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9D Nibiruan Council Perspective on 2003
Written December 31, 2002

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As the new year begins, many are concerned as to what it will bring.  The world appears to be divided with some saying it will end in May when a large planet reappears bringing death and destruction while others, though acknowledging it as very important and pivotal, feel it will be a wonderful year indeed!  We of the 9D Nibiruan Council wish to share our perspective on the new year.  To understand the significance of 2003 we must first realize the importance of 2002. 

As we spoke in previous articles, 2002 was to be a foundation year meaning that it would create a foundation for the events of 2003 and beyond.  During this year Earth’s people would undergo 2 or more shifts of varying degrees in their mass consciousness.  As this year ends we see this has occurred.  What kind of shifts, you ask?  How can we identify them?  Let’s take a look. 

The first shift was of a spiritual nature.  It is the shift to compassion.  With this shift people began to take responsibility for events that occurred. As with the events of 9/11, instead of seeking revenge they asked, how did we incur this type of action?  What have we done to cause the perpetrators to act in this manner?  There was compassion shown to both the victims and those that were construed as the terrorists.  The events of 9/11 were a gift in many ways with the creation of a 9th Dimensional electromagnetic grid being the greatest, in our opinion.  Why?  Because with a 9th dimensional grid comprised of the highest frequency in the universe surrounding your planet, your ascension is assured. In other words, you now have every chance possible to create a reality of harmony where individuality does not have to be sacrificed for unity and free will can coexist with oneness. 

The second major consciousness shift occurred in the political arena with the move from a “free world” to a “policed world” where fear of terrorism has created an air of terror along with a loss of civil liberties.  Though this is most prevalent in the United States, this energy has spread throughout the world.  You could say that in some ways this is a Dark Force move in response to the unexpected outcome of 9/11.  Those playing the Dark role in this game of Polarity Integration, in which your planet is involved, did not anticipate a reaction of compassion to their staged event. Instead, they anticipated that you would react as you did with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and demand revenge while handing over your civil liberties to ensure your safety.  As a result, they have had to take stronger action to circumvent the effects of a 9th Dimensional grid.  Yes, they are very aware of the transformative power of a grid of this nature.

Though still in its infancy, the third shift took hold very quickly and continues to gain momentum like a forest fire spurred by high winds. This shift is of a social/political nature spear-headed by those who saw beyond the illusions and smokescreens of the Dark Forces (Channel’s note: Dark Forces refers to those playing the role of Dark in this Polarity Integration Game which includes the Global Elite and their various branches) and thus have chosen to fight for their rights.  You could call this the “counter move” by the people representative of the Light Forces (those playing the role of the Light) in response to the actions of Dark Forces.  So, we see the moves and counter moves that have created the foundation laid in 2002 and which set the stage for 2003.  But there is still one more. 

The fourth shift is of a galactic or cosmic nature and involves two interrelated aspects. First, it is galactic in that the mass consciousness has begun to embrace the idea of a galactic community and Earth’s inevitable inclusion in it.  In other words, the people of Earth have awakened to the idea that they are part of something out there in the cosmos much bigger and more alive than themselves alone.  They have come to accept on a mass level that there are other species alive in the galaxy and that some have even visited Earth at one time or another.  Through your movies and other forms of entertainment you are embracing the idea of a galactic community.  You may not be aware but your government already has bases on your moon and Mars.

Secondly, this shift contains the imminent arrival of your 12th planet, known to many as Nibiru and to others as Planet X.  Known to mankind since his/her inception, this planet/ship visits your solar system on a regular basis.  Whether it exists is fast becoming a moot point since astronomers around the globe have sited it.  Now the question is, when will it return and how much if any damage will it cause?  Though not as pronounced as the first 2 shifts we discussed, it is also gaining momentum.

Now that we have explored the foundational shifts of 2002 let’s look at how they could create major changes in 2003.

As we look down the timelines we see several possibilities. Please keep in mind that what we share are only possibilities or probabilities.  None are written in stone, so to speak, nor is it definite that they will occur in the order that we describe.  Everything depends on the collective response made by the people to each event staged and presented by the Dark Forces.  

We see a strong probability of a major economic shift that will completely change the manner in which goods and services are exchanged.  This will begin in the United States with other countries following suit.  If this change occurs, you will see major debt and tax relief, but do not be fooled because there will be a catch.  The Dark Forces when they see they must concede on a point will always work it to their advantage.  Keep in mind that this economic shift is not the end of your ascension process.  You still have several years to go so don’t let your temporary financial freedom go to your head because there will no longer be a way out…they will eliminate bankruptcy. This brings us to the second probability, the Frequency Fence. 

We see this Frequency Fence as the strongest probability because it is almost complete. This fence is electromagnetic in nature and uses scalar wave technology.  Through a series of small towers strategically placed and powered by the generator you call HAARP, it creates an electromagnetic net that you cannot see or smell but you can most definitely feel.  Through the power of this net, the Dark Forces can control your mind causing you to feel depressed, angry or ill.  They can even impulse you to buy, buy, buy!  How?  Scalar waves work on the biochemical level of your brain.  This technology can completely heal you of any disease or mind control you and even kill you.  But there is a solution.  They only know how to use the technology on carbon-based DNA so by changing your DNA to crystalline, (a change that is already underway on a global basis) you will be immune to its effects.  Scalar waves cannot affect crystalline DNA.  More reason to recode your DNA and do it quickly.  Your mass consciousness supports such a shift now.

