there are factions within factions, cycles within cycles, no beginning and no ending. We challenge your thinking of who and what is good and bad, right or wrong.  It is all part of the game, the road you are traveling to your destination.  As they say, all roads lead to Rome, so don't be overly concerned with which road you take. You will still get there.

The ante has been raised. This will be a trigger to the second wave and the the third wave will not sleep as cozily in their beds. Much of this work will be done subconsciously, and in truth you must know that you all affect the template for those who follow you. 

A good example is looking back on the two world wars and realizing how much the human psyche has evolved. Well what is coming to pass now will have a grave effect on the human psyche, and it will give you strength in coming out to be counted.  It is an encouragement to those who have an inkling of what is really going on. The alarm bell is ringing, calling many to wake up and feel the truth.

This will continue for at least six months of your earth time. It is like a small sore that is going to be picked, and then become infected, and then the infection will take hold of the body and begin to grow, and the more it is picked at the worse it will get, and no amount of medicine, or bandage, or quarantine will be able to fix it.  It is a humpty dumpty story.  But the powers that be think that they can put it all back together to their will.

They are mistaken.  They have underestimated the power of the masses to smell the truth. They have underestimated the power of the infection to resist their brand of drug. And so it will be that all they can do is hope that it will run it's course. But they are looking in the wrong place. They underestimate you all.  They don't realize that the veil is now so thin. They can no longer hide.  They will continue to try. They will continue with the old tricks.  But nothing that used to work works any more. Times have changed. And their "hearts" are no longer in it. There is nothing more to want or need and they have forgotten what they are fighting for.  They are so bored. And so now it is they who are falling asleep. They will put in a last ditch effort, but it is too late.

So have courage. The time is ripe for the veil to be fully raised and for you to take up your place in the galactic community.  Yes, there will be fear, but people will come to realize that nothing is fixed in stone-and yet they survive. When the earth beneath you is rocking, you accept the light in the skies more easily. When nothing is as it was, there is less to lose. When everything you ever believed is gone, there is room for something new.

This is why opening the heart is so important. You have to do it to show others how, to create the template for them to follow. Heart cannot be faked, or fooled.  This is the imperative now.  This is why we test you so, to crack open the shell and allow the heart to feel.  Once you can do this you have personal power, integrity, you have the final key to all. And then we can truly begin the next phase of our work together.  Do not resort to fear, there is no need.  Feel your feelings, your anger, your betrayal, your loneliness. Validate it for yourself. And let it go. The sooner we can move on.

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you and Devin for sharing this article.  It is well received.   I am noticing distinct cases  of those around me and myself being made aware of having given away personal power in specific situations and now desiring to reclaim it.  These incidents are not related to the stressed political situation, however, but  may be stimulated by the same energy -- you think?  Since my candidate was John Hagelin, I do not care whether Al or George W. gets to play the role.  I  am simply a witness to the soap opera antics surrounding the vote count.

Blessings to you and Devin in your continued good work.  



Great Article with a positive spin!  Yes, we have choices!  The end of an Age is the same as a death and a birth - full of excitement and fear .. all at once.  But the results will be "Earth Shattering".  The predicted earthquakes have come and are coming, but now they occur not only in the physical realms, but also as financial, emotional, intellectual and spiritual shake-ups.  What this article addressed are political shake-ups with the purpose of allowing us to find "the truth that sets us free".  And the internet revolution will further the "Communion of Humanity".

What you two (with the help of the unseen) have to offer just gets better and better.

John K.

Hi Jelaila (and other readers)

I read with fascination the info about the tragicomic US election. I'm a US citizen residing in Guatemala, Central America. I teach 6th and 7th grades at a local English language school here. Imagine telling your students to watch the election returns and then having to explain all of this to them! Some of the kids are American, but most are Guatemalans who have always looked up to the USA as a role model, good example, etc. No more!!  I do not know what percentage of your readers are from outside the US, but rest assured, we are certainly now a bona fide international laughing stock.

Aside from the chaos and problems this electoral circus causes in the US, the global ramifications are enormous whoever is declared the winner. The US has long justified its interference in other country's affairs (especially but not limited to Latin America) as being in the name of "democracy" or "free and fair elections". That fraudulent pretext can be put to rest forever. Just who will be the next country in a struggling, developing, fragile democracy that asks the United States for advisers and help for its next election??  How do we think the world will respond the next time the US lectures some country about human rights and democratic process??

If this happened here in Guatemala, or in the Philippines, Iran, Zimbabwe, or Yugoslavia to cite a few examples, the US would be howling about fraud, illegitimacy, boycotts, sanctions, and all the other hollow rhetoric we're all too familiar with. Without even realizing it, the US has undercut its own legitimacy and the very foundation of its foreign policy for the last century. If the US now wishes to continue controlling world affairs, it will either need to find a new pretext or, heaven forbid, TELL THE TRUTH about its economic, military, and political imperialism. Make no mistake, The Emporer Has No Clothes.

