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2005 And Beyond Workshop and Workshop and Reviews Comments continued...

Phoenix, AZ Template
Participant Comments

Dear Jelaila,

It has now been more than a week since you were here conducting an amazing workshop. I have been wanting to write, but haven't known what to say... where to start. My body has been everything from exhausted, to feeling like I'm going to vibrate right out of my skin. The shifts I have been making at night are indescribable. I'm guessing that's a mixture of adjusting to the change in the timeline, and integration of information. And for added fun, I can't find my socks or the trash can since we moved everything around in here. To quote one of my favorite writers, "my flabber has been gasted!"

When this year began, you wrote on your website that you would be traveling to do this work, but you didn't know where at that time. I, however, did know you would be coming to Phoenix and I knew I would be attending the workshop. What I didn't know was how important the choices I would make, especially during last summer would become. I am still mystified by how those choices exactly mirrored the choices I made in the events that led to the destruction of an entire planet and all of her inhabitants. That might explain why I haven't even been able to decide what shirt to wear in the morning for most of this lifetime. I have not wanted make decisions. Too much fear around that. When I let my mind wander in that vein, I can't help but wonder in how many ways, how many times, and how many beings on this planet are making choices which are having the same dramatic effects. It would seem that is why compassion has become so very important.

In a few short months I have gone from being a wishy-washy Marvin milk toast type to an informant, betrayer, diplomat, workshop coordinator, hostess, anchor for the 9D grid of compassion, and my personal favorite: scapegoat. I played ALL of those roles. As I sat here on the hot seat in my own living room, I was in total disbelief that there were people here who would not, or could not participate so we won’t be able to complete the template. Perhaps I should have felt anger, but unfortunately I didn't. What I felt was more like a quiet acceptance and deep sadness. After all, they were behaving exactly as they did long, long ago and no amount of hoop-jumping on my part made any difference at that time either. As I watched them sitting there in their unconditional love and observer positions, I realized they aren't fully engaged with life. They had agreed to get down in the mud and wallow around, but then broke their agreement and pulled back. It was anticlimactic. Their gift to me was being the mirrors, however, and I am truly grateful. How can life be full if we aren't engaged with it on all levels? Ahhh sweet integration of light and dark.

This was a tough and complicated workshop for all concerned, including you Jelaila. Thank you for having the courage to go through with it. I had felt incomplete, and my heart was heavy because we weren't able to fully create the template. I know now that there are more pieces and the other players must have their chance, and the template will be completed. There are not words to thank you enough for all of the hard work you have done for me, and for all of us. You have LIVED on the hot seat for years. God Bless you Indeed!

In Loving gratitude,
Patty Luna

Hi again Jelaila,

It's been two weeks since coming home from the Phoenix workshop and I am having a hard time getting it from my mind.  I suppose many painful and empty feelings were 'left' in the apartment that day, it was very palpable without question.  When I was reflecting I couldn't help, but think of how many feelings, those of emptiness and sadness,  came up for me that have been a huge part of my life. 

About a year ago, after a failed relationship attempt which brought me great sadness I kept hearing my intuition tell me to 'heal the ancient wound' that was inside of me.  I heard that saying often and over and over, but truthfully I had no idea what it meant.  A few months later I visited your site and saw you would be doing the workshops.  I was immediately shaken to act and knew I had to attend one, with no real idea why or what would happen.  As you know of course, I tried to go to Miami, but for whatever reason it didn't really work out and I decided to postpone attending.  When I saw you would be going to Phoenix, it seemed that things were lining up perfectly for me to attend.  So off I went with no idea what to expect, to be honest.

The Friday night visitor was definitely strange, but it was a real wake up call for me and probably everyone in the room.  I'll tell you exactly what I told Patty about Friday night and that is; I'll bet our visitor's entrance pretty much connected to everyone in the room. My mother is an alcoholic and the drunken woman's behavior reminded me of many nights, it still does unfortunately, when my mother has gotten toasted and treated our family to erratic behavior and slurred words.  Also, about two days before I left for Phoenix, I was out with some friends and had a few drinks. Nothing over the edge, nothing wild (wink).  When I came home that night, I fell asleep and woke up two hours later and vomited the alcohol out of my system.  Trust me, that doesn't happen too often with me.  That was definitely a wake up call.

Whatever, in any case, the Sunday discussion was a painful one for sure.  When you mentioned that you were the one who was basically most responsible for hatching the plan to destroy Maldek I was extremely angry.  I felt the overwhelming feeling that it was not for you to decide alone the destruction of an entire planet.  However, what came through for me most, and I'll tell you this with difficulty grasping that I'm sane but it is most prevalent within me; I was one of the Orion Dracs trying to convince the others to allow the humans to live, to have some equal reign in the galaxy.  I felt I knew then, somehow, that the Drac belief to conquer and destroy the humans in the galaxy would upset the balance, and in so doing would prove their own demise.  When Maldek was destroyed, I felt I had failed in everything I tried to accomplish, I was not fast enough in my attempt to sway the others to my side.