In concert with the above probabilities, the Dark Forces have 2 cosmic cards to play and they will play them if they see that too many people are beyond the control of the Frequency Fence and/or they remain balanced in their finances after the economical change. The first is a mock “First Contact.” This means that your governments stage a landing of space ships and crew that are of Earth origin.  Though a few of the crew may be from other planets, they are of the species that have been covertly working with your government in its underground bases for many decades.  The goal is to bring the mass conscious firmly into the “galactic age” by publicly acknowledging Earth’s relationship to its stellar neighbors but they only do this so that if they need to play their trump card, the people will believe it.

Their trump card is a mock return of Nibiru.  As we have said before, there is an inhabited Venus-sized asteroid from the vicinity of Nibiru and owned by a member nation which was taken over by a group hostile to the Galactic Federation.  This group is in league with your Global Elite.  As we understand it, they plan to use this asteroid to threaten the people of Earth into submission while at the same time gaining control of space. They will “park” this glowing red asteroid, behind Mars which will provide the perfect cloak due to Mar’s red color and heightened luminosity (it’s closer to Earth than it has been in quite some time and thus looks like Nibiru and this asteroid). Together, one behind and slightly above or beside the other, and viewed at just the right angle, the two could easily pass for Nibiru.  They will give you one of two or possibly a combination of both stories. Either the asteroid will hit Earth or that Nibiru has come to take over Earth and the Nibiruans are using the asteroid as a threat.  Either way the solution, they will say, is to use scalar weapons of mass destruction to destroy Nibiru and/or the asteroid.  They believe that you will agree and provide all the necessary funding to build these weapons.  With scalar weapons they will be able to not only incinerate an asteroid but also destroy your solar system!   If you allow them to develop this capability no GF member nation will be able to help you since it will be too dangerous to come near Earth.  Moreover, Earth will be scheduled for destruction in order to protect the galaxy.  

We realize that these scenarios sound a bit frightening but keep in mind that there is always a solution.  And our position is that it is better to inform you so that you can take the necessary steps to the solution rather than withhold from you so that you don’t feel any fear.  To us, fear can be a good thing if it spurs one to positive action. 

From the higher perspective, we realize that the Dark exists to serve the Light.  Such is the way of polarity integration. Dark defines Light and vice versa.  Fighting the Dark will only pull you further into it.  That is not the answer.  The answer is within each of you, it is that “Inner Technology” that enables you to change your DNA by integrating the Dark within you.  We call it compassion.  This same technology also enables you to create a new reality, a new world and a new dimension.  The answer is internal, not external. 

As you can see, the events of 2003 will be major in scope, invoking great shifts in your mass consciousness. The magnitude of each one requires a major choice on your part—to fight using the rules and technology created by the Dark Forces or fight using the “Inner Technology.”  The Dark Forces know that there is only one technology against which they are powerless and it is the same technology that will set you free. It’s called COMPASSION.  2003 will be the proverbial fork in the road but in this case there will be 4 forks and each fork will be a different reality. These realities will begin to manifest physically.  In other worlds there will be 4 parallel Earths (a 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 9th dimensional Earth) physically manifesting as a result of the major shifts in consciousness. This is where you will be separating as individuals and groups.  Until now these 4 realities have overlapped but in 2003 they will become separate and distinct from each other.  You will in essence tune out of the lives of others who are of a lesser or greater state of consciousness than you.  A basic understanding of quantum physics will bear this out. 

In each version of reality there will be greater or lesser amounts of fear and earth changes.   The 3rd dimensional Earth will see the greatest amount of changes while the 9th dimensional Earth will see virtually none.  Which version you end up in will be determined by the choices you make in response to the events staged by the Dark Forces.  If you respond with compassion, not buying into the fear, realizing that they are only playing their role to wake people up so that people will take back their power, you will find yourselves experiencing a less traumatic, more harmonious reality.  If you choose to fight the Dark using any of their methods, you will find yourselves living a less harmonious more painful life. Why? When we fight something or someone we do so because we believe they have more power than we do.  In doing so, we give power to that person or thing. And not only do we empower them or it, we physically manifest that fear in our lives.

In closing, we repeat that the choice is always yours.  2003 will see a split in realities that are political, social and galactic in nature. It is the great fork in the road that will determine the course for the final 9 years of this age.  Where you end up will depend on your ability to integrate the Dark.  The more you integrate the less upheaval you will see in your personal lives. And on a collective level, the more you integrate, not buying into the events presented by the Dark Forces, the less upheaval Lady Gaia will see.  These are events that are meant to create emotional and spiritual upheavals not those of rock and mud.  We hope you take the high road.

In service,
Devin, Head of the Galactic Federation’s 9D Nibiruan Council
through Jelaila Starr

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Author Info:
Jelaila Starr, author of We are the Nibiruans is an internationally known  channel, teacher, and counselor. Through her lectures, workshops, and articles, Jelaila's message of compassion has touched the hearts of people around the world inspiring hope and understanding while providing solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges.  

As a psychic/intuitive counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding.  Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do, and how to achieve it.  Jelaila can be reached at:  Website:  

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