I hope these comments help bring even just a few people closer to the critical mass we will need to face the upcoming challenges. I welcome any and all comments. (I voted for Nader, by the way)

In peace,
Matt T.

Dear Jelaila,

I just received your article on the Election 2000 via Jon Locke and I'm pretty excited about it. Apart from the fact that I as a German have feelings and questions coming up like: Why would they (the Americans) think that they are something special? Are they really? What's their part here on the planet?

I agree that the election is a major wake up call in a series of events - one of them definitely being the movie MATRIX in my opinion.

About 50% of the people have been voting ~ about 50% favour one side, while the other 50% favour the other side. Isn't that the perfect mirror for us to show us that we are approaching a fairly "stable" state here on this beautiful planet? A state of balance where we realize that there is only "good" and "bad" on our 3D plane here? That we are able to live the balance of good and evil inside of us now?

I'm excited and I thank you for serving as a channel to bring this thrilling point of view to us. Lots of thanks as well to the being(s) who spoke those words!

Love and blessings,

Dear Jelaila,

I read your article on the Inner Child / Ego.  Thanks, it was very helpful.  It also triggered a wonderful realization for me.  As I was driving around this morning running errands, I was listening to the radio and heard many discussions of the election goings-on in Florida.  I was wondering, to myself, what lesson is in all of the posing, posturing, nit-picking, and finger pointing.  Then it hit me.  This is a perfect mirror of the lengths to which our Inner Child / Ego will go in order to keep itself from feeling the pain of rejection.  It is a personal survival mechanism being played out in the political arena and on the world stage.  And, rather than face it for what it is, most want it to just be over - in other words, stuff the feelings it brings up.


Hi Jelaila,

Cedar Rapids must quite the place!  Thank you for all the messages.  I totally enjoyed the info on the election as I was searching for the higher perspective on the whole thing.  At one point last week, I just gave up and turned off the TV and the email and withdrew.  Your channeled article helped me get in tune with the higher perspective of it.  Somehow, I think it was too close to home for me to get my heart around it.  Many thanks!

I hope your move goes smoothly and I look forward to being in contact with you and Jonathan in your new locale.

Hugs, Mary M.


Thanks so much for the election info.  Instinctively, I felt that this recent election was the "beginning of the end" for business as usual.  As the model of "free choice" our country and government needs to we move toward unity consciousness and personal empowerment, we need to jettison the old energy gridlock and controls...get smaller government AND more personal choices.  It seems no small coincidence that the results of the presidential race are so close (i.e. country is so divided) because it underscores the need for a new system.  I also felt cosmic laughter over electing a dead man for senator in Missouri (imagine how his living opponent must feel!). Is this the 2x4 between the eyes to let us know our current system of government is dead!??  I feel that it, in the end, it won't matter who we elect as president this year (despite my original judgmental negative feelings about Bush), and that our system will be completely changed within two generations.  The Indigos are stirring the pot now, and just wait until the Crystal children arrive!

Hugs and Rainbows,

Dear Jelaila,

I was very curious to get Devin's take on the election, having already thought it was a way of unearthing warts in the system that we would otherwise never be privy to, forcing people to reevaluate their ideas of government and democracy, but I hadn't appreciated the greater significance Devin implies.  It is actually encouraging that age-old secrets on many fronts, but especially this one, are actually now coming to light confirming what we have been waiting for.  It is like a serialized novel and we are all desperate for the next installment; I hope Devin will impart more detail before too long, and I would certainly be very interested in doing a Monday workshop on this topic.

I will look forward to tonight's workshop.  Thank you again for this new information.

Mary-Jane ("Jane")

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Comments on Money and Ascension


Hello Jelaila

Thank you so much for your article about money. I am a Lightworker, I guess - practitioner of Reiki, Medical Intuitive, and reader and counselor, but have gone back to the "conventional world" in order to pay the bills. Your article conveyed to me a depth and understanding of the higher physics in this area of my life - now i can relax!
Thank you-
Jane Robinson, from NJ

Dear Jelaila,

I read your article with great interest and passed it on to my sister who really needs this information and was thankful to receive it.  I do have one question. I wondered if you need to ask the universal fund in a specific way for resources. For example,

Do you need to speak as if you already have it eg the universe is providing me with the resource to start my own health centre as opposed to saying please provide me with the resources to set up a health centre.

I have a feeling that the phrasing is critical. Can you shed some light on this? I would be grateful.

Many thanks,

Patrick F.

Hi Patrick,

If it is your first request, do it the second way.  If it is not, do it the first way.
good question!

Jelaila Starr

Hi Jelaila,

I am new to your site and still looking around. I have read the 9D Council on money and ascension though, and it is awesome.  Thank You!!

