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Welcome to the official site of the Nibiruan Council, a multidimensional off-world council whose members are connected to the people of the planet Nibiru and the Nibiruans’ ancient ancestors, the 9D Nibiruans. 

The Nibiruans mission is to prepare humanity to take their rightful place in the greater galactic community.  The Jelaila StarrNibiruans are especially interested in assisting starseeds and walk-ins.  Multidimensional ascension tools along with an accelerated program for DNA recoding will prepare them to be the teachers and wayshowers needed today.

Jelaila Starr is the Nibiruan Councils messenger and channel. Through her articles, workshops, and lectures, the Nibiruan Council's message has touched the hearts of many people around the world inspiring hope and understanding.


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Jelaila’s Weekly Messages | Archives
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newFree Mini-Sessions
Jelaila is gifting you session time with your guides.  It’s 15 minutes to regain your sanity at no charge. 
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Emotional Clearing Workshop Special
Empower yourself, heal your relationships, restore your health, and ascend your consciousness!
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Previous Weekly Messages | Archives
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9D Perspective on Fukushima
2014 Perspective and Nibiru Update
Hold on to Nothing: The Leap of Faith
Starseed, where is your mailbox? Pt. 3: The Role of Family
Starseed, where is your mailbox? Pt. 2: How to move it!
Starseed, where is your mailbox?
What’s up with Comet Ison?
Breaking thru the Darkness: Positive Energy Account
Breaking thru the Darkness: Soul Matrices
Breaking thru the Darkness: Releasing Entities
Breaking thru the Darkness

Books from the Nibiruans

We are the Nibiruans, Book One

The Mission Remembered, Book Two

We are the Nibiruans
Learn about Earth, the Nibiruans, our galactic history, starseeds, walk-ins, how to recode your DNA and much more. 
Order here

The Mission Remembered
Discover the galactic events whose final days are now being replayed on Earth. Starseed training--read what is it like to discover and fullill a mission.  On sale! Order here

The Keys of Compassion Package - On Sale!
Applying the higher concepts and beliefs contained in the Keys lifts us out of victimhood, enabling us to reclaim our God-given power.

Includes the 7 Keys of Compassion booklets and CDs in downloadable format.   Was $75 now $55              Details | Results | Order here

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