The Nibiruan Council

Sharing the Wisdom of Unconditional Compassion

Welcome to the official site of the Nibiruan Council, a multidimensional off-world council whose members are connected to the people of the planet Nibiru, as well as, member worlds of the Galactic Federation.

Commissioned by the Nibiruans’ ancient elders, the 9D Nibiruans, this site has been created to support the many dedicated and courageous starseeds, walk-ins, and light workers in their mission to assist all of humanity through ascension.

To change the future, we must know the past. As time travelers and time healers, the Ancient Elders share their knowledge of our stellar origins, and history. To achieve our divine destiny as universal peacekeepers, the Nibiruans know we must be able to regain our multidimensional abilities. To this end they provide their long-promised DNA recoding process.

Through the knowledge imparted to Jelaila, their messenger and channel, the Nibiruan Council intends that their message of support, love and unconditional compassion reach the hearts of many, inspiring hope and understanding.

A Word from Jelaila

Deep within us all is a powerful urge to contribute to something greater than ourselves—a divine purpose, a mission. Additionally, for many, that urge is intimately connected to the knowing that we are not from here. Is it time to remember … and, in remembering, discover your galactic roots and the reason you are here?

If so, then come—travel with me. Together we will explore the past and in doing so, define your mission. Then, when your mission is done, you’ll know how to find your way home.

Jelaila’s Latest Message

We Are The Nibiruans, Book One

We Are The Nibiruans: Return of the 12th PlanetWhat is the secret history of Planet Earth? What are the ET origins of the human species? What is the hidden purpose of the so-called junk DNA in our bodies? Who are the Nibiruans and why are they sending members to Earth?

Jelaila Starr gives us the answers. The Nibiruan Council designated her to work with those who are ready to receive the realignment and fusion of our twelve strands of DNA. Only then can we become fully conscious and able to receive transmissions from incarnate beings beyond our 3rd dimension.

Gain a better understanding of the Walk-in and Starseed phenomenon, why they are here, and what they are doing for the planet.

You can see inside We Are The Nibiruans for a taste of what is to come. Both downloadable and paperback versions are available in our Shop. Click on the cover for more on the downloadable version.

The Mission Remembered, Book Two

The Mission RememberedThe Nibiruans reveal their work to help prepare mankind to face the final challenges that stand between them and their divine destiny as universal peacekeepers.

Journey with Jelaila as she discovers the nature of our birth as a species, our stellar home worlds, and the events of our galactic past as revealed to her by the Nibiruans. Allow the stories to spark the long-forgotten memories hidden in your DNA … and awaken the “mission codes” within you.

Experience the inner workings of a mission and what it really means to fulfil it. Whether you are aware of your mission or have your boots squarely stuck in the mud, The Mission Remembered will help you find your way.

You can see inside The Mission Remembered for a taste of what is to come. Both downloadable and paperback versions are available in our Shop. Click on the cover for more on the downloadable version.


Much of what is written on this site goes against what we have been taught. As with any channeled material, read with an open mind and use discernment. Research the information; confirmation has been left within the writings of ancient civilizations (see the Reading List). When you know why you know what you know, you become unshakable.