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2012, Nibiru, DNA and You!

Basic training for the starseed, walk-in or lightworker whose mission is to show mankind the way through the coming changes.

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jel_pixie_72_175Recent weather related events have triggered a massive awakening.  Though this is good, the fear they create has brought about a greater demand for clarity and understanding.  How do we make sense of these situations, will they ever end and how can we keep ourselves and our families safe?  These are just a few of the questions that wayshowers, those who have the mission t to be voices of calm and reason, will need to answer.

Join Jelaila for an information packed intensive workshop designed to give you the “bigger picture.” Learn what you need to know so that to fulfill this critical mission as a voice of calm and reason through the difficult years ahead.

What you will learn in this workshop:

Part One: Universal History/Nibiru/2012

To know where we are going, we must know from whence we came. This portion of the training includes a study of galactic history, Nibiru’s role, the ancient timelines now being replayed as probable future events, along with what we can anticipate in the years ahead as we move towards 2012, and how we can effectively alter them.

Part Two: DNA Recoding/Ascension Tools

In order to ride the waves of change and be safe, one must learn the key to safety; emotional clearing. The Nibiruan Council has given to Earth the multidimensional tools to achieve clearing, as well as, how to use this same process to recompile and transform their DNA from carbon to crystalline -based. In this portion, we cover the details of DNA Recoding and the basics of the multidimensional ascension tools.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • Clearer view of the “bigger picture.”
  • The relief and satisfaction of knowing what 2012 will bring and how to prepare to stay safe. 

7-day cancellation required:  NC Return/Cancellation policy applies.
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