Yours in the Light,

Hi Jelaila: 

My thanks to you for your work on behalf of the expansion of consciousness on our planet, and particularly for your committed assistance to Lightworkers.  I greatly enjoyed your article on Money and Ascension recently published in David Icke's magazine and look forward to more on this subject.  The transition from 3-D finances to multidimensional finances is truly a challenge -- of faith, perhaps, more than anything else.  I would encourage you to write a book exploring the subject in detail, and in the interim,  it would be very welcome if you would continue to focus on this subject in a series of articles.  I, for one, would purchase such a book instantly and intuitively feel that it would be your most successful venture to date, financially speaking, especially if given a compelling title and marketed to the new age community which is suffering from a dearth of really helpful information in this area... 

...With the experiences, goods and services that money provides being so crucial to the overall quality of life on our plane as well as to one's sense of freedom and empowerment, the issue of TRUST in the Universal Fund is paramount.  Helping us to establish that trust is crucial.  Also missing is a sense of FLOW in the process of accessing "energy" from the Universal Fund.  Establishing a fluid circulation of "energy" is essential to a fulfilled life experience.  There is an oddly static quality to these visits to the multidimensional savings account as described in your article, whereas life requires a much freer access to energy in the moment.  Addressing that aspect would be helpful as well.

I'd love to hear from you.  Any additional thoughts, suggestions, 9D financial guidance would be appreciated.

In Love and Light From a Fellow Traveler On the Path,  Terra


Namaste is an alternative spiritual magazine which aims to bring a message of love and light to all the people of south Africa.  We were recently sent an article which one of our readers took off the interned.  This article was written by Devin/Jelaila and is about lightworkers and money/poverty.  This is a very relevant topic in SA as well.  We would dearly love to publish this article and would like to know how to go about getting permission. 

We greet you in love and light,

Editor, Namaste Magazine


Thanks for the article.  I think it will help me a lot.  I used to do it exactly like that & it always worked out.  Now I get panicky once in awhile, being a single mom.  Just yesterday I had to borrow money to go to work.  On the way home, I did talk out loud to God & the universe & said I was open to receiving gifts of money.  (I'm going on my 4th week at a new job & I still haven't seen any money from it & won't for another week or so.  It's been costing me money to go to work; rent's due in a couple of days, etc.)  Since then, I did a marketing survey & got paid $75  for 2 hours work & my child support check was in the mail -- 5 days early!!  Also, my father called & said he was paying most of my rent (he was calling to get the correct spelling of my landlord's name) & my friend that's been staying here bought us dinner.  That's just since yesterday.   It does get scary not having a "cushion".  I need to keep reminding myself to trust in the universe.  I'm gonna save the article to re-read when I forget.  Thanks. 


Hi Jelaila.

Loved your recent article. It's funny how I find your articles always in sync with my life. I have recently gotten much of the same info. Over the last few weeks, I have had many realizations about money, the lack of it, and what my role in it was. It really does come down to our belief system about it. I concluded that "God helps those who help themselves"...similar to “can't win the lottery without a ticket.” I spend money now without worrying if we have the money to do it...I just believe it will be there. I bought a painting I absolutely loved on sale for $325...didn't have the money for it, but knew it was mine.

We are leaving for Disney tomorrow morning with no money in our bank account. I believe that I have the ability to manifest what I need. I did. Our tax return came in and I had some lucrative nights at the restaurant. Now I am giving my notice without knowing what's coming, but trust it will all work out.

For the first time in a very long time, I want to be connected to 3D. I want a job. I want things. I have desires and I don't feel guilty having them. I allow myself to want things. Thanks for the support. I feel so connected...feels like HOME.

Much love to you and Jonathan,

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Comments on the Black Hole



RE: “When will this black hole occur? Once again, that is up to you. You will  not go through the black hole portal until your planet is ready.”

Q: When is our planet earth ready? What elements indicate that our planet is  ready? How can Earth tell that she is ready? How can it be up to humans as to  when earth will enter the black hole?

If humanity as a whole got to be ready before earth can enter the black hole  then this event seems to be lying way into a distant future. The main population  of humanity reveals signs of being in great disharmony as of today.  If earth entrance into the black hole were up to me to decide as to in what  timeframe, then I would be saying this summer 2000.   But I don’t know whether earth is ready and I don’t know how to tell whether  she is ready. Are there any signs that could be indicating whether earth is  ready or not?

Jelaila’s Answer:

Hi Kjell,
Readiness is determined by the status of our mass  consciousness. That does not mean that everyone has to 'wake up' and be on their  spiritual path. It means that a percentage of people have to be awakened and we  are fast approaching that but we are not there yet.  The media is helping with  movies like Star Wars, Contact, Existenz, The 6th Sense, etc.  Good question,  thanks for asking it.

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