As I sat there watching the argument and the tension permeate on Sunday, I felt as though I was suddenly privy to the exact same argument you were having with the others as you tried to convince them that surrender was not an option.  That's partly why I directed some anger towards you that day, and for that I'm very sorry.  I failed in what you were trying to do.  Just what I think...I could be wrong.  However, as far as Maldek is concerned, I believe and feel you were right to act as you did.  Many within the Drac ranks would not have honored a fair negotiation.

The feeling of emptiness and sadness that has been a part of my life I feel is part of my failure during the Maldek negotiation/surrender terms.  Thank you for what you wrote regarding the Phoenix template.  When you wrote that you suddenly got the message to "Let it go", this tied in exactly with my feeling that the total destruction of Maldek "was not for you to decide alone."

I somehow don't think that we failed at Phoenix, I feel things happened exactly as they needed to happen.  I also don't think that Sunday was the end by any stretch for anyone who attended.  I hope that part of what we created is a template that will protect the US from further self orchestrated attacks by our 'shadow' government.  I suppose we'll know more later.

Thank you for having the workshop and thank you for all the work you have done.

Best always,

Hi Jelaila,

Here are some of my  feelings and thoughts and stuff about the Phoenix Workshop:


Here is the quote about Phoenix getting nuked from my friend's  book:

Gideon has been given the changes to the Earth from the period 2007 to
2010 thru the male aspects of the Beings of Light:

The United States will begin a broad based internal war with the Chinese who have entrenched within the United States as "peace keepers" during Earth changes. 

China will embark on nuclear war with intercontinental missiles hitting in the Southwest, Phoenix, since it will be a population  Mecca for the United States after the worst of the Earth changes.   There will be a 60 mile death radius.  ...

GIDEON'S EARTH  PROPHECIES, Gideon, copyright 2004, Page 59,
Last Paragraph, ISBN  1-59457-564-9,


A couple of days before the workshop I had a  vision that you were talking and mentioned someone being emotionally  unavailable.  In my vision I asked you what you meant by "emotionally  unavailable".  This triggered an angry response from the women in the workshop,  including you.  We went round and round without ever defining what the term  meant.  On Sunday you described the drunken woman who crashed the workshop  Friday night as emotionally unavailable.  I found that curious but did not feel  guided to ask my question about the meaning of "emotionally unavailable".  I  recall you saying Sunday morning that you thought I would be involved in making  the Template.  I wonder if my contribution was supposed to be asking about  emotional unavailability...


I realize we did not  make the Template, and I felt disappointed about that.  However, I also felt I  learned a great deal from the experience.  The non-emotional/intellectual  reaction of others in the group was a powerful mirror of my own  non-emotional/intellectual reactions and really made me appreciate how much harm  peace-keeping and rationalizing does not only to me but to everyone.  These  people's choice not to emotionally respond affected not only the group but  potentially the people of the Phoenix metropolitan area.  I feel my own  reactions have a similar magnitude, and I now observe my responses much more  carefully to make sure I am emotionally engaged.


During a break Sunday afternoon I walked outside and watched some  rabbits.  Somebody commented on how brave the rabbits were to be so close to  us.  I got a feeling from the rabbits about safety.  I heard, "Do you feel  safe?".


Thank you for explaining  about Enki and Enlil and "the gang" that Sitchin wrote about.  As I said,  Sitchin left some issues hanging for me. For example, why would a  technologically advanced society want to mine gold when they (theoretically)  could make it in the laboratory.  I mean everything is energy, and I have had  dreams about transmuting various types of matter, so I feel that the Anunnaki  should not have a problem doing it.

Once again, thank you for  facilitating this workshop. You, and the others in the workshop, helped me  immensely with my emotional clearing.



Thank you so much for facilitating the workshop in Phoenix. I found the Sunday emotional clearing extremely difficult. I realize how I always feel the violation, I get mad and will even verbalize it and the pattern has been to fall on deaf ears. This was played out on Sunday for me in a huge way. I was aware that I was part of the group that surrendered and was used for seeding purposes before going to the workshop. I was holding onto a belief that if I loved them enough, they would be compassionate. This belief has been with me for a very long time, and as I watched the emotionless lack of caring of some of the group, it jolted me to my very core. It took me a day or so after to see the denial I had actually been in, expecting people to change, expecting compassion, expecting love where their was none. A sudden feeling of being unsafe overwhelmed me. I saw the denial of many of the light workers as they talk the talk, claim to rise above earthly concerns, and are oblivious and actually unfeeling. (George Bush in action).

I have been in Phoenix for over 6 years, and this has been for me, an extremely difficult place to live, I received before I went to the workshop that this was a piece that was actually keeping me in Phoenix. I had to bring this to healing, so you can imagine my frustration at the time. Returning home from the workshop, I had nightmares of people not coming to my aid and a sadness overwhelmed me. It took me over a week and with the help of a dear dear friend I was hypnotized back to see what this was all about for me. The jewel finally appeared, I was feeling victimized by the Dracs. I was holding onto victimhood. Just like an abused women does, loving her husband and thinking if she loves him enough he will change. I can now claim my POWER, be discerning and move on. I am free to leave Phoenix now and I see where my heart wants to go.

I truly want to thank those in the group who would not emotionally respond to me, that was the very energy I needed to see my own denial. I do feel this healing is a two part process, those of us that surrendered had to give up our victimhood first. I will be looking for the final healing to come in your next workshop, this galactic healing is something I have been working on for along time and I am confident it will happen. Taking responsibility for our roles can be extremely difficult and painful, and so FREEING. Jelaila, thank you for helping to free me from my own deception. I honor your work and your beingness.



Phoenix, AZ Template
Reader Comments

Hello Jelaila,

I received your "Report". What you did in, where was it, Phoenix, really nailed me. I know for a fact that when a person in their own universe anywhere on the 'Time-Track' is able to identify an incident, "exact place, time, form, and event", the electrical charge will "as-is". (By the way, those are Scientology terms)

I've got "track" on everything of which you speak.  I believe and I buy Devin's act.

I am pretty nearly convinced that what you're doing is "light-years" ahead of the rest of the 'New-Age' crowd....not that that should matter or that you should need any reassurance.'s almost scary to me that you've advanced this far.

Best to you,

Dear Jelaila,

Yes, I know about the whole story of Maldek becoming the Asteroid belt. I am also aware of some of the reptilians are here on Earth now - some for learning respect of God’s creation of the small things - they take incarnations as Buddhists here. There are also some of the reptilians who are here as ordinary people and were involved in the things which occurred in the past - therefore your workshop in Phoenix ended up as it did - they (the reptilians) had to be there because they had to regret inside themselves what they did long ago or was a part of, but the reptilians in your workshop did not know what was going on therefore the confusion.

I work on the inner plans at night and I feel that I was near you in Phoenix and was a part of the guidance you got.

The reptilians from Orions belt is now a part of the GF Fleet, but it took a long time to get them there and hard work, I and some of my friends have worked up there for a period and some of archangels (solar-engels) was sent up there at last.

Stay put and don’t surrender next time live it out with all of the involved.

Fillip, member of Ashtar Command
Denmark, Copenhagen


I read the article and comments about the Phoenix workshop with interest, since I've had strange experiences in the Arizona area. It seems as though there are no energies left in that state. New Mexico is almost as bad, but there are still some energies remaining there. Either these places have been totally drained out by some previous disastrous event, or they are being totally exhausted. I first noticed the problem when I crossed the border from California into Arizona. I felt I had gone from a vibrant space into limbo. It taught me that borderlines are not accidental. They are set the way they are for a reason.

Anyway, I thought you might have trouble trying to work with the depleted energies there. After reading your comments, I'm wondering if some outside agency is draining and using those energies from some purpose of their own. No doubt they were resisting your efforts by throwing some blockages in your way. I suspect the so-called energy vortexes in Sedona are really some other worldly effort to extract what they want from this world. Until recent years, that area was relatively unpopulated, and nobody probably noticed what was happening.

As for the "violation", I had a similar experience with another group several years ago. A speaker was engaged to present a special topic. She managed to speak for about 30 seconds when someone from the the group got up and "suggested" that everyone in the audience give their name, why they came to the workshop, etc. One thing led to another, which managed to take up the whole day, effectively preventing woman from giving her talk. I felt the violation, and was quite angry. After reading about your experience, I wonder if this is some entities' way of preventing certain material from being presented. In your case, they probably didn't want their energy matrix from being disturbed by your efforts. Perhaps you need to enlist all you can in the future, to prevent this from happening again.


Dear Jelaila, greetings to you.

I read all the explanation of the Phoenix meeting. I am in awe of what you did just now. I felt long before that my fear of GF is now found it's  ground.  Is it that I was one of Dracs, I don't know...

Now, living on Earth and trying to accept GF thru Sheldan Nidle, (I think you are familiar with him), makes me a bit unstable.  What would happen if the GF makes contact with us, now humans? Would we have been enslaved in our turn? 

They had said in updates that Maldek will be  reconstructed again in near future, because our solar system is unbalanced  without Maldek. GF said many interesting things, including destruction of Maldek, but obviously not all.  Now, with your help, I getting a clearer picture.  Thank you a lot for that.

You are wonderful, just that - wonderful  woman and person and I am "hungry" to see your next updates.  You have got a  hard job to do here and God save you from all troubles, amen!

Remaining in owe, with love and light,
Boris Boksar

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